Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 54 Guys Are Saying!"

"I'm Hitting The Ball More Solid,
Straighter And Consistent. Now
I'm Shooting On The 78 to 83!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Fernando xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 October 2007 21:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy

Hi Andy:

I started to play golf 28 years ago. On my first ten years I dedicated to the game so well that I was able to improve my swing and game to the level of a consistent 4 to 6 handicap. I got away from playing golf for the last 16 years. Last year I returned to play, but my swing and game wasn't so well as before.

Through all these 27 years I haven't stopped to read about golf. To be honest with you I read books, magazines, professionals lessons, articles, etc... But I never read anything similar of what you teach in The New Four Magic Moves Book. I'm very impressed with all the content. Especially with the explanation of the full swing physic(COAM), the early backward wrist break and all the history involved.

This year I started to play againt, but scores were amongs 85 to 88. Since I begun to use the early backward wrist break and others movements I'm hitting the ball more solid, straighter and consistent. Now I'm shooting on the 78 to 83.

I hope to drop a few strokes more as long as I continue practicing and improve my self- hypnosis.

I strongly recommend The Four Magic Moves Book and The New How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self- Hypnosis to those persons whose love the Game Of Golf and want to improve their game.

Thanks and best wishes to you Andy and your team


"Swing Fixed Permanently,
I Am Making Solid Contact!"

-----Original Message-----
From: William Morgan [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 October 2007 20:47
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Progress

Hi Andy,

William Morgan here. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your program. My time has been kind of limited, but I am finally getting a chance to work on the magic moves. A little background; I was playing to a 12 handicap with a tremendous amount of inconsistency, one week-end I would shoot an 80 next time out same course 98 go figure. I knew part of what was wrong, but I didn't know how to fix it until I saw your web site. I knew instantly that the backward wrist break was the answer. You guessed it, I was rolling my left wrist on the back-swing, but I couldn't stop it.

Finally, Thanks to you, that is now fixed permanently. I am making solid contact, going a little left which is new for me, but I am sure the hip move will fix it. I am very excited about you program and what is has done for me already. I will keep you posted has I proceed.

Kindest Regards,


"Delighted With Results - I Have Reduced
My Handicap From 14.8 to 13.6!"

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From: Maurice xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 October 2007 07:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf report

Hi Andy,

I have reduced my handicap from 14.8 to 13.6 but I am currently playing much better than my handicap. (Handicaps are currently suspended over the winter period.)

I am very much more consistent and straight and over each of my last 3 rounds I have kept a six or worse of my card and played to single figures. (Something I have not done for years) and I owe it all to the initial takeaway move it seems to put my swing spot on plane and I only have then to swing the club down and through. My key thought is now just to transfer my weight fully on the downswing and off it goes long and straight.


Maurice from Yorkshire England

"Moves Helped Me A Great Deal!"

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From: John xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 October 2007 04:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My testimonial

Hi Andy.

I would like to add to the testimonials because I now enjoy playing golf thanks to the four magic moves, I used to hack around the course and have one or two good shots, I soon realised you can't fix what is broken if you dont know how to fix it, I think there are so many like me who hope one day it will all come together one day magically but deep down all bad players know that that isn,t the case, the four magic moves helped me a great deal, I dont have a handicap to compare my results but when my friends say great shot, instead of unlucky, or you weren't concentrating enough that is good enough for me.

I also know I am a lot better than I was because since I started practising the four magic moves I have played about 10 rounds of golf and only lost about 6 balls, where previously it was 6 every round. My friends used to say I was about a 25 handicap, but just the other day I beat one of them who is off 13 handicap, so I would just like to thank andy for bringing his system to so many...thank you Andy Anderson

In closing I would just like to add keep practising the four magic moves exactly as described it may take a while for some but it will come good.....

Thanks for listening....John

"Has Really Improved My Game,
Went From The High 70s To The Low 70s!"

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From: Toby xxxxxx [mailto:tobytre@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 October 2007 02:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks

Hello Andy,

Thanks for the e mail back this has really improved my game have went from the high 70s to the low 70s breaking par once and a while

Thanks for the email regarding shanking the ball also it has helped.

Thanks so much


"Dropped 9 Strokes In 3 Weeks - I Am Now
Hitting The Ball Straighter Than I Ever Have!"

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From: Ted xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 29 October 2007 02:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Outstanding results

Hello Andy,

A few months ago, whilst reading the testimonials which you had received, I queried the possibility that some of them had been 'gilded' , but you replied that the likelyhood was that they were referring to Society Handicaps.

I can say that you are right. In the last 3 weeks I have dropped by 9 strokes in a society that I play with on Tuesdays...how's that !

I am now hitting the ball straighter than I ever have and I am finding the greens again and out-playing some of the bigger hitters, who are not too accurate..... The way that I am going I will soon be able to call myself a single figure golfer !! It is great fun, once again after many years of playing rubbish golf because of injury.

Very Glad that I found you



"Wrist Break Extremely Beneficial
- Shot 79 On A Par 72 Track!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Fred Beauregard [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 28 October 2007 23:44
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank you

Hi Andy,

I was just wondering if you had any thoughts for those of us that use a belly putter (or a long putter) with respect to any alterations or other suggestions you might make to these or some other drills.

I also thought that you might like to hear that I've made some "ball striking" progress with the New Four Magic Moves - the suggested wrist break has proven to be extremely beneficial in that I am much more consistent off the tee and from the fairway on 2nd shots. On my round that I played yesterday on a course I played only once before I hit 10 greens in regulation - shot 79 on a par 72 track - had 3 brain cramps which led to 3 double bogies - also missed three short putts. All-in-all a wonderful round of golf on a spectacular, warm autumn day in New England (Greenfield, MA, USA).

Best regards

Fred Beauregard

" My Game Has Improved In Little Time!"

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From: John Crew [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 28 October 2007 23:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks

G-Day guy's,

I think you will find this an interesting site, a very helpful person to and a good golfer like me, disregard that last bit and you can believe the rest ok, I purchased the down load version of the lessons not knowing much about computer things had trouble downloading, wrote and told Andy my situation and he sent me the book, how good was that, not only Brave heart came out of Scotland but also these handy tips from Andy, I can tell you my game has improved with the little time I have had to put things into practice, so I hope you give him a go, good golfing and hope to see you at the Harvey open,

John Crew

"Ready To Join The Big Boys!"

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From: Reg xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 28 October 2007 12:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great purchase

Hi Andy,

I'm 63 have not played Golf for 40 years and at the time i was rubbish. Any way as I said I'm 63 got a lot of time spare I went to local tip with a load of rubbish. Whiles I was there I rummaged through stuff that people have thrown away in the corner was a nearly new golf bag and clubs I went to the man in charge and asked how much he said 10. I put them in van and went home looked on internet for golf tips thats when i brought the Magic moves.

After looking and listen to CD I went to a pich and put course local to me. That was 2 weeks ago because i have had no real swing I started with yours and wow it is magic I am now doing the bogey 3. 9 holes in a 35 had a bit of trouble with pitching but after listening am now perfecting it. I will soon be ready to join the Big boys on a real course. Just to say thanks!


"Wrist Break Makes My Shots Unreal!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ben xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 28 October 2007 07:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Handicap

Well Andy

I am seventy six years old and turning my shoulders enough has been difficult for me but when I get there, as I am now learning to do has made a big difference in my golf game.

Your wrist break coordinated with the shoulder turn makes some of my golf shots "unreal". It has taken some getting used to but I am sticking with it as my handicap heads downward.


"My Game Has Improved Significantly - Gross Scores Of 77, 76, 79 And 75 (par 72)!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Thompson [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 27 October 2007 09:59
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Update

Hi Andy

At the moment I'm just onto the second magic move however, having read the opening pages everything you said I could relate to. I intend to work hard over the winter to improve my game with the intention of reducing my handicap during 2008.

My game has improved significantly as I'm currently hitting 13/15 fairways and 15/18 greens. My club handicap during 2007 was 14 although the last 4 games I've played amongst friends have resulted in gross scores of 77, 76, 79 and 75 (par 72). Length was never my problem just consistency. I have more confidence now than ever before as I feel I have a better understanding of my golf swing and what I want to achieve. The main piece of literature which sticks in my mind is your comment about why continue to play golf badly if you don't intend to fix the problem. This was the catalyst I needed. Friends have asked me at the driving range "what am I doing with the wrist break" and I've told them about your concept "FOUR MAGIC MOVES". Thank you Andy for giving me the insight to playing better golf and enjoying it in the process.

My goal for next season is to get down to single figure handicap. I will keep you posted. Once again thank you.

Michael Thompson
Newcastle, England

"Thank You For A Lifetime Memory!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 25 October 2007 23:52
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: News

Hi Andy,

As you know I only started to play golf earlier this year, primarily because I was invited on a trip to the Algarve last month. We played a number of courses focussing on Quinta lo Lago North and South. For four days I could not hit a ball!! I just could not understand what was wrong as I had played fairly OK back in the UK.

Then on the Thursday on hole 17 I remembered thechecklist! I hadn't been doing it. From then my game just went from bad to superb-if only I had remembered earlier. The most memorable was the following day when I made par on the notorious 15th on the South course. 219yds over nothing but water. I had a gallery of 10 people watching me and I just said to myself-remember the checklist and focus. Only one out of the following players made the green! This hole was actually featured in the Easy Jet magazine and commented that if you par this hole you will remember it for the rest of your life! That's thanks to you Andy for a lifetime memory!

I was lucky enough to travel to Mauritius at the beginning of October and wanted to play the One and Only on L'isle au cerf. (This is now renamed as Le Touessrok) Anyway, just to be able to play here was awesome-an experience of a lifetime and cheap at 155 euros per round! I managed to shoot five pars which made it my best ever performance on a truly magnificent course. I think a round trip of over 12,000 miles is probably a bit far to play golf on a regular basis...I did get to chat to a number of golfers on holiday from all over the world and I did mention your website and magic moves so who knows?

I am still learning this superb game but with your techniques and advice I am months if not years ahead in ability.

Thanks Andy,

A friend for life!

" I Believe This Book Can Make Me
The Best Golfer I Can Be!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mick FitzPatrick [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 25 October 2007 23:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: No more wasted time

Hi Andy,

When I first downloaded the book 9 weeks ago I could see immediately that it suited my way of thinking. I am playing golf now for about 10 years and I am 58 years young.

Nine weeks ago I was one bad score away from becoming a 15 handicaper (my lowest was 13). I always thought a lot about golf and practiced quiet a bit. My problem was I kept changing my swing, trying this and that, going around in circles. I resist taking lessons as I regard most Teaching Pro's as quick fix merchants.

This is the first book I have read that takes you through the whole swing from beginning to end in an easily readable format that makes the important things memorable.

I have spent many practice sessions trying to hit the ball from the inside. I never could because I couldn't see how it was possible. It reminds me of the old joke.

Tourist "How do I get to Cork? Local "If I were you I wouldn't start from here". Nobody showed me the moves that ensure that it happens. I now don't try to hit from the inside but by starting the down swing as per instructions the in-to-out hit is automatic.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not playing off scratch. I have, however, dropped to a 12 handicap as a result of shooting a gross 79 playing off 14.

Some of the moves are what the book calls "big moves" and I can honestly say I am more successful on the practice ground that on the course. On the course my swing is a bit of a compromise, in the interst of trying to play in a less mechanical way. But I expect more of the practice moves to become automatic in my on-course swing in time (old dog new tricks etc.).

But here is the big thing for me. I believe in this book, I believe it is the foundation that can make me the best golfer I can be. A single figure handicap is a realistic goal. The fact that after 9 weeks I am still working on the same things, and have not changed to a quick fix of some sort, is a total change in my mindset.

Mick FitzPatrick

"My Game Has Moved To A New Level!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Alec xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 25 October 2007 19:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: New level


Thanks for "The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf". I downloaded the e-book to my Ipod and listen to it in the car at every opportunity but especially on my way to golf.

It has help me purge a lot of the "golf tips" that I have collected over the years and allowed me to home in a few simple moves that have given me a confidence in my game that I have never before enjoyed.

My swing feels more compact and under control, my ball striking is cleaner and my general game is more consistent. I recently joined a new club and played my first round with a couple of single figure handicappers who where surprised when a 14 handicapper was matching them stroke for stroke. I feel that my game has moved to a new level and I intend to be playing off a single figure handicap before too long.

Thanks again for an excellent book, I will let you know how my game progresses.



"Tried Out The Moves..
Happiest Day Of My Life!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry Nelson [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 25 October 2007 11:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Swing Improvement

Hi Andy

I have gotten through about half the book, went to the driving range and tried out the new moves, and it was nearly the happiest day of my life.

I was hitting the ball squarely and long. Just starting with the first magic move it seemed to cure the rest of my swing. I was actually hitting the driver farther than my 9 iron, by about 150 yards. I know I have a long way to go and that I'll have to reread your book to get all of it, but I feel like golf for me has finally become a game to be enjoyed, not a constant frustration.

Larry Nelson

"Broke Into The 70's This Week!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave xxxxxx [mailto:daddyxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 25 October 2007 03:09
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: update

Hi Andy,

Just a line to let you know how its going.

I'm a 11 h/cap,always steady,good short game,but being a more handsy type,could be erratic.

Since i purchased the magic moves,i have rebuilt from scratch,and followed instructions.i experimented a little,but it works best for me with a slight forward press,and then the turn,the rest looks after itself.i have never hit the ball so straight,so consistently, with every club in the bag,its amazing.i no longer have any shots that leak right. it is also easier to work the ball,my game now is either straight,or gentle right to left when needed.the ball goes right where i send it ,no tail.no hook.broke into the 70's this week,first time in a long time,and it was effortless,playing a medal in a gale(on newly tined greens,it could have been better) !

The moves are simple,the only problem i had was making the transition of incorporating it into my swing,which is where the forward press comes in. i am so much more consistent now,its really narrowed down the radius of my game, my poor shots now only find the semi rough as aversed to the woods !!

will get back to you again with more updates,

many thanks,


"I Clearly See Already These Swing Keys
Are Going To Get Me To That
Next Level..UNDER PAR!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Joseph Russo [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 24 October 2007 20:57
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great swing


Woh! This "early" cocking/loading of the hands and wrists is unreal! I had been fighting crossing at the top due to taking the club inside and over rotating...that's all gone.

These swing keys are truly the source of smooth stored up power! I have only tried it one day, but I can see were it is going to take my game. My handicap is a .9 and I have been stuck there due to a few errand shots per round which got me in real trouble. I clearly see already these swing keys are going to get me to that next level..UNDER PAR.

Being a student of Ben Hogan's, these secrets seems to be very very similar to what he executed throughout his swing. his waggle shows this same move with his hands and wrists. I am very excited!

I will keep you posted!


Joseph Russo

"Rounds In The 70's For The
First Time In The Last 5 Years!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Harry Eichel [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 21 October 2007 17:39
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My story


I have been using the methods from your 4 magic moves for about 4 months and find them very effective in improving my ball contact, especially with my irons. My handicap has dropped a couple of strokes and I enjoy the game a lot more than before I bought your email report on technique.

I have had some rounds in the 70's for the first time in the last 5 years and I have invited several of my friends to view your method and one said it has helped his game improve.

I will always recommend you web site to golfers that are struggling with their golf.

Thank you for taking the initiative to proved such good instruction to the general golf public.

Harry Eichel

"I Want To Keep This Secret To Myself - I'm
Getting At Least 20- 30 Yds More Length!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 19 October 2007 17:44
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: More consistent game

Hi Andy,

Dave Fulton, Isle of Man (handicap 18)

The first thing I noticed was how much the Magic Moves slowed down my swing. After getting over the initial awkwardness that I felt with the wrist break (the 1st Magic Move) it led to me hitting some very sweet iron shots. The shots were straighter (no hook or slice), much more on target and a slightly lower and more penetrating trajectory. What helped most on this point is a slight forward push with the hands before take-back.

With the woods, particularly the Driver, I'm getting at least 20- 30 yds more length and the ball flight is far more penetrating.

The only reason I haven't reduced my handicap is that I haven't played in any competitions recently but my scoring is much more consistent and without any blow-ups. I'm also finishing the game with the ball that I started with - another first for me!

The guys I play with are single handicappers and they've definitely noticed the difference in my game. I'm reluctant to tell anyone about the Magic Moves because I want to keep the secret to myself - it's that good! During the winter my project is to completely reconstruct my swing using solely the Magic Moves. My target for next season is to reduce from 18 to 12 and based on the progress I've made in the last 2 months I'm very confident I can do it.


"Every Golfer Must Read...
It Really Works - THANKS A MILLION!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Barney Fourie [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 18 October 2007 12:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Working for me


I just want to tell you that I shot a 79 on Wednesday 10/10/2007 And a 80 on Sunday 14/10/2007 I am playing off a 15 handicap and I am a Freestate Nomad and I think every Golfer MUST read the book It really works. THANKS A MILLION


"My Golf Has Improved Immeasurably!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter xxxxxx [mailto:xxXXxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 18 October 2007 12:25
To: Andy Anderson

Hi Andy,

My golf has improved immeasurably since utilising your swing, drives now going down the middle with much more distance. My fairway and short game have also improved.

Handicap reductions confined to twice monthly medal/stableford competitions but making steady downward moves. Thank you for your much needed help and guidance.



" I Have Cured My Slice Problem,
Confidence Is Sky High!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris xxxxxx [mailto:xxXXxxxx@xxxxxx.co.nz]
Sent: 17 October 2007 16:04
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank you

Hi Andy,

Just got back from the course with a big grin on the face (getting to be a regular thing ). To give everyone the senario, 47 next month, living now in New Zealand ( moved here from the Highlands of bonny Scotland ).

Tried to play golf with a passion but failed due to too much effort and the wrong techniques especially with the driver.

The 4 magic moves is a big read but great value for money. The moves described did feel strange at first but with the practice -- just has to be done regardless of your level, feels very natural now after a couple of months.

My swing is now fluid and smooth, with great distance, without a great deal of effort (definately less than it was ) . I have cured my slice problem, confidence is sky high with the whole set of clubs and I am enjoying this very easy game!! Ha,Ha.

I play 9 holes 4-5 times a week plus the practise swings at home and the results are there. Instead of hoping to get on the green in par, I'm now putting for par or a birdie.. no lie.

For the knowledge and the techniques contained and the price I can and do recommend this to all golf nuts out there. The regular tips and blog I receive are great also.

Thanks again Andy.


"Huge Improvement For My Game!"

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxx xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxXXXXxx.com]
Sent: 17 October 2007 13:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Better game


My game has been stuck at the 88 to 92 range of scoring, and I decided I needed more distance on my drives to improve my game. I purchased your book and spent many hours on the driving range and on the course. This was almost a completely new way of swinging for me...my previous swing wasted so much energy early and I was hitting relatively straight but short drives, woods and irons.

At first my game was erratic, but that was because I just couldn't consistently use the moves as you teach them. Then, I began to get in a groove. I now outdrive even the "big dogs" in my golfing group on a regular basis...they are amazed, because I have never driven this well before (20+ years of golfing.) I also had to drop down on my irons, because I am hitting my 7-iron as far as I used to hit my 5-iron. After 8 weeks of using your moves, I dropped into a consistent mid-80's round.

My accuracy is still a bit spotty, mainly because I am still getting the "muscle memory" of the 4 magic moves. However, I have seen enough evidence to tell me this is a huge improvement for my game. Thanks also for the putting tips...they made a huge difference to me as well!

Iowa, USA

"What A Change Your Program
Has Made In My Game - I've Lowered My
Average Score By 4 Strokes!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxXXxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 17 October 2007 1:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial


I live in the USA in the state of Washington. I am 69 years. I've been working with "The New Four Magic Moves" for 9 weeks and am amazed at my improvement!

While it might be unusual for a man of my years to decide to make improvement changes, I'm glad I did.

What a change your program has made in my game!! It was not easy to make the changes because my muscles were so intent on staying with what I had been doing for over 50 years. However, it was much easier than I thought. I'm sure this is due to the program's presenting 2 ways to learn.

The first, of course was to read the material and view the illustrations and then go practice. The second, and this was a real plus, was listening to the audio. I've listened to it in the car, on the patio and while I'm out walking. What a great way to get the moves into your head.

I usually play 9 hole golf with a four-some once a week. I've lowered my average score by 4 strokes!! I'm sure more improvement is in the future.

I haven't told my golf partners yet about how I've managed to lower my scores. I want to continue to beat them for a while and then I'll tell them about how you helped me.


"Average Went From
Upper 90's To Mid 80's!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Frank Noguera [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 16 October 2007 23:59
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Improvement

Hi Andy,

One of my playing partners is the type of guy that let's everyone know that he is always hitting less club than you. For example where I needed to hit a 7 iron, he was hitting a 9 iron or even a wedge, and then he makes sure everyone knows it.

Because of this I used to hit clubs that were less than I knew I needed. Dump right!. Any way I got the 4 magic moves, and started concentrating on my swing, and found that I was hitting the ball straighter, and longer, and therefore did not need as much club as before. I also started using my 7,8,9 irons around the green with much more success than the wedge, getting closer, and having shorter puts.

Long story short, "perhaps that ship has sailed", anyway. My average round went from upper 90's to mid 80's, I am very pleased.

So now when my playing partner points out that he used less club than me, my reply is ok but what was your score on that hole. It is true they don't ask what clubs you use? they just ask how many strokes did you have?


Frank E. Noguera

"They Can't Seem To Grasp Why I Can Hit The Ball A Good 40yds Further!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Duncan xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 16 October 2007 23:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Handicap improved


Since implementing "The Four Magic Moves", I've been hitting the ball straight and further than ever before.

My handicap has improved by 7-8 strokes.

The best testimonial is the fact that I've requested how I can get printed copies for my golfing mates (who don't have computers) as a Christmas present.

They can't seem to grasp why I can hit the ball a good 40yds further with my 3 wood than they do with their drivers.



" My Games Have Improved Considerably - Eliminates Hitting Thin Or Fat
In Any Given Situation!"

-----Original Message-----
From: D Pudsey [mailto:xxxXXxxx@xXXxxxxx.ca]
Sent: 16 October 2007 23:04
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My progress report

Hey Andy,

Already tried out the new moves yesterday for both the short and long game swings.

Both my games have improved considerably with the new wrist cock. It was much easier to control my tempo and the club was returning back to the ball with good on centre hits and completely eliminates hitting thin or fat in any given situation.

Many thanks for these secrets and will keep you posted on my progress.



"Absolutly Amazed!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Duke xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 16 October 2007 22:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank you


I got everything figured out with downloading the PDF and MP3 files and have been studying them intensively.

I have the MP3 stuff transferred to CD and play them in the car as I travel as well.

I am absolutely amazed with the four magic moves. THEY WORK! My golf swing has never felt better and the ball is traveling long and straight. I am working on "burning" them in so they become automatic. Best regards,


"Noticed An Immediate Difference!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 15 October 2007 10:17
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Good stuff

Good day Andy,

Quite happy with the '4 magic moves' concept in particular the early wrist break.

My son, a golf pro, had indicated something similar to me previously when I had lessons from him. Still working on the remaining moves. My handicap of 9 has not altered but I put this down to my very poor bunker play and short game around the greens.

I did notice a difference immediately and I know I am hitting the ball longer with all clubs, straighter and more solidly. Much more consistent now, if I can keep out of bunkers!

Good stuff,happy golfing.

Michael. (Canberra, ACT)

"Hit The Ball Farther And More
Consistently Than Ever - I Hit
Several Drives Over 275 yds!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Spuds [mailto:spuds144@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 04 October 2007 16:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great book

Hi Andy,

I have notice a tremendous difference in my accuracy and distance, especially off from the tee box.

I have hit the ball farther, more consistently than ever in my life. I normally shoot in the mid to upper 90's, and hit 240 yd drives. The first time out, I hit several drives over 275 yds, AND STRAIGHT and shot a 92.

The information is so easy to understand and practice, it has been amazing. I would recommend this material to anyone regardless of your handicap. It will help your game.

I am very glad I made this purchase.


"My Handicap Went From 19 To 14
With Almost No Practice!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Randy Jones [mailto:xxXXXxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 02 October 2007 23:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks

Hi Andy,

I wanted to drop you a line about my progress since I bought the program.

First off I am a figure it out for myself kinda guy, instructions to me are cheating. But sometimes you need a point in the right direction, so to get on with it, I stumbled across something while I was golfing one day and it was a revelation to me. From then on I sought to find more info on what I had found in a day or 2 I found the four magic moves and there it was. As I read on it proved what it said it would.

Distance AND accurracy. WOW what accuracy. I picked up a club in iron distance with no effort.

I have never written a testimony of any kind. But felt I owed to other golfers like myself, I hate to take food out of anyones mouth but I sent it to a few of my friends.

My handicap went from 19 to 14 with almost no practice, and I mean like 3 buckets of balls. My wife is a non-range person and knocked about 5 off of her handicap as well. I had a few low 80's which I have not done in quite some time, that felt good again.

If your on the fence about buying, JUMP IN WITH BOTH FEET. This will clear alot of misconceptions just like it says. It is truly an eye opener.

Thanks Andy

Randy Jones
Canton, Michigan USA

"I Have Just Walked Off The Course
Shooting 79 And It Felt All Too Easy!"

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From: Jim McCallum [mailto:xxxxx@xxxXXxxx.com.au]
Sent: 30 September 2007 21:17
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Progress report


Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU!

Your tuition really works, I have just walked off the course shooting 79 and it felt all too easy. My buddies are now starting to believe, they were very sceptical about my new swing at first but even they have had to admit that I'm driving the ball consistantly long and straight, my approach shots accurate and my overall game has improved remarkably. In fact they are getting a little tired of hearing me whisper "golf swing secrets revealed.com" every time I pure it down the middle ha! (Steve has bought the book).

At a recent charity event I got nearest the pin with my first shot of the day, a glorious 6iron over the water and into the wind that just nicked the hole, I have now become the "go to" player for important shots in ambrose events and my confidence in the swing has rekindled my love for the game, I can' thank you enough.

Question: Do you propose to franchise your teaching methods? If so I would be more than keen to talk further in relation to becoming your Australian Embassador for the Golf Swing Secrets Revealed program.

Keep up the good work


Jim McCallum

"I Have Dropped Easily
8-9 Points On My Handicap!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Robertson [mailto:xXXXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 30 September 2007 01:30
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great purchase

Hi Andy

I didn't listen to the audio tapes of the book, but read the book completely about three times. For the first time ever I feel I understand how the golf swing works. Wish I had this knowledge thirty years ago when I first started playing.

Now when I go golfing I dont concern myself with will I hit the ball okay, I concentrate on how well I can strike the ball. With my metal woods I have increased my distance by probally 40-50 yards. My irons are a lot more crisper and accurate. I usually save at least 4-5 strokes per game just with my putting.

Golf now Andy for me is a lot more fun. Dont laugh but I feel now I can play with any type of handicapper. Realistically I have dropped easily 8-9 points on my handicap. I can't drive the ball as far as some of the young guys, but can easily put my drives out 240-260 yards.

Thanks for all the useful information in your book Andy, you truly have made Golf a easily game to understand. I live out here in Queen Creek Arizona, it is a golf haven in this part of our country.

Thanks again.....Steve Robertson

"My Last Five Rounds Have Been
77-81-77-78, And Today A 74!"

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From: Rick Tod [mailto:xxxXXXXxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 25 September 2007 18:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Improvement

Hi Andy,

Just a note on how your Four Magic Moves has helped my game. I hovered around a 10 or 11 handicap when I got the program nine weeks ago. There was a fair amount of practice until the moves were comfortable, and some strange shots when I did it wrong. I knew the concept was sound so I stuck with it.

Results: My last five rounds have been 77-81-77-78, and today a 74. This last round was on a course that usually eats golf balls. Only one birdie, but I finished with the same ball.

Thanks for the program, it has made a significant difference.

Best regards,

Rick Tod
Northville, Michigan

" Book That Every Golfer Must Posses"

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From: Antonio Longalong [mailto:xxXXXXxx@xxXXxx.net]
Sent: 24 September 2007 22:26
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks

Dear Andy,

I have very little time for golf as I am frequently going offshore. But because your book is so interesting, it is the only golf book that I really read from cover to cover and at times I am bringing it offshore to read whenever I find time.

There are 2 points that help me most. The first is the early wrist break and the second is how to hold the putter. Of course, the early break will only be effective if I can adopt to the other magic moves. So far, I am at the stage of trying to get adjusted with the other magic moves.

Again, only in your book did I get a clear explanation of the mechanism of a golf swing.

It is an excellent well written book that every golfer must possess.


Antonio O. Longalong

"Handicap Dropped From 34 to 21.4!"

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From: Martin [mailto:xxxXXXXxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 24 September 2007 21:46
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Marked Improvement

Hi Andy,

I am a Swiss living in Zurich/Switzerland. I am 57 and only started to play golf about 3 years ago. Since my mother tongue is German, it was not easy to fully understand all your recommendations in the e-book. But I read most of it and tried to follow your advices and to practice according to your tips.

Since I never really managed to play regularly, my handicap was still 34 in May 2007. Since then I played much more including more than 10 club tournaments mostly on my home course Brigels, which is in the Alps of Switzerland. Over the last 10 weeks my handicap dropped quite remarkably. End of June 2007 I still had a 31 but since than it steadily dropped from week to week. Yesterday I played for the first time a tournament on the golf course Golf du Rhin; in the Alsace/France and played 94. My new exact handicap is now 21.4. During the last 10 weeks I had not one single lesson with a golf-pro, but practiced regularly on the driving range and on the pitching and putting greens following your recommendation from the e-book.

Overall I am really thankful for your advice and can only state that the purchase of your e-book was more than worth the price. The Four Magic Moves helped me without doubt to improve my game.

I hope this is of some use for you.

Best regards,


"I Swear By This Book - My Ball Striking
Is Pure, My Confidence Is High!"

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From: Howard Jahre [mailto:hjahre@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 23 September 2007 15:26
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: This Book Is My Holy Grail

I have played golf for 45 years and my lowest handicap was 5.I have read and reread every single instructional book, including Hogan, Leadbetter, Ballard, Nicklaus, as well as The Golfing Machine and The Search For The Perfect Golf Swing. My library has more golf books than I have had bogeys. I have also been to McLeans School at Doral three times.

All said, I consider all of the above a complete waste of my time. Dante's clear and precise and simple explanation of how the golf swing works from a physical as well as a theoretical point of view, including the explanation of the Conservation of Angular Momentum, has given me a new life on the golf course.

My ball striking is pure, my confidence is high, and my mind is no longer paralyzed by hundreds of worthless swing thoughts.

I have zero interest in any more lessons from any pro, do not read golf magazines anymore, and scoff at the latest theories which are created just to sell more books.

The ball flight is absolutely the best I have ever witnessed with the least amount of effort. I am hitting each club at least one club longer with a lot less effort.

Finally, when a shot goes astray, you get instant feedback as to the reason and you can fix it on the next shot.

If I swear by this book, it is because it has brought new life to my golf game and I finally have the tools to get down to a scratch golfer within a very short period of time.


Howard Jahre
New York US

"Reduced Handicap From 24 to 18!"

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From: David [mailto:davidxxxxXXxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 23 September 2007 15:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf results

Dear Andy

After downloading your golfswingsecretsrevealed i have read and listened to it a few times. I usually go out into the garden and try to put the new moves into practice . I must admit I dont find it easy to remove 20 years of my golf swing and replace it with yours but, you said it would not be. I find the wristbreak the most difficult ,it is a little uncomfortable on my wrists. I am 60 years old and my wrists dont move in that direction very easily, the joys of being older!

Having said this , I have had improvements in my handicap. I live in Spain and play golf once a week, no worries about bad weather here. Every month I play in small club event ,stapelford ,at El Bosque near Valencia a first class course which is always in top condition. When I joined this society I played off 24,that was 2 years ago, from then until July 2007,when I bought your secret move, I reduced my handicap to 21,which I thought was pretty good. The good news is that from purchase date until now I have had my handicap reduced to 18 and am now in contention for the annual trophy. This I must say, is due to your excellent secret moves of golf.

As I said it is not easy, but I stuck with it and it has paid dividends for me. I still have some bad rounds, but feel that I am playing better golf generally. People have commented to me that I am playing better golf, getting more distance off the tee and striking my irons crisper. You ask if I have recommended your book to anyone well. the answer is no, not because it is not good enough, but I want to win the cup, perhaps later!

Thanks Andy


"Moves Gives Instant Results!"

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From: Ian Moss [mailto:xxxxXXXXxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 21 September 2007 21:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks

Hi Andy,

Just to say I have probably spent about approaching $2,000 over the years on lessons, but had felt it was getting me nowhere (i play off 12). Although not the Holy grail the four moves gives instant results!

Having used it for 9 weeks my handicap hasn't fallen but my ball striking is the best it has it ever been. I think my h'cap will fall just as soon as soon as I get some consistency the only thing I struggle with is as I am on the lazy side, and have to keep reading it to try and iron out some of my flaws. It is a lot easier when someone shows you face to face! but when I get it right it feels so good! I am 100% sure I am following the right road, something I haven't felt for ten years.

Ian Moss 48yo

"Best Money I Have Spent On Golf!"

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From: Sam [mailto:samxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 20 September 2007 21:48
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Changed my game


I have really been helped by the "New Four Magic Moves". The first move has made the most difference in the shortest amount of time. I was playing to a 20 hdcp with more rounds over 100 than under 90. This was really frustrating for a former 8 hdcp'er (before back surgery). I was only able to hit weak fades off the tee..

After reviewing the first move and practicing in my home office, I took it to the course and immediately starting hit straight shots that bored ahead at least 30 yards longer than before. As you can imagine, this alone has revolutionized my game. I'm now regularly scoring in the mid 80's and on those days when my putting is "on", mid 70's come into play.

Thank you for changing my golf, ....for good! It has been the best money that I have spent in golf!!!

Wichita, KS

"I Have Been Consistently Playing Better Golf
Since My Purchase And Have Recommended
The e-book To My Friends"

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From: Bentley Merrick [mailto:xxXXXxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 19 September 2007 21:30
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks

Dear Andy,

Having read and having tried numerous "tips" and various contradictory methods of the "golf swing", I purchased and tried your e-book, "The New Four Magic Moves". I really never understood the value of the early wrist break which is so clearly expained, as is the conservation of angular momentum which automatically allows the club shaft to "catch up" with the hands without trying to make the club head hit the ball. This cleared up my understanding of the "late hit".

The early wrist break was my major breakthrough because it prevented me from allowing my left wrist to bend underneath at the top of my backswing on my full shots. I was always accurate with my three quarter shots because my left wrist was in the square, flat position, which was not the case with my tee shots.

My handicap dropped two strokes in my first reporting period, and I am confident that it will continue to drop. Vermont has a short golfing season, so I will soon have to revert to indoor tennis, although I am going to look forward to next year's golf. I know I can practice my swing during the winter without even using a golf club!

I have been consistently playing better golf since my purchase and have recommended the e-book to my friends.


Bentley A. Merrick, D.D.S.

"Making Great Improvements!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Parish [mailto:xxxXXXxxx@xxxxxx.rr.com]
Sent: 18 September 2007 11:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Improvement

Hello Andy, Your secrets have and are making a difference. I am just beginning to make improvements, but they are great and you are to be commended.

Thanks again,

Bill Parish

"I Went From Shooting An Average Of
About 80-82 To 74-78 Consistently!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Larsen [mailto:davidt_83@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 18 September 2007 11:18
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Amazing Results


Unbelievable! I have had 4 or 5 golf lessons over the last 20 years and never got much out of them. I am a 10 handicap. I have been playing golf since i was 13 and i am now 51. I always have had a pretty good game except for my driver. I have always struggled off the teebox and the last couple years i have only been able to get about 220-240 yards in distance.

I found by reading your ebook that i was making almost all the fatal errors in the golf swing. Most of them i knew about but its hard to try and correct a golf swing that you have been using for so many years. I was bringing the club inside, letting my right elbow fly and coming over the top fighting a never ending fade or slice if i swung too hard. I also was not using my shoulders or hips in the golf swing but rather swinging with just my arms. Also i have been told that i was decelerating on the downswing or putting the brakes on instead of swinging through the ball. I could go on and on about what i was doing wrong even though everyone always told me i had a real nice golf swing.

I was tired of watching everyone blow by me off the tee when i used to be the one who hit the long ball years ago. But i wanted to hit the ball straight so i had to slow down my swing and it worked but i was still inconsistant and lost a lot of distance off the tee. Then i found your ebook!

I read it and studied it. Then i went to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls using this new swing. I did not hit the ball well at all even after hitting about 40 golf balls. I was ready to say this is all a bunch of nonsense and abort back to my old swing. So i stopped for a minute and tried to think back to the book and what am i doing wrong and i remembered that on the downswing you don't try and swing with your arms at all but rather let your shoulders and hips unwind and that will take care of your arms swinging through the ball for you.

With this thought i tee'd up another ball and after i hit it i just stood there stunned. That ball went off like a canon about 260 yards dead straight. In disbelief i hit another one and same thing. Another one same thing. I could not believe it was me hitting those golf balls. I figured it out. I hit about 100 more golf balls and was just hammering them out over the 260 yard green.

The next day i went out and shot a 68. Best 18 hole score of my life on the 4th of July with my dad, sister and brother watching me smash drives right down the center of the fairway and long.

That was about 10 weeks ago and i am having more fun playing golf now than ever in my life. I went from shooting an average of about 80-82 to 74-78 consistently. Why? Because i am hitting my second shot into the green about 50 yards closer than i was before.

I am just now starting to incorporate this swing into my other clubs besides my driver. I can't believe i am playing the best golf of my life thanks to a golf lesson i recieved from a guy half way arounD the world that I have never met.

Listen to this. I always play with a guy i used to live next door to years ago. He has always been a long ball striker off the tee. He weighs 260 lbs and he is all muscle. I weigh 155 lbs at 5'11 inches. Guess what? I am outdriving him now almost every time and sometimes by 30 yards. He is having a hard time understanding how i am hitting the ball so far all of a sudden.

Can't thank you enough Andy.

Dave Larsen
Eau Claire,Wisconsin

"Finally On The Right Track!"

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From: Rick Brown [mailto:glasxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 17 September 2007 08:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Lowered my score

Hi Andy,

I can't thank you enough, the first time out knocked five points of my score and felt a lot better. Still not completely comfortable with the change and all good things take time, however, the results show I'm finally on the right track.

I am the assistant Superintendant at the club so it's quite important i try to spend my time feeling out the course rather than examining the rough, thanks again, looking forward to reading on.

Warmest regard,

Rick Brown

" Irons Are Consistently Straight,
Long And Sweet!"

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From: David Wish [mailto:xxxXXXx@xxXXxxxx.com]
Sent: 17 September 2007 08:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Massive benefits


Playing once a week it has taken me a while to see massive benefits (ie. Not instant!), but I took a couple of weeks off and played some more golf. Once I stopped thinking on the Tee and feeling 'mechanical' the results were great.

I think the key is to accept that making changes there will be a 'transition' and period where you have to think and reinforce to yourself what you need to be doing. - Omelettes and eggs spring to mind!

My irons, which were OK, but erratic are now consistently straight, long and sweet, fairway woods and hybrids largely the same, although I'm still not consistently there with the driver, however its coming! And definitely much much longer - somehow I seem to forget one key moves with the big-stick.

Previously struggling to play to my 24 handicap, I've been over once in my last 5 rounds, but only had 3 hours sleep the night before!

I'm looking forward to surprising a few in the next competition and for now will not be spreading the news too far and wide.



"Within 4 weeks I Won My
First Monthly Medal At My Club!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Shaun [mailto:shaunxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 12 September 2007 21:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Changed game


I imagine like most people i was a bit sceptical about the claims made by this website.

Quite often i read articles on how to improve this and that but normaly dismissed them. For some reason i finaly decided to to get the credit card out and give it a try.

I play off of 9 and have done for about a year. I tried the moves and could not believe the change it made. Within 4 weeks i won my first monthly medal at my club and very recently shot a round of 68 which for me was a a milestone as i have never broken par.

I recommended this to a friend who also won his first competition within a couple of weeks. Both of us are normal club golfers who were looking for a few new ideas. This was exactly what we needed. Its was not only the swing changes that helped, it was the whole approach to the game, from tee position to recovery shots out of trouble.

Many Thanks,


"Irons Are Going 15-20 Yards
Farther And On-Line!"

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From: John [mailto:johnxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 8 September 2007 04:47
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great Strides

Hello Andy!

I also have made great strides with just the first magic move.

I practiced the move at home for a couple of days, then went to the range. I must say the first bucket of balls was not so good. I topped, smothered, shanked you name it. Towards the end of the first bucket I began to see shots get struck better and alot more on target but not going too far. I went home very frustrated. I knew I wanted to stick to this and give it a shot at working but I felt that I would be playing poorly for months.

I went to the range again and I must say after reading the first four chapters again and practicing the move some more I noticed a dramatic improvement the second time around. I went a third time to the range with even more success. I was hitting my drives just as far as I had with my old swing or farther and very straight. My irons are going 15-20 yards farther and on-line as well. My first round of golf after practice with the magic move was a 92. My previous three rounds prior to this were 102, 107, and 103.

I still thought it was a fluke and maybe I just had a great day, but my next two rounds after the 92 were 91 and 93. I finally see breaking 90 as possible and with some more practice and knowledge maybe even breaking 80 some day !!

Thank you very much for this great info. I am looking forward to learning more from you.



p.s. I told my friends about the move but they do not quite believe it just yet, but I am working on it.

"Hit Balls Straight Down Fairway"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael [mailto:michaelxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 07 September 2007 05:29
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Good Book, Thanks


I just went to the driving range for the first time since reading the e-book.

I have been reading and studying the principles for about two weeks while purposely not going out to the range - only doing what I can in doors and out in my back yard.

Before reading the book, I was unable to hit my driver AT ALL. Then I went out there and hit probably 70 out of 100 balls straight down the fairway, all off the tee. Now I am looking to incorporate these concepts into my iron play.

The way this book taught me to swing is just so logical and practical that now I can almost can't help but hit it straight and with the right trajectory.

EXAMPLE: While I was out there at the range, I saw a guy who was hitting the ball incredibly long and incredibly straight. I asked him, as I was leaving, "what is your first move down?" He said "it's my club."! I told him to let me watch him swing and I saw for myself that it was actually a xxxxxxxxx of his xxxxxxxxx that caused them to turn which pulled his xxxxxxxx a bit which gave him the sensation that the club was the first move. AMAZING.

I'm getting into the other chapters now and I will let you know how I do from here. You can give anyone my email address and I will speak with them personally (and give them my phone number) to attest to how this book has helped me.


Michael Green

"Best Method I Have Tried
Saved My Golfing Life!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike Hughes [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 07 September 2007 15:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

Not long after I began golfing I started to shank, since then I have somehow got down to 12 handicap without ever getting rid of the dreaded problem.

Your 4 Magic Moves is the best method I have tried (believe me I have tried 100's) I am striking the ball better and I believe I could now play to single figures. Thanks very much Andy, You have saved my golfing life!

Mike Hughes

" Results Were Nothing Short Of Miraculous"

-----Original Message-----
From: Roger Lewis [mailto:xxxxxx@xxXXxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 05 September 2007 23:29
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Fantastic results

Dear Andy,

I sent an 'e' mail to you explaining that I had difficulty downloading the magic move course,and you sent me a disc which I received today,thank you.

I read your preamble regarding the early wrist break and tried it today in a four ball. I must add at this time that I recently had a shoulder operation which has prevented me from playing for several months but my seven handicap was increased by two shots courtesy of our handicap committee permitting me to play off nine until my shoulder recovers.

I kept rigidly to the instructions regarding the wrist break and swung using shoulders only and the results were nothing short of miraculous.I hit one good shot after the other, never once was I out of position,and have gained several yards on all my clubs.

I have downloaded the course and I will read/listen to the remainder.I have never felt so confident on the tee,and would recommend your course to anyone interested in improving their game.

You're sincerely

Roger Lewis
West Parley, Dorset

"I Was Not Expecting To Drop
To A Plus Three In 9 Weeks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: L.J. Wrobel [mailto:xxxXXxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 03 September 2007 15:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Success with method

Hello Andy,

I recently purchased the "Four Moves". I have really been through only the first move. This is due to the fact that it takes at least one to two months to change something.

The first move definitely changed the way I now swing. My handicap has gone from 5 to 3 in the last two months. At a five handicap I was not expecting to drop to a plus three in 9 weeks. At a five there is less room for improvement than let's say a 12 or 14 handicap. The advantage I gained was more length which I was loosing at age 63 and better precision with my irons. Hitting 2 or 3 more greens in regulation is all I needed to drop my handicap. This first move certainly did that and my last 20 rounds include 13 rounds in the 70's.

This is the consistancy that I was looking for at my stage of play. Several months ago my game was showing signs of aging with a handicap of 8. I was loosing distance and accuracy. I am now back to 155 yd 8 irons and 170 yd 7 irons.

Today infact I stiffed a 178 yd 7 iron with a slight tailwind. Before the "first move" instruction that would have been a hard 6 or even a 5 iron. I am ready for the second move.

L.J. Wrobel

"Approach Shots, Short Game
And Putting Has Improved And
I Am Getting Better Every Day!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Hassanali Rashid [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.ca]
Sent: 03 September 2007 17:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Andy,

My name is Hassanali Rashid.I downloaded your book few weeks ago and since then I have been hitting the balls straighter and longer. My approach shots, short game and putting have improved and I am getting better every day.

I play at least once a week but spend a lot of time practising.I have bettered my handicap by at least five shots.

I would recommend your book to all levels of golfers who want to improve the game.

Thanks Andy.

Hassanali Rashid

"Will Recommend Your Method!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Holmes [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.ca]
Sent: 02 September 2007 19:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Satisfied customer

Hello Andy,

I am a senior golfer, who has read the usual books/magazines, etc. to seek improvement in my swing mechanics.

I play casually for recreation about once a week, and practice two or three times, which gives me more satisfaction than playing.

Your accumulation of ideas and techniques is quite helpful, in swing improvement. The ' one consistent controlled swing' idea has been my focus. By far the most significant beneficial 'magic move' is the initial wrist break. There has been steady improvement in 'my game'. The section on putting and stroke savers has been equally important to me. It is with real satisfaction that I can play in the 80's again.

Yes I will recommend your method and benefits.

Thank you Andy.

Robert G. Holmes
Wolfville, NS

"Lowered My Score By 6 Strokes"

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry Morgan [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.edu]
Sent: 02 September 2007 12:33
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Lower Score


I have been using Andy's method for a short time and have lowered my score 6 strokes.

Tried his putting drills, they work.


Larry Morgan

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