Just Plane Stupid

I’m sure that devoted parents everywhere have had the same problem. Your kid has an important match to play, you’re running out of time and there is no where to park.

65 year old Robert Kadera came up with a fine solution to this problem by “parking” his Piper Clipper aeroplane on the snow covered fairways of the Crane’s Landing Golf Course at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort in Illinois.

Stunned officials, who were expecting a crash site after worried onlookers made emergency calls, were amazed to see Kadera and his fourteen year old son walking from the plane carrying tennis racquets.

Kadera’s son, due to try out for his junior varsity tennis team, was scheduled for a last day of practice with a friend. Father and son, running late, decided that they could make better time in the plane. The golf course, just over the road from the tennis centre, was the easiest place to land.

It took the authorities seven hours to load the plane, which Kadera had equipped with skis, on to a truck and tow it away. Kadera may now face a range of punishments from being charged with trespassing and having his pilots licence revoked.

It strikes me that I have seen, and done, many scary things on the golf course but a light aircraft landing in front of me as I hit a tee shot would probably top the lot.

You’ll need to ask rules guru Barry Rhodes about the penalty for a hitting a plane that has landed on the hole in front of you!

But one thing did come to mind: if Phil, Ernie and the rest really want to stop Tiger in his tracks then they all have private planes that could do the job. Although I’m sure officials at Augusta would have something to say about their fairways becoming runways.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Hi Andy,

    My wife and I will be heading for Florida tomorow,so i’ll be hitting tons of golf balls with the 4-MAGIC MOVES strongly in mind.I will be takeing all My notes along,which should prove to be the ultimate test….I just know everything is going to work…….You will be hearing from Me.


  2. Bill Moseley says:

    🙄 I’m just wondering how many onlookers and/or players were actually on those “snow covered fairways”. Those Illini (Illinisoinians?, Illinoisites? Illinoisigans?) must be the most dedicated golfers in the country. Since we haven’t had more than 2″ of snow on the ground for more than 24 hours in the last three years in this part of the state, its hard for some of us North Carolinians to picture the scene.

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