“Rub Of The Green” – Golf Rule 19-1

Here is a golf rules question I received relating to “the rub of the green”!


“After my second shot to our 18th on Sunday I was still about 30 metres short of the green.

The green keeper suddenly appeared and started watering the green with a rather thick hose. It;s really dry in NZ and I appreciate it needs to be done to save the greens.

I was waiting for him to finish when he waved us on. I was most reluctant to do this as the pin was on the back of the green and a
section of hose ran right across my flight path.

I used my loft wedge, the ball looked good in flight but hit the hose
and shot off the green into thick grass.

a) Can I replay my ball?
b) As my opposition replied it’s the rub of the green.”


“Your friend is absolutely correct, it was ‘rub of the green’. Your ball was deflected by an outside agency and had to be played from where it came to rest (Rule 19-1). Think positively, if the hose had deflected your ball into the hole you would have holed out with your 30 metre pitch!”

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