Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 20 Guys Are Saying!"

"Playing Partners Wonder How I
Am Outdriving Them!"

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From: Peter xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 31 March 2009 01:49
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Longer drives

Hello Andy,

For the past 7 years my handicap has hovered between 17 and 19. I subscribed over six months ago now and at first I went back to playing like a beginner- thick, thin, shanks, the lot; my average score actually increased by approximately 5 shots, but with determination I have come through that and am now hitting more solid shots than ever.

Exactly like some of your other testimonials, my playing partners are wondering how I'm now outdriving them (and straight).

I'll give you an example, I played earlier today, I was playing a 298 yard par 4; downhill admittedly - but I took a 3 wood in case I drove off the back!! Six months ago I guess my average drives were flying approx. 170 yards with a total distance (in the dry) of 220 yds.

Today I flew the ditch on the stroke index 1 which is 200 yards from the tee with a total distance of just under 280 yards!! I know it's not just about distance, but when you get that much further down the fairway it makes the shot into the green that much easier.

I've still got a long way to go, my game between 30 yards and 60 yards to the pin still needs a lot of work - suffice to say that today I shot 81 and that was with a 9!! on the first. Incidentally, I missed 4 birdie putts from no more than ten feet - another day??



"Best Money I Ever Spent!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bogeyman  xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 29 March 2009 04:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Money well spent

Hey Andy,

The best swing approach Iv'e ever tried, and being a 15 year golf junkie I've tried it all.

I gained 20 yards with my irons and 30 to 40 with my driver, even got a couple out over 300, back wind yes, but I could only get like 270 with those conditions before.

If things start to go a stray during a round I just focus on the basics, the majic moves , and bam right back down the middle. Now if I could just putt ! LOL

Best money I ever spent to improve my game.

Nothing beats sitting In the cart waiting for all 3 buddies to hit because your way past them, score is irrelevant as long as your the big dawg of the group!

LOL! Thanks,


"Completely Satisfied!"

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From: Ronald xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 28 March 2009 23:04
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My slice is gone

Dear Andy,

I have only recently taken up this "game". I took lessons and was taught the traditional methods. I am a right-hander and developed a wicked slice. No amount of grip changes,stances,etc. did much good to solve the slice.

I just happened upon your new four magic moves and after practicing the moves at home I went to the range and then the golf course. I can honestly report that my slice is gone and I am hitting the ball a lot more solidly than before. Oh I'll push some left or right occasionally, but using your check points, I can usually figure out what I did wrong when that occurs.

I'm still striving to reach the point where I can use your method without thinking too much.

I am completely satisfied with your book and CD and would recommend it to anybody that is having problems with their ball striking.



"Cured My Slice!"

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From: Roy xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 26 March 2009 19:37
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Swing Improvements

Hi Andy

Sadly, I am only an occasional golfer (work etc.prevents more time on the course) - maybe once a fortnight if I am lucky!

As such, apart from two trips to the driving range and 3 rounds, I have not had much chance to really work on things.

However.... I have noticed two major improvements in my game.

Firstly, I have long battled a slice and have used a very weak right hand ( I am left handed) suggested by a pro some years ago. Although I have always found it awkward, and felt I was losing distance, it did work.

However, following the detailed swing sequence you provided, I have reverted to a normal grip, and by getting in the correct position with my right hand under the club at the top of the backswing, have cured the problem!

Secondly, by implementing the "new magic moves", I am hitting the ball more solidly and further than before. I still have work to do on the consistency aspect, as I still get it wrong on occasions, but I know that this will pay off and dramatically improve my overall game.

In fact you have left me with something of a dilemma - do I tell my three playing partners about the New 4 Magic Moves book, or just keep it to myself! I know what you will say!

Anyway, to summarise, it is early days for me yet, but I can see a vast improvement in my ball hitting that will only get better with more practice.

Thanks Andy!

Kind regards


"Quite Simply, It Works!"

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From: Armor xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 23 March 2009 03:14
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf progress

Hi Andy,

I got back to you almost immediately about how incredible your magic moves are and how they improved my game.

I have had some ups and downs since then, but always use the early wrist cock as a basis to continue to improve my swing. When I slip a bit, I just slow everything down and concentrate on turning my shoulders and holding the wrist cock through impact.

Quite simply, it works!

I am now consistently shooting in the 80s and enjoy the game that much more!

Thank you.


"Lowered Handicap By Five Strokes!"

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From: Darryl xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 21 March 2009 07:56
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Handicap Update

Hi Andy,

I have lowered my handicap by 5 strokes, have had my first round in the seventies and have become a better chipper and putter since using your swing method.

I start as a 19 hndcp and now am a 14 and that's going even lower as I'm now hovering right around the low 80's.


"Discovered The Mistakes I Was Making!"

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From: Mano xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 21 March 2009 02:22
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

I'm Manoharan, 52 years old.

Started to play golf at the age of 44 from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

I can't hold on any longer from sending this e-mail.

Today I found the secret swing that was eluding me for the past 9 weeks.

On 1st April I shot 41,for the first time at my 9 hole home course .5th April 45, today I shot 39.

Three club members who are lower handicappers than me got more excited then me.

They supported and pressured me to play par golf. I was one over after 8th hole ,and I ended up with double bogey(can't handle the pressure).

Now back to the golfswing I read your e-book again yesterday and dicovered the mistakes that I was doing.

Thank You


"A Real Confidence Booster!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dennis xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 20 March 2009 04:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Hitting longer drives

Hello Andy,

I am 62 and have played golf since I was 17.

In all that time I never had a proper lesson but would get tips from friends who knew about as much as I did, which is not much. As I got older and began playing more often my game improved but there seemed to be some kind of barrier to consistent play that I could never get over.

Late last year I downloaded the new 4 magic moves and started to practice them, videotaping myself in the process.

The results? My drives are consistently better in both accuracy and distance.

What a great ego and confidence booster.

I am now unconsciously making a proper shoulder turn on the backswing because of how the first move influences the takeaway. This gives me more clubhead speed with both woods and irons.

Overall I think this was a great investment and have recommended it to friends.

My best golf buddy keeps commenting on my drives by saying, "that's the longest drive you've ever hit." My reply? "you already said that last week."


"Impressed With The Added Distance!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Grant xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 17 March 2009 18:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Increase of 20 to 30 yds

Hello Andy,

I am really impressed with the added distance I am getting with my irons and fairway woods, since I have tried to incorporate your golf swing tips.

I am seeing an increase of 20 to 30 yds in distance, with very little effort in my swing. I hope to see even more distance once I have mastered your suggested swing changes.

I am very happy with the changes to my golf game so far. I am looking forward to further improvements, which I know will come, thanks to your tips.

Thank you very much.



"Your Swing Technique Is Excellent!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ronnie xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 13 March 2009 20:09
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: I won the Spring Cup

Hi Andy,

Basically I bought it to help me in my endeavours in teaching my grand-kids and my new partner to play this infuriating game.

My own swing has developed over the last 38 years into something unique in that I bring my clubhead back on an inside arc, then on the top of the backswing I force my wrists to rotate so that my left wrist is in line with the back of my forearm or as near convex (not cupped) as I can get it. I also firmly believe in the head remaining back behind the ball at impact.

So anyway I read your swing details and was amazed to see that you not only endorsed my beliefs but explained it so simply!!

Your idea of setting the wrists first is so much easier and ensures that I am in the correct plane.

My handicap is still 8 but I have to admit to you that I won the Spring Cup at my club last Saturday (albeit only level par net so no handicap reduction there), and on Sunday I shot a gross 74 however it was a St. Georges day comp using red and white tees which did not count for handicap.

On the whole I think your swing technique is excellent and I hope to improve my handicap - and the ability of my "pupils" soon.

Many thanks Andy, I enjoy your e-mails and will keep in contact.

Yours in golf,


"Hit The Balls More Solidly!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 13 March 2009 19:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Better ball striking

Hi Andy,

It was in summer 2005 on our 10-days sea vacations in Portugal/Algarve, I've got the first information of golf game at all. There we, me and my wife, took 10 hours of the golf lessons. After that I was sometimes on the next driving range to practice and to play the little academy course with an average fairway length about 100 meter and without a real knowledge how I can do it better.

I couldn't play the normal course without Platzreife (official permission after theoretical and practical examinations, something like a minimum handicap 54 or proficiency certificate in Singapor). Almost all the golf courses in Germany require that. 2006 and 2007 was a pause, I practice and play only a little bit.

After getting the "Platzreife" in October 2008 I decided to get the better knowledge about golf and to improve and develop my golf game solidly and systematically, learn from the golf books and teaching dvd, search in the web etc. and be able to estimate critically what the true is. From my first golf book I found out about the existence of the "old" "Four magic moves" but I didn't pay a big attention to it because the author refers to very many different authors and books. There is also no translation of this into German. By coincidence I've found your internet site and download the first 60 sites and try the first magic moves on the driving range.

From the first moment I began to hit the balls better, more solidly and straighter. And if not I know WHY. The last year I couldn't move any balls from the tee with my driver at all, the last driving range day almost all balls were hitted and stay on the imaginary fairway with ca. 170-180 meter total distance. And it's getting better after reading and listening your audiobook.

Of course it is a hard work, to put all this from the book into practice but golf has began to make more fun and I have another feeling during the game. On my first tournament I achieved 42 stableford netto points. I'm very happy to get this knowledge at the beginning of my "golf life".

Thank you and kind regards


"Handicap Has Dropped!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 11 March 2009 13:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: handicap down by 2


My handicap has dropped slightly, 2 strokes.

I seem to be hitting the ball straighter, my friends have noticed that my shots are crisper and straighter, and I have recommended your book to many of my friends.



"Recommending To All My Friends!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Gavin xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 10 March 2009 19:22
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf confidence!

Hi Andy,

This is a short message to thank you so much for the book and DVD sent me on the New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf. They arrived safely on Friday last.

Although I have not been on the course since receipt I have been practicing the moves in the garden.

In some areas there are subtle differences from my existing set-up and swing and in others much more apparent change is required, and, yes, it does feel a little different from what I've been used to. I'm looking forward to putting it all into practice and a significant drop in my handicap in due course !! Strangely, I feel more confident already.

I'll drop you a line in a couple of weeks or so to update you on my progress. I'm seeking great things.......

Thanks once again, you can rest assured of my recommending this to all my golfing friends.

Cheers Mate,


"Playing Buddies Couldn't
Believe The Distance!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Cecil xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 09 March 2009 23:42
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Added distance


Played today 3/09 and took 8 strokes my normal round.

My playing buddies couldn't believe the added distance from my drives.

Thanks and I will let you know of further improvements.


"First Ever Birdie!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Rick xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.nz]
Sent: 08 March 2009 07:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: update on progress

Hi Andy

I only use the 4 New Magic Moves for advice. I have sent you a couple of updates on my progress before but thought you might be encouraged to know that yesterday I got my first ever round under 100. On a course where I have played 5 times before (usual 110-125, previous best 101) I took 97, including my first ever birdie on a par 4 hole.

Thanks for providing your resources. I don't get time to watch the video clips but I'm saving up the emails for when I eventually do get a few hours.



"The System Works!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 06 March 2009 03:52
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Results

Hi Andy,

Thanks for these golf tips prior to receiving them my game was going away at a great rate of knots. But thanks to you i am turning my game around... I was at the stage where i was hitting at 107 I have now come into 93 average but still improving So once again thanks very much.

So much more enjoyable as one improves after all we really are only playing ourselves and if one continues to improve then you continue to strive for a better result and as it comes there is great satisfaction with the result.

So cheers


"Opponent Came In Second!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Alistair xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 05 March 2009 12:14
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Finished 1st

Dear Andy, I am a 55-year-old, 2 handicap member of Portland Golf Club, Troon.

I read the first four chapters of the New Four Magic Moves last week and spent two hours on the practice ground.

On Sunday I played at No.1 in an Ayrshire Winter League scratch team match against Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club's Gavin xxxxxx, a golfer of some pedigree and at least a decade my junior.

I am delighted to report that the aforementioned Gavin finished second.

Many thanks.

I have now completed my study of the remaining chapters and look forward to further progress in the ball striking department.


"Amazing And Astounding!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 03 March 2009 11:38
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Best Round

Hi Andy,

I cannot explain in words how happy I am to have this book!

I have literally been through thousands of articles and tips in the last 10 years.

I have been looking for a book that will give me direction and this is the only one that even came close to what I was looking for.

The information you have provided me is amazing and astounding. I certainly am going to practice and use you book as my guide. Then apply it at the golf course.

Thank You again for giving me the desperately needed direction.

Kind Regards,


"Results Are Now More Consistent!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 01 March 2009 09:13
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks Andy


I have been an 18 handicap for the past 5 years. I have always struggled to keep it and never seem to improve.

Since January I have been reading your book, listening to the recordings and watching the DVD.

My recent results are as follows. Four stablefords; 36, 37, 36, 39. Three medals; (par 67) 85, 85, 81. Three bogies; +5, +3, +7.

What I have found is that my results are now more consistent. I have lost distance with my irons, but they are straighter and more accurate. My driver is much more reliable, however I do have one problem which I hope you can assist with. After two or three great drives I tend to develop an annoying and shot costing fade/slice. I cannot work out what I am doing different to cause this.

I am persisting with the New Four Magic Moves.

Thank you for introducing them to me.

Yours Sincerely


"Best System I Have Ever Used!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 01 March 2009 06:14
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Update on game

Hi Andy,

I have been using golf swing secrets since January and during the winter months it is difficult to realize the distance you are hitting the ball with the driver the main thing I noticed was that I was hitting the ball straighter and I was not losing balls.

I put this down to the early wrist break makes the swing more compact and improves consistency and during the last few weeks of better weather with the course drying out and getting more run on the ball that I am now hitting the ball much further and reaching the par 4 holes in 2 shots and I now find that I am paring more holes and reducing my score.

Bearing in mind I am 73 years of age in April and before I started using your system I was shooting between 90 and 100 for 18 holes.

The 3 games I played this week...Tuesday 84...Thursday 86...and Friday 82.

I have more confidence when I step on the tee to hit long drives and woods off the fairway and my irons are more accurate. Once you get used to the early wrist break it comes naturally and the swing is much smoother and consistent, I would recommend your system to anyone seeking to improve their game and enjoy much more success when playing.

I only wish I had this know how 40 years ago and I would probably have hit my drives 300 yards, this is the best system I have ever used and a bargain, money well spent and worth every penny. Keep up the good work kind regards, and many thanks for the improvement to my game.


Go to more pages of testimonials: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

Your Golfing Success,

Andy Anderson

P.S. I urge you try the first magic move out and see how it can start to make a real difference to your game.

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

© Andy Anderson
St Andrews, Fife and Ulverston,Cumbria

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