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Controlling the Distance of Your Greenside Bunker Shots

I recently saw a comment on an older post that asked — “How do you control the distance on greenside bunker shots?” I thought this was a very good question and one I’ve been asked a lot over the years. So I thought I would address that question and hopefully reduce some of your sand […]


Arnold Palmer turns 80 – stars offer praise and best wishes

Almost 50 years ago, Arnold Palmer undertook a journey that would change the face of professional golf. He blazed a trail that would open up untold opportunities for professional golfers to make the kind of millions that they earn in modern times. In doing so, he became golf’s first megastar. This week, Palmer celebrated his […]


Green Theme for Brunei Open

Golf is a naturally green-friendly sport. After all, practically half of all strokes are played on a surface called “the green”. In some places around the world, the building of golf courses has been hailed as a boon to the environment. More than a decade ago, South African legend Gary Player said the island-course he […]