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HomeofGolf.TV Goes Live – Watch The First Episode

From: Andy Brown Currently enjoying a shot of Lagavulin after a sunny day filming in the Home of Golf St Andrews, Fife Wednesday, 18:21 p.m. Hi there, I have finally launched http://www.HomeofGolf.TV On 24th January I announced my idea in this blog post and on the strength of the 150 favourable comments I have produced […]


Happy Burns Night

From: Andy Brown Enjoying a Cappuccino at – The Rule, 116 South Street, St Andrews Saturday, 13:01 p.m. Dear Friend, I trust you are having an enjoyable Saturday. Firstly I’m sending you a “Happy Burns Night” – a celebration of the life of the great Scottish Poet Robert Burns. Secondly I have an idea, but […]


Tiger Woods Golf Rules Video Explanation

Over the past few months many golfers have watched this video of Tiger Woods in the trees and asked me : “How come Tiger wasn’t penalised?” Well here’s my video verdict on Why Tiger wasn’t penalised and how YOU can sign up for further videos (for nada, nothing, zilch) including the infamous “Is Phil Mickelson […]