Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 53 Guys Are Saying!"

"It's So Simple To Do It
The Magic Way!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Ricketts [mailto:xXXXx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 31 October 2008 22:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks

Hello Andy

It's evening here so I will say Good evening Andy.

I think you will appreciate the following. I tripped over your video on the net of course. I downloaded the first Secret, read it and was excited by what I saw. I have been miserable with a vicious slice.

After reading, I grabbed a 5 iron moved to my backyard and hit a ball as described. I was astonished at how easy it was to move to a back swing and go through the ball like butter. The ball flew straight as an arrow with tremendous speed that had never seen before. Not once but repeatedly.

I was so excited by what I had just experienced that I all but ran back into the house to order the complete Secrets package. Although I have not had a chance to play golf yet, I have hit balls with several of my clubs (irons and woods) with huge success.

I have taken a number of lessons over the last 2.5 years. Unfortunately only experiencing a lot of frustration. Their method seems to be to compensate for errors. Not teach the correct way.

Your "The New Four Magic Moves" is outstanding. I read through the whole thing the same night that I received it. The explanations of the fundamentals of the swing are clear and un-confusing.

I look forward to contacting you and relating my experience on the driving range and a game of golf.


p.s: It 's so simple to do it the Magic way.

JIm Ricketts

"I Am Hitting My Drives Constantly
Down The Middle!"

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From: Reg Shanhan [mailto: xXXXx@xXxxXX.com]
Sent: 31 October 2008 22:17
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks Andy

Hi Andy..

I have been practicing with making my Swing with the late Wrist Cock coming into Play. Once you have this action I find I am Hitting my Drives Constantly down the Middle and on average 180 or so metres.

Might not sound very good for some but for me at eighty years young I am Very Happy. Now if and when I get my Chipping together I will Burn the Track up a bit

I live in hope


Reg Shanhan

playing off 23 at present

"You Have Already Changed My Game!"

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From: Flint XXxxX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.net]
Sent: 30 October 2008 22:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: I removed 8 strokes on first try!

I downloaded your pdf file and listened to the video's. Since the course I play at does not have a driving range, I immediately went to the first tee and hit my drive on the short 348 par 4 over the green by 10 yards. I still have a lot of problems to work out, but I truely see promise in your method.

Unfortunately, winter is comming and I will not have too much time to really put this into practice until next spring. I will most likely purchase a hitting net for use in my back yard.

Please let me explain that I am 54 years old and didn't take up golf until I was 40. At first my scores were around 120, sometimes more. I have since been able to lower my scores to between 85 and 90 with those occasional great games (for me) in the mid 80's.

But on the first try, I scored a 78. All of my drives were straight down the middle and a distance of between 280 and 300 yards with the exception of one drive, which was still playable, in the next fairway, but still playable. The reason for the errant hit was that I was off balance. I knew it, but hit the ball anyway. The solution to that is step back and regroup my thoughts and then step back up to the ball. After all, golf is a mental game. I am not a wealty man, but I will be soon ordering your complete system to absorb over the winter months and fully expect that I will be shooting in the 70's next spring and maybe under par on occasion. Thanks again for the free advice and to let you know that you have already changed my game.

Look for me on the senior tour within three years!

"You Were Always There!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Yiau XXXx [mailto: xXXXx@XXXx.com]
Sent: 29 October 2008 20:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf download

Dear Andy,

Time flies. I remember having difficulties trying to download The New Four Magic Moves, but you were always there, helping me to over come those problems. So it is 9 weeks pass already.

Honestly, I have not serious tried the moves but I can testify that the move works. Even though I have not really work on it, through the little time I had spend using it, I found that I 'spray ' and 'stray ' less. In short, I managed to keep the ball on the fairways more often now. I am unable to bring down my golf scores due to the weakness in my short game, namely my chipping. Previously, I was the 'sprayer ' and the 'strayer ' now I am the 'topper '. Anyway, my holidays is approaching so I might have more time on the game.

Hopefully, I will be able to bring my handicap down from 16 to 12. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hmmm how is your training for the marathon progressing? I have no training proramme but I do know that it requires a lot mental strenght, endurance, perseverance and of course physical strenght. So looking at the video clippings of you, are you sure you are physically able to take up the challenge!!! hee! hee! hee! just joking. Anyway, good luck to you.

Oh, on whether I have introduce the move to anyone, the answer is yes. BUT I am unable to convince him as my scoring does not stand as a testimonial to the move. Thousand apologies. Shall try to convience him again when I am able to lower my score to an acceptable level.

I hope to be able to play golf this weekend but again I think I might not be able to as I have a lot of dead line to meet, so again the magical moves will have to take a back seat. So, will only be able to update you again some time in the future.



"How Can I Ever Thank You Enough!"

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From: Tom Pritchard [mailto: xXXXx@xXXxxX.com]
Sent: 28 October 2008 14:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: new 4 magic moves thank YOU

A month or so back met this very nice person, Lee Turner, turns out hes a, PhD. I had purchased a bag of garden tilling tools and had arrived at the range butchering the grass and ground, I had so much torn up I was thinking of planning to plant a garden..while pulling out another trenching tool out of the bag, this older person Lee, approaches my area and starts warming up some 25 feet to the right of my newly plowed acre.

After some time with me grunting and swinging and tilling the earth away, this gentleman, maybe pushing mid sixties, and actually will be 80 years young this December, starts up a conversation. I 'm sure now he had to be holding back laughing out loud for the funny act even I can see now, that I was trying to imitate. Now after a few minutes of conversation I now find out to my amazement that the tilling tools in the bag turns out to be actual golf clubs. What was I thinking...

Now starting my fourth month at chipping, chipping, Dave Pelz and the short game, chipping, some putting, and how does Tiger read the green so well, putting, and then finally practice at the range danger. I call it range danger for no one is safe with in 50 feet of my play of who knows where the ball will be going next!

Still not enough confidence to play an actual game, and my Golf Logic batteries going dead, I 'm left watching the Golf Channel every day. Ive bought and tried several things, read a dozen or more books, but not much is helping my swing when this new show appears, The New Four Magic Golf Moves....HA I 'm thinking....like some poof magic move and wallah I'm a golfer now...HA....so with no one looking I buy it.

By the time the DVD 's arrive I 'm already starting to hit with my irons some, but nothing like after watching The New Four Magic Moves a couple of times. Compressing the ball is how Garcia, can turn a 9 iron into a 6 iron, and now I to am compressing the ball.

Of course not hitting that far just yet, but the straight hits and actually pinching the ball is something I never thought possible till now. How can I ever thank you two enough? When I was nearly on the verge of selling my set of Ping Raptures, your New Magic Moves set me straight.

And so you know this Friday, Oct. 31st, My good friend Lee and I have a Tee time starting 12:45.


Tom Pritchard
Sun City, AZ

"Scored 10 Under My Handicap!"

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From: Henry XXX [mailto: henry@xXXXx.co.uk]
Sent: 28 October 2008 10:28
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my golf news

Hi Andy

Thought I 'd just let you know how I 'm getting on with The New Four Magic Moves To Winnig Golf. I've been practicing them for 6 to 7 weeks now and last Sunday showed me that the practice is paying off.

We have a Sunday roll up at my club, Bowood, when there isn 't a formal competition on. I was playing off of my 'fiddle ' handicap 27, the maximum six shots over my official club handicap. I scored 46 points which was 10 under my fiddle handicap, therefore 4 under my club handicap.

This was in steady rain, on a championship course with an SSI of 73 off of the white tees we were playing. I had 27 points for the front nine with a gross shot tally of 40. I fell away a bit on the back nine scoring 'just ' 19 points. This gave me a gross shot tally of 89, which meant I had broken 90 for the first time in a 'competition '.

I 've never hit the ball so straight and so I will continue to practice and sub 80, here I come!!

Kind regards

Henry Pawlak

"My Usual 85 Or 86 Is Now 80!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Wayne xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 27 October 2008 17:47
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: How The New Magic Swing Helped Me

Andy ..

For me consistency is the solution to playing the best round of golf possible for any skill level. I don 't want to say you must become a machine to play good golf, however you do have to train your parts to perform in the same manner in all aspects. Your course helped me very much in two (2) important aspects .

(1) the pre shot routine and (2) allowing my right hand to square up at impact. Prior to take your course I hit the ball well, but always went to the right. Therefore, my shot alignment (stance) was weird and looked funny to my playing partners. Just imagine a fairway running parallel to a roadway . when I addressed the ball for my tee shot, it looked like I was going to hit the ball across the road. Now with a good pre shot routine, I am able to concentrate on getting my right hand through the ball at impact and moving my left side out of the way.

This has given me more confidence, therefore I can align myself at the pin on second shots and have a reasonable expectation that the ball is really going in that direction. I have reduced my strokes per round by an average of 6. Therefore, my usual 85 or 86 is now 80. Now, when I improve my "on the green" percentage to regulation, I can work on chipping and putting performance. Concentration is the key element for me. The mid 70 's and lower is now in my future!


"Thanks Very Much!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John Porter [mailto: xXXXx@XXXx.com]
Sent: 26 October 2008 01:46
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Update

Hi Andy,

I am as sceptical as the next person, but having given up golf some 20 years ago in despair, I decided to have another go now that I have retired early. In preparation I decided to go back to the beginning and start again with my local pro. Well its been a long hard struggle to change from what I had 20 years ago, but I was at least striking the ball better than I ever had, but it was still that inconsistency that prevented me progressing. Lots of good shots and then the killer slice, that ruined every medal card. (I play on a well wooded course, so the 75% good straight drives is not good enough).

Then I stumbled across your web site and knowing that my errant shots almost always come from being in the wrong position at the top, which I can feel but cannot pull out of, you can imagine my interest in your first new magic move. Gave it a bit of a go without too much practise and I could instantly feel that it was putting me in the right position at the top and the results were straight and solidly struck most of the time... so I have ordered the book and hope it arrives before I go on holiday in two weeks time when I can get to grips with the rest of the moves and get some practise in at the resort range. I have actually just come back from the range where I have been practising the first two moves and it was very encouraging.

Still had the odd iron go straight off to the right of the target, but a high percentage straight and a lovely solid feel at the top of the back swing. Few drives with a slight fade, but I would still have been out of the woods!

So far it 's thanks very much and I will let you know how I progress over the coming months.

Best Regards

John Porter

"I Am Very Impressed!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Anthony xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com.au]
Sent: 23 October 2008 17:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks

Hi Andy,

Yes I have closely read as far as the short game and will re-read until it is ingrained.

I am very impressed and it is starting to work for me. I note that the swing you teach me is the same as what I see the talented juniors doing at my club.

I never thought I could swing like that. Thanks. I will stop spending $45 a week on lessons.


"Enjoying It Like No Other!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Eric xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@XXXx.com]
Sent: 21 October 2008 09:45
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks for the advice Andy

Hi Andy,

thanks andy for the advice,

i have already improved my game and am enjoying it like no other.

i am always looking forward for my next game when i can eat all my opponents.

thanks to you and the golfswingsecretsrevealed. more power to you and the people behind the secrets.


"Really Been A Help!"

-----Original Message-----
From: xXXXx [mailto:xXXXx@xXXXX.com]
Sent: 23 October 2008 01:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Improvement


Your instgructions have really been a help for my game. I am not where I want to be in my game yet but I know what I have to do to get there. I am able to analyze my mistakes and correct them.

Keep sending me little hints and guides for self inprovement. I am a left hander and you are the first person to really help me percieve instructions left handed. (look forward to left handed instructional video.)


"Less Than The Cost Of
A Round Of Golf!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Eric Russell [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 22 October 2008 16:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Back in golf


I 've recently gotten back into golf after a 6 year hiatus. I was simply frustrated with my slice, and it wasn 't getting better, so why go to the course and come home mad? I sold my clubs and quit! Recently, I had the urge to try it again.

My friends play, and I missed the fellowship. So, I bought a driver and went to the range, hoping the slice would be gone, but much to my dismay, it was still there. I found your website almost accidentally, and I thought, hmmm, for less than the cost of a round of golf, I can see if this guy can help me.

Well, to make a long story short, you have! After practicing the wrist cock with a newfound correct grip, I was hitting at least 70% of my balls straight! Then, I read the rest of your book, and made some corrections to my swing and stance, and now I 'm hitting my drives where I aim them, and they 're flying over 260 yards before landing!

I 'm getting 300+ yards out of my drives most of the time! I 'm amazed! My irons are longer, too! With a well-grooved proper swing, combined with that all-important wrist cock, I 've dropped 12-15 strokes off my score so far!

Thank you!

Eric Russell
Maryville, Tennessee, USA

"Best MOVE I've Ever Made!"

-----Original Message-----
From: David xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 21 October 2008 12:57
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Best move ever

Hello Andy;

Yes I have purchased new 4 magic moves and it is the best MOVE I 've ever made.

I shot my best round of golf ever last week and I still feel like my score can go lower.

I shot an 80 and I 'm 65 years old and play from the white tees. Greatest purchase for golf I 've ever made.

Thanks for creating the system. 

Best regards



-----Original Message-----
From: Shankar XXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.in]
Sent: 21 October 2008 02:56
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Shankar 's SUCCESS on your putting stance and stroke TIPS


I am a novice week-end golfer...but the bug has bit me really strong and I keep looking forward to that Sunday 6AM more eagerly than ever.... By my profession I am supposed to be pretty decent on the Greens...BUT NO...it isn 't that simple at least for me...Sorry for many as I watch them...very seniors on the greens putting not so great....

But Andy....Your putting tips I read some where a few weeks ago..Do not remember where...You say..bend down with your arms hanging loose... clap and grab the putter with your wrist pointing at the pin...

shoulder and feet pointed at the target... shoulder, arms, grip and putter fixed like one Swinging gong of a clock... SHOOOOOOOOOt at the target...GRRRRRRRRRRReat.

Kudos to the artist who put this in writing....with my novice status...people watch me on the greens!!!!!!

Each time I putt, if not in the hole...I am around one inch to 12 ' ' around the pin....putting 5feet away or 15 feet away as far as alignment goes... Just three weeks of practice...

Go for it guys..it 's fun on the Greens..Thanks, Andy..



"I Am Excited About
The New Swing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Terry Hatfield [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 20 October 2008 12:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

I tried just the reverse wrist cock and held it through the swing and my drives off the tee were straighter and longer by about 30 yards. I am excited about the new swing. I always fight a slice from time to time and hardly ever hit a draw but with the new swing I think I can draw the ball much easier.

Basically, I will take straight any day. If I get a slight fade or draw, that is fine. The biggest thing is I feel is my position at the top is strong and almost impossible to slice the ball upon completing my swing. Using the conventional swing, my wrist cock always felt too laid off at the top thus a lot of pull lefts, fades, sometime slices. My driving hasn 't been consistent.

With the new swing I feel I will be consistent off the tee, have more confidence and notice a faster swing speed for sure. Although my iron shots were always more consistent than my driving, I notice more power with the irons and fairway woods as well.


Terry Hatfield

"They Could Not Believe My New
Found Length And Accuracy"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bobby Asbill [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 18 October 2008 03:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 76-78-74-78

Hi Andy,

My Name is Bobby Asbill and I live in Nashville , TN.I have always been a decent golfer shooting 82 - 86 for the last 3 years.

I joined your site and program one night on a whim and here I am writing to tell you how much I have improved and thank you for helping me enjoy golf more.

I play once a week and my last four rounds are 76-78-74-78 ...My friends are in total shock and want to know what is going on. My drives are now 310 to 320 and I now hit my LW 120 instead of 75 yards.The game is more fun now and I feel and my friends say it all the time now that I am on the verge of shooting great scores.I played with 3 guys at the club the other day I didn 't know and now I 'm playing in a tournament with them.

They could not believe my new found length and accuracy.It feels good and just wanted to share . Thank you for helping me and changing my game ...


"I Dropped From A 15 Cap Down To A 10!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jerry [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXxxx.com]
Sent: 17 October 2008 11:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: package


After getting your package I worked hard on it all last winter in the garage (Wisconsin had over 100 inches of snow this year so no golf) with my short, weighted practice club, trying to "hone" the feeling of this swing. I 've tweaked a couple things (kept the light grip pressure) but the rest has finally taken toward the end of this summer. I 've added 10-20 yards to my driving distance and my irons feel so crisp when I hit them. Bottom line, I dropped from a 15 cap down to a 10 this year.

Last round (on a very easy 9-hole muni course) I shot one over 36. I was 2 under after 5 holes! I also recently bought a GPS to measure my drives. I 'm averaging 230-240 yards (splitting the fairways!) and hit one last week 261. And I 'm 61 years old shooting the best scores of my life after golfing for 40 years!

I 'm so pleased and just wanted to thank you for The New Four Magic Moves package.


"So Much More Solid!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Don Anthony [mailto: xXXXx@xXxxX.com]
Sent: 16 October 2008 12:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf

Hi Andy,

Your sense of a golf swing as well as that of the noted American golf instructor Chuck Cook and his incredibly talented number one man Brech Spradley locacted in Austin texas at Barton Creek Resort have given me a whole new game that is so much fun to play.

I hit the ball so much more solid and so much more consistently.......still have mishits....welcome to golf....BUT the preset of the wrist..level turn back..move to the left side maintaining the triangle...and then let everything rotate and go ..... this has been a godsend to my game. Thanks for your help and imput and KNOW that it does make a difference


don anthony

"Fell In Love With The
Game Of Golf Again!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Troy xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 15 October 2008 07:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf progress


I just want to thank you for sharing your The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf with me.

I just got back into golf this year after putting my clubs away about 8 years ago only playing about 2-3 times a year. This year I got a membership at a local course which included unlimited range balls at the driving range & I put your moves into action. One of the things I think made all the difference for me was the wrist break.

What this did primarily is slowed down my backswing which I think was one of my biggest issues. When I put my clubs away 8 years ago I usually shot around 100-106 on a regular basis. My last 4 rounds at the same course was 79,81,82 & 82. I went & played with my co-workers a few weeks ago and the closest any of them came to me was 10 strokes. These are the same guys who usually poked fun at me in past years because they always kicked my butt. Im not a guy to rub it in so I just let my play speak for itself. I must say I have fell in love with the game of golf again.


"Wow, What A Difference!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Anne xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.dk]
Sent: 14 October 2008 03:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my game

Hi Andy,

Just wanted to let you know that I 've tried the early wrist break. 

Wow, what a difference. 

It's so simple - I hit longer, straighter shots - more consistetently and with more ease. 

I better take a good look at all you have written.



"An Amazing Compliment!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Roess [mailto: xXXXx@XXX.com]
Sent: 14 October 2008 01:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Program feedback

Dear Andy,

I love The New Four Magic Moves.  I have been a fan of Mike Austin and his methods for a while.  Your program is an amazing compliment to his methods.  I never learned the early wrist cock, yet it makes such an incredible sense.

I was pretty long prior to the News Four Magic Moves, but now the "pop" at impact is clear and concise, and the sound feedback, and rise and fall of clean shots is amazing. I still fall back into the "old" at times, thus; my subject line question.  Does one need to get worse before getting better?  I saw Tiger go through it, and now look at him, as well as others.  I can see and feel the merit of these New Four Moves.  I just fall back into the old and need a bit of advice to overcome or stay on track.

I will say that the distance that is gained is beyond compare, as well as accuracy when the ball is met correctly.

My dad was a +1 until the day he died, and he never drove the ball past 225 or 230, yet he was straight as an arrow, and a surgeon from inside 150.  He swung the club with a pronounced early wrist cock, and emptied my pockets each joyful round.

Thanks again,

Tim Roess

"I Have Dropped 4 Or 5 Shots!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.net]
Sent: 12 October 2008 02:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: dropped 5 shots

Hi Andy,

Since I recieved The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf a few weeks back I have dropped 4 or 5 shots a round thats pretty good seeing how I was a twelve capper. I had struggled for years trying lower my cap. 

With your video and PDF I now have a swing that I can repeat....



"It Really Worked Over
And Over Again!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Lawrence xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.co.uk]
Sent: 11 October 2008 06:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

I used to be a bit sceptical about stories of people improving dramatically in something like golf., but I now find myself one of those dramatic improvers. Tell me with your experience of golf improver is this a good improvement.

I got my first set of golf clubs in Dec 2005 less than 3 years ago for my 50th Birthday, about 3 months prior to that I had started going to the golf range with a handful of clubs i bought for a fiver. Prior to that I had only attempted a game of golf twice inĀ  my life, once about 3 years ago and once 15 years before that, both times with disastrous results. The last time I played with my brother and thought ive got to get good at this game one day and give him a game.

After I got my golf clubs in Dec 2005 I played municipals and practiced hard at driving range etc. I joined a club in November 2006 played through the winter and got my first handicap of 24 in May 2007. I am just coming to the end of my second 'competitive season ' and my handicap is 13.6...I was down to 13.1. With the few medals left Im hoping to get back down to 13 and possilby 12. My lowest score ever in a medal is 77. So from 24 to 13 in my first two seasons, how does that compare.

As you will know I invested in the new four magic moves and while I cant say all my improvement is down to that, it definitely helped me. I like to analyse things and I have analysed the princliples you teach carefully (Im a software anaylyst among other things) and tried them out, practised them and It has definitely helped my game. I fid particularly the early wrist break, helps me be more consistent, get a better shoulder turn, the waggle preparing for it always seems to help me get ready, and I seem to hit a bit longer when I get the wrist break right. I have to say though at first I had some trouble breaking the wriist properly which led to shanking (at the driving range) but when I did it more positiviely and in the correct manner it really worked over and over again.

So thank you and sorry to go on so long

And one more thing I really enjoy all the other things that go with your philosophy your little stories the answers to questions, you come across as a real nice guy with an obvious enthusiasim for the game of golf and St. Andrews etc.


Lawrence Gimour

(balmore golf club - near bearsden glasgow )

"Amazing Progress!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Rich xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 10 October 2008 07:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Your "Magic Moves" is Awesome

Hi Andy,

This may be a bit premature, but I wanted to send you a little feedback on my amazing progress since reading your "New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf" book.

Two days ago I forced myself to go to the driving range for the first time since finishing your book about six weeks ago. (I love this game and intend to devote serious time to it once getting the problems with our house in order.) Magic truly is the appropriate word to describe what is happening with my swing. My accuracy on this first trip improved approximately eight fold! I was astonished to say the least.

I was just about the only person on the range that morning, and had been chatting with the range owner before hitting my bucket. I was unaware, but he apparently had been watching me during my range session and spoke to me again afterwords. He remarked how good my swing was and ask if I normally shot in the 80 's. I have not had the opportunity to devote any time to my game for over three years. My best score back then was a 96. I only started playing about 1-1/2 years prior to that. I know this means nothing, but I cannot wait to get back on the course and see what kind of score I can now produce. The instruction in your book had been fa nominal in producing the accuracy my swing never had.

Needless to say I am excited to see where my game goes from here, and I know I have your book to attribute my successful improvement to. I will be sure to let you know how things go once getting some actual game time in, but I wanted to share this with you. Take care till later.


Rich Wisotzkey
Apex, NC USA

"Just Good, Solid, Confident Golf!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.net]
Sent: 09 October 2008 22:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Recommended

Hi Andy,

I am based in Scotland and play off 13. The new four magic moves has been a tremendous help. The most helpful part for me was the downswing and getting in nthe right position to swing through the ball.

My mind had been mixed up with, Do I start by pulling the hands down from thne top? do I start the downswing some other way? The New Four Magic moves has solved this problem. The hardest job was believing it would work.

The most incredible thing is, as it explains in the video, I don't think about what the clubhead is doing anymore, it just happens. A good long ball with a touch of draw and the feeling is solid, the impact through the ball feels sweet.

My handicap has come down from 14 to 12.5, mainly the result of a nett 64 (SS69) and not a birdie on the card. Just good, solid, confident golf.

I have reccomended the New Four Magic Moves to a couple of people but not anyone in my club, I don't want them to know!!!!!!!!!

A great product and thank you,



"A Straight 220 Plus Drive!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ricardo xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com.uy]
Sent: 09 October 2008 18:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks a lot

Dear Andy

First time in my life to hit more than once a straight 220 plus drive!!!!!! 

(I am 53 years old and started at 40)

Thanks a lot


Uruguay, South America

"My Game Has Improved!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Terry xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 09 October 2008 12:37
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 20 to 17


Just a quick note to say yes my game has improved. 

My handicap had just gone up to 20 when I received the book. At the end of the season 9 weeks later it is 17. 

I am playing with more confidence I use the self hypnosis cd and I purchased the DVD of the book this was a great help as you can see the correct way to perform the new magic moves.

I have recommended the system to several friends.

thank you very much



"Cost Less Than A Box Of Balls!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Max xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 08 October 2008 18:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: best golf purchase


I would like to thank you for your course. It has improved my game and cost less than a box of balls.

I am decent ball striker and play to a 14 handicap. My biggest problem was my driver. I tend to hit it straight, but was very short. I was usually one of the shorter drivers in my group. I only hit it about 220-250. Funny thing is that I hit my irons further than my playing partners.

Anyway I was playing a round and just got completely frustrated by my length off the tees. I was hitting long irons into greens and my friends were hitting short irons and wedges. Right after the round I was looking at several websites (golf.com and golfdigest.com) at their instruction pages. It was all the same old advice I heard before. I happened upon your site and the advice on your site made a lot of sense to me. I decided right there to purchase your product.

It was the best money I ever spent on golf. I now swing the driver with much more confidence. I now average 250-270 with my driver. I even occaisionally hit a draw. I could never do that in the past. I still tend to hit it straight or with a slight fade, but I am considerably longer. I don 't use all your techniques with my irons though, because when I did I noticed I always drew the ball then. I prefer to hit a straight or slide fade with my irons to give me more control.

In the past 2 months since purchasing your product, my index has dropped to a 12. That 's made even more impressive by the fact that I don 't go to the range any more and only get out to play 2-3 times a month. I have a 2 year old son that happily eats up most of my free time. I just just practice the grip and the first new magic move in the living room with a wedge. (My son routinely immitates me.) When I get out to the course I remember the 4 new magic moves and I tend to play well. I just wonder what I could get my index down to if I had more time to practice!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your product. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve and for the money what do you have to lose. It is cheaper than a round of golf or a box of balls and this can greatly improve your game.



"It Has Helped Tremendously!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mary xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 06 October 2008 11:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: The Early Backward Wrist Break

Hello Andy,

I have read & re-read the New Four Magic Moves. It has helped tremendously.

The Early Backward Wrist Break is the single move that has given me more confidence and control. The slight Forward Press has helped me make my swing much smoother than it has ever been.

I have been playing golf with my husband for about 10 years, never doing as well as he. Since reading and practicing the New Four Magic Moves, I have improved my game, and am now playing much better. My husband says he has never seen me hit so straight, or so far. (I have actually underscored him 3 or 4 times, which is so thrilling to me).

I also joined a ladies league (the first time for me). At the end of our season, I received the (most improved player) award. I don 't know how much my handicap has lowered, but I 'm sure it has.

I have given all the credit to The New Four Magic Moves, and have suggested that others get it too.

All I can say is "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You"!!!


Upstate - New York State, USA)

"Passport To A Better Game!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Joseph XXX [mailto: xXXXx@XXXx.co.uk]
Sent: 06 October 2008 11:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: New Four Moves

Andy Anderson

you lovely man you!

came across your 1st new magic move about a month ago. having spent the last 5 years watching everything the golf channel has to offer, taking delivery of a golf magazine every month and buying 60 worth of instructional videos plus a short series of expensive lessons with a reptuable pro, i managed to get my h/cap of 28 down to 21. the trouble was one game i could play to it the next i would play to 16 then play to 28 again and again in other words yo-yo golf.

so i tried your 1st new magic move and guess what? mr consistency took over my game.seven games on the spin scoring to or around my h/cap. so i purchased the whole shebang including the dvd and without doubt this will be the best and last investment i make in my game. for 5 nights running i watched the dvd ,club in hand, feeling like i was brainwashing myself with its content. yesterday i went to a local course thats got the hardest front 9 of any course i have played, only once breaking 50.how about 44? shots straight where i aimed them, lovely crisp irons, and honestly if 3 putts hadnt lipped out it would have been a 41. the real beauty of your course is that its not so much showed me where ive been going wrong, but where ive been going right. by that i mean,have you ever hit the perfect shot and wonder how you did it? iknow i have countless times.

well thanks to you andy and your 4 new magic moves that mystery has at last been solved.

i think the best way i can describe how i felt after the game ,was that i felt more elated when i finished than when i started. anybody who truly loves this game as i do will know what i mean by that.

so andy thanks again(and will dowd) for giving me the passport to a better game.

tell them joe says buy the 4 new magic moves with the dvd and get the full enjoyment from this wonderfull game.

in closing i will keep you informed of my progress and have you got 4 new magic moves for using a pc? this has taken ages!!!


"What A Revelation!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Oliver [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 02 October 2008 20:00
To: Andy Anderson

Hi Andy,

I subscribed to the 4 moves in mid 2007 and had a brief spell with it but despite encouraging results in practice did not stick with it and quickly returned to bad old ways hacking around in 100 shots.

I decided that I had a number of inherent faults which were affecting my game, preventing progress and causing me to lose my lifelong passion for the game. As a result I then decided to study 4MM fully and apply it fully from that point on.

This was in the early spring of this year. What a revelation! Although I am a lapsed 13 handicapper from the 1980s, recently I have had problems breaking 100 and had put loss of distance down to getting older...how wrong I was.

After much effort I progressed from something i could execute only on the practice tee to a repeating swing which i could take on the course with me and rely upon (I had never really got to this level ever before).

I now understand very well the fundamentals of golf, have over time built a ready reckoner of key aspects relevant to me from 4MM and find I can quickly put my finger on cause of a loss of form, often during a round. I wish i had this insight 20 years ago. I no longer feel the need for professional advice and in hindsight see all the pro tuition over the years as "fixing a problem with a short term solution" rather than embedding fundamentals and with it understanding.

Also on the plus side (there are many).

I have transformed my swing from a significant outside in with cupped wrist and sloppy action into an inside to out swing, firm and tight swing which I can repeat consistently. This has improved everything from chips through to long game. I always middled a lot of shots, I now hit them solidly too and often with a draw!

My tee shots have gained 30yards on average.

The first two of the new magic moves have really assisted tempo. The hips first before hands is another revelation. The head tip is very useful one to watch in practice.

The firm grip tip was another revelation. I am a left hander playing right handed and grip pressure has always been an issue.

I have to date reduced my scoring by approx 12-15 shots and am now around mid to high eighties. Most importantly I have a new enthusiasm for the game, enjoy practice and competition and aspire to getting into single figures.

I am now able to apply a stable swing and look into the technology to help me further. A recent driver purchase has added another 30 yards!!

Many thanks Andy. Not an overnight solution (although i did hit exceptional shots on the practice tee on the first time out with 4MM) but I hope this serves as a useful guide for others who are in the golfing doldrums. Suffice to say I am a convert.


Bob Oliver

"Many Thanks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 02 October 2008 19:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your reply.

That's ideal!

Thank you for the cost management-very impressive!

I did try the swing very briefly (really just the different wrist cock some time ago at the range) and the results were very favourable at the time. It certainly seemed much easier than my pronation method which is too dependent on timing.Your swing system is also consistent with what I have been reading generally recently with Michael Hebron et al. and which I am determined to follow up.

I will work on it on holiday!

Many thanks once again.



"Won Two Major Trophies!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 September 2008 19:29
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Update on my golf progress

Hi Andy

As I Wrote to you that I've had shoulder surgery back in June this year Half away through our season as we only play on our course for six month of the year as we rely on the winter rains to water it. I started back In July And I have taken out the last three monthly medals, won two major trophies and won fifteen of the last 20 event at the club,also three second.

One of the trophies was the most prestigious at the club, the one everybody wants to win, The McManus trophy is the top trophy to win.

So to anybody who is having trouble with golf they need to look at The New Four Magic Moves.

Thanks Andy and team for all your information you have sent me in the past two years.


"I Am A Believer!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Grossman [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 29 September 2008 04:28
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Believer


I had downloaded the first new magic move a few weeks ago and worked on using that in my swing. I am very skeptical of such things so I wanted to give it a try before committing. Well, that one move tremendously improved my consistency in hitting the ball, my accuracy and it added at least 20 years to all my clubs. My best score ever before this was a 91 and I can consistently hit in the mid to upper 90's. I just shot an 87. I am a believer.

After making sure it worked I ordered the whole course and just yesterday, on the practice range, I started to incorporate all the moves into my swing. It is going to take a week or two to get it down, but when it all comes together it feels as if I am effortlessly hitting the ball farther and straighter. I think I will get another 20 years or more.

I cannot wait until it becomes second nature.

--Robert Grossman

PS: Your thoroughness in going over the grip, stance, etc. was also a truly big help. It corrected numerous small errors that add up to bad shots.

"I Hit The Sweet Spot Every Time!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ed xxxx [mailto:xxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 27 September 2008 10:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: impressed with results

Hi Andy,

I read your first tip on the wrist break at address as the first move. I tried it in my house, and thought it helped me get inside on my backswing. So I went to the driving range and hit a large bucket of balls, mostly with wedges to mid irons (5).


Now, background; my son Justin Marshall started playing golf as a 9 year old. I decided, at age 46, that I needed to start as well in order to hang out with him as he was always at the golf course. Fast forward 19 years and my son today is a teaching professional at the Moraga Country Club in Moraga, California. He is a fine golfer, scratch on a good day, sometimes better. I, on the other hand, despite good instruction and understanding of the golf swing have always varied between an average amateur on a good day to a hacker on a worst day.

Typical problems, struggled with consistency, never have achieved a grooved swing, problems with weight transfer, always finding a way to leave the face open - you understand.

Beginning my takeaway with the wrist break was nothing short of a MIRACLE!

Here is why: 1) My backswing is now automatically to the inside, it is natural. 2) My downswing, inside out for the first time with FULL consistency, has given me CONFIDENCE AND TRUST IN MY SWING. 3) My release at impact and ball striking is almost automatic - wrist release through impact is easy and automatic, contact is GREATLY IMPROVED. 4) Andy, I am a different golfer. My weight transfer to my front foot through impact, which I struggled with before as I came over the top and all of that s--- is gone. I now move from my back foot to my front foot without thinking about it.

I hit the sweet spot of the ball with a good downstroke every time. My MP57 Mizunos feel like friends, before I felt like a fraud for carrying them.

Thank you ! and yes - I will read the other three tips soon, and I am sure I will be signing up.

Best wishes,


"Posted My Two Best Scores!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Elvin Harris [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 25 September 2008 17:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Game Shots

Hi Andy,

The Wrist position at the Top is quite telling, particularly that of Lee Trevino. I read in Dave pelz' book "The Short Game Bible" that Lee Trevino was the most accurate golfer, with only a 5% 'error rate' when most PGA Tour Pro's were around 7% 'error rate'. Dave pelz decsribes the 'error rate' as the combined distance and direction that the ball finally ends up from where the player originally intended it to end up. It may be well worth the while to delve a bit more into Trevino's swing technique as further proof that getting New Magic Move #2 correct i.e. xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx is absolutely essential - and that your "Early Backward Wrist Break" is critical to ensuring (virtually guaranteeing) that the player will arrive at the correct position at the top.

Thanks for a great book, I've been hitting the ball reallly well the last few weeks and have posted my two best scores for the year thus far 82 and 81- and I haven't even had any time at the driving range to practice The New Four Magic Moves. I just read through the e-book, had some brief 'static' practice in my living room and waited till I could get on the course. I found the section on Plannning and Playing your way around the course to be extremely helpful too. Of course, being a golfer for some 12 years now, and a huge devourer of golf books, I knew most of the strategies already. I guess you just put in a way that was straight forward to grasp. Thanks again for a great book.

Elvin Harris
Centurion, South Africa

"Noticed A Difference Already!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 24 September 2008 12:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Hitting the ball further


I have only had the chance to hit the driving range once since reading The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf but i have noticed a difference already.

I'm hitting the ball with half the power i used to but i'm still hitting it further! i need to read up and practice more on my down swing with the driver because my body is still too open and i am fading a few of my drives. I'm sure this will improve with practice.

Overall i've been impressed so far and i'm going to put the audio on a cd and listen to it in the car on the way to work seeings as i travel 2.5 hours every day!



"Best Score In 30 Years!"

-----Original Message-----
From: OB [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 22 September 2008 02:27
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: great news

Hi Andy,

I'm a 15.6 handicap. My game this year has been up and down which is normal for me. After starting the year seeing some improvement I was real inconsistent. Then, to make matters worse, I started shanking the ball. All of a sudden I was shooting 100 and losing my desire to play.

I went for a few lessons but didn't get any real help. I read the first couple of chapters last week and played Friday. I immediately improved but still had a few small issues with my swing.

I played again Saturday and the swing began to feel normal. The grip and take away tips were excellent and were things I could remember and repeat. I shot a 41 on the front and was pretty happy. Then I birdied 10, and got 8 straight pars for a 34 on the back 9. I've been golfing for 30 years and my all time best was a 78 once. I shot a 75!!!

I can't wait to read the remaining chapters. Thanks for all your help!!!


"Recommended This To All My Friends!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Penny Joyce [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.nz]
Sent: 21 September 2008 03:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: won competitions - thanks Andy

Dear Andy,

I live in New Zealand, and I've been playing golf for 20 odd years.

In all this time I have never had a consistent swing. I have had good periods but constantly "came over the top". I am thrilled to bits with this system because at last I have a consistent swing and feel confident when I hit the ball.

I have won 2 competitions in the past 3 months and am in the finals for a 3rd. Winter conditions have been pretty grim in New Zealand so my handicap has not dropped much but I'm confident that with some good weather it will come down considerably.Today I played 4 under.

I have recommended this to my friends but am waiting to consolidate my handicap before I push any harder.

Thank you so much - it is the best money I have ever spent on golf tuition.

Penny Joyce

"First Time Ever NO Lost Balls!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Rich Donlon [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 19 September 2008 19:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Driver success


I am not big on giving testimonials, however, in this case I need to say that the money I spent on your book was the best piece of golf equipment I have ever bought!!

When you buy golf clubs, unlike a microwave oven, they do not come with an instruction manual. Your book served that purpose for me and very well.

I have been a double-par golfer for a long - long time. I was also afraid to use the driver in favor of my 5 Wood on every tee shot. After reading and using your book, along with the 100 tips sheet you sent shortly thereafter, I am very confident using my driver or ANY club off the tee. It has been my goal to shoot a round under 100, which I thought would take a real long time. I am extremely happy to report to you that last Friday, September 12, 2008, I shot a 96 on a relatively hard course!! And even better, I finished the round with EVERY golf ball I started the round with for the first time ever!!!

NO LOST BALLS!! It felt absolutely great.

Thank you for creating this how-to manual. I am recommending this to all my golf buddies. It certainly straightened and lengthened my golf game.


Rich Donlon
Freehold, NJ USA

"Back To Enjoying Golf Again!"

-----Original Message-----
From: William xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 19 September 2008 09:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: enjoying my golf again

Hi Andy

Just back from Portugal with society group playing of 24 which is four less than my normal handicap and still won prizes we played Quinta da ria,vale de lobo(my best round) and Benamor.

I am back to enjoying my golf again, magic!



"Dropped Two Points Off Handicap
In 6 Weeks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.net ]
Sent: 15 September 2008 22:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my opinion

Listen Andy,

I gotta tell you I've been playing for years and have bought and subscribed for every golf gimmick and gadgit that any one man can posses, and I might have got a little something outta every one but not enough to voice my opinion, I gotta tell you just the one tip with the setting of the wrists has me without exageration knocking down flags.

It took me a while to get comfotable with it but I've dropped two points in my handicap in the last 6 weeks , am now a 10.7 and for the first time in my pathetic golfing career I know I'm on my way to a single diget handicap.

Thank you


"Smack That Ball Further Than I've
Ever Hit It Before!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Corbett [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 15 September 2008 11:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf feedback

Hi Andy

Was just browsing thru your first new magic move the other day came across the First New Magic Move,break the wrist early ect.

So i went out to the course and did 18 hole's to see how it will go.

B****R ME!!! if i didnt smack that little white ball further than Iv ever hit it before. Sometimes I pulled it a lot, but man did that ball fly. Even with my irons the distance was incredable.

So if that one move worked, well I thought Id better get the rest of the New Magic Moves. Yes I was sceptable. I have a question? I have an interlock grip, but in your instructions, you MUST!!! have an overlap grip, is it vital that I have to change my grip. Will keep in touch with you on how my game is after after I have read the rest of the E book.


Peter corbett

"Best Money Ever Spent!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ken Lucas [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 15 September 2008 02:49
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Longer drives

Hi Andy,

I got The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf in July and the improvement continues.

I shot a 77 today with a 37 on the first nine.

I have picked up about thirty or forty yards on my drives. hitting almost all fairways. I have broken 80, three times in the last month. I am 65 years old and play at least twice a week.

I have always fought a slice, but that is not longer a problem, I hit them long and straight.

Best money ever spent. Thanks for The New Four Magic Moves.

ken lucas
murphy, nc

"Amazing Direction I'm Getting!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Christiaan Duvenage [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 13 September 2008 02:48
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Better Shots

Hi Andy

I started with The New Four Magic Moves while back when I first saw the web site and downloaded I think 56 pages. I tried it and my shots where better already.

When I downloaded the complete course I loaded it on my Blackberry phone and constantly listening to it. Today on the driving range I find out that my wrist brake was wrong and corrected it. Amazing the direction I'm getting now and not even speaking about the consistency. Still have to practice a lot and going to put this to the test on the course tomorrow.

My driver I hit straight and don't fated so much any more. Still does sometimes but that's me still getting the hung of golf. Played cricket for all my life and still in me but it's much much better.

I currently play from a 18 handicap and want to take at lease 15 strokes of my game in the next few months. People already say my goals are crazy. I am but that's me. You never to old to start playing as I am only 37 and started April 2008 for the first time.

Thank you for this program I enjoy this very much.

Will keep you up to date with the progress.


Christiaan Duvenage

"Began Seeing Immediate Improvement!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 11 September 2008 11:34
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: program news

Hello Andy:

I Must apologize for being delinquent in getting back to you regarding my progress with your program. It seems I am learning something new each game I play. As I previously mentioned, in a few weeks I will be 80. I started playing seasonal golf 7 years ago. Until I received your program I was scoring around 100 and at times, up to 118. Once in awhile I would hit in the high 90's.

After receiving your program a few weeks ago I began seeing immediate improvement. My last two games were 83 and 89. It doesn't take a great mathematician to see the difference in my scoring. I have had a number of people I play golf with commenting on who was giving me golf lessons. I informed a couple of them about your program and now that it has been proven to me that it works, I am ready to divulge my secret to others. At this stage in their life, I am not certain if they are ready to make a change as all are in their 70's and I feel "set" in their way of doing things.....

Again Andy, I was really "hating" golf until I received your "Magic Formula". So, many thanks again for the difference it made in my game and disposition which by the way made my wife very happy as I am no longer a "grumpy old man but a happy old man"...around the house. I am likewise convinced that before long I will be scoring in the 70's from time to time....

Will keep you posted Andy.......

Bill (Or Oak)

"Dropped 10 Strokes In One Day!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Frank Sciarra [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 11 September 2008 06:38
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Frank's golf

Hi Andy,

Just played my first game in some time yesterday, Wednesday, after looking at The New Four Magic Moves.

First let me give you some background. In 1960 I was a 14 handicaper and started playing at the new Anaheim City Golf Course which was only 9 holes. They added and additional 9 holes and brought in a PGA Pro named Olin Dutra. My job allowed me to play every morning at 6 AM. One day Olin and I were talking in the morning and decieded to play together whenever he didn't have a class. Well, to make a long story short, my handicap dropped from a 14 to a 5 in 6 months. No formal lesson, just off the cuff remarks like, do this instead of that and you should try to do this on down hill lies or stand closer to the ball, etc. That lasted for about a year, then I had to stop playing and didn't start again for about 10 years. I started out with a 10 handicap and steadily went on to t 14, 16, 18 and haven't been able to get down below an 18 since. That is until I read your lesson series.

Yesterday I think I'm on a come back. I dropped 10 strokes in one day. I can again feel the touch I had some time ago which I had lost. I'm 79 years old and will hit 80 in March. So that's quite an accomplishment for me.

Will keep you posted as I play more.

Frank Sciarra
Orange, California

"Thank You For Saving My Game!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bobby xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 10 September 2008 11:17
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 74 year old golf!

Hi Andy

I am 74 years old and have been hitting the golf ball for over 40 years.

How do you feel when you stand on the tee and know where the ball is going to go? It is a great feeling.

I never sliced the ball and never hooked the ball in all of these years. I did leave it way right in the rough and also pulled it to the left also in the rough/water.

After the First Move I found each and every shot going on the green (Par 3's) and in the fairway on par 4's. I am now standing up to the ball at address with no mind full of ...keep head still...left arm straight...shift weight on down swing......look to see where the darn ball is going to land in the rough. etc.etc.

I took off more than 10 strokes by using only the First Move. I guess I am a slow learner but I am having such a great time not having to look for the ball. I may add that I am not long but am driving 230 yards consistently. The best testimony for the move is that a foursome that plays behind us got right on my right side and watched closely on the takeaway. The statement was you are not really cheating are you?

I would be much better if I could start putting. I am starting to let my 3 putts effect the rest of my game. I am putting around 36 to 39 per round.

Thank you so much for saving my game.


P.S. I think my inconsistency was because I was spinning out with the upper part of my body. This extra movement was causing the club face to be open or on next shot be hooded. I am not a pro and have never had lessons so this is purely a guess on my part.

"Hard Work Paid Off Won
Two Monthly Medals!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 09 September 2008 12:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Back in the game

Hi Andy

Well here I am back in action after my operation to my left shoulder.

With great news, thanks to you and your team for sending my your up dates on golf, rules, ect. I've been back at golf now a 11 weeks it took awhile to get back into it, but in the last 6 weeks I have played 11 rounds of golf and broken my handicap 4 time, for 8 wins 2 seconds and a 4th. I have also won 2 monthly medals as well.

This is due to your golf swing technical advice you you have sent me in the past couple of years. So all your hard work has paid of, for me. I did a lot of reading while I couldn't play golf and this let me visualise my game and when I came back I put it into practice, not bad for a 62 year old veteran golfer. So if I can do it other can to if they put there minds to it.

Thanks again for all your good advice.


"Drives Are Straighter & Longer!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 09 September 2008 01:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf to date

Dear Andy,

A week or so ago I downloaded The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf and yesterday I shot 38 points on an a grade course here in Sydney in very windy conditions. Handicapper penalised me .6.

My drives are straighter and much longer by 30 metres. I have subscribed for the DVD but the bloody Aussie postal service still hasn't delivered.

Can't wait!!


"They Certainly Do The Job!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian .xx [mailto:.xxx@.net.nz]
Sent: 06 September 2008 12:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks mate

Hi Andy,

Thanks Andy for the interesting and valuable comments. I've been practising The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf for three months now (not forgetting the spot on stuff about the short game from John) and can join the many others who have found that they certainly do the job.


"Smoke Them On The Course!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Garry Leonard [mailto:xxxxx@xxx@x@xx.com]
Sent: 04 September 2008 01:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Helped My Game

Hi Andy,

After being told my golf days were probably over due to rheumatoid arthritis, I pretty much gave up the game.

After seeing the Golf Swing Secrets Revealed Newsletter I decided I wanted to try once again. Much to my surprise I was able to use The New Four Magic Moves and begin swinging a club again. Not much to talk about at the first several tries, but a lot to say now after 6 weeks of practice.

My first rounds were in the low 100's and I was not at all upset because I could once again actually play. Now after only four rounds of play my scores are in the high 80's to low 90's. This is where I was when I had to quit.

The wonderful thing is thanks to your secrets (once I adjusted to fit my partial swing path, I can see that I will continue to lower my scores and maybe become competitive again).

Thanks again for showing an old dog a new trick. Just to see the faces of the younger players I play with when I smoke them on the course, makes it all worth while. They all thought I could only talk a good game, but never show them up on the course.


Garry Leonard
Tallahassee, Florida

"Shot An 87...From A 110!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Fred xXX [mailto:xXX@xXXXXx]
Sent: 03 September 2008 12:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 87 today

Hi Andy,

I can definitely say that the The New Four Magic Moves have helped me.

I am 64 years old and this is my second year playing golf seriously.

I shot an 87 today and when I first started playing last year my scores were above 110.

I do work on improving, and it is my intention to eventually have a single digit handicap.



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Your Golfing Success,

Andy Anderson

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The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

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St Andrews, Fife and Ulverston,Cumbria

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