Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 57 Guys Are Saying!"

"This Programme is Unbelievable!"

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From: Alan xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 31 August 2008 05:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: This Programme is Unbelievable

Hi Andy

This Programme is Unbelievable! I never thought I'd be able to say or write things like I'm about to at least not in my playing lifetime.

Ive never felt better about my game, I usually play of 18 but recently have been achieving 7 at best and 12, but I think there's even more to be had and if not to settle at about 9 wouldnt be at all bad as I'm a youthfull 54.

Ive played a couple of rounds since my best result in inclement weather conditions and was pleased to achieve the results I did and they would not have been possible without your devine intervention and The Four New Magic Moves.

In fact I'm still on a high now.

Ive recommended it to a couple of friends and family and hope they do take it up cos if not they will have no chance of being competitive without much short of a miracle and will therefore have to suffer the spectacle of me enjoying myself and having some real Fun.

My next round can't come quick enough.

Many many thanks

Alan J S

"See The Difference...Amazing!"

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From: James xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 28 August 2008 07:29
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks a lot

Hi Andy,

Thanks for all the emails and great information you send out.

I am working through The Four Magic Moves and am hitting the ball much better. The First Move re the wrist cock seems so insignificant until you try it, and see the difference it makes.


Thanks again,

James (Jim)

"You Have Helped Tremendously!"

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From: Randal xxxxx [mailto:randal@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 26 August 2007 06:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thanks for the tips

Hi Andy,

I would like to thank you for all your tips, advise, etc that I have received from you, as I progress in my golf game.

You have helped me tremendously, and I would recommend The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf to anyone trying to better there game, or stay on top of there game.

I am looking forward to more from you on your site, thanks Andy.


"Hitting The Ball Better!"

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From: Anthony xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 25 August 2008 01:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks

Greetings from Florida ...

Thanks again Andy, The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf really work!

I am still working on smoothing out the overall swing, but have been hitting the ball much better.

One example, there is a 175 yd par-3 over water that always seems to play "long" and I can never seem to get the ball all the way onto the green trying a 5, 4,3 iron and even a 5 wood.

Well, with your technique I hit a 4 iron straight and high into the green for the 1st time. Thanks to you. I am still working on smoothing out the wrist break and not ducking the right shoulder at the top, but I surely intend to stick with it.

Thanks again!


"It Really Is Priceless Information!"

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From: Michael xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 24 August 2008 02:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks


Thank you so much for your help with my golf game.

I honestly believe that by this time next year I will be one tough cookie on the course.

My friends already have noticed a change in my game. Instead of being the brunt of their kidding they are now starting to say "who are you!!?, and what have you done with Mike xxxx!!?".

I am not going to be good advertising for you Andy because I want this secret to be mine and yours.

I am really excited about my level of improvement and where I will go from here. And I haven't even had your lessons for a month yet!

Lastly, I periodically troll through the internet looking at different golf instructors. When I am practicing or playing, I watch instructors and their various techniques. I laugh under my breath and say "those poor sucker students". If they only knew what they could learn from you for so little a price. I would easily have paid more than ten times your fee for the improvement I have already seen.

You are not charging enough for this course Andy. It is really priceless information.

It is really fun to play respectable golf in so little time.



"Invaluable Golfing Guide!"

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From: Rainer xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 23 August 2008 11:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Many Thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

Many thanks for the invaluable golfing guide and tips, my golf is in the process of being transformed. Being a leftie I really appreciate you catering for the minority.

The 100 point summary is a gem! This focuses the mind on the much needed "to do's" as opposed to the "don't do's". Like most brains, mine can only focus on a few thoughts at a time so maintaining focus on the needs limits the chaos that can stream through in the mind.

The place where these thoughts are greatly needed is on the practice range. So a suggestion would be to have the summary in audio format and perhaps split into 2 to or more sections, something like: the setup and the swing.

Once again it has been a privilege to have crossed paths and thanks for considering us south paws.

Best regards

South Africa-the rainbow nation

"Helped Me Gobs..Especially With Driving!"

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From: John xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com
Sent: 22 August 2008 05:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks for the help

Hi Andy,

John in Birmingham, Alabama, USA here.

I bought The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf DVD and it has helped me gobs, especially with my driving I used to slice horribly but now my partners now call me "Mr. Fairway" and "the Machine" - good stuff.

The new golf news website looks tasty but the thing I L-O-V-E-D this season was the Open and PGA "factsheet" you put out. I even passed the Open one to my boss and he thought it was brilliant.

Any way you and your writers could do this for for more tournaments next year? Since these matches are played on courses I will never see it is very helpful to have the yardages for each hole like you did and the little anecdotes and stats are fantastic.

Thanks for your hard work,


"Won 3 Comps...I Am On Fire!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com
Sent: 22 August 2008 05:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great news Andy

Hi Andy,

I've just won 3 comps in a row - I am on Fire !!!!!



"Worth Every Penny!

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From: Eugene xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 19 August 2008 21:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks - hitting it longer

Dear Andy,

This is just a brief note to thank you for revealing to me The New Four Magic Moves in the golfswing.

I am now hitting longer, straighter shots as a result of reading your ebook.

At last I am hitting "pure" golf shots.

Thanks for passing on your knowledge - it was worth every penny.

Best wishes,


"It Was The Straightest Rocket!"

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From: Al Anthony [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 19 August 2008 19:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: NEWS










"Well Worth The Money!"

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From: Denny Torgerson [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 18 August 2008 17:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Update


I really appreciate the knowledge in the The New Four Magic Moves info.

I was a good athlete in high school and college and played high school and college golf but was never below a 9 or 10 hcp.

Now I am 65 and have been shooting in the middle 90's for about 5 or 6 years. I have been unable to get help because I have never sliced, always hooked everything. Most teaching methods are built around trying to cure the slice and it never fit my game, plus no one could tell me why I always hooked everything.

The part in the Magic Moves info that explained the wrist to arm angle finally made me understand why I hooked. I was breaking the angle on the downswing too soon. Now by setting the wrist angle early on the backswing and maintaining that angle, my hook has turned into a controllable draw. If I can maintain that angle as long as possible, my results are much better. I just shot an 81 on a course I have never played before(6500 yds), and the main reason was hitting more fairways and greens.

I have an "old man" swing. It is compact and I find it very difficult to create the "c" the younger players do. I still hit the ball 230-240 in the air with my driver and find if it stays in the fairway, the extra roll I get from the draw is enough distance on most courses that I play. I hit my long irons fairly well, and I am now even better from 120 yds in using the tips on the 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30 backswing and the early wrist break. I also liked the tip John showed on practicing chip shots with the left hand only. That helped my chipping around the green and cut a couple of strokes per round. I still need work on my putting but that may have to wait until next summer as the weather will hamper golfing here in Iowa, USA, very shortly. I also have my business rush in August and September so my time is short.

The information was great and well worth the money. I even took it on the practice range so I wouldn't forget anything while I was learning.

Thanks Again

Denny Torgerson
Des Moines, Iowa, USA

"Handicap Dropped From a 9 to 3!"

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From: Aaron Perlman [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 18 August 2008 07:42
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy - Handicap dropped


I started using The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf 9 weeks ago.

Since that time my handicap has dropped from a 9 to a 3, and I have shot the best round of my life 67 with a 31 on the front side from the back tees.

I don't have to testify please feel free to look me up on golfnet in North Carolina under Aaron Perlman.

You can easily see how quickly my hadicap has dropped since starting the moves.

Thanks a BUNCH!!!!

Aaron Perlman

"Thrilled To Pieces With Results!"

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From: Gary xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 16 August 2008 16:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks for the results


At last I have found understanding through The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf.

I have only worked with your course one day. Played 9 holes and saw massive improvement in my swing and shot results.

Believe it or not I was invited to a Best Ball tournament of 9 holes 5 minutes after. We used 3 man teams. Of the 9 holes my drives and my second shot to the green my ball was best ball for the last 6 holes!!!

On the last hole a par five we made eagle. One of my teammates did a 300 yard drive. I was using a 3 wood off the tee and was only about 25 yards behind him!!!! We had about 155 yards to the pin. My second shot was about 18ft from the pin. I holed the putt after both of my teammates missed it by inches for eagle!

All this resulted just from concentrating on the First Magic Move with each swing!

I have spent hundreds of dollars on other courses looking for consistency in my shots and have been trying to recover the distance I used to have.

Thanks to your courses I am thrilled to pieces beyond description with the basically immediate results I have now.

It is going to be a most rewarding journey as I proceed thru your magic moves and learn all the wherefores and whys of the golf swing. I am 60 years old and weigh 166 pounds.

Thanks beyond words for your interest in my game personally. I'll keep you updated if you like!

Have a wonderful day!


"Simplifies What Everyone Else
Makes Complicated!"

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From: Brian M. [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 13 August 2008 21:38
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my golf progress


I started playing golf this time last year. Never even picked up a club, let alone play the game. I've watched it on tv for years because I've always wanted to play but never had clubs. Anyway, I got a starter set, ("Golden Bear"), I got the bug!! To the point I get in trouble with the wife.

I've been reading your newsletters, applying the 'mind-set' you explain. And after this last one about "Swing the Club Head" I've almost eliminated my oh-so-wicked south paw slice! I play at The Summit Golf Course in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. I stayed on the 9 hole-par 3 course for 8-10 weeks last year shooting 50's, stayed on it all spring till July 4th. Felt it was time to move up. At that time I was shooting 120-115 on this championship course.

Over the course of driving ranges, nets in the back yard, a new driver and wedge, adamant ambition to get better, and your principles, Today I SHOT A 92! Thank You for your insight in the game that simplifies what everyone makes so complicated.

Best Regards,

Brian M.

p.s. look up that golf course on line and you'll see why I'm so proud of my game.

"Changed My Game Forever!"

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From: Ken xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 13 August 2008 21:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: thank you


The New Four Magic Moves have changed my game forever.

For the first time since I started playing golf I feel I now have a golf swing. I have some physical limitations after 4 shoulder operations (2 on each shoulder) and cannot take a full swing. I only have one tendon left in my right shoulder and have to be extremely carefull on my follow through. I am hitting the woods better than ever and am now hitting the shorter shots with much more success. My handicap shot to a 28 over the past 3 years, but yesterday I had 2 birdies on the front nine for a 40 and finished with an 89 on a course with a slope of 127 from the white tees.

I feel confident that I will be able to reduce my handicap by 10 strokes. All my friends want to know what has happened to my swing. I tell them about your book and the DVD and they cannot believe it. I suggest to all my friends who are complaining about their golf game to try The New Four Magic Moves. I struggled with my short game in the beginning, because I was trying tooooooo hard to make the break, but now it is happening without much effort.



PS You are absolutely correct when you say "Discover the FOUR MAGIC MOVES PGA PROS don't want you to know and how to use them to half your handicap" I had been to 4 different pros and none of them helped me as much The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf.

"Helped Me Massively!"

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From: Alan xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk
Sent: 12 August 2008 19:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks Andy

Hi Andy,

Many thanks for your inspiration as its helped me massively to acheive a gross score that I only used to dream of or reserved for Pro players having a bad day.

Recently I grossed 76 albeit on a very playable course with a par of 69, I now have set my target to achieve scores like this whenever and indeed wherever I play as I do tend to get about a bit when I have the opportunity.

So once again Wow and Thanks (well worth it).


"Now Playing Better Every Round!"

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From: Dave xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 12 August 2008 10:59
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my golf story

Hi Andy,

I live in Stirlingshire Scotland and have been playing golf 2 to 3 times a week regularly for the last 5 years or so.

I had got to the total frustration stage as I was never improving and could only rarely break 90.

Since purchasing in May 2008 and using The New Four Magic Moves techniques I have knocked 7 shots on average off my score and recently came close to breaking 80.

It took 3 to 4 weeks before I felt I was finally making a breakthrough and making proper sense of the information you provided. I now feel I can build on this improvement further over the rest of the season.

I'm now playing better in every round I play compared to 3 months back and looking forward to breaking the magic 80 barrier soon.

Thank you,


"Improved 10 Strokes In 2 Months!"

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From: Leslie E Bishop [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx..com]
Sent: 12 August 2008 01:22
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My progress to date

Dear Andy,

I have had some real success with The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf.

Particularly useful has been the first move...the early backward wrist break. It has given me a much more compact, inside-out swing by forcing my left elbow (I'm left handed) into my torso on the takeaway and backswing. This simple move has largely eliminated my hitherto chronic slice and given me greater accuracy. I still have some timing difficulties with the lateral movement of the hips to initiate the downswing but am hoping the use of a metronome in practice may assist me to establish better rhythm.

My game benefited almost immediately and my scoring has improved by around 10 strokes in two months...no exaggeration! Alas, I see scope for further improvement using your method. I can't thank you enough Andy. I've never had a day on the golf course I haven't enjoyed, but it is even more pleasurable when I see improvement in my game.

Kind Regards

Leslie Elliot Bishop

"Dreaded Slice Has Disapeared!"

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From: Mike Coker [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 08 August 2008 14:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my slice - gone!

Hi Andy,

I have taken The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf and incorporated it into a pre shot routine, a bit like Mike Weir, and I have to say that, providing a remember to do it, it has made a dramatic improvement to my shotmaking.

I feel now I can really give the ball a "good whack" and be fairly sure I know where it is going. That was not the case before.

My deaded slice has disapeared to be replaced by a, mostly, gentle draw, so many thanks, I'll let you know how stage two goes.

Mike Coker

"Confidence Factor Way Up!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Inman [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 08 August 2008 03:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My driving range experience


After reading the first 100 pages I took my driver to the driving range yesterday.

I must admit I am very impressed with the results. All the fatal flaws 95% of golfers make, I was making until I applied your instructions.

It only took me a half bucket of balls to start seeing a positive trend. By the time I finished my second large bucket, my confidence factor was way up and I hit 9 of my last 10 balls straight (very straight) down the middle.

What was amazing is that my ball CARRIES were averaging 230-240 yards with out trying to crush the ball (not bad for 51 years old). My driving has been the weakest part of my game for years. I have hit thousands of balls on the range trying to improve but never had consistency until yesterday. One more thing to add, I suffer from "golfers elbow" and I'm usually in pain during and after hitting (especially after). During and after hitting two large buckets of balls yesterday, using the correct swing (something I would never do because of pain), my elbow did not flair up. It wasn't even stiff when I woke up this morning.

We have all had good hitting days, or flukes, but yesterday was not a fluke. I knew exactly what mechanics resulted in a great shot. I'll admit I had trouble at first making fundamental changes but I stayed true to your instructions and once I hit a great shot (and it didn't take long), the light bulb turned on!

I have a Tee time this afternoon with my buddies and I know, (I KNOW!) even after one practice session using your instructions, I am going to perform. Thanks for de-bunking all those instruction myths that kept me confused in the past.


Dan Inman

"I Finally Have The Answers!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Scott xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 07 August 2008 10:15
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: You are a genius!!!

Good morning Andy,

I apologize for not getting back with you until now but I haven't had a chance to get out and try what you are teaching me in the first four chapters you sent when I signed up. Last night a friend of mine who has also struggled with his game, well we went out and played 9 holes on a favorite coarse of ours here in town. Simply put in four words, YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!

Let me give you an idea of where I am coming from and where I am at. I am not PGA material yet but I do enjoy the game. I have only been playing for about a year now. I was extremely frustrated when I would play with "better golfers" and seem to slow them down because I was all over the coarse looking for my ball. I "HAD" a serious slice that would end up in the next fairway if I didn't lose my ball, I just couldn't seem to "straighten" out my shots. I would go to the diving range and practice, usually getting my drives straight until I would tee up my ball on number one, feeling confident, then "tink" there goes another horrible shot with another ball gone. I use to carry four to five balls in my pocket so I could drop when I lost one. You talk about a miserable day on the coarse.

The day I signed up to receive the first four chapters of your book, The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf, I was at my wits end and was seriously going to give the entire game of golf up. I would play with these "better golfers" and ask them for advise or "How do I correct my slice and straighten out my shots?" None of them could tell me, they could tell me what I did wrong with "that" shot but not how to "fix it" so to speak. Desperate for answers I did a search on the internet on how to improve my golf swing and a bunch of sites came up. After reading a couple I came across your site. You are going to send me the first four chapters of your book for FREE? Yeah right, what's the catch? I kept reading for it but there wasn't one!?! I read your entire home page and decided to download the chapters you promised you'd send. The best move I could have ever done it the situation I was in.

Again, YOU ARE A GENIUS! I had finally received the answers I have been looking for. You taught me everything I was doing wrong. You started from square one and took me through my back swing. I soon realized that I had never been taught the correct grip, stance or the all important wrist break. I have spent the last three weeks practicing my grip and the wrist break in my living room. Last night I had a chance to actually try what you have been teaching me. WOW, what a difference in just 9 holes! You have given me back my excitement for the game and I can't wait to get back out on the coarse and keep going, for that I thank you!

Now back to my friend I mentioned earlier. I wanted to keep what I was doing to my self until I was sure your advise was going to work for me. Two weeks ago I had played 9 holes with him and at that time I was just beginning to digest your material and put it to use. I was practicing my grip, trying to apply my wrist break and so on but it was still very awkward. My friend has been doing the same thing I was with horrible shots all over the coarse. We were both very unhappy golfers with no improvement in site. I started to show him the grip you taught me and amazingly his shots improved in just a couple of holes. I started telling him what I was doing but couldn't really go into a lot of detail because we were with other golfers but just the new grip I showed him helped immediately. So last night we had a chance to get back out there and this time we took our time and put to use what I have learned so far. Again, YOU ARE A GENIUS! We started out a little shaky but by the time we walked off the course we were both smiling from ear to ear! By the way, here's the best part, I finished the last hole with the same ball I started with! To me that alone is huge then you add the fact that I was actually hitting a straight ball, unbelievable!

You have given me(us) the excitement back in the game of golf. I can't wait to get out there and keep on going. I am going to order the rest of your book and the additional information you have to offer as soon as I can fit it in the budget. I want you to know that what you have taught me so far is irreplaceable. I really appreciate you offering the first four chapters of your book for free to frustrated golfers like I was because if it had not been for that I probably never would have done anything and quit the game, simply because I didn't know any better.

Thank you for caring, I am completely sold on the techniques you have taught me so far, I can't wait to get the rest of your book. Keep up the good work!



"Made The Game Fun For Me Again!

-----Original Message-----
From: Pete Maker [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 06 August 2008 11:18
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Fun golf

Hi Andy,

I've copied The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf on the E-Book and read and put the teachings to the test.....My last three round on a Par 72 course have been 78-79-77 all on different courses...finally to break into the 70's after struggling......


You have made the game fun for me again.


Pete Maker
Erie, PA USA

"Shots Are Straight, Great Range Too!

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.ca]
Sent: 06 August 2008 02:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Straight Shots

Hi Andy,


Just by adjusting my grip and using the wrist break skill my shots are straight as a dye and great range too.

So much good info and easy to follow.



"Went From Shooting 105 to 86!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Oak xxxxx[mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 05 August 2008 12:14
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Steady improvement


A quick note to relay some interesting news.

I am not certain if I informed you previously, but shortly I will be 80.

This past week for the first time since I took up golf at the age of 70 and was averaging around 100 to 105 per game I exceeded that number by hitting an 86 using The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf.

Since subscribing to your site, I have noted steady improvement in my scoring. My hope is to be able to hit my age by the end of the season...

Well Andy, I wish I had The New Four Magic Moves in 1970... but, as it is said, better late than never......

Many thanks,


"Hitting Balls Straight With Great Consistency!"

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx]
Sent: 05 August 2008 01:39
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My story

Hi Andy, I can't say thank you enough!!!

I never thought of my game as so much improved until now.

I have taken many lessons, all of which changed my swing drastically. I ordered a few days ago and after one trip to the range, I started hitting balls strait with great consistency. At least 7 out of ten were right where I was aiming.

I played a course near my home yesterday and it is noted for being a tough course. I haven't played this course for some 3 years now and oh my God.........I broke ninety and left my fellow competitors in the dust!

At my home course I was shooting in the mid to high eighties and now with The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf I am shooting 80, 81, and 82.

The last two times I shot 81 both times.

If it has done one thing for me, it has really straitened out my ball with much greater flight and consistency.

Keep in mind, I have only had the program for just under a week and have improved this much.

Just wait until a month or so goes by. Scratch golf, here I come!!!



"Gained Ten Yards And Hitting
The Ball In Line!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 04 August 2008 10:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Update on my progress

Hi Andy,

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf have certainly helped my game.

I've gained at least ten or more yards and am hitting the ball on line.

My handicap went from a 12.2to a 9.4.

Keep up the good work.



"I Am Amazed At The Difference!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Todd xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 01 August 2008 19:09
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: big thanks

Hi Andy,

I have I am amazed at the difference. with some practice I am sure I can master the drive.

I just started golfing and I am very happy I found you! Thanks,

Todd Hunter

"Straightened My Shots Up 30% Already!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Steve xxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 01 August 2008 14:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: new swing story

Hi Andy,

Just to let you know, that by cocking my wrists first before the back swing, has straightened my shots up 30% already.



"Drives 40-60 Yards Further!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Neil XXXX [mailto:XXXX@xXXXXxnet]
Sent: 01 August 2008 12:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Update

Hi Andy:

So far so good ... one item though ... You need a disclaimer with your Four Magic Moves ... that should read something like the following.

When you incorporate the Four Magic Moves into your game, we do not accept any responsibility for the fact that you will have to recalculate the new distances for each club so that you do not overshoot your Layup Shots or overshoot the Greens.

I'm hitting my Irons a 10 to 20 yards further; my Utility Clubs 20 to 30 yards further; my Fairway Woods 30 to 40 yards further; and my Driver 40 to 60 yards further.

However, as a high handicap golfer [or is it handicapped ... self inflicted] I am striving for more accuracy and better course management to keep my ball in play as well as being able to find it. It is also pleasant to learn that as the accuracy is improving, so is the distance.

I am working diligently to become more consistent in my incorporation of the Four Magic Moves as well as some stellar advice from other Pros.

It is starting to come together ... perseverance is a critical ... overcome versus being overcommed.


All the best


"Golf Is Looking Good!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 31 July 2008 19:29
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Recommended

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your emails, I'm really enjoying it.

My golf is really looking good, thanks for that.

You've saved my golf and I'm telling everybody about you and my friend Martin will be contacting you soon.



"Mates Shout WOW In Awe!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Raj xxxx[mailto:xxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 31 July 2007 06:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My Story

Hi Andy,

Here's my story...

I was browsing web sites when I came across your site.

I've been playing golf for nearly 3 years (20hc) and my game has been inconsistent, I either hit either a par/birdie or completely blob a hole. Although I had been hitting my driver fairly long 230 yards, I couldn't say I had a repeatable swing and the sound that the ball made when hit with the driver wasn't the same sound that some of the lower handicap players had when they hit the ball.

So, I started reading your free report on the First Magic Move together with looking at the short video.

I was certainly cynical at the beginning because it went against what I was taught - i.e. roll the wrist and only cock the wrist after the hands were parallel to the ground. But the logic of the magic move started making sense to me, so I gave it a go at the range. After a few failed attempts at hitting balls and about the 12th ball, bam! - I hit something like I've never hit before - the ball sound was different, the power had multiplied, the ball flight was different, and more importantly, the length of my drive was improved.

My swing felt solid and something I could repeat.

In my regular 4 ball, I used to be the shortest hitter out of the group - I play with a 6ft 6in youngster who hits the ball really long. After a few more range sessions, in my next match the tables were turned and I was hitting the ball straight, long and consistent.

I don'tt want to exaggerate, but I'm hitting over 300 yards on a warm day.

It's hard to describe the feeling you get when your mates shout wow in awe.

My scores are dropping fast and although in my first round with the new technique I still ended up with a fairly poor score, it was because I was over hitting past the greens. During my most recent round I got onto the green on a 497 yard par 5 in 2 on a fairly cold day.

I think that the first magic step is truly magical and I regret wasting the last two years and hundreds of pound on the range on a swing that was based on the wrong principles.

I'm really enjoying the game now and it was an honour to win the longest drive recently.



"Shot A 92...Last Played A 101!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mark xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 29 July 2008 19:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf report

Hi Andy,

Well its been an interesting weekend.

I ordered your ebook late last week and spent Saturday praticing at home on and off during the day.

Sunday morning I went to the driving range and was hitting the ball really solidly so Sunday afternoon I went to my club (Santuary Lakes) and shot 92!! Last time I played I shot 101.

For me it was the first and third magic moves that made the difference. I can't wait to get out there again and hit more greens in regulation.

Thanks Andy,



"Won The Comp And Lost
0.3 From My Handicap!"

-----Original Message-----
From: R Macaulay [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 28 July 2008 02:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Better game


After reading The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf I was dying to try them out but before I could try it on the range I was booked in to play in my local club in the regular Friday morning comp.

With lots of confusing thoughts in my head I approached the first tee unsure whether to try out my new found knowledge............i decided to go for broke and try to put into practice all that I remembered.

I won the comp and lost 0.3 from my handicap which has arrested the slide I have been experiencing and dropped me from 17 to 16. I am confident that with a bit more reading and a few sessions on the range this handicap will continue to fall. Truthfully I did not get any more distance but my accuracy especially with mid and short irons improved significantly including an 8 iron approach from 130m which finished 2m from the pin and a 7 iron from 145m which I nailed to less than 1.5 m.

My accuracy will continue to improve and I will be able to actually attack pins directly instead of playing for the "controlled slice/fade" I have been used to.

Thank you for the great product and I am sure the improvements will continue with practice!

R Macaulay

"Lowered My Handicap Again!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Basil xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 26 July 2008 19:08
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: News on my game

Hi Andy,

Thank You!

My first hole in one after 28 years came today.

I lowered my handicap again, down from 15.5 to 12.3 since I joined up.

Thanks again.


"Better Understanding Of Swing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Chuck xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 26 July 2008 13:26
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Your Golf Instructions

Hi Andy,

Good Afternoon.

I am pleasantly pleased with your instructions.

I played golf over the weekend and had more consistent stokes then previously but I just have not had time to work on perfecting the recommendations you make.

Hopefully I will be able to soon spent time on the driving range to work on the swing and develop the confidence.

The nice thing is I have a better understanding of what I am doing when I swing well and do not.

Thanks again


"My Game Keeps Getting Better
And Better!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Alan Warwick [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com
Sent: 24 July 2008 03:57
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Solid Shots

Hi Andy,

Just thought I would let you know that my game keeps getting better and better.

For the last year, I have been consistently over 100.

Today, I shot a 90 (43 front, 47 back). I did that even with several bad holes.

There were many pars and a birdie in the round.

I owe it to The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf.

I am beginning to hit the ball so solid. This is getting fun.

Alan Warwick

"Couldn't Believe The Difference
In Yardage!

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Patino xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com
Sent: 23 July 2008 16:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my golf yardages!

Hi Andy,

Well I have tried your First Move and was very surprised at the results in the back yard with a 58 degree wedge.

I took my first shot with my swing very easy swing ball flew 27 yards.

I took my second shot with your first move also an easy swing ball flew 57 yards.

I couldn't believe the diference in yardage you are really on to something here.

I also read the first four golf chapters man do you ever have a passion for these moves, you have taken all the weeds out of the the swing and just left nothing but pure grass.


Bill Patino

"Better Than High Dollar Lessons!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Rhyan [mailto:xxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 23 July 2008 09:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Progress


Great little video. Should I try this??? LOL.

I play on the 3rd hardest course in San Antonio and the 13th hardest in the state of Texas. I have played golf since I was 14(now 71) and had never broken 100 in my life. On my home course it was not unusual for me to lose 6-8 golf balls during a round and breaking 110 was an accomplishment for me. My last 3 rounds were 102, 98, and 99 and I lost a total of 4 balls during the entire 3 rounds. This game is sure a lot more fun when you keep the ball in play.

Back in Nov. and Dec. 2007 I took a series of 9 lessons and paid a lot more for them than The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf. The lessons were good and I did get rid of my slice but soon after the lessons were over I wouldn'tt know if I was going to push the ball right or pull it left and I wasn't paying for more high dollar lessons.

Sent for The New Four Magic Moves and you can see the results above.

Thanks much,

Jim Rhyan

"My Best Round!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Roger xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 23 July 2008 02:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Update

Hi Andy

Just thought I'd let u know that using The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf for the first time enabled me to beat standard scratch by 4 shots - my best round for a couple of years!

I've gone from 12 handicap to 20 in the last few years - now down to 18 - single figures here we come!

Many thanks

Up the Villa

"Game Is More Consistant!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Marinik [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 22 July 2008 17:42
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Down to 15

Hi Andy

I live in Tennessee/U.S.A.

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf has really inspired me, they have given me the confidence in my game that I never had before.

My handicap has dropped from a 20 to 15 which i think is an amazing feat in itself.

In the last two weeks my game seems to have come together by being more consistant with all my shots. I have been puting the ball on the green in regulation probably 90% of the time. I have found found that thinking and looking ahead and visualizing the the placement of my next shot plus the information from the Four Magic Moves yhas made my golf game a lot more pleasureable and enjoyable.

With out a doubt my game has become more consistant.

I have recommened The Four Magic Moves to a lot of my friends.

Thanks Andy,

Bob Marinik

"Results Today Were
Wonderful Ball Striking!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 22 July 2008 12:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: new grip

Greetings Andy,

Thank you very much for your instructions.

I learned as much as I could from the first 3.5 chapters of your book two days ago and implemented the first "Magic Move" to the best of my ability today:

The new grip - I never knew that the upper knuckle of the left hand fit so well in the lower heal of my right palm. What a solid feeling! A simple adjustment and I can not believe how much more control I now have in the entire swing: from address to backswing, especially at the top and transition, through the ball and the finish. The confidence I now have in my irons and wedges is significant.

I did not yet learn the xxxxxx (which will be covered later in your book); but I did implement the material in the first free 3.5 chapters which covered the early wrist hinge and immediate full shoulder turn without any arm movement. The face of the club head could not be more square at impact.

My results today were wonderful ball striking. I went for the pin on the 5th hole which was set behind a tall tree and green side bunker and softly landed my gap wedge shot a mere 8 feet from the hole. Normally I would have gone for the large portion of the left side of the green to eliminate the hazards, but by the time I played the previous 4 holes the wrist hinge and shoulder turn took over and eliminated the sloppy arm and grip motion which I have always had in the past.

The next hole I birdied with a 20 foot chip-in with the same grip and wrist hinge and felt more comfortable than putting.

I cannot wait till tonight to complete the 4th chapter and learn the other "Magic Moves".

Your instructions are clear and easy to execute. I am sure I will soon go from a 12 to single digit handicap before the month is over.

I also ordered your course material on the mindset of golf. If your teaching of the mental approach to the game is anywhere near as profitable as the swing mechanics, you are sure to be one of the best teachers in the greatest sport of all.

Thanks again!


"My Smartest And Most
Productive Purchase!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Alex Marshall [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 22 July 2008 08:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf progress

Andy, I shaved 6 Strokes off my Game!!!

Wow! What a difference your book has made in my golf game! Not only have I shaved six strokes off my game, but I feel a lot more confident with every shot I take.

I went on a golfing excursion with my buddies about a month after reading your book and I blew away the competition.

I told a few of my buddies what the difference was in my game, but I can't let them all in on our little secret.

Two weeks ago I played Tiffany Springs (a very challenging course) and I shot a 5 over par on the front nine (I'm an 18 handicapper and have never scored that well before).

I'm exciting about what I'm learning and can honestly say of the thousands of dollars I have spent on golf in the six years I have been playing, this has been my smartest and most productive purchase.

Alex Marshall
Kansas City, Mo

"Your Advice Was The Spark I Needed!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John Moore [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 19 July 2008 02:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Your advice

Dear Andy,

This is the best advice I have had to improve my game.

I have been playing golf for 52 years, but seemed to have lost the plot for the last 8 months as I could not recapture my form and was playing terrible golf. I went from a 8 hcap to 15.

I put your advice to practice and could not believe how accurate my shots were ( Woods & irons). Unfortunately I had five three put greens to record an 83.

My confidence has returned big time and I am looking forward to me next game.

Your advice was the spark I needed!.

Yours sincerely

John Moore

"Experienced An Immediate Improvement
On The Range!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Hennie xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxx.co.za
Sent: 18 July 2008 12:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf book feedback

Hi Andy

Thank you for your enquiry - The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf is most certainly something to look forward to.

As a self employed person a go to the driving range everyday even during the last five years but only managed to come down to a 3 handicap.

I kept on changing my swing trying to look for stability that would ensure a greater degree of consistency. I even tried the "stack and tilt" swing for about six months with good results initially but then it faded somewhat. I stuck with a coach (a super guy) but could never find the consistency I was looking for. It was then when I decided to give the four magic moves a chance - what is there to loose I thought?

I experienced an immediate improvement on the driving range, even my miss hits went straight - although I hate miss hits. The only thing that I battle with at this early stage is to find a suitable trigger to start the first move (backward break) without moving my hips - over the years I have develop the habit of starting my backswing together with moving my hips. I know if I can have a successful first move the rest will come naturally. I tried the four magic moves on the course (Woodhill country club in Pretoria) yesterday and managed to shoot a 75. I know that I still have a long way to go and have decided to persevere with the four magic moves and see where it will bring me by the end of the year.

This method gives me much more confidence as I know that it does work and it is just a question of keep on practicing until it is developed into one smooth synchronized swing. I have played a number of good shots by breaking the four magic moves into three separate movements (compartments). It is now a question of turning it into one smooth synchronized swing. I will report back to you in a month's time giving you feedback on the latest developments.

Warm regards


"Complete Control Of My Body!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Harish xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 18 July 2008 10:59
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: my new pro!

Dear Andy,

It took me a long while to read the Book. I saw the video only after reading the book.

I must say its changed my life in more than one way.

1. my understanding of the swing based on the explanation in the book (unlike my experience with several well-meaning pros) was illuminating. I then started swinging using the 1-2 knuckle view method you suggested and the hip lateral movement. I am a new man now on the driving range. On the course my 4-ball want to know who is my new pro who made my swing look so good. And the result - well, I hit straight on the course off the T with my driver and today my 5 iron distance on the range reached almost 200 yards!

2. I am now able to do what I wanted for the last 6 years - i.e. have a swing wherein I finish with complete control of my body - with a good balance. I am there now 80% of the time.

3. I am hungry and ready for more especially on my short game and putting.

Thanks again


"Best Golf Investment I've Ever Made!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Don Hogan [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net ]
Sent: 16 July 2008 01:22
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Dan's progress

Hi Andy,

Purchasing The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf is the best golf investment I've ever made.

Immediately after reading the manual I went to the range and started to implement the moves and the improvement was miraculous.

I went to the range every day for a week to develop some muscle memory and then played a round with my brother who beat and took money from me consistently in the past.

Well I won enough money from him to pay for your manual several times over.

Because of our past golf history he insisted on giving me a 5 stroke handicap. I took his offer thinking that that playing on the course vs: the range is a whole new ball game.Well I'm delighted to say that I beat him by 9 strokes! The only problem I have to really work on, other then my short game, is too find a way to consistently keep my head back when I lead my downswing.

Feel free to use my testimonial.

Don Hogan

"Not A Single Duff Shot!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jaggi Malhotra [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 14 July 2008 06:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Jaggi's golf

Dear Andy,

I went to play Golf today morning after a gap of about 5 -6 weeks(Because I developed some muscle pain in my right Bicep - not the Shoulder - is it called FROZEN SHOULDER?). I used this REST period to thoroughly study The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf - page by page and making detailed notes.

I was expecting to play a game below my normal 24 but to my surprised I played good 21. Not a single duff shot,or O.B and also cleared the Bunkers every time.

My short game too was much better than usual.

Thank you Andy. You are doing a great service to the Golfing community.


Jaggi Malhotra
New Delhi

"Knocking 21 Strokes Off My Best Round!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Rick xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 12 July 2008 10:38
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My golf update

Hi Andy,

Not as dramatic as your below par in a year story but...

You might recall when I downloaded your free ebook taster I was playing 125-135, 122 best. That was in May.

Since then I updated you on a 112 (repeated a couple of weeks later with an inward 9 of 46).

On Friday evening I had a round of 101 on a course I have played 3 times before, knocking 21 strokes off my best round there and 11 off my personal best. I'm already 20 strokes better in just two months, from reading and applying the free part of your book. I don't get to get out as much as some could, having a young family and limited budget!

I feel there is more to come (e.g. in the 101 I can see another 5 shots that could easily have been gained) and will keep you updated occasionally. The main two things have been your rules on how to grip and Rule Number 1 with the early wrist break.

Thanks for listening,


"Never Hit Better Or More Consistant!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Terry xxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 10 July 2008 13:28
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Better accuracy

Hi Andy

So far so good, I've never hit the driver better or more consistant (been playing for 45 yrs). Still have more reading and practicing to do but I am excited about the swing.


"Really Has Changed My Game
For The Good...For GOOD!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Graham Ashley [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 10 July 2008 03:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: update on my game

Hi Andy,

My name is Graham Ashley and I'm from Southampton England.

I brought The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf in April after having a bad time and developing a shank and having a wide slice on my drives.

I've never been a great player, but always enjoyed the game and would play once or twice a week when i could.

I joined a club(The New Forest Club) in March and they started me off on a handicap of 26.

Things did not really improve, and my first medal comp i had to put in a N/R. Then i discovered your web site and decided to buy it, after all I couldn't get any worse!

So i printed it off and read it, back to front, front to back(still reading it now, 3 or 4 pages a night) and slowly but surely things got better. Practised up the driving range and breaking each part of my swing down to make sure that what I was reading, was what I was putting in to practise. Had a golfing weekend away at Whitsun at The Forest of Dean with a 20 man society, and ended up with the wooden spoon, but I was quite pleased with the way i was hitting the ball.

Started playing 3 times a week and I have now won a 4 ball team competition, a Stableford with a score of 43 points, and a Medal with a net score of 63! I could even end up playing at the England Golf Centre a Woodhall Spa if my name is drawn out, as the Medal that i won was the Club event for the London Pride gold medal competition.

My handicap is now down to 22, and i hope to be below 20 by the end of september if I can carry on improving.

My drives have improved markedly, even managing a slight draw and nudging 280+ yards.

This has given me more confidence in my other clubs, and I now think nothing of using my 3& 5 woods on the fairway, where as before, I would only use my Irons.

I'm hitting 6 Iron 170 yards, 8 Iron 150 yards, it really has changed my game and I feel like I'm using half of the energy.

No longer do I worry about playing lower handicap players for fear of making a fool of myself.

I would urge and encourage anyone who is struggling with their game or would like to become more consistent, to at least give it a go, it really has changed my game for the good for good!

From a happier Golfer!

Graham Ashley

"Yes, It Made A Difference!"

-----Original Message-----
From: William xxxx [mailto:xxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 09 July 2008 23:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: a better golf game

Hi Andy

Having sign up on June the 8th after going to play golf and giving up on the 11th hole first time in 19 years.

i had got the stage were to give up on the game thats when i come across your site and i got the first magic move.

i have went to the range and work on it and yes its made a differance too.

So i went out yeserday with my golf society drove the ball as good as i ever had i used to play of 19.5 and had went to 28 but now i think i,m on the way back.

many thanks have ordered my dvd cant wait to get it.



"Best Book On Golf That I Have Read!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Wes xxxx[mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 08 July 2008 07:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: great golf book

Hi Andy,

I received the download link and now have it filed so I have been able to read it a couple of times.

It is one of the best books on golf that I have read.

I will be going to the driving range soon to see if I can add some distance to my golf game.

Thank-you for being so helpful.


"Lowest Handicap Ever!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bruce Smith [mailto:xxxxx.x@xxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 07 July 2008 17:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: My story

Hi Andy,

My name is Bruce Smith from East London, South Africa.

My golfing background: I play most Wednesday afternoons and very occasionally on week-ends - so on average I play 18 holes about 5-6 times a month. I never practice. I have been to the driving range about 4 times in the last ten years and then only to test different clubs or drivers. My handicap fluctuated from 7 (when playing well) to 9 (when hacking) over the past 10 years.

My scores were 78 when playing well to 88 when playing badly with my best round ever being 76 (3 over par).

I bought The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf about 3 months ago. I skimmed over most parts except the 4 Magic Moves - took note of the shoulder turn and straight left wrist but don't even think about them in the swing. During my swing, I focus entirely on the early wrist break and starting my downswing with the xxxxxx xxx xxx (2 of the 4 magic moves).

Now please understand that I took this very tentatively onto the course - into competitions (we have competitions every Wednesday). I have NEVER been to the practice range to introduce these two moves into my swing.

Since then I have played 15 rounds - 10 of which were under 80 and a personal best of 71 (2 under par). My handicap in now 5 - lowest I have ever been.

The only thing that has changed is that I have focused on 2 of the Magic Moves - so there is nothing else that I can credit this improvement to.

Oh yes - one other thing has changed. Our course has gone through a reconstruction phase and has only been open since March. We have reshaped and replanted the greens and have added about 15 fairway bunkers - so the course is more difficult.

I just find a whole new confidence level - especially on full shots.

Best golf investment I have ever made - Thanks.

Kind regards,

Bruce Smith

"Very Impressed With My Progress!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Reyland Taylor [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 06 July 2008 20:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Further Golf Progress

Dear Andy,

As I end my first week of practice and learning The New Four Magic Moves system I remain very impressed by my progress. My drives are landing well over the 200 meter marker all the time now, and there are virtually no mis hit shots(draws) to despair about.

I am still focused on the First Magic Move, early wrist break, and my rotate the shoulders exercises, and they are paying dividends.

Helping me the most is knowing how and what to practice.

Please use anything I write to you for yourself as you see fit. No worries mate.

Best regards,

Reyland Taylor

"Consistently Keep The Ball Straight!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Arif xxxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 04 July 2008 18:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Easy swing technique

Hi Andy,

The New Four Magic Moves have changed my entire approach to the game and in fact made the swing much easier.

Unfortunately I am not able to play as much as I would like but often go the the driving range to keep the muscle memory going.

I find the I can consistently keep the ball straight and my distance has improved. I am almost seventy and can hit the ball now as far as my younger colleagues and sometimes even outdrive them.

I am never in the rough any more and rarely in the sand trap - that for me is a significant improvement. I know that my handicap can only come down if I play more often.

Perhaps some day I will retire - having too much fun at work.


"Immediate Improvement With The Driver!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert xxxx [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 04 July 2008 14:28
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf mprovement


Since purchasing The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf nine weeks ago, there have been obvious differences in my game: my handicap went up several strokes initially; however, I experienced an immediate improvement with the driver and won my flight in our club championship. I am also in the quarterfinals of our net match play tournament!

My handicap is starting to come back down and I am optimistic that improvement will continue so long as I remain committed and comfortable with the early wrist break process outlined in your video. Previously, I had been working on a Leslie King left arm oriented swing so the change back to a shoulder initiated turn is challenging.

I will keep you posted of future developments.

Cheers from New York!


"Feeling Was Better Than Sex!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Kari Salonen [mailto:xXXXXx@xXXXXx]
Sent: 01 July 2008 10:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Update

G'day Andy,

I'm not normally one for testimonials, however after studying The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf, the impact it has had on my golf I feel compelled to provide some feedback.

A couple of years ago I was off 26 and getting frustrated because I was not improving. I changed jobs, had a lengthy break from golf due to work commitments. This year I decided to start playing again in a social way with friends. About the same time I came across your website, decided to give it a go.

I read the entire script through that night, couldn't wait to go out & practice the learnings - the next day I shot 41 off the stick for 9 holes. The biggest impact I found was the effect the early wrist break and firming up my grip had on my game.

I have continued to reread the book and have improved my consistency on a weekly basis, the driver no longer holds any fears - I am hitting 30 meters longer and straighter than ever before. Last week I took my son out and played 18 holes on a championship course nearby and shot an 84. The feeling was almost better than sex.

I am now keen to start playing on a more competitive level rather than just on a social basis, and look forward to testing my game under pressure.

Your instruction has improved my golf beyond expectations. Thanks!


Kari Salonen
Tannum Sands
Queensland, Australia

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Your Golfing Success,

Andy Anderson

P.S. I urge you try the first magic move out and see how it can start to make a real difference to your game.

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

© Andy Anderson
St Andrews, Fife and Ulverston,Cumbria

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