Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 46 Guys Are Saying!"

"I Have Never Shot 40 In My
Life - Have Shot It Back To Back!"

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From: Troy xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 April 2008 23:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: the new 4 magic moves


I will be purchasing the rest of the new 4 magic moves in the near future. I have been absent from golf myself for several years was probably a 22-24 handicap. I recently watched your video on the wrist break went to the driving range had very good success with it. I also changed my grip per your instructions.

I recently went out played 9 holes on (2) different courses shot 40's on both courses. I have never shot 40 in my life have shot it back to back.


To those of you who want to improve your game I highly recommend these instructions.


"Early Results Are Positive!"

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From: John xxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 30 April 2008 23:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Results


I have and the early results are positive.

I had one of the best practice rounds ever over the weekend. I have yet to put the results into action but I am playing tomorrow. So far it has simplified my swing thoughts while producing solid shots.

I was very skeptical but after reading the first four chapters I was convinced these ideas were missing from my game and I have been playing for 30+ years. I'm a 7 HCP and hopefully I can lower.



"Without Trying Very Hard I
Was Able To Hit The Ball
With Little Effort!"

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From: Arif xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 April 2008 23:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: The golf book


I just received the book in the mail two days ago and tried the first two moves. Without trying very hard I was able to hit the ball with little effort and it felt solid and also straight providing I concentrated hitting the back of the ball.

I really liked the idea of turning the shoulders after the backward wrist cock. I used to swing my arms upwards but always found the turn difficult and could never turn consistently. I do not have a lot of playing time but I am sure I will enjoy this season more. Our summer is short in Toronto.

I will keep you informed of my progress.


"Shot 38 With Two Very
Long Drives And A Birdie!!"

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From: Rich Lieberman [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.edu]
Sent: 30 April 2008 23:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Feedback from Michigan


I finally had a chance to read the book, then view the DVD. Interesting, about 10 years ago after leaving the military, my wife talked me into taking a golf lesson. I had played competitive golf in high school in the 70's and put the clubs away through college, professional school, and for most of my military career.

The pro (a nice guy and eventually a friend of mine) watched my swing and asked why I started my swing with a forward press... needless to say, he convinced me to stop using the forward press to start my swing and has worked with me since...

When in high school I would routinely shoot in the low 80's, sometimes in the 70's, before the new technology and felt comfortable with my swing. Since I stopped the forward press, my handicap has hovered around 14, not improving despite playing a lot, and being frustrated quite a lot! Oh, and developed a dreaded SHANK!

I have to say that I was shocked, and REALLY RELIEVED when I saw that the 1st Move started with a "forward press".... YEAH! The only thing I can't really do (because I have chronic weakness in my right hand) is overlap my pinky from the right hand... I use a "baseball" 10 finger grip, but all of the other features are the same. I've got my old swing back and it is very similar to your The New Four Magic Moves! I started practicing and feel VERY comfortable with your techniques.

Today I played my first 9 holes since practicing the 4 Moves... Shot 38 with two very long drives and a birdie! AND nothing even close to a shank!

For the first time in years, I'm looking forward to this golf season! I honestly think I can get to single digit handicap!


Rich Lieberman

"My Average Score Went From 110 to 104!"

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From: Tony xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 30 April 2008 23:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

Just a quick line to say thanks for the help your book has given me.

After reading the book my average score went from 110 to 104 but i found the DVD an even greater help, I am now on 98 and improving all the time.

Thanks again.


"I Was Smashing A 7 Iron 170 yards,
Into The Wind, And Couldn't Believe It!"

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From: Dean xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@ xXXXx.gov]
Sent: 30 April 2008 23:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: No longer a skeptic

Dear Mr. Brown,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. When I first saw your ads for the "New Four Magic Moves" I was very skeptical. I'm 52 years old with a 23 handicapp. I started golfing about two years ago. I have taken numerous lessons, read many books, own many DVDs and even been to a couple of different golf schools. Still my golf swing was terrible.

I could not prevent myself from continuously coming over the top. I even had one instructor tell me that I wasn't flexible enough to ever be able to hit the ball from the "inside" and to learn to "play and control my slice". I had almost given up that I would ever be able to hit the ball properly. I received your book two weeks ago and spent many hours studying the material intently. I must say that originally kept telling myself that it couldn't be that easy. I've spent several thousands of $$$$$ on lessons, schools, training aids, books, videos, etc. and nothing like this was ever presented. But I bought into it and told myself to give it a try.

After all I had been through trying to learn how to develop a decent swing I was willing to try anything. I am simply amazed at the results of these techniques. After less than two weeks I am hitting the ball with such power and CONFIDENCE.

My divots used to be about 30-45 degrees to the left (over the top) and now my divots are very straight or just slightly to the left. Played golf last Sunday and my playing partners were totally impressed with my new "golf swing" and how straight and powerful my shots were. I could see a little nervousness in their eyes (haha) as I'm the weakest player of our foursome. NOT ANYMORE!!!

I was smoking my driver easily 20-30 yards longer than usual and hit 10 fairways. I'm usually lucky to hit 4 or 5. I can not believe how simple your training program is and how effective. I went to the range last night and hit a large bucket of balls. Out of 100 I hit 40-45 absolutely perfect.

I was smashing a 7 iron 170 yards, into the wind, and couldn't believe it. I use to average about 145 yards. I'm so excited about finally finding my "swing". When I do hit the ball "off" it's mainly because I started the hands moving too soon or turned the shoulders a little early. But now I know immediately what I did wrong.

With your training there is only a few things to concentrate on. I know that I am finally on my way to truly improving my ball striking and my scores. I'm getting better every time I go to the range and every time I play.

I know that I'll be breaking 90 on a regular basis in a very short time. I truly wish that I had found your program sooner. I am so excited that after two years of trying everything I finally have learned the simple and easy way to smash the ball perfectly straight and with amazing power. I can not wait to see how much I know my game is going to be improving over the next 3-4 months.

Thank you so very much Mr. Andy Anderson.


"Hole In One Story!"

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From: Roger xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 April 2008 23:29
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Nigel's story

Hey Andy...

When I received the 4 new magic moves video and started putting it into practice I was amazed at how quickly things started to happen... as you said more distance off the tee.

A nice draw developing..it all seemed to simple..I'm really over the moon and I'm itching too get out there and watch that baby fly....

Well today whilst playing with my buddies ,young Nigel asked me about the video I'm talking about... He asked me had I noticed what he could improve on... now I'm no professional golf coach.. but had noticed that he was hitting the ball with his arms.

So I told him to try tucking his right arm in to the body... SO the next hole was a par 3 186 metres.. out comes the 3iron <now nigels on a 25hcp> you would have been proud andy...

That baby flew straight and true landed on the green and rolled about 20 metres INTO THE HOLE.. WELL ALL SAW IT HAPPEN BUT POOR NIGEL DIDN'T... Nigel was like a kid who was caught with his hand in the lolly jar...

He wants to view the DVD in more depth.. told him it would cost him a few beers.. honestly Andy my confidence is growing each time I step on to the tee... I make sure I have a preshot routine every time.

I still have lapses of concentration at times, this may be due to wrong club selection.. not hitting through the shot <eg use 8iron instead of 9iron.> hope u get the drift. Back to Nigel well all enjoyed the beer afterwards, I was bit delayed in getting home to help cook tea... a good time was had by all..

Winter is fast approaching so any time in the sun with a couple of mates enjoying a beer and few laughs is what golf is all about..

Until next time take care and keep the emails coming.



"Helped Me Hit A Straighter Shot!"

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From: Kevin xxxxx[mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 27 April 2008 18:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: The New Four Magic Moves


Thanks allot! I found your The New Four Magic Moves to help my golf swing a lot better. It took a few weeks of trying and quitting, and trying again to be able to do the backward wrist break. I can do it now without pain. I realize that this really helped me hit a straighter shot.

I have been a Technical person for over 25 years and when you break the swing down mathematically I understood it. The thought I places in my mind is the "T" Square. Here in Northern Ohio are golf seasons is just starting.

I don't have a handicap yet but I know it will be lower.


"Dropped My Handicap From 28 To 24!"

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From: Mario xxxxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.net]
Sent: 27 April 2008 17:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: new score

Dear Andy

After practising the new four magic moves I managed to come third in my last tournament down here in Spain and dropped my handicap from 28 to 24 - not bad for a beginner.

Kind regards


"10 Strokes Off My Previous Scores!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ronnie xxxxx [mailto: xxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 26 April 2008 13:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 10 strokes of


Parts of my game has greatly improved, namely driving. I am driving the ball much further than I ever have. I went through a spell where it all came together and I dropped 10 strokes off my previous scores. Then I started having troube with chipping and putting. Which used to be my stroung suit. Appears I need to start reading and learning more of that part of the "moves"

Thank you very much, and I am very pleased with my progress so far.


"I Am Hitting One Club
Further With My Irons!"

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From: Ivan xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@ xXXXx.org.uk]
Sent: 22 April 2008 00:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Producing good backspin


With winter playing conditions my play on the course has been greatly restricted, However today I played nine holes and hit all 9 in regulation, 440 yard hole with a drive and seven iron, 380 into the wind was a drive and a nine iron. Putting however let me down.

I have been practising at the driving range hitting 200 balls per session. The new four magic moves I feel have now been mastered. As it says in the book, move 1 and 2 take you to the top and give you a chance of a good swing, this only happens when move 3 is executed correctly. This was the move which needed more practise.

I am hitting one club further with my irons, my 52 degree wedge has improved to 110 yards and is producing good backspin on a driving range green.

For the first time in my golfing career I am confident that I can reduce my handicap from 13 to single figures. The New Four Magic Moves has given me that confidence, the new four magic moves is simply the best and most logical method which allows your golf swing to be understood simply and executed correctly.

I will advise on my handicap reduction when it happens.



"Andy, Believe It Or Not I Scored
76 The Very 1st time!"

-----Original Message-----
From: William xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 21 April 2008 17:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: shot a 76


I finally broke down and subscribed and here is my amazing story. I subscribed 4/17/08, went to the range that day and started incorporating moves 2, 3, and 4. I was already using move 1 that you provided free.

I must say move 1 helped immensely and really intrigued me. On 4/18/08 I went to the course and played with 3 of my lifelong friends. I have always scored 80-89 on most occasions. Andy, believe it or not I scored 76 the very 1st time and my friends wanted to know what the h--- was going on.

I am diligently going to work on these moves and I am convinced I will start scoring in the 70's consistently. I am 60 yrs old, retired and play 6 times a week. Thank you for the 1st honest instruction I have ever had and I am so excited with the possibilities. Had I known about this many years ago, I would be thousands of dollars richer with everything I've spent on equipment, instruction, etc.

I have broken the barrier.

Thank you again,


"I Cannot Praise The New 4 Magic
Moves Highly Enough!"

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From: Peter xxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 08 April 2008 00:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: More consistency in my game


I am now a devotee of the new 4 magic moves and was most impressed with the DVD which if I needed any proof showed that the system was worked wonderfully well. As you know any significant changes to the golf swing take time to develop and I have currently found a new interest in golf as I adapt to the changes.

I have only just switched Golf Courses so will soon be able to test my handicap in new surroundings. I am confident that I will be able to lower my handicap as already there is far more consistency in my game. In particular I am finding my ball striking to the green is far more accurate and distance control better.

Essentially I am enjoying the game more as for many years I have made little progress and believed that I had reached a plateau - all that is about to change. Many thanks for all your emails (loads of useful information) - finally I cannot praise the new 4 magic moves highly enough.


"Thanks For The Insight!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Greg xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.net]
Sent: 08 April 2008 00:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: New Four Magic Moves

Hey Andy

Thanks for the insight on the new four magic move golf swing.

I have been to the driving range to practice the moves. Sunday I played 18 holes trying to incorporate the swing into my game. Well it was very very inlighting on how well I did. It was not as graceful as I had hoped, but was somewhat happy with results.

The amazing thing is how simple the swing has become. Infact I have recommended the book to two of my friends. One who is brand new to the game, might as well start him off on the right foot and one who has been playing the game for 22 years and has the worst swing that you can imagine. After 22 years he is still shooting in the low triple digit scores, 100 to 108, every week.

Well Andy thanks again

Greg Gilding

Florida, USA

"From A Hacker To 87! How Good
Does That Feel? GREAT!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael XXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.net.au]
Sent: 08 April 2008 00:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My story so far ...

Hi Andy,

Here's my story so far 9 weeks in. I'm a social golfer and keen to improve, as my game had become predicable, start well then fell in a heap.

A friend recommended the book and spoke about his game improvement. As he plays competions and is very good, I thought I'd give it a go. Thanks Raymon

The first thing that happened after reading the book and listeing to the ebook was my game went to pieces. Even on the practice range ' what's this all about' Back to the book, this time really reading and study with practice. It has taken a while and the local range owner says "thanks" I've become a local for the last few weeks. Playing a round I had to learn my club distances again. My problem was hitting through the greens

My game has been on the improve over the last couple of weeks.

Yesterdays round Par 71, my best ever! Out in 47, back in 40. From a hacker to 87! How good does that feel? GREAT

It's given me the confidence, because I now know I can do it,the techniques taught in GolfSwingSecretsRevealed DO WORK.

Thanks Andy.




"I Do Not Slice Anymore,
My Divots Are Going Straight!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Les xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 04 April 2008 22:46
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: left handed golfer

Hi Andy,

I am 71 years old a left hander and have been playing golf for over 40 years.

I have been to more professionals for lessons, purchased books, DVDs, golf aids without much success. This is the time I have been able to read a book that is written for left handers, it is much easier to understand.

When I first came across your web site I was very sceptical and thought not another gimmick but I am a sucker and I will try it .

I am very pleased to say am striking the ball better now than I have ever done, I do not slice any more, my diverts are going straight and I do not have a flying left elbow. I still make mistakes but now I know how to rectify it.

I have purchased the DVD which I am finding it to be a great help.

I am enjoying my game of golf now as I have a good idea were the ball is going and cannot wait till the next game.

My friends want to know where I have got the extra length from. I have told them about your web site.

Many thanks


"Improved My Game Dramatically -
My Last 4 Nine Hole Scores,
39, 40, 36, 37!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 01 April 2008 05:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Report

Good Day Andy,

After adopting some of your tips and techniques I have improved my game dramatically in the last 5 weeks. In the last 4 games I have only had the opportunity to play 9 holes and these were my last 4 nine hole scores, 39, 40, 36, 37.

Saturday I played my first 18 holes in 3 months, shot a 33 on the front nine (I really enjoyed that) and then after lunch and a bit of a hold up on the tenth I only managed a 44 on the back nine, but I was happy with a 77 gross on my 9 handicap.




"My Iron Shots Are More Consistent
Also My Driving Is Better!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.net]
Sent: 01 April 2008 04:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: New DVD

Hello andy,

I have purchased the new 4 magic moves in February 2008.

I have read the e-book and have used the moves for about a month. The results are great. My iron shots are more consistent also my driving is better.

I did everything the book says to do. I even changed my grip from interlocking to overlap (this was hard to do, but I had to do it because my fingers are long this grip helps give better control of club and left wrist won't break down at the top) I have not given up and am committed to this. These changes do work, it just takes time and committment to it and practice.

I feel more confident and have experienced good results. I would like to purchase the new DVD if possible.



"I Managed 41 pts In Our Seniors
Stableford last Wednesday!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 01 April 2008 03:30
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Improvement Story

Hi Andy

Just to let you know that after a couple of weeks trying out the new 4 Magic Moves I won my first competition in over two years.

I managed 41 pts in our Seniors Stableford last Wednesday, got cut a shot and collected £12 cash!

For the first time I can remember I am confident that I am going to hit the ball where I mean it to go.

Also I am having to take a club, sometimes two clubs, less when playing irons. I wish I had found this advice years ago - I wouldn't have gone up so many blind alleys. I feel there's a lot more to come.



"Creaming Marvellous Power Draws
To The Far End Of The Range!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 01 April 2008 02:49
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks again


As an update, you may recall that whilst my irons exploded onto a different level, I struggled a bit with the driver (on the first outing!). However, I shifted through the more detailed list of things to be aware of throughout the swing (that you kindly sent me as a reminder) and I immediately twigged a couple of setup posture errors with my shoulders and arms.

I went straight back down the range and in no time I was creaming marvellous power draws to the far end of the range ( a few even hopped over the boundary). Having struggled with a slice for a number of years, hitting a consistent, controlloable draw has been a long term ambition for me.

It just feels great!

Thanks again,


"It Is A Superb Teaching Aid!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert xxxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 01 April 2008 01:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Watching golf DVD

Hi Andy!

Thank you for your new DVD. It arrived on Thursday and I watched it last night.

It is a superb teaching aid, especially helpful to see the swing in action. I am off to the practice ground now to try and apply what I saw on the DVD.

Congratulations on a splendid presentation of the new new four Magic Moves.


"This Is The First Testimonial I've
Ever Sent On Anything, But I'm
Excited About My Golf Again!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tom Giardina [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.net]
Sent: 30 March 2008 02:15
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Thomas - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

A couple of months ago as a result of watching a lesson on TV with Jim Flick and Tom Lehman I started working on the xxxxxx of the xxxxxx as the start of the downswing. I immediately started getting good results because it helped prevent my tendency to come over top and helped me get my right shoulder down through the swing.

I bought your package after seeing the xxxxxx move was one of the New Magic Moves. Since I had already been working on the xxxxxx combining the hand and wrist features were quickly adapted. Yesterday I played my first round with the changes (I worked two sessions at a practice range) and was able to confidently use the changes.

I shot a 76 on a 125 slope course (my USGA handicap index is 7.8) had, good control on my iron shots and hit some of the longest drives I've had in years. (One was 280 yards, not bad for a 5'7" 65 year old.) This is the first testimonial I've ever sent on anything, but I'm excited about my golf again.

One question: I've always been a good bunker player; my theory is that the "come over the top" type swing seems to work in bunkers. Should I stick with my old swing in bunkers for "explosion" type shots?

Thanks for your method, works great.

Tom Giardina

" My Ball Striking Has Never Been Better!"

-----Original Message-----
From: David xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 29 March 2008 23:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Love the DVD

Thanks Andy for the putting tips....also I love the DVD....

I've watched it at least three times before my last two rounds and my ball striking has never been better...I had a bit of a problem over shooting the greens the first round , so I'm adjusting my yardages, thats a problem we all love....

I'll soon be sending my video testimony...finally....

Many thanks,

David in California

"The Best Golf Of My Life!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Lee B [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 27 March 2008 16:14
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Lee - does TWO dozen Titleist Pro V1 balls interest you?

Andy ,

Thanks for all the good info. I want you to know that I am now playing the best golf of my life, almost breaking 90. All due to the new magic moves (the book and dvd).

Lee B

"The Last Round I Shot A 41 Off
The Stick, Par Is 35!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bryan xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 27 March 2008 13:46
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner. I've just being on a holiday. When you sent me the New Four magic moves ebook I had just started to play golf again after maybe playing 5 times in the last 15 years. I used to play a lot as a teenager, but college and then work took over.

I have read the New Four Magic Moves to Golf and I have being refering back to it to help improve my shots. As of yet, I have only played 5 full rounds of golf since joining the local club. In this time I have droped one shot from 23 to 22. During this time I have also being playing in a 9 hole comp in a friends team. I started of on 15 went to 17 and by the end 2 weeks I had worked my way down to 10 for the last couple of rounds. The last round I shot a 41 off the stick, par is 35.

The ebook has certainly helped my shots and still is as I am currently tring to improve my short game, which failed over the weekend. Off the tea I still slice the ball, but I think this happens when I try to hit the ball to hard. I had a lesson with the club pro and he got me to hit the ball at 3/4 pace and my shots where a lot cleaner and straghter and with the same distance.

I have set up a short driving range where I can practice my pitching and approach shots up to about 120m. Hopefully as the weeks go by and I am able to play 18 on Saturdays I will be able to keep reducing my score.

Thank you for all the information you send through each week. I always read it on Friday night to help me with my round the next day. Looking forward to hereing from you again.



"Handicap Has Dropped
From 15.2 Down To 13.2!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 24 March 2008 22:28
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:RE: My golf goals - 75

Hi Andy,

OK here goes - in last 9 weeks since I started using the new four magic moves in my golf game handicap has dropped from 15.2 down to 13.2 first time below 14 since I started playing 8 years ago.

My last 4 scores 80-83-77-77, now if I shoot above 85 I've had a bad round. 9 weeks ago anything below 90 was good.

The first time my game came together was when i stopped thinking about where my hands or arms were in the downswing, just trust your new swing.

And no, I haven't told my golf mates about the new four magic moves. I'm having to much fun watching them scratch there heads after I stick an approach shot on green sometimes by the pin. My next goal break 75, hell 3 months ago the dream was to break 80.

thanks andy...


"You Have Made The Game
Simple And Fun Again!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick xxxxx [mailto: xxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 24 March 2008 21:26
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Patrick - does TWO dozen Titleist Pro V1 balls interest you?

Great book I just wish I had it 50 years ago. You have made the game simple and fun again. THANK YOU!!!!


"It Is Truly Magnificent - Your DVD
Has Been A Tremendous Help To Me!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Richie xxxxxx[mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.ie]
Sent: 21 March 2008 23:17
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: DVD

Hi Andy,

Received your new DVD recently and it is truly magnificent, it simplifies all contained in your golf swing secrets, it is great to see a pro putting the secrets all together in practise, many thanks for your DVD which has been a tremendous help to me,



"I Took The Money From My Playing
Colleagues With 42 points, The Next
Week With 47 points!!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Pete xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.co.nz]
Sent: 18 March 2008 23:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 47 points

No doubt in my mind Andy that the New 4 Magic Moves have helped my game quite dramatically. A golfer for 6 years now (playing only once a week) my handicap had levelled at 20, with no signs of improving.

Then came the new 4 magic moves - I read the book, and listened to the audio books whilst travelling to work on the train. 3 weeks later I took the money from my playing colleagues with 42 points, the next week with 47 points!

Last week I won the Club Strokeplay Medal competition (howling gales, but still scored a net 69) - I got cut, and now play off 19, but still scored 38 points last week. I play with a renewed confidence in my whole long and short game.

I await the arrival of my DVD so I can finally clarify in my mind some of the finer points, to enable further improvement. If I can now crack the putting, I will be on top of the golfing world.

I have previously paid good money for lessons, read many expensive books, but the 4 magic moves is without doubt the most effective and best value piece of golfing equipment I have ever purchased.


'Tiger" Pete

"It Worked Like A Bomb, I Have Never
Hit The Ball So Straight In My Life!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dawid xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxx@xxxx.co.za]
Sent: 18 March 2008 01:08
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Dawid - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Good day Andy,

Thank you very much for your e-mails the last couple of days.

I tried it out at the driving range and it worked like a bomb, I have never hit the ball so straight in my life, and I must tell you I never liked golf, I'm a rugby player. I started playing golf about two or three weeks ago. I was a good cricket player a couple of years ago and people tell me when I drive the ball it looks like a cricket shot.

I'm the sort of guy, when I play a sport I want to be good in it as well, if you don't give it everything why do play?

So I started playing golf, I work in the crop Insurance Industry and I'm told you can pick up a lot of business on a golf course. The first time I went to a driving range my balls were fading, but I don't know if its fading because most of the time my balls don't go straight and then start to fade, from the second I hit the ball its going right, I am right handed, so I read your story and everything you said sounded like it could work for me.

So I had to order it because people were giving me advise like, your always fading just start at the tee and aim left instead of straight or close your club face a little bit more and these things didn't help me at all.

When you sent me the e-mail about keeping your shoulder down and pull down with your leading arm it sounded like a solution to my problem, not like the other advice to improvise and play with my problem.

I went to the driving range and tested what you told me and it worked - it really made an improvement. Sometimes I even drew the ball. I don't know if its a mental thing with me but I can do something on the driving range and it works perfectly, but as soon as I get on the golf course it doesn't seem to word, I don't know if I'm trying to hard on the golf course, maybe I should just relax like I normally do at the driving range.

I know this is something you have to practice to make it work, that is why I am so glad you provide a DVD as well so that I can see what I'm supposed to do.

Thank you very much for you help so far and I can promise you I'll spread the word because it really does work, I just want it to work on the golf course as well. The synthetic grass that you play from on the driving range does that play easier than the grass you normally play on, because my chip shots are really good for a beginner but my iron shots seem to struggle a but, or I'm hitting too much in front of the ball or I'm hitting in the middle of the ball and then it looks like I just hit the ball with a three wood.

Sorry for pouring out all of my problems but I want to make it work and that's why I hope your book can do the same for me, but I know it will.

Kind regards


"I'm Sailing The New Driver
At Least 30 Yards Further!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Shane xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx]
Sent: 18 March 2008 08:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: the early wrist break

Hi Andy,

After viewing the new first magic move on your site, have to say I was impressed by what I learned from it and how quickly I was able to adapt my swing to take in the early wrist break. I went onto the driving range and couldn't believe how straight and how powerfully I was starting to hit the ball. So much so that I immediately went out and bought a new driver - a club I wasn't that great at utilising before now.

My confidence has grown in my new swing and I'm sailing the new driver at least 30 yards further than I've ever managed to hit it. I can't wait to apply this all on the course - I've only been able to play one round before now but noted that playing of 20, I played to a handicap of 17 instead! Three shots better off already!

My brother has organised a trip up to Scotland (Dumfries) in May where we'll be playing a couple of links courses. I need my game to be on par in order to enjoy these fantastic courses and I'm really looking forward to arrowing my irons onto the greens!

With a bit of luck - I'll be able to merge the other three new magic moves into my swing as easily as the first - and I think my handicap will get chopped by at least three shots by the summer. No doubt there'll be questions as to why I've suddenly raised my game - I know exactly what I'll be telling them and no doubt your ears may burn!

Having previously played off 15 when I was playing regularly 10 years ago, I have real belief that I can get down to 15 again this year and maybe even better next year.

I've grown new optimism with the instructions you've provided and having spent a small fortune on golf lessons from club pros - wanting to change my swing drastically I may add - I've only had to make minor adjustments to merge the early wrist break into my own swing. Your instructions REALLY WORK and I hope that you continue to have great success in bringing these moves into the golfing world.

Andy, I'll keep you up to date as to what happens in Scotland but meanwhile -

Huge thanks!
God bless

"I Have Reccommended The
Book To Other Members!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Stewart xxxxx [mailto: xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 02 March 2008 18:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my new skills

Hi Andy,

I am a 68 year old golfer who was playing off of a 28 handicap badly, since I downloaded the New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf in January the following has happened:

1. My drives have increased in distance and accuracy, I now find that I am hitting the correct Fairways in the correct order.

2. My Handicap has dropped from 28 to 25.

3. Four times in the last five weeks I have 'been in the money' in our Thursday Veterans competition.

4. I won the Monthly Medal for February out of an entry of 66.

5. I have been selected to play in the first two matches against other clubs.

I have reccommended the book to other members.

I ordered the DVD which has now arrived.

I will be visiting my daughter in Pittenweem during June and am looking forward to putting my new skills to good use at the Charlton Golf Club, Colinsburgh.

Thank you for the book.

Best regards


"My Game Was Literally
Transformed Overnight!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert McLeod [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net.au]
Sent: 17 March 2008 21:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: the new 4 magic moves

Hi Andy,

Over the past 40 years I have bought or borrowed numerous books and video instruction tapes of many leading professional golfers.With the possible exception of Nick Faldo, none of these have been of much help.Far too technical.

I have also had dozens of lessons but all that resulted was I became a passable hacker with a handicap rarely below 20. After a recent illness when I returned to golf I was so bad I seriously considered quitting.

Then by chance when entering my golf clubs website I found you on the end of it.I was sufficiently intrigued to listen to what you had to say. You actually demonstrated the first magic move free! Iwent to the golf range and tried it and could hardly believe the results.

Iwas hitting the ball about 30 metres further and straight down the middle! My game was literally transformed overnight!

I bought your book and in no time I was winning competitions and cut my handicap by 5 strokes.

My enjoyment of the game has improved enormously .

I am most happy to recommend your book to anyone who queries my sudden improvement, but I dont necessarily tell them the magic moves.Let them buy the book!

Best wishes
Robert McLeod

"My Game Has Improved Dramatically!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 14 March 2008 20:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my driving

Yes Andy

My game has improved Dramatically since I started using the first 2 new magic moves but have not played enough to perfect the last 2 moves although I can say my driving and short game is getting straighter and of course longer

Will write more when I get fully fit to play more.



"I Could Actually Feel How
Wonderful The Early Wrist Break Was!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John Malihi [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 14 March 2008 00:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy

Dear Andy,

Thanks for your info. By the way I went to play nine holes under lights last night, they have a golf course here in Gold Coast that has the back nine flood lit, which is challenging and fun. However the putting is very hard to judge because of the mooist grass and dew.

What I was trying to say was that for the first time yesterday I could actually feel how wonderful the early wrist break was, I was hitting my pw 130-140 meters. My seven irons all the way to my 4 iron were all perfect.

I was so amazed since I hadn't played or gone to the range for nearly 4 weeks. I had a friend with me who couldn't believe it, the distance I was getting on my irons.

I just wanted to share this with you since your info on 4 new magic moves had been brilliant and I thanks you again.

John Malihi

"My Horrible Slice Has
Completely Disappeared!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John Santos [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.co.za]
Sent: 13 March 2008 01:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:RE: golf improvements

Hi Andy,

I joined on 15 December 2007.

My golf has improved so much it's just incredible. Before I heard of you I was ready to quit. I had a horrible slice, my shots went from reasonable to very bad, I was a 10 handicap 3 years ago but for the last 3 years I have been battling with my game very much, I have been practising your methods really hard the past 2 months as I really love golf and you were probably my last chance. I'm thankful to say I have seen great results since 15 Dec 2007.

1. My horrible slice has completely disappeared. My irons are 100% better.

2. My friends have really noticed the big improvements as I am back to winning ways.

3. Your book has cleared up so many "grey" areas for me, I know so much more about the golf swing.

4. One of my biggest achievements to date was playing a 36 on 9 holes +-4 weeks ago with one of my friends and he was flabbergasted,

5. My biggest achieve since 15 Dec 2007 happened yesterday when my partner and I won our "knockout competition" first round match against the defending champs of our club, they are still reeling from the shock, this is a better ball match play competition. Nobody gave us a chance, I played a 72 net on medal. We were 2 down 2 to go and we won on the 2nd extra hole. It was absolutely fantastic.

All I can say is thanks, really I appreciate what you have done for me with my golf. This was the best money that I have spent in a long time, I'm telling all my friends about you.......and I know that my game will be improving even more. If it was not for you I would have quit this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


John Santos

"I Will Be Ready To Enjoy
My Improved Golf Swing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Geroge Jewell [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.ca]
Sent: 10 March 2008 14:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Lesson DVD

Hi Andy,

I just received your DVD, thank you very much.

I am so pleased that I bought your (The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf) book and your tapes.

After reading the book and listening to the audio tapes I have learned so much about the proper way to hit a golf ball. The winter in Canada is quite long so I have had lots of time to digest and practice the new four magic moves, however I have had to do it indoors. What is taught in the book makes so much sense.

I can hardly wait until spring arrives knowing I will be ready to enjoy my improved golf swing. I will let you know how I progress as the summer unfolds.

Thank you again

Please keep in touch.
Yours truly
George Jewell

"I Have Never Hit The Ball
Straighter And Farther!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Williams [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.us]
Sent: 09 March 2008 22:47
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: How To Easily Cut 3 Shots By Knowing The Rules

Yesterday I went out and played 9 after finishing chapter 5. I have never hit the ball straighter and farther!!

It was too amazing! Now to get consistent (I had 1 par and 4 bogeys) which is great for me and my first time out since Nov.

I'm looking forward to more progress.

Thank you!!!

Michael Williams

"Professionally Done And The Instruction
Is Top Notch And Easy To Follow!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen xxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 09 March 2008 22:45
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Stephen - golf

Hello Andy

I've reviewed your new DVD, you must be very pleased.

It looks professionally done and the instruction is top notch and easy to follow.



"My Golf Is Still Improving Significantly!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Guus xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx]
Sent: 09 March 2008 21:44
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: latest on my golf

Hi Andy,

Just letting you know that my golf is still improving significantly.

Last weekend I beat my south African friend, who always won so far. He was away for a while and could not believe the progress I made. The other positive thing was that he had to pay for drinks. And we had enough!


"Your Stuff Has Helped Tremendously!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@gmail.com]
Sent: 09 March 2008 22:42
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:RE: Peter have you ever seen a swing like this?

Hey Andy,

Reading Your stuff has helped tremendously. I now play my handicap every time, which has been a struggle the last couple of years. I now hit many more fairways and greens.


"It's Always A Pleasure To Do
Business With You, And I
Really Appreciate The 'Extras'!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Margets [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 08 March 2008 21:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: How To Easily Cut 3 Shots By Knowing The Rules


Your attachment is a real handy compilation that addresses the basics most of us might face during a round of golf, and you've grouped and explain them in a way that is much easier to consult and remember than the standard Rules of Golf book provides. Another great job !!!

Today's mail included the New Four Magic Moves DVD that I ordered only 3 days ago. GREAT service, and I can hardly wait to view it to supplement the bound copy I purchased earlier.

It's always a pleasure to do business with you, and I really appreciate the 'extras' from you that arrive daily in my email. They keep my mind on golf and the things to practice during our long winter off-season here in the Northeast USA.

Jim Margets

"It Feels Like Cheating Everytime I Play!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Cam xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.co.nz]
Sent: 02 March 2008 20:40
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: easy golf!

Hi Andy

It feels like cheating everytime I play, in fact I don't want to even mention your book to anyone when playing them because I know they will improve if they buy it.

But when they see how far I am hittng the ball they always ask how I generate such distance so I do them a favour and tell them to look up your site online.

The funny thing is that everyone seems to be a sceptic, they just don't believe it can be as easy as I say it is, they are, like I used to be, under the illusion that it takes years of practice to see any improvement in your swing.

I have been a keen golfer for years, I am now in my mid 40's I am a 7 hancp and have studied the swing and I am very analytical with my own swing, I have purchased many videos, dvds, books, and golfing aids, paid for many lessons etc, but NOTHING would ever cure my weak scoop through impact, although I am quite strong physically, on the golf course I would always feel weak due to being a habitual scooper, fortunately I have a good short game that would help me to play of a reasonably low hancp.

If you are a seasoned scooper or flipper through impact like I used to be, this swing is the key to finally curing that weak feeling at impact when the ball balloons in the air and goes nowhere.

Now I drill it down the middle with my driver and on the longest par fours the biggest club I'll have in my hand for my approach is a 7 iron, mostly it's a p wedge or 9 iron.

Sometimes I look in absolute amazement as I feel how solid impact feels with my driver then look up to see the ball still climbing in the air bombed down the middle, I have gained 50-70 yards with my driver since using the new four magic moves.

The beauty of this swing is that if you are strong physically but have never been able to generate any type of respectable distance off the tee (due to scooping or slicing or both), using this swing allows you to be aggressive if you choose to be, and finally you will benefit from all that extra power you have as it will translate into extra yards down the middle.

What more is there to say ?

Except I saw a MAJOR improvement in my ballstriking and consistency the next day after reading your e-book, like I said at the beginning, it honestly feels like I am cheating every time I play, it really seems that easy.

Anyone who's a sceptic that's fine with me, it's their loss.

Cheers Andy,


New Zealand

"I Fully Understand Everything Finally!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Cowden [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 02 March 2008 20:39
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Bill please make a note of Wednesday 5th March

Hi Andy,

I am taking my time trying not to rush. Printed all pages of the e-book and put them in a binder. Take the binder with me where ever I go. I have read each chapter and then practice while keeping the binder near me. I came up with a way to learn the 4-moves. I took a black magic marker and colored in all the knucles on each hand, so i could see them better then I came up with a easy way to remember them . 21-xxxxxx.

First move-2-knuckles left hand 1- knuckle right hand = 21

Second move xxxxxx

Third move xxxxxx

Fourth move xxxxxx

I am a self taught 45 yr old right handed golfer with a 12.2 handdicapp after 4 yrs of playing golf. We play all year, was on the course about 280 days this year. I play with a group of guys who are single handicappers and they tell me to just go play stop looking for new training aids or tips. I have read tons of books tried all sorts of training aids and never really got it. I consider Ben Hogans book to be a good teaching aid but after reading it many times did not fully understand the down swing. But after reading your book I FULLY UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING FINALLY!

The new magic moves in chapter 6 make sense, now I get it. I went out and tried and it works. I feel like I want to tell everYone about it. Its like a little bulb went off in my head. I fully understand how the swing should work. I feel like it will take some time to get the proper tempo, timing and balance but I am looking foreward to developing it. It's not the clubs its the swing.

Bill Cowden

"My Distance Improved
By At Least 30 Meters!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Frits xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.nl]
Sent: 02 March 2008 18:50
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Frits - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

I am working on the Magic. I already tried them and I am working on my downswing now. My distance improved by at least 30 meters and I hit the fairway! Amazing ,something like Uri Geller!

Thanks and regards,

The Magic Frits

"Video Cleared Up Some Points
On The New Four Magic Moves !"

-----Original Message-----
From: Con H. Annest [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 02 March 2008 18:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Is the Home of Golf Empty?

Hi Andy:

Wow! Nice video.

Thank you for the video, it really cleared up some points on the Four New Magic Moves. I am looking forward to puting into practice some points I missed with the book.

Thanks again for the video and the golf rules series.

Con H. Annest

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