Keep Your Head Still – A Golfing Fallacy

I returned to my office this morning from a fantastic 40th birthday weekend party in the Lake District (see photo below) to find the rest of chapter 2 in my in box. All of the golf fallacies are now loud and clear – ready for your attention. This is the “rubbish” you must bin, each and everyone of them.

So as there is no confusion, these are the golf fallacies I am refering to:

“Relax” – “Use a light grip” – “Be loose” – “Take the club back inside” – “The club follows the same path coming down that it takes going up” – “Pause at the top” – “Turn the hips to the left” – “Keep the head still” – “Start down with a pull of the left arm” – “Have the face open at the top” – “Don’t let the body or hands get ahead of the club” – “Be comfortable” – “Break the wrists late” – “Swing the club head” – “Hit against a firm left side” – “Snap your wrists into the shot” – “Hit hard with the right hand” – “Don’t drop the right shoulder” – “Hit down on the ball” – “Use your natural swing” – “Follow through” – “Don’t quit on the shot” – “Pronate your wrists” – “Pivot the body” – “Positions at address and impact must be the same” 

I have hyperlinked the second sample I spoke about at the end of last week in this blog. This was only a small sample but I wanted to give you a sneak preview.

Likewise I have another sample for your enjoyment.

The transcript is as follows:

Keep Your Head Still

“This impossible advice has been given in one form or another for about as long as there has been any literature on golf: “Keep your head down.” “Keep your head still.” “Keep your head fixed.” “Keep your eye on the ball.” “Don’t lift your head.” “Don’t look up.” You’ve heard these directions a thousand times.

If they would only say, “Keep your head back,” they would be much closer to being right. Because the head does have to stay back, whether or not it moves.

But the head does move. A careful study of pictures of the best golfers in the modern game reveals a very definite pattern of movement. The head stays steady on the back-swing, or perhaps turns on the neck a little to the right. Once the downswing gets well under way, though, the head moves to the right and comes down. It doesn’t move ten or twelve inches, nothing like that. But it does move, consistently, in the right-and-downward pattern from one to three inches, perhaps more.

This movement is not an idiosyncrasy of certain individuals. In the correct swing it must take place, and the pictures show that it does. Arnold Palmer, Bill Casper, Middlecoff, Snead, Hogan, Finsterwald, Byron Nelson – they all have it.

It is caused by the rocking shoulder movement that takes place, a rocking that brings the left shoulder up and the right shoulder down, and by the bowing-out of the body toward the target as the weight is moved far over to the left. The rocking shoulder movement causes the head to move to the right, the bowing-out of the body brings the head down.

These actions of the head will be explained in greater detail later, as we get into the New Four Magic Moves. Meanwhile, don’t let anyone convince you that the head doesn’t move in a good golf swing. It has to.”

Over the next few days I look forward to telling you more about the golf grip and stance right before we move onto the new four magic moves.

The New Seventh Course At St Andrews

Well it is getting onto three o’ clock in the morning and I’m trying to get this letter out to you.

Things have piled up today and I really should have written this hours ago. You know how it is on the net, distractions everywhere you look!

Anyway to cut a long story short I was on the official St Andrews Link site and I was reminded that this month the public can submit their suggestions for the new seventh course.

This is close to my heart!

I live 15 mins outside St Andrews and love this part of Fife.

Wouldn’t it be great if my suggestion could go down in history! Well thats been my thought for the last few hours – problem is I haven’t done any work.

Some of the more interesting and imaginative names which have been suggested so far include “No 7 Cliffs of Heaven”, “the Human Peace Course”, “The Prince William Course” in recognition of his time studying in St Andrews, and “The Miracle.”

I was thinking more along the lines of something to do with the location – it is on the clifftop site at Kinkell Ness and near Brownhills Farm to the south-east of St Andrews. Oh well I’ve still got time to come up with that killer name!

Anyway I digress, the reason for my letter is this – I have a date.

YES  – all the cogs are in motion to release my New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf on Monday 4th December. I can’t go into all the details now, my eyes can hardly stay open, but I can confirm you will be able to claim your copy of the new ebook and audio version.

It is quite amazing how when you listen to the book, you remember so much more than if you had read it yourself.

PLUS – I really believe this is the format that golfers need. They are the same as everyone else. We are all running around, people are busier than ever . Time has definitely become a dwindling commodity.  Therefore, people are constantly looking for ways to make the most use of their “dead time” — such as the time they spend jogging, commuting, gardening, doing chores, working out, and running errands etc.  The iPod along with other MP3 players is becoming increasingly popular, and now everyone wants to listen to other things, as well as music.

The experts predict that downloadable spoken word audio in all its formats will out sell printed books within 10 years. I know its hard to believe – but the figures do back this up. I’ll dig them out and show you next time.

I seem to have sidetracked!

I’m currently working on the audio files but I desperately wanted to share a clip with you – to give you a flavor. I recently sent out this sample and following great feedback I knew I had to get the rest of the book recorded.

In fact only today I have had three emails asking me when I would be launching the new book and audios.

Well I can confirm that Chapter 2 on the fallacies of golf has been recorded. Here is just a sneak preview of why you shouldn’t pause at the top of your golf swing. I hope to share a lot more previews with you before the launch on Monday 4th December.

In fact it would be wrong of me not to touch on the actual Four Magic Moves Of Golf – the core of the book and the key lessons I want to give to you. I will do my best to send you some more clips within the next day or two.

Please leave any questions you have in the comments section below, so as I can reply to everyone.

Speak soon


P.S. Let me know if you want to know anything about St Andrews – maybe you are planning a visit. I can definitely recommend a good pub or two!