Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 75 Guys Are Saying!"

"I Am Now Out Driving My Partner
By Ten To Twenty Yards!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx]
Sent: 30 June 2008 22:50
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:many thanks

Hello Andy..

Well, you asked if I had a chance to try out your suggestions and the answer is yes regarding the "new" wrist movement method. I belong to a league and have a partner who has been out driving me since the beginning of the year by at least ten to twenty yards.

When I applied your wrist method I am now out driving my partner by ten to twenty yards. Sooner or later I will inform him why I am out "bombing" him as I know he is currently puzzled.

For now, I will just enjoy the extra success I am receiving from your wrist break method. I am still in the process of digesting the other material which should add immensely to a reduction in strokes.....

I am going on 80 and have been scoring between 100 and 110. Last week, after two bad drives into the woods from hurrying my shots, and having just viewed your video, I still hit a 92. Going into the woods twice, cost me five extra strokes. I plan on doing much better, thanks to you...

Let me sign this "Bill" in case my partner should ever see one of my comments in print and accuse me of withholding "valuable" information from him.... Again Andy, many thanks. I have had dozens of lessons and spent several hundred dollars, and none were as effective as just one lesson so far from you... I am looking forward to the other lessons and what they will do to further improve my score..


"WON The Club Championship!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Laurens [mailto: xxxx@.net xxxx.com]
Sent: 30 June 2008 23:48
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Guess what !

Hi Andy

Guess What....

I joined a golf club - handicap 28 - then bought your book / DVD '4 magic moves to golf'..

I read it, practised a bit then entered the club championship competition.

I shot an 86 (nett 58 !!) and WON the club championship!!!!!!!

I cant believe it. Presentation night is end of October.

I've not even used my driver yet !

Happy days. Thank you.

Rob Laurens

"I Am Playing Better
Than I Ever Have!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Beryl xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@ xxxxxx.co.nz]
Sent: 30 June 2008 11:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf handicap

Hi Andy,

Since reading your four magic moves and along with the changes I made to my swing my golf went down badly. However I am since playing much better and have gone out one stroke since I started. (12 to 13)

However right now I am playing better than I ever have and I expect my handicap to improve soon. Although not all the moves helped me the concept of keeping the wrists cocked for as long as possible certainly did.

I have also enjoyed the further emails you send and its nice to know someone other than me is interested in my golf.


"Oh What Confidence!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Howard xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 30 June 2008 11:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: new ways


Thank you for the 4 magic moves. This is the first time that I have had a complete explaination of the golf swing. It's exactly what i needed.

What it has done for me is it gIve me a list of checks and measures, the stance, the grip, the wrist cock, the back swing, at the top, the down swing,and the follow through can be measured and checked at any time. Oh what confidence.

I can drive with my buddies, Bob, Ed, and Gord now. I could never do that, the boys are impressed with my straight drives. I'm in the middle of the fareway 8 out 9 holes. We have a 9 hole course. I told the boys about the 4 magic moves, they claim they are too old to learn new ways to play golf.

But what complaints and what questions they have. Ed says why am I always pushing the ball on the tee box? Gord says why am I hitting the ground a foot behind the ball. Bob says why do I always have to take so many mulligans, and the list goes on and on They are good buddies so I have to tell them some things.

For only $37.00 I have my swing under control. I can now move on to working the ball, the pushes and pulls have left my game. I have replaced them with fades and draws, to me the 4 magic moves are retirement BLESS.

Thank you Andy.



"The Early Wrist Break Has Transformed
My Striking Of The Ball!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian XXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 30 June 2008 11:29
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:Re: Ian - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hello Andy -

I've been to the range two or three times now and can scarcely believe the results. I started palying golf thirty five years ago when I was fifteen, and within a short time was scoring in the mid 80's. From then until now, and despite the technology applied to the equipment, I have never really improved and have given up on the game more than once.

Your advice on the early wrist break has transformed my striking of the ball. For years I've avoided the long irons but yesterday I was hitting 3 irons for the sheer pleasure of seeing the ball fire straight down the intended line. That's not something I'm used to!

The takeaway still feels a bit odd and slightly ungainly. I need to work on starting the backswing smoothly. I am "waggling" the club a lot at address -rehearsing the wrist break and trying to resist the temptation to roll my hands back the way I always have.

Thanks for everything



"The Difference Is Amazing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Boland [mailto: xxxx@ xxxx.com]
Sent: 30 June 2008 11:28
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Mark - Learning the New Four Magic Moves


I have been to the driving range at least 5 times since I received the book and the difference is amazing. I am finding that I am losing a bit of distance with my shorter irons but I have not hit too many of them yet as I can't stop hitting long straight drives, with the occasional exception. I have not had the chance to play an actual game yet but hope to do so this weekend.

Kind Regards

Mark Boland

"Your Method Is The
Best I Have Read!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bruce McKay [mailto: xxxxxx@ xxxxxx.au]
Sent: 29 June 2008 17:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my improvement

My wife and I are recently retired and living in North Western NSW Australia. We played golf for the first time 18 months ago. 6 months ago we completed a beginners course at our local golf club which taught us the basic essentials and etiquette of the game, however the ingredient that was missing was why/how our many intermittent good/bad shot were happening. Your e-book and audio course really explained this to me in particular (but not solely) chapters 3 and 4.

My wife has noticed my improvement since becoming a convert to the "4 magic moves" and at present am waiting on delivery of a hard copy of the package "V4081306040 - Four Magic Moves & Play Better Golf (full package)" which I am sure will improve her game.

For now I only play socially with a group of friends but am confident that I will shortly obtain an official handicap and start in the seniors competition with my wife.

Again many thanks for your follow up and commitment to "The 4 magic moves" (particularly the note on 100 key pointers) Your method is the best I have read and my improvement certainly shows it.

I will keep you informed of our advancement in this wonderful game and feel that the video package and hard copy of the e-book can only enhance our game for the better and also give our club professional something better to work with when we have the ever necessary tune-up lessons.

Kind regards,

Bruce & Robyn McKay

"I Had A Meteoric Rise In My Game!"

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From: Geraint XXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.co.uk]
Sent: 26 June 2008 17:17
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf success story

Hi Andy,

Thought you would like to know my little success story. I purchased your 4 magic moves kit not long ago and have put them into practice.

I started playing golf Sep'07 having never picked up a golf club. This week I had a meteoric rise in my game and broke the hundred barrier to score 97. This was on one of the toughest courses in the county, they say you can add 4 strokes to your handicap when playing it. I took lessons early on while learning, but gave them up after finding they were taking me in the wrong direction.

Employing the four magic moves has turned me into a handicap golfer practically overnight after having only been playing for 10 months!!

I hope to get down to sub 20 by the end of the year, maybe better!!



"It Has Improved My Game Three Fold!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Pete XXXx [mailto: xXXXx@XXXx.net]
Sent: 26 June 2008 16:09
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy


I AM SORRY I have not sent you a note sooner but I am slow in telling you how I like your system.

It has improved my game three fold. I am 85 and sort of slow in breakiny old habits. I have the 4 moves down fairly good but I am haviny a little trouble with the down swing, but i will whip it soon. Thank you for your help, I need it.

Again thank you for the help


"I Prevailed To Become
Senior Club Champion!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 25 June 2008 16:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Some success

Hi Andy

The four magic moves have been very helpful, I have maintained my single figure handicap and believe I am overdue a really good round.

A good score has been thwarted by some untimely fatal flaws when I failed to commit fully to the 1st move. This is not surprising when I am playing only competitive golf and no time for practice and consolidation. However after scraping into the qualifying with an 8 on my card and going into the match play I prevailed to become Senior Club Champion!

After having some computer problems I am trying to catch up on the help from Renegade and Coach Stephen! I really enjoy the blog and the rules of golf questions, thanks once again. None of my buddies have been able to crack the 1st move but I have seen an improvement in their game anyway.

Kind regards


"I Think It Is Very Clever!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Elliott Hoffman [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.net]
Sent: 25 June 2008 15:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: the gift

Hi Andy:

I read your first point, (the early and new wrist break) and I think it is very clever.

I have already read MANY other books on golf (in fact, if reading made you better, I would be on Tour now), and I have never seen anyone explain the wrist break as you have. In fact, I read the book "Natural Golf" and I believe that if you use this wrist break, your mechanics will resemble theirs.

Only you actually point out how to use this in the swing, and they don't.

I am VERY impressed with this first idea, and am looking forward to buying the rest of them at the end of July.

I think you have the gift of being able to pick out the important moves which contribute to a great swing - the mark of a great teacher.

Elliott Hoffman.

"What An Awesome Technique!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 23 June 2008 23:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Richard - Learning the New Four Magic Moves


Yes, I've given it a try on the driving range, and the improvement to my drives was huge. Before using your technique, I felt "lucky" when I hit a ball on the fairway. I also felt lucky when I could get more than 150 yds out of my 3 iron or 200 yds from my driver.

Putting your technique into practice, I noticed a huge improvement in my irons ... actually getting the estimated maximum from them ... and furthermore, they went where I was aiming. My woods don't hook or slice anymore, and the difference in distance I'm getting is amazing.

I've also used your technique in a game, and dropped 6 strokes the very first time out. I actually parred 3 holes in a row and didn't triple bogey once ... (and I'm usually a double-bogey shooter that pars rarely). Since I'm new to your technique, I'm certain I'm going to see further improvement as your swing becomes more ingrained into my game.

I don't think I can thank you enough! I love golf, but really stink it up on the course, finding myself in the shade of tall trees or walking through thick grass looking for my ball. I used to say (in jest) that my handicap was a 3 ... my woods, my irons and my putter. Once I get a little more practice under my belt, I'm certain I won't be able to use that line anymore.

I hope you much success with your books! What an awesome technique!

Thanks again!


"Thank You For The Great Work!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Maxine xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 23 June 2008 23:34
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:Re: Maxine - How To Easily Beat Slow Play


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you've done by creating the golf download files and for sending weekly emails to us. I had about given up trying for 'better golf' again because I begin to think in my head that 95-105 was my game at my age.

Since reading your material, and getting the informative and encouraging emails, I left those old negative thoughts behind and began to seriously put into effect what I had read...especially the develop a routine for EVERY time I address a ball whether it be on the tee, in the fairway or on the green.

I even stopped taking some medications that I felt were really causing a loss of strength without really doing me any good.

I am now down to a 17 handicap and playing in the mid to low 80s. I'm aiming for the 70s again and before your golf material I had given up that desire. I now KNOW that I can do it...and it might have been today had we not been rained out after the front nine. I had a 41 and that included taking a 7 on a hole when I went into the water and had to take a penalty stroke.

Thank you so very much. I will be 75 in September and fully intend to break 80 before my birthday.


"Hit Every Fairway!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Keith Moore [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 23 June 2008 23:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Keith

Hi Andy,

I took the swing out on to the course yesterday for the first time. No slice, hit every fairway, putting out of this world - every one was impressed.

Not got to the chipping practice bit that's what cost me. anyway went from 101-93 l play off 21 put not been near it this year, good start hope to do better.


Keith Moore

"I Can't Believe It!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Vera xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 23 June 2008 23:33
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:Re: Vera - New First Magic Move VIDEO

Hi Andy,

I'm busily studying your super book received a few days ago - I've practised what I have learned so far and my - what a difference its made to my game so far - I can't believe it!!

More comments later.

Thanks again


"I Just Wish I Had Found
This Method Years Ago!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.au]
Sent: 23 June 2008 23:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: John, GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com Customer Newsletter

Hi Andy,

Just a quick reply and thank you... I entered golf grip in google and your website came up. I read a bit about your site and thought the message had merits.

I bought your $37 download, practised a couple of times your grip and turn under takeaway. I then went out on Saturday and shot 76, 3 up and won A grade... that is how good it is.

I just wish I had found this method years ago instead of hitting my head against a brick wall wondering where I am going wrong. I have been as low as 4 handicap but am now a very shaky 9. I can see that your method will only bring brighter afternoons on the course...

Many Thanks...


"The Method Works!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Cantwell [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 23 June 2008 11:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: magic golf

Andy, The method works!!

The shut face horrifies most instructors. They will say that it produces a lower ball flight but middle and short irons actually go higher and with more spin. Maybe it's magic after all.

Dave Cantwell in North Carolina

"Handicap Index From
24 Back Down To 18!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 23 June 2008 07:57
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf DVD

Hi Andy:

Thanks for explaining the elements of the golf swing with such clarity and conviction in your "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf". I have just received the DVD and have found it to be the perfect companion piece to the book. These two great instructional tools have enabled me to lower my USGA h andicap index from 24 back down to 18 and trending even lower. I will certainly spread the news of my success here in Arizona.

Thanks again


"These Results Are Needless
To Say, Amazing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Greg XXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 23 June 2008 07:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf swing feedback


I've been meaning to get around to this, so here it is.

Background: I left the game of golf six years and decided to get back in the game this year. Well, having gone out to the driving range and school ball field, my game needless to say was quite rusty. One swing was a hook, while the next was a banana ball. Struggling to regain form would not be easy. When I left the game, I was a (4) handicap and had shot under par and even scored in the sixties, so I know what it takes.

I was a modern golfer who could time a swing as well as anyone around, but coming back would not be easy. So I decided to search the internet on "golf swing" to see what promising over night cures awaited me. This is were I found the New Four Magic Moves (NFMM) information.

The way Mr. Brown has illustrated and put together his package made total sense the first time I read it. After going thru the manual and listening to the audio, I couldn't believe it (golf swing) could be that simple, but it is. As we know, there are many a golf swings out there and it just gets unbearable watching so many people who could benefit from this instruction, but are stuck with the modern swing and teachings.

Don't get me wrong, if you have lots of time (40+ hours) a week on your hands to practice your modern swing, you will someday have a repeatable swing. Try NFMM!!!

Attached is my lates handicap and score listing. Here in America, we have a handicap index and where I play, I'm a 3.2 index, which works out to be a (4) handicap. Just like I was when I left the game six years ago. I would have never imagined these results in my wildest dreams. My goal for this season was just be able to play in the 12 handicap range, but these results are needless to say, amazing.

Thanks again, Andy. Well done!


"I Can Now Confidently
Swing A Wedge!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 23 June 2008 07:50
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: confident golf


I have played golf for about fifty years, my lowest H'cap was 10 I am in my early seventies and still love the game. I am now playing off 21 and know that I have the ability and strength to do better. The reason I bought your lessons was to help me overcome an anxiety induced case of the driving yips.

These yips take the form of a prolonged hesitation at the top of the swing and an inability to get the club to the ball, so much so that sometimes I nearly fall over. I had got to the stage where even looking at the course made me feel ill.

Having read and worked on your "magic moves" I have come to understand much more about the swing and some of the reasons for my difficulties. I can now confidently swing a wedge and hit a clean straight high flighted ball. I am still working on the longer clubs.

I now feel confident enough to enter Club competitions again and enjoyed a game last week for the first time for ages.

Another aspect which may be of interest is that in desperation I contacted my General Practitioner and described the problem, she immediately suggested that I had an anxiety issue and prescribed a low dose of Beta Blockers which are some times prescribed for people who are nervous about exams, driving tests etc. I have yet to try the medication but I will do this week.

Thanks a lot


"Seven Strokes Off With
Only One Of The Moves!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Garry xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.us]
Sent: 19 June 2008 10:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Garry - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

After only reading the first of the four moves of your book, I went to have a round of golf with some friends. Well we'll say I have to read the rest of the book, but I shot a 93, breaking 100 for the first time in over a year.

So that equates to seven strokes off with only one of the moves. Hmmmmm that could equal to maybe 15 to 20 strokes in time. Guess I'll keep reading for now. My grandson also reads the book and now equals my distance on a lot of his shots. By the way, he is nine years old.


Garry Leonard
Tallahassee, Florida

"Seven Strokes Off With
Only One Of The Moves!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Alain xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 19 June 2008 10:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank you Andy!

Hello Andy,

I want to thank you for your book and DVD that I bought a few months ago ! The work with your help is paying off. It took me some time but I am on the right track.

I am now usually cutting my HCP by 3 shots playing around 12.

Thanks for your on-going help,


"I'm More Than Pleased
With The Results!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Nick Assemakis [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 19 June 2008 10:00
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:RE: Nick - Tony's Story could be just the thing to help your golf

Thanks Andy,

I too have read you're your 4 magic moves book (I ordered it from my home computer) and I'm more than pleased with the results achieved so far.

I've been playing golf for 15 years, have had 3 sets of lessons - but still I could not eliminate my slice problem.

Since adopting the 4 magic moves I am now experiencing a different golf game. For the very first time in 15 years of golf, I feel confident at swinging fast through the ball and not worry about the slice problem - what a great new feeling.

Only had 2 games so far, I really hope this improvement will last.

I'll keep you posted


Nick Assemakis

"I Love The Elevation I'm
Getting From My Irons!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Leslie Elliot Bishop [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.au]
Sent: 19 June 2008 09:59
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Reply from Andy Anderson of GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com

Dear Andy,

I received my copy of "The New Four Magic Moves.." as requested. Many thanks.

You may be interested in my story. I'm a 63 year-old, left-handed male living in Adelaide, South Australia. I played golf...or at least tried to play golf...in my twenties. I eventually gave it up when family and work commitments became a priority. I returned to the game in my late fifties and have played now for the last five years or so.

Problem is I'm hopeless and rarely break the magic ton. However, I keep persevering because of the pleasure I get from the few good shots I play. I'm not sure if my refusal to give in is testimony to my temperament (I won't allow anger, frustration and disappointment to spoil my day) or to the great game of golf itself.

Most disconcerting, however, are that I'm capable at most sports despite my age, have attended a number of golf lessons and have spent a small fortune on quality golf clubs. Distance is not my problem Andy...I can belt a four iron 190 metres and drive to 260 metres. Direction, however, is my nemesis and I've been known to lose a box of balls in the course of a single round! Ball manufacturers love the likes of me.

After receiving your "Magic Moves", I was skeptical at first...I'd already read some of the literature that abounds on the golf swing and to no avail. However, I locked myself away from all other influences for three days and did nothing but view your DVD, read your manual (the left-handed edition was most appreciated) and practised, practised, practised...dare I say with monastic zeal!

Without wishing to push the religious analogy too far, I had something akin to a religious experience. For the first time in my life I hit the ball where I aimed it. Hallelujah brother! I'm yet to achieve my normal distances (though I'm not far short), but all my efforts to date have been learning the new skills you've shown me and developing timing and rhythm.

I love the elevation I'm getting from my irons, the crisp clubface contact with the ball and, above all, my new-found ability to group a half-dozen balls within a fifteen metre circle at 145 metres with my six iron.

Please accept my gratitude again Andy. I've always enjoyed golf, but I know I'm going to enjoy it even more now. I can foresee a day in the near future when I'll be hitting eighties. My one remaining dilemma is do I share these 'magic moves' with my golfing mates or do I leave them in my wake?

Kind regards,

Leslie Elliot Bishop

"I Am Thrilled!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Gooze [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 19 June 2008 09:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:Re: Leonard Fights Off Allenby and Immelman

Andy, the 4 magic moves really works.

I actually only use 2 magic moves the immediate wrist cock, with a full shoulder turn and then the down swing with a xXXXx xxxxx . I am thrilled.

Dan Gooze

"Have Done More For My
Golf Game Than Anything!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Roland xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.net]
Sent: 18 June 2008 17:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: New four magic moves

Andy, I will have to admit that the four magic moves have done more for my golf game than anything I have tried in the past. After reading your book and listening to your tape I proceeded to the range and thought I had a instant cure BUT the first round of golf was a disaster.

Things just did not feel right(It is hard to break old habits), but I was determined to give the four magic moves a fair chance. I continued at the range and with my game and things did start to improve.

My handicap has come down and I feel more confident with my game. I even think I figured what the six inch drive means. I now have better weight shift and do get more distance with my irons.

I can not tell if my drives are longer (maybe a little) but I do hit the fairway more often which really helps and my irons have more height and hold the green better. Guess we all go out and buy "better equipment" to help our game but I would recommend to any high to mid range handicaper that there next purchase to help there game be a copy of your "The Four Magic Moves".


"The Improvement Was Apparent!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jay xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 11 June 2008 22:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Finally some feedback

After receiving many requests from you for feedback on the course, I am finally responding.

Many years of on and off again golfing made it a pretty frustrating game for me. I hit pretty consistently in the high 80&'s to low 90's for a couple of years then took ten years off for a variety of reasons. Last year I took up the game again and couldn't get much below 115.

So I ordered your book, scrapped what I knew and started from scratch with the basics. First time on the course after practicing what you teach in the book on the range over weeks, I broke 100 for the first time in a while. I guess about 5 of those strokes came primary from nerves on the first two or three holes.

Once I settled down, got used to being back on the course and simply applied what I learned from you, the improvement was apparent. I obviously still have a long was to go but the consistency is coming back and it now have a proven plan to follow.

Thanks Andy


"The Wrist Break Move Is The Greatest!"

-----Original Message-----

Warwick [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 11 June 2008 00:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:RE: Reply from Andy Anderson of GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com

I've got one word to describe what is happening to my golf game as a result of purchasing The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf.


The wrist break move is the greatest one element to my golf swing that I have ever been taught. It is working for me. You didn't discover it or create it, however, you repackaged it and passed it along. That is good enough for me.

Thank you and Joe Dante for teaching it and thank you for passing it along at a very favorable price.

Alan Warwick
Golf nut and future low handicapper

"I'm Just Blown Away!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Al xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 11 June 2008 00:22
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:Re: Al - Learning the New Four Magic Moves


I am on the chapter "Cleaning out the Rubbish", and I'm just blown away!!

I can't wait to get to the rest of this "magic" lesson. Everything makes sense and so easy to understand.

I don't know how I run across your web sitwe, but I am so glad I did. I'll keep you in touch.


"Your Instruction Really
Is The Best Advice!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Gavin Fraser [mailto: xXXXx@XXXx.co.uk]
Sent: 09 June 2008 18:18
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my golf results

Dear Andy,

Your instruction really is the best advice I have ever been given in 25 years.

The key thing for me is that it gives me a track to return to if I start to stray.

Other wise I am hitting the ball better than ever, further than ever and I have grown in confidence as a result.

Thanks Andy


Gavin Fraser

"My Shots Are On The
Button - Down The Middle!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Danny McCarthy [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 09 June 2008 18:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My handicap

Hi Andy,

Apologies for the delay in writing back. I have not stopped playing. This is a 'massive' thanks to the way in which you have opened up what I saw as a 'never going to get there' game

Since reading your instruction and getting all the ribbing from my mates - you know & That's not going to work' you can't grip a club like that etc etc..!

Well they are all eating there words now!! Over the past 9 weeks my handicap has dropped from 28 down to 19 and I am not even trying.

My shots are on the button - down the middle.

From day one, I read the book, tried the grip, thought can't get that. Left work, straight to the driving range, practiced a bit then a bit more, until it did work.

Everything you say in the book is on the money. I now take shots with irons rather than a driver, my 3 wood outshines my golfing buddies using drivers by 10-15 yards. The shots are straight and true, ok some go adrift but nowhere near the amount previously - the envy of all my mates.

I was asked who my coach is and I just said Andy Anderson - who is this Andy Anderson? well he's the man who can tell you how it's done, he will also tell you what can go wrong and why! it's like having insider dealing on the the net.

Consequently they have all asked for his details - to which I am reluctant to give although I do willingly. If you want to enjoy your game with little or no effort - just change your approach give Andy a call.

After all this it remains only to thank you Andy for all your instruction to date, but also, for the continued back up you keep sending - Keep up the good work. It's now a pleasure to play the game.


Danny McCarthy

"Significantly Increased My Distance!"

-----Original Message-----
From: M. Taylor [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 09 June 2008 18:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: shoulder turn

The early right wrist break with a full shoulder turn has significantly increased my distance and has been a great help with hitting fairways and greens.

Trying to stay behind the ball until I hit it keeping my head behjind the ball seems to be the hardest thing for me.

M. Taylor (hdcp 7)

"Now That's Exciting!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Chalmers [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.co.nz]
Sent: 05 June 2008 23:44
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks for emailing.

Hi Andy,

I am not sure why we get so obsessed with this game....but we do seem to! I have actually only read about the early wrist break and have tried that over and over again just here at home in my room in front of the mirror.

It's a lot of information to take in so I think I will practice the stance and wrist break first and get them exactly right before I worry about the other bits.

I can see that the wrist break is the key to the rest of the swing so I wanna get it right. It's a great feeling doing it though, because I can see it forcing me to do exactly what I know is right, and that's great. I look forward to taking it to the range with me tomorrow.....

Reading through the different chapters is really good and I am definitely pretty excited to try everything out. I was just trying the wrist break, actually about 5 mins ago and I discovered that it brings the clubface much more squarely back to the ball without me even realising it - now that's exciting!!!!!!!!

Thanks for emailing.

I look forward to receiving the dvds.

I hope the weather is warming up over there.....it's freezing over here at the moment!


Daniel Chalmers,
New Zealand.

"I Was Amazed!"

-----Original Message-----
From: George xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 05 June 2008 13:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject:Re: Reply from Andy Anderson of GolfSwingSecretsRevealed.com


Forget my previous email , i found out how to do it ( im a 71 year old who breaks into a cold sweat when using a computer)

P.S. I went to the driving range yesterday and tried the wrist cock, I was amazed ! watch this space !



"Many Thanks For Everything!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Elwyn xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 05 June 2008 10:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: your teaching lessons

Hi Andy.

I have been working hard on your Four Magic Moves, and I have to admit "yes" Magic Moves work.

I am now getting to grips with it all and my swing is becoming very consistant. I am finally getting more length and consistency with my irons, also.

I am not to sure if I am correct but I feel that my swing must commence from my left shoulder. Am I thinking along the right lines?

Thank you for your help. I have had many lessons in the past from very renowned coaches but, seriously, none can compare with yours. This must be the new way of thinking and I congratulate you on your getting to grips with it. I am not only saying this but am praising your teaching methods to all my playing partners. I will continue along with your teaching lessons as finally something is in print that actually works without using gimmicks and is easy to relate to.

Many thanks for everything.

Kind regards,


"My Game Is Solid!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Davieson Mandlenkosi Magagula [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.co.za]
Sent: 04 June 2008 12:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Davieson this Sucks - US Masters Story

Morning Andy,

I thought I should share my stories with other golf swing readers. We joining last year August 2007, I was bit frustrated with my game still shooting 93-89 not dropping. I further buys other books about improving your golf game. Most of the info is the same teaching, three weeks back I consolidate everything into one and apply all the techniques on my game, guess what, today I glad I shoot 72 and ready for tour school in three weeks. My game is solid you give any club I hit it straight.

Thanks Andy


Davieson Mandlenkosi Magagula

"Many Thanks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Philip Baird [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 02 June 2008 21:50
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Take your phone off the hook Philip you need to read this!


My name is Phil from Down Under & I recently stumbled upon an article of yours which interested me greatly. It was about the 4 magic moves in the swing & what interested me was the commencement of the swing & hip turn but more importantly the takeaway - you mentioned the toe of the club always rises during the takeaway....for me it was perfect as I have always gone a little inside & 'shut' so for me it got the club on plane & allowed the clubface to open.

Many thanks,


"Your System Has
Performed Miracles!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jack Chedester [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 02 June 2008 14:33
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf at 75

Hello Andy,

Your system has performed miracles.

I have played at golf for 50 years and did everything negative that could be done to the golf swing. Gave up the game of golf in 2000 because I thought I was getting too old to play. But when I seen your "Four Magic Moves" I just had to try them, and you know what happened because you have found the answer we all have spent years and hundreds of dollars in the quest.

I spent two weeks at home with the first two moves with out hitting a ball. Then at the driving range my whole concept of golf changed, I was actually hitting straight shots and not one slice. When I progressed to the long irons then into the driver it was unbelievable what had happened. Not all shots were as expected because I still reverted back to the comfortable swing and things went to pot in a hurry.

The first round of golf in eight years came with the lowest score in since the 1980's. I have been working on the last two moves and expect to improve more. It is great to be able to play and not be embarrassed by my golf swing. I hit in the mid 90's and the target is in the 80's by summer's end. Not bad for a 75 year old ex-golfer.

Your method is the only self teaching method that works, I have tried them all over the last 40 years and know from experience that "The Four Magic Moves" is the only method that works.

Thanks Andy for the enjoyment I am now having in showing up a few younger fellows who are surprised at what has happened with my golf swing. What a great gift you have given back to me.

Jack Chedester

"I Am Hitting The Ball Straighter!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Trennum [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 02 June 2008 14:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy


During the winter months, I subscribed, received and read your four magic moves.

I most certainly could relate to the myths and past teachings of the does and don'ts of the game.

Now that the courses are open, I have two games under my belt. I am hitting the ball straighter (12/14 fairways (no par 3's))and further with all clubs. I now have to reset my yardage for my iron play to adjust for the new distance. I see no problem in reaching a single digit handicap this year.

The mental picture derived from your sessions went a long way in getting me off of the tee. The knowledge when put to the test is proof enough.


Paul Trennum

"I Have Driven The Ball Further!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Colin xxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 02 June 2008 14:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Colin - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy

I have read thru to chapter 6 so far.

You may recall that i emailed you to say i had started shanking the ball after reading the backward wrist hinge

Happily i have now played twice and practiced and can see and feel that although i was hinging in the correct way i was spinning my hips to start the downsawing causing me to go outside the line and cut across the ball.

In my two rounds i have driven the ball further and straighter off the tee and fairways. My irons especially the shorter irons arent as fluent with the new hinge yet, especially when i have a half or three quarter swing. I think it is just that I am conscoiusly thinking about the hinging and not getting a feel of how long a backswing to make when it is not a full shot.

I am going to read the remaining chapters today

Is there a video about starting the downswing with a lateral movemet of the hips to the left.

I find it easier to see the action and copy it which is what i found with the first move video



"It's Truly MAGICAL!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Joel xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxx.net]
Sent: 02 June 2008 10:37
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: your golf system

Dear Andy:

I just wanted to thank you for making your system available to everyone. It's truly MAGICAL.

During the past nine weeks, my handicap has dropped three shots and my ball striking is better than ever. Your system involves little or no guess work. I now feel like I know exactly what I have to due in order to swing CORRECTLY. Unlike other systems, yours not only tells the student what to do, but also how to do it.

FANTASTIC! I will continue to promote your system because it works.

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Peter xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 02 June 2008 10:34
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great product


I bought your, "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf," primarily for the Video instruction. Well, I wasn't disappointed. From your very concise presentation I learned to swing the club in a much more efficient manner than I ever thought possible. Your instruction is wonderfully easy to understand and even easier to take to the golf course. My wife noticed my improvement and decided to watch the video. Wow! She went for a very weak hitter to a confident swinger of her clubs in about one week.

Thanks for a great product!

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

"I Am Glad To Have Obtained
Your Book and DVD!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jimmy xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 02 June 2008 10:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: improving my golf

Dear Andy,

I have started changing my swing according to the '4 Magic Moves'. It takes a while to get the right feeling. The first change I noticed was the extra length to my ball off the Tee and this helped to improve on my game somewhat. However, I need to have the consistency in my swing in order to land the ball on the fairway and reduce the bad hook or pull that may occur occasionally.

I'd guess the remedy to this is more practice which does not allow me at the moment. However I will continue to master the change and will inform you on the progress.

On the whole I am glad to have obtained your Book and DVD. It is a great help indeed!



"Really Impressed With The Results!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.net]
Sent: 27 May 2008 10:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf results


I finally had a "dry" day and played nine holes at the club nearby. As long as I remembered - and put into practice - the new four magic moves I was really impressed with the results. I only had one wiffle and that was when I just wasn't concentrating. I imagine that before this season is past I will have dropped 10 - 12 strokes from an 18 hole round.

Thank you,


"No Slices And Increased Length By
10 To 15% - The Best I Can Imagine!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bram xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.nl]
Sent: 27 May 2008 10:30
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: No slice!

Hello Andy

Whereas I just started digesting your instruction material and memorizing the motions, my first experiments gave drive-shots more or less straight within +/- 2 degrees, no slices and increased length of 10 to 15%.

I am Dutch, living in the Netherlands. I am 63 yrs old. I started golf when I retired 3 years ago. A year ago I got my first handicap of 36. It seemed I got stuck with it. I had problems with accuracy as well as distance. I walk 9 to 18 holes two times a week.

I found that most learning processes at my age are slow. After 25 golf lessons I made little progress. I was a bit puzzled about the why, how and sense of the motions of a wide backswing in connection with a retained down swing ending with a kind of whiplash. I never got a clear picture from my teaching pro of why and how.

The fixes he proposed did not seem to be the answer to my problems. So, I stopped taking lessons and started reading and analysing the swing videos of Els, Scott and Woods on You Tube. I found that their style was totally different from what I was taught and different from what I see for 95% around me on the golf-course. What I see around me seems more like a wood-cutter blow or hack more than anything else and I don't like the sight of it.

I kept searching until I found your Web-site. Immediately I had this Eureka-feeling with the first impression of the new four magic moves training material on your Website. This seemed what I was looking for. Immediately I bought all of it.

Now that I have read it all I think your instruction material is the best I can imagine; a structured methodical learning by reading, listening and viewing.

I am a methodical man with an analytical mind and a strong visual memory. So in addition to listening and reading, watching the new four Magic Moves instructions on DVD is a great help for me.

Last week after roughly 16 rounds in 9 weeks experimenting with the New 4 Magic Moves I reduced my handicap from 36 to 30.5 in one round. Watching me, my golfing mates foresee further improvement in coming months. The method gives me accuracy, distance and confidence. Getting more distance made me also take on more easily a slower consistent swing-rhythm effectuating in consistency in the distance per iron. This is something of the past three weeks.

I tell everyone who wants to listen about my experience and the Web-site.

Andy I have a great esteem of you taking the initiative to publish this material. I'm sure you make a lot of people happy.

Kind regards.


"I'm Finally Consistently Hitting
The Fairway - Cut My Score By 20!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Carl xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 26 May 2008 10:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: knocked 20 strokes off

I cut my score by about 20 but that's not what's important.

Over the last four years of golfing, I've completely changed my swing at least five times. Each time, I've been disappointed that the latest hot tip really was not so hot. I was about to give up and sell my clubs. I decided to give it one more year. Then I happened across the Andy Anderson website.

Honestly, I did not see an improvement at first. Then I realized that I had carried some old habits with me into the Andy Anderson method. I decided to test about 20 aspects of my set-up, grip, and swing and see what helped and what didn't.

Two hours on the driving range resulted in about ten decisions. As an example, a common tip is to open the left foot toward the target a bit. It might work for you, but it doesn't for me. I hook with the open left foot.

I hit better with toes pointed straight ahead. I never hook if my left toes are even pointed in a bit.

I'm finally consistently hitting the fairway. It's much more fun to spend the day golfing rather than searching for lost balls. I still read magazines and watch the pros for ideas. But now, I test those ideas scientifically against my now dependable swing.

Again, the point is that with the Andy Anderson method, I have a dependable baseline swing to improve upon with controlled experimentation.

I still have the list of experiments and the results. I might go through the list again next year... but always in relation to a reliable Andy Anderson baseline swing.


"The Video Is Quite The Outstanding!"

-----Original Message-----
From: R.H. Glading [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.co.nz]
Sent: 26 May 2008 10:13
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: video

As a lifetime golfer (ex NZ Open and NZ PGA titleholder) and golf writer I find your information excellent . The Video is quite the most outstanding instructional video I have seen .

I like the fact that your material is easy to follow and any golfer regardless of handicap can improve their game by following the material sent out.

R.H. (Bob) Glading

"It's Working For Me -
I Shot 3 Straight 41's And A 42!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dennis xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 22 May 2008 21:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Update

Hi Andy

I'm not usually one to shoot my mouth off and when I read other testimonials, I'm always skeptical, but here goes.

My game had been getting progressively more erratic as time went by.

Year after year I longed for drives and iron shots that my playing buddies, who are 20 -25 yrs younger were hitting with ease. Over the winter I tried to learn at least the 1st 2 moves at an indoor driving range and couldn't wait to see what would happen on the course.

My game had been steadily rising to the mid and high 80's. With the new setup grip and backswing after 4 rounds I shot 3 straight 41's and a 42.

I am longer and more consistent off the tee and can count on one less club on the fairway. And this is just the beginning. It's working for me and as a 61 yr. old who was tired of playing poorly.

Now, I've got the younger guys watching me drive.

Thanks for the tips.

Can't wait to get out and play now.


"I Am Impressed With My Improvement!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Faye xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@ xXXXx.com]
Sent: 22 May 2008 21:04
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Program Results To Date

Hi Andy,

When I bought "The New Four Magic Moves of Golf" it was in the winter with no chance of practicing what

I had learned from the program. Our season has been open for three weeks now and I have had a chance to swing the club for six games.

Considering the course is still in winter condition and the grass has hardly grown on the greens I have a feeling my game will improve more when these conditions have improved but to this point I am impressed with my improvement at this time and have lowered my handicap by one point already.

Many comments are being made about the distance I've been hitting the ball and with accuracy as well. I will keep in contact and update you as the season progresses.


"Score Dropped To 127 From 135++!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Freddie Lauritzen [mailto: xxxxxx@xXXXx.net]
Sent: 22 May 2008 21:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Progress so far

I have only played 3 times since watching the video. The main benefit I have had is that I have taken onboard much of the written stuff from the PDFs.

My swing is still like if I was playing baseball..... and only swinging 1/2 of the swings of others...

However it did not stop me from beating my brother and my brother-in-law for the first time.....

Maybe more of a physiological change then anything else... Score dropped to 127 from 135++ so a long way to go..

Freddie Lauritzen

"Just Like Magic.. No Pun Intended!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 20 May 2008 09:05
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Down from 6 to 2


Here is another example for you and your readers.

I am, oops was a 6 handicap, stuck right there for the last, oh maybe 7 years or so, always looking for the one magic, trick, or scheme to get the game in the best condition that a guy at 60 years of age can get. And then, because I am an AAAAAA personality

I stumbled upon your ebook, look Andy no disrespect meant here, but I buy anything that even remotely promises something that I may not have tried yet. So don't get big headed.

I bought your book and read every word and then to the range. Where else would I go I live there. So what do you think happened?

I hit the ball right on the button over and over and over. The club face got square and stayed square through impact. But that is not all. It caused one of my big mistakes to vanish, I tend to let the left shoulder out of the swing too soon. Some would call it look'n up. But it is just a timing issue where the shoulders are not square to the target line at impact. A must for good solid ball sticking.

Anyway, Andy, the problem disappeared,,, yeap just like magic ,,,,, no pun intened. Bottom line is that I was a tad reluctant to take this early break to the course, but did anyway. 73 first time out at my club here in Venice Fl, Then 72 , I do often over do things and so I did here as well , too much too early, in the wrist break area, not a great thing but not fatal.

As you know, I loved the idea and the ebook, I tell all my golfing friends and tell people I don't even know.

Last word............. if you look at the best players in the world, they all are in the position that you advocate when at the top of their backswing all of them ............. it is an easy position to get to and made easier by your ebook,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I love it ... now I am no longer a 6............ it's a 2.......... and I'll give you 1 a side should you come to Venice. Deal ?


Venice, Florida

"I Am Hitting Straighter And Further!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ira xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 19 May 2008 22:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 34 handicap

Dear Andy,

I am playing off a handicap of 34. Since acquiring your 'golf swing secrets revealed'

I am hitting straighter and further most of the time. My game and shots are better and I feel more confident, though still not that consistent.


"I Was Able To Pick Up The
Early Wrist Break Very Quickly!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Heath xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 19 May 2008 22:00
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Getting rid of my slice

Hi Andy,

I started working on the new four magic moves this weekend.

I play in the low 90's and had a bad slice when I hit a bad shot. I hit 200 balls this weekend and maybe had 5-10 balls that I sliced.

I was able to pick up the early wrist break very quickly and it is really helping to keep the club on the inside out plane.



"I Recently Won My Championship
"C" Flight Tournament!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Hal Ray [mailto: xXXXx@XXXx.net]
Sent: 19 May 2008 21:45
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Moves


Thank you for sending further golf tips. I've more than gotten my value for the ebook.

I also wanted to give you an update on my progress. I've stuck with early break and playing more consistant tee to green.

I recently won my Championship "C" flight tournament (27 holes...83, 37). That was my first real test in competion. Thank you. I have a few friends that have noticed my early move and have expressed interest.

I always reference your web site and ebook.

Hal Ray

"I Have Taken Three Strokes
Off My Game In One Month!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Yvonne Gilbert [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.net]
Sent: 19 May 2008 13:40
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my improvement

Good morning Andy,

I am so excited about the improvement your The New Four Magic Moves have made to my game. I saw improvement immediately. The hardest thing was to feel comfortable with the new grip, but within a couple of weeks it felt normal.

I continued on with the grip even when it was not comfortable because the results of the swing were dramatically better. The ball flew in the direction that I had intended and gained length. I was so amazed, as I am sure so many people are. How in the world could this same women with the same strength suddenly hit the ball so much further.

Many of the girls that I play with on a regular basis were also amazed. Their question was, "Yvonne what in the world are you doing different?" Of course, I shared "my secret" or should I say "your secret " with them.

Some listened and others ignored me. I have taken three strokes off my game in one month and was written up in our local golf paper as the most improved player. You get all the credit Andy.

Thank you so much.

Yvonne Gilbert

"My Handicap Is Down
To A 16 In 5 Weeks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Flip du Plessis [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 19 May 2008 13:39
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Andy's Golf Lessons

Dear Andy,

I purchased your The New Four Magic Moves in March 2008 after a friend recommended it to me. I have been a golfer for 40 years and has been as low as a six handicap in the seventies. I since had some health setbacks and really battled along while slowly slipping further and further on a down slope that seemed to have no end. I went for lessons and started to correct one fault with another until I was a "bad" 18 handicap toying with the idea to give it up totally and find a good lawnmower to push!

That was the intention until I got hold of your instructions and started practicing the "secret" moves. At first the early cocking of the wrists took some getting used to, but it is soon mastered with a bit of concentration and dedication and a fluent backswing soon followed. Once this was achieved everything seems to fall in place and happens automatically.

The shoulder amazingly turns as it should whilst I find my swing "tempo" has also slowed down considerably which gives me the necessary control and distance because my ball striking and follow-thru has improved.

To cut a long story short the moves have given me confidence as well as clean ball striking ability which was lacking for some years.

My scores started to come down and my handicap is down to a 16 in 5 weeks. After the last three rounds in which I scored 85 and 84 and 86 (course rating 73) I expect a further cut to a 14. Suddenly my ambition to be a 12 again is not a pipedream anymore and I am confident that I will achieve that in the next three months.

Indecently, the confidence that the "new swing" installed in my long game filtered through to the short game which used to be my strong suite but started to fall apart due to the extra strain I took because of my inconsistency and bad ball striking of my irons and woods.

Suddenly, golf has become a pleasure again and I certainly became a converted disciple of your theories. Thank you for helping us golfers in distress!

Kind regards

Flip du Plessis

"Added At Least Another 10-15 yds
Or So - More Importantly They
All Fly Dead Straight!"

-----Original Message-----
From: David xxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 16 May 2008 11:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf swing secrets

Hi Andy

Just purchased your "golf swing secrets", read the first few chapters and have had a couple of days at the driving range.

Sensational! I am already a long hitter but have added at least another 10-15 yds or so - more importantly they all fly dead straight! Even the driver which I have been known to slice out of sight has become arrow straight. Most importantly the pitching has become extremely accurate both in distance and direction.

Many thanks and I will keep reading.



"I Have Never Played With
This Much Confidence!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ray xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 15 May 2008 17:18
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 9 weeks in - results to date

Hi Andy,

I didn't realise that it is 9 weeks since I started your the new four magic moves. Well I have to say that I am not impressed!

More like absolutely stunned and amazed to be fair. I have never played with this much confidence and with this much ease.

I have arthritis in my hands back and shoulders but manage it well with medication, with my old swing I used to struggle through 18 holes and come home full of aches and pains and collapse for the rest of the day.

Now, I come home still full of energy to do those necessary chores that one does over the weekend so that is what you have done for me with the new four magic moves.

We are heading into winter in NZ so there is a lot of wind, rain and frost so I am pleased with my scores thus far ranging from the mid 70's to 82 on a links type course of 6200m off the front tees. The back 9 has some daunting holes in terms of length a 222m par 3, 2 par 5's at 515m and 543m and 2 par 4's at 409m and 394m these are not a bother anymore thanks to you.

I have printed off the whole book and am constantly reading it or going back and reviewing and always find something that I have missed or forgotten.

I play once a week and practice all the time on the swing mechanics so that can do it without thinking about it. My old swing used to rear it's ugly head often but rarely does now.

I am 63 and back down on single figures thats got to be good for you. All I need to do is learn how to putt!!

Once again many thanks will keep you posted.



"Best Piece Of Advice I Have
Had Ever Had - Brilliant!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Guy XXXXX [mailto: xXXXx@XXX.com]
Sent: 14 May 2008 13:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf advice


Just want to say that is the best piece of advice I have had ever had - brilliant - and I haven't seen it anywhere else!


"I Am Very Pleased With Both Products!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Rivers [mailto: xxxxx@ xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 14 May 2008 13:36
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My feedback


I have purchased two items from you and am very pleased with both products. You have built a good company.

Dan Rivers

"My Swing Speed Of 95 mph According
To His Machine Was Out Driving
Speeds Of 115-125 mph!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xxxxx [mailto: xxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 14 May 2008 13:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Swing Speed Results

Hi Andy

I think you will like this one, last night I am over my local driving range, and there's a promotion of golf clubs (wont say which one) any they must have been watching me as they asked if I would like to try there club, they had a swing speed and launch analyser.

I hit 4 drives with my own club and 4 with there one, both coming out about even, hitting the ground at 230-240yards. Now the thing is this, my swing speed of 95 mph according to his machine was out driving speeds of 115-125 mph, the operator was some what baffled and said how do you hit the ball so far at such slow speeds. I passed on your web site.

I think you will be hearing from him.

kind regards


"This Secret Is As Easy As Saying 1 2 3!"

-----Original Message-----
From: KC xxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 13 May 2008 09:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks for the golf secret

Dear Andy

I would like to thank you for the golf swing knowledge that has improved my scoring and distant. Hazards that once were a nightmare are now the thing of the past as I have my balls cruising pass them with ease. hehe. My swing coach is at a disagreement with the new swing secret but I've silenced him with my straight and longer shots and not to mention my final posture with completed follow through. Comments from fellow golfers are a smoother effortless looking swing.

Despite my improvement I've found that most golfers here are blinded by their own ego hence not willing to accept these changes and knowledge much to their own detriment. To conclude I've to say that this secret is as easy as saying 1 2 3 but one must try to throw away ones ego in order to achieve success in this swing secret.

I hope to cement this new swing further so that i can then focus next on my putting.

Thanks again Andy and may god bless those poor souls who are non believers haha.


"My Handicap Went From An
18 To 14 In Just 6 Weeks,
And It Is Still Dropping!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard xxxxx [mailto: xxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 13 May 2008 08:52
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks


The New Four Magic Moves is a winner! I became a better golfer immediately, as the swing is much more compact, which limited my possibilities for mistakes.

The ball goes straighter with crisper shots than before. There are fewer errant shots.

My handicap went from an 18 to a 14 in just 6 weeks, and it is still dropping. I broke 80 last week for the first time in my life, a major milestone for a 62 year old dude.

My game improved right out of the gate, but incorporating all of the "Moves" took about a month. I occasionally have "relapses" into my old bad habits, but have been able to correct them with a few minutes on the practice range.

I have recommended it to my friends, some of which are eager to try the "Moves" after observing my game.

Thanks for the secrets,


"I Have Added 20-30 yds Which
Immediately Takes The Strain Off
Shots Into The Green!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Derek xXXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 12 May 2008 06:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 20-30 Yards more

Hi Andy

My name is Derek xXXXx I live on the Costa Del Sol Spain and play my golf at Atalaya Golf & Country Club, I am 74 years old and playing off a handicap of 12, the lowest handicap achieved was 11.9 at the end of April 2008, I won a seniors tournament with a net 68 followed by the best net on one day of our club championship with a net 70 (par is 72)

I first signed up with you on 7th August 2007 when my handicap was 14 and I was struggling to get 200 yds off the tee, I have followed your instructions since then and have improved gradually ever since, Andy, changes at my age are not easy but I did find an improvement from the beginning.

I have sung your praises many times to friends because they can't believe how far and straight my tee shots now go, in general on tee shots I think I have added 20-30 yds which immediately takes the strain off shots into the green,

I have your book and DVD and think both are excellent value so thanks Andy,

Keep up the good work


"Producing Positive Improvement
In My Game Every Day That I Play!"

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From: David xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 09 May 2008 21:13
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my opinion

Hi Andy,

This swing which contains four secrets is in my opinion given some practice time the easiest swing I have tried and is producing positive improvement in my game every day that I play.

Its absolutely great.


"My Driving Is Much Better - I Really
Have Dropped 15/20 strokes!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard xxxxxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 09 May 2008 18:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Instructions

Hi Andy,

Yes, my golf has improved and my understanding of the game and it`s rules have greatly increased.

But let`s not kid ourselves, I am real hacker and a score of 120 plus was normal before your golf secrets were passed on to me. Now I hover around 100/105 strokes per round so I really have dropped 15/20 strokes.

I am still hopeless at times when chipping and once I improve with the approach shots I will crack the 100 mark. My driving is much better once I followed your instructions.

Thanks for almost making my golf days enjoyable.



"First Time Since 1981 That I Have
REALLY Been Excited To Play Golf!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael xxx [mailto: xxxx@xxxx.us]
Sent: 08 May 2008 20:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Handicap drop


Immediately after reading through chapters 1 - 5, I went out the driving range and saw longer straighter shots.

This is the first time since 1981 that I have REALLY been excited to play golf!

My first 2 round after that were still high, but I was having a lot more SUCCESS and FUN (My handicap dropped 12 strokes in those 2 rounds).

I have been reading the rest of The New Four Magic Moves and practicing my short game and looking forward to seeing it in action on the golf course.

I sent "The Moves" to a friend of mine and hope it transforms his game as well.

This has been a great investment for me and my golf game.


"I Have Tried Your Instruction
- It Has Been Fantastic!"

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From: Gemma xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net.au]
Sent: 08 May 2008 19:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thank you for the DVD

Hello Andy,

I have not had a chance to email you and say thank you for the great The New Four Magic Moves DVD.

I have hardly had a chance to put it into practice but from the few times I have tried your instruction it has been fantantic. I am determined to make this my method of playing golf.

The Rules of Golf are very helpful also. I hope to email you next time with great news of a handicap drop. Play off 15 now.

Thanks again for your efforts and enthusiasm.


"Regularly Banging Out 270 To 290m
Drives Straight Or With A Slight Draw
Which I Have Never Hit Before!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Damian xXXX [mailto: xXXXx@xXXX.com]
Sent: 08 May 2008 14:40
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf book

Hi Andy

Just thought i`d let you know what has been happening.

When I first read the book I had my doubts, I liked some of the points, but some were initially hard to reproduce. I tried "the changes" at the range and it worked sometimes but doubts remained and I stuck with my old swing which i shoot low 80s with. Then I went to Malaysia and stayed at a resort where I could knock some balls around.

The results were pretty impressive.

With not much effort I was regularly banging out 270 to 290m drives straight or with a slight draw which I have never hit before. Even my caddie was impressed, so were a bunch of locals who let me play thru and clapped and shook my hand after a 270m uphill drive and a lob wedge and birdie putt.

The 2 photos are of a par 3 I played, 154m over water, nailed a 7 iron to 2 inches, all with this new swing which was very easy to reproduce and required little effort. I am a believer.

Many Thanks


"I Could Not Believe It I Was Hitting
Balls (majority) Longer & Straighter
Than Ever Before!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Keith xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.net]
Sent: 07 May 2008 18:00
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank you Andy

Dear Andy

Just to confirm that all is well received and installed, now comes the hard part!. Many thanks.

For info I'm 76 been playing golf thirty odd years, like you say I've read every book know exactly what to do. Tried everything possible but I'm still a slicer! Many many years ago I answered an add "The magic move of golf" and remarkably it reduce my handicap from 24 (then maximum) to 13 in just a few weeks. This was at Stoke Poges championship course. I must have been very lucky as I never played to that handicap from that day since. Now the interesting bit.

Having read your free first lesson I couldn't get out on to the course quicker enough. On the very first visit I could not believe it I was hitting balls (majority) longer and straighter than ever before. At my age after so long at the game seeing a ball leave the club and going straight towards the pin was an unbelievable sight.

I must admit I thought having done it, why do I want to buy the rest of the lessons!

Well I have and although at this moment (only just downloaded them) I haven't yet looked at them I feel sure that as the first 'magic move' was so successful I will be equally pleased, and learn a lot from the remainder.



"Improving Steadily And Golf Is Now
So Much More Fun And Exciting!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Joel xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 07 May 2008 17:59
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Joel - A Great Pre-Shot Routine!

Thanks Andy:

It's always great hearing from you.

I have been improving steadily and golf is now so much more fun and exciting.


"I Was The Only One In The
Foursome To Make The Green!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Harris xxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 07 May 2008 17:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf success

Andy ,

To tell you the truth I'm probably an average High Handicapper. I'm 64 yrs old, in relative good shape, golfing about 10 years. When I break 100 I had a good day... Well the reason I ordered the rest of the info was...

I usually hit my drives only about 160 yards, usually straight but short.. After just practicing the new wrist break, I started going about 185.. But the final decision to order came on our longest Par 3, 209 yds......well I was the only one in the foursome to make the green!!!!!

Oh, by the way shot a 97 today.......

I can't wait to see what the rest of instructions will do for my game......

Melbourne, Fl

"My Scores Have Gone From
The High 90's Into The 80's!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ray xxxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 07 May 2008 11:37
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: lower golf scores

Hello Andy,

I am a 68 year old golfer who loves the game, realizes I will never become a pro, but still wants to improve. I live in California City, CA, so we have pretty good weather all year round.

I can not say any more than what has already been said by all the others who have purchased and utilized your teachings in the new Four Magic Moves. This is only a repeat of what has been said already, I can hit the ball farther, straighter and with less effort. My scores have gone from the high 90's into the 80's.

All I can say is "thank you very much," you have made the game much more enjoyable.


"Played In The First Round Of Our Clubs Annual Handicap Event & Won 4 & 3!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Charles xXXx [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 06 May 2008 21:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Much better golf


1. The new four magic moves have really helped me it has had a significant effect.

2. My handicap has not dropped in the last 9 weeks however I should state that I have only played in one medal in that time. I scored a net 72 which was 1 shot above my handicap of 18. In this game I should mention that I scored 12 on one par 5 having lost a ball and having serious trouble in trees. The rest of my round was the very consistent and much better than I have played hitherto in medals.

3. I honestly felt this when I first used the first basic move which I have indicated to you previously.

I would like to add that I have played in the first round of our clubs annual handicap event and won 4 and 3 against a 12 handicap player. Also in the drawn fourball event I played with a 8 handicapper and in the first round we won 1 up. So you can see it will not be long before I reduce my handicap. My target for this season is 12.

Kind Regards from someone that is very happy with my golf at the moment.


"Playing More Consistently!"

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From: Harry xxxxx [mailto: xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 05 May 2008 23:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf news

Dear Andy,

After watching your DVD on the new four magic moves, practicing on the range and playing more consistently (twice a week), I have managed to score 87 on a standard Par 72 course.

More importantly I have been able to control the damage on any holes to a double bogey. Previously I will always have holes where I would make quadruple bogeys.

The most important move for me to learn was the xxxxx of the xxxxx to the left. I used to xxxxx and falling backwards. It was difficult to unlearn this bad habit but the hip strap drill helped quite a bit.



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