Asian Tour hits out at Australasian “invasion” attempts

The Asian turf war that started some months earlier is starting to brew again with the head of the Asian Tour accusing his Australian counterparts of trying to “invade” Asian space.

Reports have indicated that the financially weak Australasian Tour is trying to rope in the Japan Tour and secure approval from countries such as China, South Korea and India to stage a OneAsia Tour that would provide competition for golfers throughout the region.

Asian Tour chief Kyi Hla Han is, naturally, furious saying that his body has been the official sanctioning body for professional golf in the region for many years and will continue to do so.

He is adamant that the Asian Tour, as well as the Japan Tour, will never recognise any other touring circuit or any alternative governing body. In a press release statement, Han said:

“We are appalled with the Australasian Tour’s attempt to create another tour in this region as the Asian Tour has already successfully achieved this objective with our well-documented growth over the past decade.”

According to the statement, a meeting of all representatives was held on May 10 in Beijing, China in which the Asian Tour proposed a World Golf Championship-style series of four to six tournaments that included players from all regional tours.

It would be called the Asia Pacific Golf Championship in which the prize money won would be included in the money lists of each respective tour. The statement says that, subsequently, the Australasian Tour has held separate meetings to pursue its own agenda without inviting Asian Tour representatives.

According to news reports, the Australasian Tour simply wants all regional circuits to act as a feeder to a broader, more international tour that would give players the experience of playing in other continents.

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