Should Michelle Wie Play With the Guys?

Teenager Michelle Wie, who has been out of the spotlight with a wrist injury, created a stir this week by once again accepting a sponsor invitation to the PGA Tour’s John Deere Classic. The announcement comes on the heels of negative feedback from LPGA players, who disagreed with her inclusion into the lucrative Samsung World Championship at season’s end.

The argument from most critics: Michelle Wie should prove herself on the LPGA Tour before getting the benefits of super-stardom.

Yet, here she is, once again playing with the guys – even after her coach David Leadbetter said she wouldn’t. So, I ask you — should Michelle Wie be allowed to play the PGA Tour, even when her credentials do not merit such an invitation?

First, let me say this about Michelle Wie. I believe she’s a tremendous talent, who over the next few years will bring the LPGA Tour to unprecedented heights.

Michelle Wie reminds me a lot of Bobby Jones, who also played with an effortless style and grace…who also won an important amateur tournament at age 13…who also became an instant celebrity. However, golf fans watched with bated breath as the boy wonder kept finding ways to lose and disappoint. Still, even when losing, Bobby Jones was the biggest draw in golf. He was the golfer fans wanted to most see. Then, at age 21, Bobby Jones won the U.S. Open and didn’t stop winning until he retired at age 28. I see the same type of scenario happening for Michelle Wie. Here is a girl who plays golf like no other female in history. A girl who won the U.S. Women’s Public Links at age 13 – but since has not lived up to extremely high expectations. Yet, she is still the girl everyone talks about. Still the girl everyone wants to watch play. And still the girl who gets special exemptions to men’s events and women’s invitationals. The question is — will her career end up like Bobby Jones? Will she win a bunch of majors and change the way the women’s game is played?

I say yes!

So what’s stopping her?

I think Michelle Wie’s biggest problem thus far has been scheduling. Whoever’s decision it was for her to play 6 straight weeks on three continents last summer should be fired. Not even Tiger Woods — let alone a teenager — should ever attempt a schedule like that. The reason — every time Michelle Wie plays a golf tournament — it’s an event. She is hounded like a rock star. Whether it’s an LPGA event, a Japanese tournament or trying to qualify for the men’s U.S. Open – every tournament has a major championship feel. And no one can handle that much stress that many weeks in a row. And undoubtedly, she lost her confidence. And with that lack of confidence, came a run of bad play, which brought out the naysayers. Critics were saying — “See, she should be playing junior golf and learning how to win.”

I have never heard such ridiculous comments. Any person who believes Michelle Wie would gain more experience playing and winning high school tournaments in Hawaii than she would playing practice rounds with Ernie Els knows nothing about golf. Besides, by then, Pandora’s Box had been open. You can’t close it. You cannot go from almost winning the Women’s U.S. Open to playing junior golf. Just doesn’t work that way.

So, let’s address my initial question. Should Michelle get special invites to the PGA Tour? My simple answer is no. I don’t think she deserves it. That said, if a sponsor, who are in the business of selling tickets, want to use one of their four exemptions on Michelle Wie — it’s their prerogative. And I personally think Michelle would be crazy to turn it down.

One of the hardest things I face as an instructor to aspiring professionals is simulation. You can spend as much time on the range and playing local events as possible, but it will never prepare you for the moment on the first tee of a major tournament. The only thing that will do that is playing in major tournaments. So the more Michelle can play in pressure events, the more comfortable she will get. And when she gets completely comfortable — Tiger comfortable — look out! She will win in bunches. Still, let me reiterate what I said earlier — she has to pay better attention to her schedule. She cannot play too many in a row.

As for the LPGA girls who don’t think she deserves an exemption into the Samsung — I say wake up. Michelle Wie is one of the top 5 women golfers in the world — hands down. She has a number of top 5 finishes in LPGA Majors over the last 3 years and almost always is in contention to win against the girls. She may very well win the Samsung this year if she gets healthy.

I think the wrist injury is the best thing to happen to Michelle. It took her out of the spotlight for a while and allowed her to get her bearings. Like I said, Michelle Wie will eventually change the women’s game. The one thing that might hold her back? She needs to putt a little better.

What do you think? Should Michelle play with the Guys?

68 Responses to “Should Michelle Wie Play With the Guys?”

  1. Richard Czuprynski says:

    Well Wie is at it again on tour against the men. I feel that if she qualifies why not. But a free ride is not the way. She is on the greed trip and so are those who sponger her. She even put her education a side for greed. One day it will all catch up with her and then the world will cry for her and give her I feel so sorry this happened to you. However, most if not all pro sports is the all mighty dollar now.

  2. Glenn Duncan says:

    Sorry guys………. Politically correct or not. She should play where she was “BORN” to play, on the women’s tour. The Circus show has to stop.
    She hasn’t proven she can play and win on the LPGA Tour, and certainly should not be allowed to be used as an attempt to draw spectators at a PGA Tour event.

  3. Tia Tyler says:

    😀 I thinks that girls should be able to play with the guys. Some girls are actually better than some guys

  4. Gene Craig says:

    Every time Michele accepts an exemption, she takes away a spot from other players who are out there trying to earn a living, many of which do not have the endorsement packages Michele has. Even Annika, the worlds greatest female golfer (no dig on Lorena) only teed it up once on the mens tour. Michele should stick to EARNING her way, not playing on exemptions. Someday, she may be the best female golfer in the world, but until that time, she needs to pay her dues, just like everyone else.

  5. Hedley Robbins says:

    What is going on with all of the female sporting world? Only the top women wish to compete against men, yet men cannot cross over to compete against women. Maybe men would not want to, thinking they would be taking a retrograde step. Maybe the LPGA tour should be discontinued and all of the professional women golfers join with men’s tour and make all the tournaments open to both sexes and group them into leagues. Thus the best players would play in the best league. I wonder how many females could stand the heat in a kitchen like that. Rather someone behind the top women golfers push them to court controversy by entering tournaments with men. Maybe they should learn to dominate the female scene in the tounaments they play in.

  6. Frank says:

    Personally, I beleive that our children should not be placed on totem poles for the media and the public to comment about them daily. Until our children become adults, they should remain as amateurs until they are ready as mature adults to handle the pressure. Let them enjoy their childhood before it has ended. Money isn’t everything!

  7. Peter says:

    I think Michelle should concentrate on winning on the ladies tour first. She certainly is a fine talent and looks great. However, by playing against the men, she will struggle with the extra distances that are required. Perhaps in charity events, where she could still play from the womens tees, would make it interesting.The men may be embarressed if she beats any of them?


  8. robert brownridge says:

    She has not won on the LPGA, untill then forget playing PGA.

  9. Graham Willmott says:


    She is not the best woman golfer so on merit does not deserve any special treatment at the expense of other female players. If she were the best woman player then how far down their rankings would you go with this offer anyway.

    At the moment for any male golf competition a set number of male players qualify, without qualifing she now deposes one of these players remenber this is his living we are talking about. At the same time she with reduced competition -female only- can also continue to earn her own living.

    If the “Powers That Be” think the Market Men have a point, then remove the distinction in golf throughout the game at all levels.

  10. Keith Armitage says:

    Michelle Wie is a very good player but as yet she is being sent down the wrong road. Playing against the men will teach her nothing but how to lose against men. To be a great player she has to learn how to win over 4 days playing on the LPGA tour. Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis and others are gaining more by playing regular tournaments against Annika Sorenstam and others. If Michelle wants to play against the men then why not play the skins games when the whole thing is played in a lot of laughter and less pressure to perform.

  11. Carel Rossouw says:

    Michelle can play if she plays under the same rules as the men, and that includes using the same tees. This shouldn’t go the same route as in tennis where the ladies gets the same prize money for less play. Getting the same treatment as men doesn’t mean getting preferential treatment because then your are getting treated better than men….

  12. George Treacy says:

    If she conforms to all the rules why not.

  13. Mike Day says:

    Wow, your topic sure generated a lot of responses!

    I generally don’t have a problem with her playing with the men. It would be unfortunate if her being in the field takes a slot from some male who is struggling to make his living on the tour.

    Michelle should do her part to promote the LPGA, by being a draw for their events.

    I loved it when Anika played at the Colonial a few years back. I thought she had a chance to make the cut. It isn’t so easy, though. I believe it helped her hone her game, with the challenges of that level of competition.
    I have yet to see those kind of results from Michelle. If she continues to disappoint, the novelty of a woman trying to compete with the men will wear off. I think it may already be happening. At least, they should take into account her ability to have success on a particular venue. I do like her attitude and confidence in her ability to be able to compete on an equal basis (same tees).

  14. Jacqui C says:

    I don’t think any woman should play in a mens event, it just doesn’t work. As a female I find it embarrassing to watch Michelle trying to compete against the men but continually falling short.
    I’d love to see a couple of PGA/LPGA sanctioned mixed events. Possibly with women playing off shorter tees to level the playing field. Maybe these could become annual events. They would have to be official events though, to stop them being turned into those televised celebrity entertainment type affairs.

  15. Sponsorship exemptions given to a sensational female golfer in mens PGA tournmaments certainly serves only as a marketing ploy to attract other sponors, market interests in goods and services that feast off the tournaments, attendance, media interest, and of course the ultimate prize of monetary profit for all involved in the promotion.

    Yes, Michelle Wie is a very talented golfer and can complete with some men on a professional playing field. HOWEVER, the PGA was created for a level of golfer that can complete a very high standard and must prove himself (or herself I suppose) each year to ensure an invitation back to this elite golf association. Michelle Wie has not proven herself in all her attempts at breaking into weekend play on the PGA Tour. The Sponors continue to pass on good PGA talent that could complete and should be invited but have to take a seat and watch this young teenager complete with the PROFESSIONALS of golf who, by the way, have earnestly earn their PGA card the hard way.

    Question: Has Michelle even proven herself on the LPGA? How many tournaments has she won? How many top 10 finishes? Need not to ask any more questions. Oh, by the way her endorsements are very good for one has not won a tournament, right??

  16. Bob Murray says:

    :lol:There are, and have been, a lot of female players that are better than WIE. If you open the door to her, than you have to open it all the way.

    Once it is open there can be no logical reason why men can not play the LPGA circuit. Fair is Fair -.but then this is not a question of fairness. It is a ruse by the Ad Execs, Little Boys and Old Men to try profer the sex card for their own cheap thrills.

    If she was 350 lbs, had a butt 4 axe handles wide, could drive the ball 450 yards and consistantly sink 50 foot putts, nobody would give her the time of day

  17. Jerry Positeri says:

    I dont know should I play with someone that is a scratch golfer when I may have a 8 handicap. Should runners run with champions that have a faster speed. Did Michael Jordan ever play with people that were better than he when he was in high school. I would say definitely yes as the person we are talking about can literally leave us in the dust. She earn that right and enough already as long as she can bring in a respectable score. They allow women with other men on the shuttle and make great astronauts and they actually are great race drivers so whats the big deal. Lets not have a sexist Figi attitude that”s in other countries (as in underdevelped countries). If Golf was in Iran or Iraq there would not be such a thing as Womens Golf or any other Womens Sport. Chris Everts would have never existed.

  18. Bill says:

    In a previous contribution I talked about Unisex Golf.
    Let’s add to the list with Unisex Soccer, Unisex Hockey, Unisex Boxing, Unisex Wrestling, Unisex Basketball, Unisex Football, etc. The closest thing is mixed Doubles in Tennis. TV shows the Mens’ Singles, Womens’ Singles, but I can’t recall every seeing a Telivised rendering of a Mixed Doubles match. Perhaps there is no money to be made by doing so?

  19. Art DeVita says:

    Why do women want to be men? Personally, I enjoy watching the LPGA Tournaments,for insights and values that I don’t get from watching the PGA Tournaments. No, I do not think she should be playing on the “mens'” tour for the same reason that I wouldn’t want to see men playing on the “womens'” tour. Each tour offers it’s own style of professional golf. Vive’ la differance!!!

  20. Tim C. says:

    I feel that the men’s tour is designed to be played for what it is named for. The LPGA is a tour for women! The PGA is for men…..

  21. Gerry Peterson says:

    What is this World comming to? The differences between women and men are distinct and profound as a whole, there is no mixing of the two, but individually there are always exceptions. If you say the merit of golf alone then there should be no separation of gender this would be only fair and if this were the case then there would be a few women and countless men competing from now on. The sport for women in general would be over. How appealing are those prospects. Since Wie is being invited strictly because of the atraction created by the lets see a woman kick the crap out of a bunch pompous men or I like to watch a player in the mens tounaments that I can fantasize about, THIS IS EXIBITION and has no place in the PGA, but maybe an exibition tournament only, this would make the statement if thats what its all about. If the game itself needs a little pick me up for popularity then maybe some established celebs from other fields should develop and get involved. I heard Justin Timberlake is aspiring to play in the PGA some day. Its really all about money isn’t it? How sad. I say NO!!! but does that really matter anymore!

  22. eamon conway says:

    no i dont thinkshe should be allowed to play,she is not physically
    strong enough to cope with the longer courses.i think it would have a
    negitave effect on her confidence long term.

  23. joe w cox says:

    😐 JC : I believe that Michelle Wie should prove herself within the LPGA, as every other professional has done. Hannika Sorenstam came with credentials; played and acquitted herself with respect. Miss Wie should become an LPGA winner, gain the experience, and perhaps then; she might be qualified to attempt the Pga. But, her father, Manager and Sponsors; should allow her to mature naturally. Joe

  24. RAY HORNER says:

    NO! She has not proved herself on the LPGATour. If people want to see women compete against men, start a co-ed league.

  25. Jim Van Belkum says:

    1. She is not taking a spot from one of the men on the Tour, an exemption is a spot in the tournament that is used to include someone who doesn’t normally qualify. They can offer me the exemption if they want to (I’d accept).

    2. Her participation in any Men’s event has nothing to do with whether she can compete or even win. The sole intent is to generate greater interest for the event. It’s purely a business decision, greater interest = higher rates that can be charged for advertising = higher profitt, and I’m OK with that.

    3. Ms. Wie is a professional athelete. She should play wherever she’s invited, schedule and health permitting.

  26. Lawrence Quartano says:

    No!!!! She can’t even beat the women why try to beat the men.

  27. Golfer says:

    Ok whoever thinks she should play with the guys are just stupid and retarded. First of all shes not good enough. Don’t get me wrong I like Wei but playing with the guys come on this is reality, she hasn’t even done anything in the LPGA so what makes her think shes going to beat Tiger or Singh.

    The other thing it’s called the PGA not mens and ladies coed golf thats why they made the LPGA. There are just some things women can’t compete with men and one of those things is golf. It would be like having a female box with Mike Tyson it just won’t happen, get real Anika has a better chance than Wei but she wouldn’t win. So all the people who think she should wake up your just a bunch of de de’s

  28. john stoddart says:

    no i dont think she should ,purely for the reason that she does not have the game to compete at the level required for mens golf.i think if she was not so pretty most guys would agree with i must admit if it was judged on looks she would get my vote everytime,however to be fair to the other players and to michelle i think it would be best if she finds her way in the womens tour which is hard enough for a young girl of her age.

  29. Keith Armstrong says:

    I say yes, but she should be there by merit not invitation, she has taken the place of a man who would have probabaly done just as well as she will.

  30. Stan Pierce says:

    Michelle Wie is a low key talent who I always watch when I can. She’s very feminine and does not have a huge ego and mouth unlike many young female golfers…e.g. Creamer and Pressel. I hope she ignores her critics (C and P) and cleans their respective clocks!

  31. Gaines says:

    Michelle is no doubt good. For her own interest maybe it would be better if she didn’t play. That is if losing to the men causes any problem. But it is her decision.

    From a PGA view, the more people that watch and tune in, the better for the PGA. So fine. That is in the best interest of the PGA. So fine, the worst that can happen is that she beats a few of the PGA guys and shows how good she really is. What good entertaiment. That is what I watch the tournaments for anyway. My own personal golf game is for my own enjoyment and I know I couldn’t come close to either a PGA or LPGA player. But I don’t play golf to beat anyone.

    So let her play if it brings in more money for the PGA. That is what they are about anyway.

  32. don cassels says:

    No, she shoud not be allowed to compete with the men at least untell she qualifies in q-school or the nation wide tour like the men do.

  33. paul macleod says:

    There are two answers.. one is no and the other is yes. And of course there are two different reasons. The no is for her own good. That is as she continues to compete with no bragable results, her value as to the golfing public goes down, she competes with PGA players, while her LPGA peers are toiling away at the tour they work so hard to keep well exposed, and Michelle is not a particapant. This will produce a very lonely arena for her when she finally begins a regular schedule.

    And yes because she is free. And a thinking person. And should have the choice, right or wrong.

    Is it in her best interest? I think not. Her parents need a brain transplant and the sponsors just need the money.

  34. Alex Cameron says:

    No, Michelle should not play in mens tournaments as it is not fair on her male playing partners who would be distracted by the female presence. Golf is very much a mind game and players have to remain focussed – man against man against the course.

  35. Ted Exley says:

    Perhaps if Michelle misses the cut again, maybe with two 78’s or so, she will pack it in of her own volition and concentrate on the womens’ tour. But, if she does reasonably well, I would like to see her play more and more against the men.

    It may well stimulate the men at the lower end of the professional scale, to do better as she can already out-drive many of them, off the men’s tee.

    Just like Tiger, she can increase the crowd numbers simply by being there, which is something that cannot be said by any of those men who are outside the top 50. So it must be good for golf in general, bringing extra prize money into the game.

    Oh, how I wish that I had practised more when I was a youth, instead of playing rugby and chasing girls !!!

  36. Theo says:

    I do not have a problem with her playing, but then she needs to qualify like any other player.

  37. Frank says:

    No, she should not play against the men on a regular basis. Maybe, if she is successful in the ladies tournaments, then she should play once a year to measure her ability against the male golfers. Her confidence cannot be lifted by finishing well behind a male winner. I suspect that she is afraid of failure in the womens tournaments and has a copout excuse for not succeding against the males. She should talk to Anika Sorenstam and be guided by her advice.

  38. Douglas says:

    I personally think she should stick to the LPGA until she can prove herself against the top ladies on the tour.She has to earn the right to play which in my view, she hasnt even come close.She blamed her busy shedule last year amongst other things for her poor performances.She should play the LPGA for a year and lets see what happens and see where she finishes.At this present moment i think she is making a mockery of the game and an insult to golf lovers watching her struggling to even make the cut. She shoud be using her sponserships to improve the following of the LPGA and attract more ladies into the sport.

  39. Louis W says:

    If you are invited to play in such a tournament will any of us say no – I don’t think so. Let her play

  40. Michael says:

    I am of the opinion if she is not one of the top 3 woman in the world she should apply her to her trade until she is. Then none of us can say she is not good enough and will welcome some flowers amongst the thorns.

  41. George Smith says:

    I think golf is the absolute best game in the world. And I think what makes it the best is that it can be both challenging and enjoyable by practically everyone… regardless of age, sex, or any other criteria. Quite honestly, I just think everyone needs to play by the same rules. If she has the credentials required by every other player in the field, then by all means she should be allowed to play. But, if special considerations must be made to “slip” her into the tournament, then I say absolutely NOT!!!
    While I realize she may be a big draw for spectator attendance, I feel we should remember that golf is unique in the fact that the game requires character, honesty, and other attributes which make it “a gentleman’s game”… (gentleman in the sense of social, not gender considerations). Most sports it seems to me have long since left behind those all important factors such as “how you play the game”, good sportsmanship, role models and so forth and seem to have placed all importance on winning and monetary gain. Lets keep golf above that…

  42. Jim Margets says:

    My answer is ‘no’. She has tremndous talent for her age, but it remains unproven at the professional level where the objective of every qualified competitor is to be the tournament winner. Traditionally, every qualified competitor has proven themself to have a realistic chance of winning. Yes, she’s taking up a spot that deservedly should be filled by a proven male professional trying to make a living with a chance to jump-start his career. Albeit an attractive one, she is nonetheless still a ‘sideshow’ not worthy of presentation by the PGA of America.

  43. Ferdi Verster says:

    🙂 Yes why not – more and more woman are joining golf clubs. From what I saw she did not do to bad. GOLF stood for Gentlman only Ladies forbidden, take note “stood” – past tence. My wife also joined me playing golf and beats the hell out of me sometimes !!! But still I enjoy having her playing the game. Why not

  44. Doug Westo says:

    I dont think any female should play in mens golf tournaments unless it allows men to play in the ladies tournaments and they the ladies wont have that happen. But, and I say but, if they do play with the men let them tee off the mens tees.After all rhe competition should be an equal playing field.
    Doug Westo

  45. Johan Venter says:

    No, she should not be playing with the men. Let her rather be playing with the ladies until she finds her form back.

  46. Joaquin Piquer says:

    I’m sure that is difficult for her to turn down the invitations she gets for all the money ivolved, her family, agent etc. Results may come on second place, unfortunatly.

    But I think that she like any other girl in the LPGA should play with the best guys due to good results and making the cuts. Not only in the special tournaments. Would it not be super to have a mixed PGA tour.

    Thanks for all. I’m really improving my golf.
    You to have a good weekend

    PS. excuse my poor english

  47. Larry Dunivant says:

    I do not think Michelle should be able to play with the men until she proves that she can compete with the best the LPGA has to offer. When she can win against the best females on the women’s tour, she should then be considered to compete on the men’s tour.

  48. Mary Sprajcar says:

    I think she should be able to play with the men, just not yet. It seems like every time she plays now, she gets hurt, so I agree with you about whoever is doing the scheduling, they are pushing too much. She should play another year with the ladies then try a men’s tournament again.

  49. GR Culpepper says:

    1. She is taking up a slot of some young golfer that has worked his ass off to play. If she plays with the men, play by the same rules.

    2. If the PGA allows her to play, then the LPGA should allow Tiger, or one of the top ten players in the world to play in their tourments. How will the women feel when a male players walks off with the big purse?

  50. Scott says:

    Whenever people complain about Michele, it’s usually because they are jealous of the special treatment she receives. That’s life! I enjoy watching her play so I say Go GIRL!

  51. wayne wilson says:

    She hasn’t done that well on the LPGA, why should she play on the PGA?

  52. Michael says:

    I agree with Sonny, This is not about females and males this is about golf!
    But one thing comes across to me and that is Frank Bowen sees Michelle Wie as a threat. Good luck Michelle Wie show the critics the way

  53. M Crozier says:

    Absolutely, she is great for the game and something else to watch from tee to green…

    Enjoy it boys……..

  54. Bill says:

    No, not until men can play in the Ladies’ Tour. Since that won’t happen, why should the Mens’ Tour allow any female to play?

    Maybe a Unisex Tour? How uninteresting.

  55. Max says:

    We hear of golf in decline. In Australia some TV companies are not even showing the full four days of the Majors. Is Michelle good for golf? You betcha! She has the looks, the talent, the charisma and if her ambitions and those in charge of promoting golf worldwide are compatible then the promoters would be remiss in not accepting this golden opportunity.

  56. Smiley says:

    YES… Wei should accept the invitations… There’s no reason to expect her to win… She is a great addition to the field and her purpose there is to sell tickets… Her reward is the experience she gains each time due to the pressure that goes with the territory… There’s absolutely no reason for her not to play in the PGA events… The critics need to step back and look at the real reason she’s invited and stop expecting her to match top 20 scores….

  57. Phil Rosseland says:

    I think anyone who can qualify should be able to play with ‘the guys’. But it seems to me Michelle has yet to prove she can even beat her counterparts on a regular basis much less keep up with the ‘Tigers’ of this world. But I’d watch if they let her try! :smile

  58. Kevin Timmons says:

    Yes, Michelle should be able to play with the men, this should not be about gender it should be about who can play the best golf! On the other hand, not just being in the top five in the LPGA should grant one a bid for a PGA major event. I think that after she proves herself by winning several LPGA tourneys, she will be accepted by more people, including the pros!

  59. Gary Leibner says:

    I enjoy watching her play, but she has yet to win as a professional on any tour ! I believe she should stick to the LPGA for now. Perhaps in the future after maturation and a few wins under her belt she could go back to trying to compete with the men.

  60. rudy vasquez says:

    Michelle wie should be able to play anywhere she wants to. She is under a lot of stress because people expect too much. What is it doing to her confidence? She needs to think about what Michelle wants, not what the people want her to do. I wish her well.:smile::smile:

  61. Donnie Davis says:

    NO until she proves she can play with the men she should not play
    i know she has a lot of backing for her to play MONEY TALKS

  62. Sonny says:

    Why the hell not? This is not about females and males, this is about golf! Stop thinking separation. In fact I believe the ladies should be allowed to mix it up with the men. She is changing the game just like Tiger did and when the LPGA’s purses shoot up because of her, let’s see what the other lady golfers have to say. No one can tell what the sponsors can do and right now, they want to give her exemptions, anybody’d be crazy to turn ’em down.. Michelle Wie is one hot item who generates a lot of interest in the game which cannot be said about the rest and that’s the truth! The game benefits from Michelle Wie controversy or not.

  63. Esteban Silvera says:

    Michelle Wie should be allowed to do anything she damn well pleases. End of discussion.
    Cell phones at PGA events: I volunteered at the 2006 US open and I volunteer evey year at the Buick (now called The Barclay’s at Westchester CC. Cell phones could be a major distraction for the players because you cannot depend on the public to turn them off or silence the ringers to vibrate. I agree with the ban on cell phones.

  64. Frank Bowen says:

    🙄 She needs to show respect for the Game and the LPGA! No doubt she’s very good, but she’s pushing herself on everyone by going on the mens tour. Play the protocol “game” along with the golf “game”!
    Golf has been here a long time before she got here and it will be here long after she fades.

  65. Darran Wade says:

    I think she should be able to play. If she can bring more interest to the game then go for it. Here in Australia there are a lot of good female players who are not even allowed to play pennants against the men. What a crock of ****. I think you know what I mean. Are men maybe scared that they will be beaten buy a woman?
    The only thing that may go wrong with Michelle is that if she does not start playing to her potential and the more Criticism she receives the harder it will be for her to bounce back in the ladies tour.
    She has a fantastic talant and I’m sure in the next couple of years she will be leaving the other women in her wake.
    Darran Wade

  66. HB says:

    She should be playing on the LPGA Tour full time to learn how to win!

  67. Zachary Weiss says:

    Michelle Wie should get the opportunity to play against the guys but I don’t think she should push herself to play in this tournament. I mean sure she might be pushing it right now coming off an injury but at least you should give her a shot. Wie is taking advantage of an opportunity that didn’t seem to exist before. Wie has come close in a men’s tournament before and this isn’t her first experience so I just don’t see how this is so big of a deal. Wie however doesn’t seem to be going for first place she seems content just by makng the cut. That is not the approach of a winning golfer.

  68. Glenn Hager says:

    I do not think she should be able to play with the men UNLESS she shows that she can compete with the girls first. Unless she can win against the best females on the women’s tour, she should NOT be able to compete on the men’s tour and kick someone out that deserves to compete.

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