No Mobile Phones At This Year’s Open Championship At Carnoustie

If you are thinking of visiting the Open at Carnoustie in July don’t bring your mobile phone – if you do you won’t get in!

The Royal and Ancient have listened to complaints from Tiger Woods and have said enough is enough. Security checks at the entrance gates will be place to spot anyone with a mobile phone. Unfortunately this will undoubtively mean long queues getting into the event.

The last time I went to a US major was the 1993 Masters and this was before most even owned a mobile phone, certainly the type you can put in your pocket! I learn today though that the Masters, the US Open and the USPGA Championship have a crackdown on mobile phones.

David Hill, director of championships for the R&A said yesterday:

“We have so far resisted the call to ban mobile phones on the grounds that it may be an inconvenience to the public. However, after receiving complaints referring to the numbers that were in use as play in The Open was proceeding, we feel there is no other reasonable option than a complete ban.”

I can’t argue it will be a massive inconvenience, but it seems some golf fans this side of the Atlantic have already had to put up with it. This policy was in place for the Ryder Cup at the K Club in Ireland.

I’m hoping the R & A will install additional public telephones in areas all over the course. If someone has an emergency it is important they don’t have to hike all the way to the tented village.

Let me know what you think of this policy. At last year’s Open I often saw people taking photographs with their cameras, even on a player’s downswing. I therefore find it hard to fault the R and A. This year it will be interesting to see how stewards deal with fans that actually get through security with their phones – will they be escorted off the course?

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  1. Jonathon says:

    I strongly agree with the mobile phones ban. Players in PGA tournaments have enough distractions from galleries to deal with without “camera shutters” and “ringing phones” added to the mix. I recall Curtis Strange shaking his fist after playing a short iron to the green in a USPGA tourney a few years back – it was a day of intermittent showers and partway through his swing about 50-60 people in the gallery all unfurled their umbrellas simultaneously. Another thing that irritates me is those idiots standing behind the tee yelling “get in the hole” after every Tiger Woods’ drive … most golfers know the chances of that happening on a 4 or 5 par hole are slim.

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