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  • How to dramatically cut 7-12 strokes off your handicap using 4 simple moves - starting today

  • How to perfect he short pitch from thirty yards down, the green-side trap shot, the chip from the fringe, and the putt.

  • How to naturally hit the perfect inside-out swing - as if you were born with it - imagine seeing your ball still rising whilst your opponent's is dropping!

  • How to prevent any disastrous "power leaks" - And unload on the ball like an atomic explosion!

  • How to use the natural torque in your pivot to blow right through the ball with power just like Rory McIlroy!


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"I'm going to send you a Free 14 mins Video, illustrated 60 page PDF Report and 19 mins Audio explaining the first of the four new magic moves to winning golf that the pros keep to themselves." - Andy Anderson


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"The Only Way To Have A
Consistent Golf Game!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jerry Cook [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 15 January 2009 09:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Hello

Howdy Andy...

I have been using the New Four Magic Moves off and on for the past 6 months with varied results, but that is my own fault as I also find myself slipping back into other ways of approaching the golf swing which has led to body and mind confusion.

When I consistently stick to the First Magic Move, my bad swings at least result in straight shots and that is not too bad as this is far better results than lots of the other approaches to swings that create pulls, pushes slices and hooks as well as lots of topped and fat shots.

I have been playing golf again after a 30+ year absence from the wonderful but often frustrating game. When I played before I was in my 20's and 30's and my golf swing was my own as I had neither taken lessons nor done much reading about the science and art of a gold swing. Gee, I wish I had known of the New Four Magic Moves back then.

In summary, after playing around with at least 6 other approaches to the golf swing, I am now more convinced than ever that the New Four Magic Moves is about the only way to have a consistent golf game. I will now go to the practice tee and work on these moves hoping they will become so automatic that I can then only have to concentrate on set up and alignment on the course which should allow for more wonderful times and less frustration while playing.

At 63 years of age, my intention is to shoot my age on or before reaching the age of 66. When using basically the New Four Magic Moves, I have shot a low of 69 which is not too bad for someone who has only been playing for 9 months, eh.. I firmly believe that the New Four Magic Moves will help me shoot some great rounds in the future.

Be well Andy and thanks for all the added information that you share with us duffers through your website and emails.

Jerry Cook
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

"They Could Not Believe My New
Found Length And Accuracy"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bobby Asbill [mailto: xXXXx@xXXXx.com]
Sent: 18 October 2008 03:54
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thanks

Hi Andy,

My Name is Bobby Asbill and I live in Nashville , TN.I have always been a decent golfer shooting 82 - 86 for the last 3 years.

I joined your site and program one night on a whim and here I am writing to tell you how much I have improved and thank you for helping me enjoy golf more.

I play once a week and my last four rounds are 76-78-74-78 ...My friends are in total shock and want to know what is going on. My drives are now 310 to 320 and I now hit my LW 120 instead of 75 yards.The game is more fun now and I feel and my friends say it all the time now that I am on the verge of shooting great scores.I played with 3 guys at the club the other day I didn 't know and now I 'm playing in a tournament with them.

They could not believe my new found length and accuracy.It feels good and just wanted to share . Thank you for helping me and changing my game ...

Bobby Asbill

"I Wish Golf Had Been Taught To Me In This
Simple Manner Several Years Ago. It Would
Have Taken Out A Great Deal Of Frustration!"

-----Original Message-----
From: David Walker [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 9 April 2007 18:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Andy,

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of the 4 magic moves. I teach Biology in the US and always need proof or evidence. I downloaded the free first four chapters and tried things out for myself. I had the opportunity to try things out this weekend and my results are amazing. I was hitting my 7 iron 200 yds without effort and my driver close to 300 yds. Most impressive was the direction of the ball, it is travelling STRAIGHT. I wish golf had been taught to me in this simple manner several years ago. It would have taken out a great deal of frustration.

Thank you,

David Walker

Tonganoxie, Kansas, USA

Want to slash strokes from your game almost overnight?...

"PROOF That My New Edition Of Golf's Long Lost Classic Has Dramatically Improved Thousands Of Swings ..The Question Is Are You Next!"

"23 Handicapper Drops 5 Strokes To An 18 In Just A Couple Of Weeks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Al Lott [mailto:alottxxxx@xxxglobal.net]
Sent: 21 December 2006 16:04
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: 121-4 & CD


Thanks for the CD's format. Love the audio, listen to it over and over again and every time another bell rings. It has allowed me to go through The New Four Magic Moves a second and third time now and with every review, out comes (what I will call) a new pointer.

Wish I had gotten this info 20 years ago. I can't believe how easy your instructions are to follow.

Bottom line is you have now got me from a 23 handicapper to an 18 in a couple of weeks. So much so, that my playing partners want to know how much my lessons are costing me.

This brings me to a question, Do you offer gift certificates? Although it's a little late for Xmas gifts

Thank You


Tom Reynolds, California

"It Is Quite Amazing The Progress I Have Made Using Your Instruction!"

-----Original Message-----
From: William Hodge [mailto:whodgexxxx@aol.com]
Sent: 17 December 2006 18:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: William - new audio golf book!

Hi Andy,

Just received your new version, it looks great. I have been practicing, and it is quite amazing the progress I have made using your instruction, it really helped when I got rid of all the rubbish I had in my head about the golf swing.

Your instructions are very clear and precise.

Thank you for now.

Respectfully yours

William Hodge

From Andy Anderson
St Andrews, Scotland

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hrow your fancy titanium driver and souped-up balls in the lake — the legendary pro's like Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones knew how to launch precision drives the length of 3 football fields using hickory shafts and imperfect balls!

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My name is Andy Anderson ... and if you love golf as much as I do, then this message is going to change your life forever. Let me tell you about the amazing truth of four simple techniques — hidden from amateurs for decades — that can have you suddenly tapping directly into the hidden power inside your golf swing. And start launching your own breathtaking drives of deep distance and stunning accuracy off every tee box.

You can now master the secrets to instantly curing slices and adding distance literally over overnight!… and all for less than you’d pay to play a single round at your local municipal course!

Learn how one simple "magic move" (which you can easily feed into your current swing in just 7 minutes, even if you stink at the game right now) instantly uncorks so much hidden raw power, balance and accuracy... That you can go out tomorrow and launch a pin-point 230-yard tee shot with a 3-wood...From your knees!

Okay, you don't have to hit tee shots from your knees. But you could. (Think of the bets you could win!)

This is good.

I am so proud of myself, my wife can’t stand to be around me today. I feel like I’ve just discovered the cure for the common cold… or, even better, I feel like I just hit the lottery.

It’s like discovering you’ve been trying to power your jet airliner with lemonade, and now you’re finally able to use real jet fuel! These secrets can turbo-charge your drives the first time you step up to the tee…

Discover how 1,000s of golfers worldwide have used these 4 simple moves as their "secret training tool". Sit down, lock the door, and take the phone off the hook.

The result of making the right 4 moves in your swing will take your breath away. If you're shooting in the 80s, expect to drop 4 to 6 shots on your next round. If you're shooting above 100, plan on dropping almost a stroke a hole. All it will take is one bucket of practice balls to get where you want to be. It's really that simple.

This revolutionary book and 5 hours of audio (plus 6 free bonuses) shows you everything you need to know — a complete course that will slash at least 7 strokes off your handicap ... 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back.

At last, you can discover how to drastically improve your golf swing, unlock your hidden potential, save your money on expensive lessons and stop wasting your time on the driving range.

If you're searching for a simple, fast way to slash up to 12 strokes from your game, add 35 yards to your drives, eliminate hooks and slices and improve your putting and short game this is the most important letter you'll ever read...

Here's why ...

Until very recently I was your basic "hacker". I had a love/hate relationship with golf — some days I'd be driving like a pro, maybe even flirting occasionally with par… while the next afternoon my game would absolutely go all to hell. I swear I've stood at the edge of the lake, holding my bag overhead, one emotional hair-trigger away from tossing the whole mess and never stepping up to another ball the rest of my life.

Doesn't it drive you nuts? I had no consistency to my game at all, even after 29 years of playing regularly. No way to tell what each round would bring. And it wasn't for lack of trying, either — I'd easily dropped more cash than I dare think about having "pro's" tell me what a horrible slice I had, and if only I would start twisting my body like this on the upswing…

Let's face it, mastering the finer techniques of golf is tough!

There's no doubt, it's probably the most difficult lesson for any golfer to learn. Frankly, the perfect golf swing is the only subject you can't fake...

Of course, some people will tell you they can do just fine without properly understanding the golf swing. WRONG! Just take a look at their own golf results. Their scores speak for themselves!

I can HONESTLY say that almost everyone I see on the golf course and range is "dead wrong" when it comes to practicing their golf swing.

In fact, this may completely shock you, but I guarantee you the way you're practicing right now is definitely...

"Cheating You Out Of 90% Of The
Success You Should Be Getting!"

Not only that, you may be wasting hours of your time and energy each week at the driving range because of improper swing techniques robbing you of the improvements you could be making.

... Just by making a few small changes to your swing, you will radically transform the way you play golf.

It's true. I have recevied over 865 testimonials in 3 years from golfers like you who have gone on to cut their handicap.

And you can too, using these four little-known swing techniques you can also take your current game and "twist" it to reach your full playing potential.

So if you're frustrated with wasting your time on the range, not satisfied with the scores you're making, keep

because here's a few of the powerful techniques I would like to show you.

How To Stay Out Of Your Own Way, So You Can Allow Your Swing To Follow The Scientific Principles Of "Conservation of Angular Momentum" - preventing any disasterous "power leaks". (page 90)

Discover The Four Simple Moves Only 1% Of Golfers Are Aware Of For Less Than The Price Of A PGA Pro Lesson! - Immediately gain confidence from knowing the many years of frustration are over (page 43)

Amaze Your Buddies By Adding An Extra 35 Yards To Your Drive - and more importantly WITHOUT spending loads on the latest "hyped up" driver from your pro shop! (page 88)

How To Unload on the Ball like an Atomic Explosion When You Drive - and with the pinpoint finesse of an artist when you need accuracy on chips and pitches. (page 61)

Learn How To Hit The Perfect Inside-Out Swing Naturally - As If You Were Born With It - You'll never look back once you see your ball still rising whilst your opponent's is dropping! (page 102)

Pinpoint With Absolute Certainty The Faults Cripling Your Golf Game - Without Wasting Your Time On The Practice Range - Say goodbye to the dreaded slice and hook forever!

Learn What Timeless Well-Meant Advice Has Cruelly Wrecked Your Swing Since The Day You First Picked Up A Club - The time has come to expose the poor tuition too many golfers like yourself have paid good money for! (page 14)

Develop The Ability To Spot Mistakes In Your Swing Before You Reach The First Tee - Having this skill will save you more than 5 strokes per round. (page 7)

Discover The ONE Golf Technique That Over The Generations Has Caused A Staggering Amount Of Carnage For Millions of Golfers and how to completely ignore it! (page 21)

Learn How To Swing The Club On The Correct Path Each And Every Time Some people still think that the club head follows only a single path going up and coming down! (page 13)

Discover How To Think Your Way Around A Golf Course - No more "Dumb" Shot Choices. Guaranteed. Period. (page 136)

Become The Most Feared Golf Opponent At Your Club As You Uncover The Secrets Of Timing And Rhythm…(page 125)

Discover An Instant Improvement in The Accuracy Of Your Shots ONCE you realise that one of the most plausible principles golf teachers have ever come up with is infact one of the most dangerous and misleading. (page 13)

And Best of All.. See Your Handicap Go Into FreeFall With No Means Of Stopping It! - Whilst your friends are left in bewilderment at your weekly successes on the golf course...

Finally Play Golf Without Fear Or Apprehension - Once YOU Discover The Four Vital Moves To Your Golf Swing - This easy to follow "step by step system" will allow you to finally ignore the impossible and ill-founded advice that has been given in one form or another for about as long as there has been any literature on golf. (page 15)

And that's just a sample of the proven and tested techniques you are about to learn.

By the way, these insider secrets I'm about to reveal to you aren't something you'll discover casually while reading a golf magazine. And I know damn well your local golf pro won't tell you!

They're closely-guarded secrets so golf professionals can make even more money by selling you more and more lessons!

Skeptical? - Trust me I completely understand.

Franky, I don't blame you - in your shoes I would be too. I've been playing golf for over 29 years now and I've seen a every piece of hyped up and exaggerated claim you've also probably seen. Trust me, there's tens of thousands of professionals out there, telling golfers how to swing incorrectly.

That's why you need absolute and detailed proof that these four simple moves are 100% trustworthy and reliable. So let me share with you the extraordinary results some of my clients have witnessed by transforming their golf swings.

Ordinary people, like you and me, with incredible results...

"Four Strokes Off My Handicap In Two Months"

"Thank you Andy. After a few short hours reading your book and listening to the audio files I knew the exact changes I had to make to my swing. In the last two months I have knocked four strokes off my handicap. I can't believe how easy the game of golf has become. As long as I don't forget the four magic moves I know my game will continue to improve. I have recommended your course to all my friends at the club."

D Wilson, Melbourne, Australia

"It Changed My Life, It's Absolutely
Amazing. Friends Can't Believe How
Well My Game Has Improved!"

Dave Larsen, Wisconsin

"Once I Had Mastered Move #1 I Immediately Started To See Drastic Changes In My Score!"

"I have played golf for over 25 years , and in that time I have I have read nearly every golf instruction book you have ever heard of. I can confidently say that without fear of a lie that your book is the best coaching manual I have read. Your writing is effective and easy to understand. Over the last four months I have seen my handicap drop by 8 strokes, down to 9.8!"

H Todd, Atlanta GA

"This Is An Amazing Book!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Four Magic Moves on the way to work. It was both entertaining and informative. Over a few short days I was able to understand the 4 key moves I needed to make to my swing. This is the first time I have been able to visual the perfect swing and not surprising I am starting to see my handicap drop. Only last Sunday I had 40 points in a club stableford competiton. Thanks Andy for providing this valuable resource!"

E Allen, San Antonio Tx

So if you're fed up of hearing the same old marketing hype over and over again that's siphoning cash from your pocket and wasting your precious time, keep reading...

I'll prove to you why you can trust me to show you how to achieve astonishing results in your golf game.

"Why Should You Listen To Me?
What Is So Special About Me?"

My name is Andy Anderson.

I'm a company director living in Fife, Scotland - just 15 minutes from the Home of Golf at St Andrews. Previous to setting up my own company in 2002 I worked exclusively in the golf industry for nine years. During this time I worked for Tiger Wood's management company IMG in London and the European Tour based at Wentworth in Surrey, England.

Online, I've had the pleasure of helping just over 13,270 people worldwide realise their dreams of significantly cutting their handicap.

I created this web site to ensure you don't waste all your years on the range like I once did. One thing is for sure, I don't want to see another golfer fall for all the so called expert advice out there. You need to know the truth about what it really takes to propel your game further than ever before.

Agreed? After all isn't it right you focus all your efforts on chopping strokes off your handicap, rather than being left in the dark about how to change your swing?

That way, you don't continue to waste hours on the range for little or even worse no result.

In short I've discovered what it really takes to transform anyone's golf swing - by this, I mean real people like you and me. They have names and faces. They all have success stories to tell, it is thrilling to see ...

What's more, I'm a normal person and certainly not the perfect height for golf at six foot five. Like you... I haven't got the athletic build of Tiger Woods or the dedication to put in many hours of practice like Vijay Singh!

And that's not all, I wasn't lucky enough to be born with natural sporting ability. I never won any junior golf events throughout my teens and I was convinced I would never be able to improve. In conclusion - I'm your average guy.

Here's My Story ...

Just a few short years ago I moved to the Home of Golf, that's me above on the Swilken Bridge on The Old Course at St Andrews.

Probably just like yourself - I was continually looking for a way in which I could change my game forever. I guess I was like a sheep following the rest of the flock. I can't tell you the number of times I burnt a hole in my pocket convinced I had found the next "all singing - all dancing" golf improvement course. I bought all the magazines and DVDs, and everytime I would fall for the latest golf trainer product - you should see my garage!

Ultimately it was complete frustration, I was going around in circles. Each time I would spend money I hadn't got, then waste countless hours on the range and see no improvement at all. In fact sometimes my scores would get even worst!

However many golf lessons I had, however many golf DVDs I watched, however many golf magazines I read, however many times I practiced - I never seemed to get better.

The result? Huge disappointment.

I kept asking myself ...

"Why Can't I Excel At This Game
I'm So Passionate About?"

Then just when I was ready to throw my clubs in the sea and say goodbye to the game forever, I had a light bulb moment. It occurred to me I had to change my thinking - in essence get smart. And as a result I learned the most important lesson in my life, quite simply it was this ...

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. If you want a different result then do something differently.

It struck me that I could achieve anything I wanted by learning how to do it and that included becoming a much better golfer.

"How I Discovered The Secret That Cut
My Handicap And Over 944 Other Golfers!."

So, off I went in search of information and advice to help me significantly improve my golf swing.

I was on a mission to discover why some people found it incredibly easy to lower their handicaps whilst the vast majority struggled.

I searched online, offline, in ALL of the local book stores and was about to give up and think of ways to sell my clubs on eBay when by chance I stepped inside a second hand book store in St Andrews - right next to the Old Course - 15 minutes from where I live.

And that's when it happend......

After another hour or so of what I assumed to be a fruitless search something caught my eye ...... and within minutes I was completely engrossed in an incredible book that I knew instantly was the answer I was looking for!

I'd stumbled across a book that showed a unique and simple way to play golf.

At a time when I was so confused about the golf swing ....

"... I Had Finally Found The Answer !"

In a nutshell ...

There's an ugly little myth shared by most amateur golfers that is causing you to absorb up to a dozen unnecessary strokes, each and every round.

Here is how this ugly little myth works,

1. You watch a favorite professional golfer perform his "patented" swing, paying close attention to every detail.

2. You then duplicate every detail into your own swing, from memory, hoping to acheive the same result the pro does.

3. You then have one of the worst rounds of your life.

Hey, I've been a sucker for trying to "steal" pro's secrets all my life. I'll watch a tournament on television, paying close attention to Tiger or Phil or Ernie, catch a little something they do in their swing, and then go out and try to copy it. And I'll bet YOU'VE done the same thing... because, simply, EVERY golfer does it at some time or another.

The problem is, you can't "figure out" what the pro is actually doing just from watching, because so much of the swing is "inside". You may think you see Tiger uncock his wrist on the downswing... heck, CBS or Sky Sports may do a slow-motion repeat for you, pointing the uncocking out... but unless you understand WHY he's uncocking at that particular moment in the swing, you'll NEVER figure out how to incorporate such an action into your own swing.

That's because Tiger has made a CHOICE. All the great golfers have. More specifically, there are exactly FOUR points in your swing where you also must make a critical CHOICE... and everything that happens in your swing will be affected by these four choices.

It's like deciding which roads to take on your commute to work tomorrow. It may seem like a simple choice at first, but everything that happens to you after that choice — queues, long delays, speed cameras, road works— will be directly related!

The reason professional golfers are making fabulous incomes playing golf and you're still trying to drop your handicap to single digits is because the pros have made good choices at each of these four vital points in their swing... and you still don't know there are choices to be made.

... the bad swing is caused by a failure in execution at four critical points. Furthermore, golfers make the same mistakes at the same points, and this is true whether you test this principle with two golfers or two thousand.

Their mistakes can be broken down into the same basic wrong movements, occurring at the same critical places in the swing. This is one of the few definite, invariable patterns to be found in the bad golf swing.

These are called the Four Fatal Flaws.

Most poor or mediocre players manage to incorporate all four into one swing. Others have fewer, and score better. I learned that these Four Fatal Flaws had to be replaced with the right actions, namely the Four Magic Moves!

"H A L L E L U J A H - I Suddenly Realised ...!"

... With the four right moves instead of the four wrong ones my swing would be better, my mistakes fewer, and my scores lower.

And this is exactly what happened ..

" ... My Handicap Plummeted In Less Than Four Months!"

And it just gets better and better! My "slice" completely disappeared… and I became absolutely fearless on the links, going after every shot as if I had magical powers.

But it's not magic at all! You see, what I learned from this book had almost nothing to do with me… and everything to do with the amazing new swing developed by one of America's best-known teaching professionals Joe Dante (former president of the New Jersey Professional Golfers' Association) over 40 years ago. Known as the professional who spill the beans on the secrets other pros don't want amateurs to ever find out about (subscribe to my newsletter to find out the 25 golf fallacies golf pros tried to keep hidden for so long). Joe played with — and beat— many of the best golfers in the game, and spent a lifetime learning the science behind the pro game. When he decided to reveal his advanced secrets, smart golfers paid real close attention.

" ... I Devoured Every Single Page ...
... As Fast As I Could ...
... I Felt Like I had Been Hit By A Lightning Bolt! ..."

My golf improved so much that friends started to ask me how I had managed to completely transform my swing!

In fact , I knew sooner or later I would have to start lending my book out!

This is one thing I didn't want to do - I knew they wouldn't return it!

Golfers I hardly knew at my club came up to me and demanded to know how I had reduced my handicap so dramatically - seemingly overnight ...

Friends would buy me a beer so as I would spend some time helping them with their swings.

So, it got me thinking...

"Why Not Make The Secrets Available To EVERYONE?"

As the saying goes...

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

That saying kind of stuck with me, because I felt the book would save me time and allow me to focus on my own game.

So, I took the plunge!

"... And Rewrote The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf ..."

I decided to create a unique new improved version that shows the individual golfer— from beginner to pro — how to improve their golf swing themselves ...

... Regardless if they have been playing the game 3 months or 30 years!

"... Not Only That ... I Had The Whole Book Narrated ..
So You Could Listen To Over 5 Hours Of
Amazing Golf Instruction At Your Leisure ..."

I created a simple (yet comprehensive) step-by-step "system" that would allow ANY golfer of ANY standard and playing at ANY level to learn how to use just four simple moves to cut at least seven strokes off their handicap.

I promise you, you’ll notice dramatic transformations in your golf swing almost immediately! Better than if you followed any other training program that so called "Golf Pros" would tell you to do.

"What Can You Expect From "The New Four Magic
Moves To Winning Golf"
Course? Just this: ..."


Tap into the "Bull Whip Crack" of your right arm ... which provides the most power humanly possible... replicating the classic "hitters" like Arnold Palmer and the late Moe Norman (This is the magic move you must make - you finally become a hitter, where your muscles play a huge role and you let the club do all the work. This will work wonders for you, and you'll never go back to being "slapper", forever trying to force grace from your swing... and forever having unpredictable results!)

Learn to use the natural torque in your pivot to blow right through the ball with accelerating power, just like Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia! ... Yes, you really can (Most amateurs adopt the "Easy-Chair Slouch" at the top of their bad backswings and guess what they'll never hit a good one from here!. It's unconscious, because most amateurs simply never realized the importantance of this move!

YES, you really can unlock your "hidden" power to accumulate in consistent shots over and over again! ...Learn how to hit the perfect inside-out swing naturally - as if you were born with it - You'll never look back once you see your ball still rising whilst your opponent's is dropping!

" ... And You’ll Also Learn ..."

All The Secrets of a legendary golf teacher revealed in a clear and concise form.

How To Play From Uneven Lies? Learn the correct technique from uphill, downhill, sidehill, from a divot and in heavy rough. (page 122)

How To Avoid The Embarrassment Of Topping Your Opening Drive? I show you the one step easy solution. (page 27)

Why You Shank The Ball and how to eliminate it for ever. (page 60)

How To Get Out Of The Rough I teach you the best way to hit the middle of the fairway like clockwork! (page 120)

How To Stop Mistiming Your Long Irons? Learn the powerful techniques to ensure smooth crisp well timed golf shots today. (page 125)

How To Hit The Ball Further Learn the powerful techniques to hit it 20 - 35 yards further!

The Bulletproof Method To Improve Your Accuracy Overnight.

Armed with this exciting, newfound knowledge, you will be able to play golf more confidently...

... Just imagine the feeling of knocking shots off your handicap in double quick time

That's the fun and awesome excitment you will feel ... you will experience first hand how good it feels to play well below your handicap!

"There Is Absolutely NO Reason Why
You Can't Do What My Other Clients Have Done"

They are just ordinary people like YOU. They were fed up with their own golf problems, but rather than just complain about it, they took action. They came to a realization that if they didn’t take charge of their golf game, they’d live their entire life fed up about failing every time they stepped onto the course.

You too can begin to hit fairways and greens with lazer targeted accuracy everytime, anywhere…without the inconvenience of spending loads of hard earned cash on golf instruction and lessons in the process!

... But only if you reserve your copy now.

"... All The Secrets In A New Improved Version
Of This World Renowned Golfing Classic!"

This newly released course called "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf" by Andy Anderson and Joe Dante is the quickest and easiest way to learn golf. Inside this magnificent course you'll get pages and pages of well-written practical golf instruction and hours and hours of comprehensive golf tuition. Absolutely everything any golfer would need to explode their game!

The course is divided up into 11 comprehensive sections that you can read and listen to:

Opening - 0:23 mins

Introduction - 6:56 mins

1. What You Can Do - 8:43 mins

2. Sweeping Out the Rubbish - 45:13 mins

3. Getting Set: The Grip and the Stance - 31:31 mins

4. The Backswing - 18:38 mins

5. At the Top - 14:48 mins

6. Starting Down - 35:40 mins

7. Through the Ball - 32:26 mins

8. The Short Game - 46:27 mins

9. In and Out of Trouble - 12:59 mins

10. The Early Break and the Late Hit—Secrets of Timing and Rhythm - 25:41 mins

11. Thinking Your Way Around - 33:55 mins


(illustration only - this is a downloadable product)

By reading and listening to each chapter you will be given a picture and an understanding of the swing, particularly of the puzzling action of the club head, that will be entirely new to you.

After dealing with the full swing I go into a detailed description of the short game, including putting, the trouble shots, and, finally, the mental or thinking side of golf.

With this you will have acquired the knowledge and the weapons for a golf game far better than any you have known. It will then be up to you to use them.

  • Whether you used to play, but got so fed up you cancelled your membership...

  • Whether you play when you can, but always regret it afterwards!

  • Whether you play three times a week...

  • Whether you play two or three times a month...

  • Whether you're a brand new beginner or a seasoned low handicaper...

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John, Chicago

"Here's What the Complete Course Contains... "

The video, ebook and audio course consists of a 11 chapters, 56 pictures and over 5 hours of audio. Here's what this jam-packed golf instruction course includes ...

Chapter 1. - What You Can Do. Why don't more people play better golf than they do? The blunt truth is that they don't because the golf swing is heavily overlaid with a sludge of fallacy, misunderstanding, faulty theory, myth, and just plain ignorance. So thick is this coating that it is a wonder anyone ever gets through it and down to the hard, clean mechanics of the sound swing. It is this sludge, most of which has been covering the swing for so long that it now acts as an insulation, that I will cut away in this course. Once the myths and fallacies are exploded and the true machinery of the swing is laid bare for all to see and understand, golf becomes a much less difficult game.

Chapter 2. - Sweeping Out the Rubbish. Discover the two dozen fallacies of golf that are most prevalent and have caused and still cause the most damage. Particularly those which must be exploded thoroughly if you are to assimilate the new thoughts, principles, and actions given to you in this course. Watch carefully. The fuse is lit!

Chapter 3. - Getting Set: The Grip and the Stance. There can be no doubt that the first mistakes a golfer can make are to hold the club with a defective grip and to stand up to the ball the wrong way. Either puts a heavy impost on a player before he makes a move to swing the club. Together they make a good shot almost impossible.

Chapter 4. - The Backswing. Now you are ready to start the swing, to uncover the first fatal flaws that appear, with the horrible shots they produce, and to learn the first of the magic moves that will cut strokes from your score. This really is where the magic begins! It is the key move and the foundation of the swing

Chapter 5. - At The Top. The position at the top of the backswing is important. If it is reached correctly it means you are halfway through the swing correctly. It means that now, at least, you are in a position to make a good downswing and hit a good shot. With most of pupils I can tell pretty well, as can any pro, whether a shot will be good or bad just from their position at the top.

Chapter 6. - Starting Down. We can have a perfect grip, start back from the ball properly, reach the top in faultless position - and then ruin it all by the next move we make. Not only can the swing be ruined by this move, it is
ruined about 95 per cent of the time. In this chapter you will learn how and why the fatal flaws develop on the first move down from the top and exactly what they are. You are also reminded again of the terrible shots they cause. The reminder may be painful but the gain in knowledge will be great. With it you
will be able to replace the wrong moves and faulty positions with the right ones. When you do, you will cut strokes - many of them - from your score.

Chapter 7 - Through The Ball. For the poor or average player the same magic moves apply, but he must first learn to get himself into the position the good player is in as he reaches the hitting area. There are just no two ways about it. The final stage of the full swing is completed and all its mysteries are explained

Chapter 8 - The Short Game. As we see it, the short game falls, into four categories: the short pitch from thirty yards down, the green-side trap shot, the chip from the fringe, and the putt. The technique for this short pitch is the same, fundamentally, as for the full shot, except that it is in a modified form.

Chapter 9 - In And Out Of Trouble. On a golf course, as a rule, trouble comes at us swiftly and unexpectedly. There are times when we do not quite expect to carry a brook or a cross trap, or when we know we can easily miss a
green with a wood or a long iron. Then we are not surprised when we find ourselves in difficulties. But much more often we stand on a tee, with a wide fairway beckoning, swing - and find ourselves in the woods or heavy rough - isn't it time for a change!

Chapter 10 - The Early Break and the Late Hit—Secrets of Timing and Rhythm. The answer to the effort-distance puzzle is timing, but just what is timing? For one thing, it is a word that has been used more loosely, perhaps, than any other in golf literature. We have been blandly told that we should work to improve our timing, that our timing is off, that without good timing we cannot hope to play well. But what exactly is it? Today you will learn the secrets of timing and rhythm. We expose the truth at long last. Decide for yourself whether you want to be left in the dark any longer!

Chapter 11 - Thinking Your Way Around. So far, everything in this book and audio course has dealt with the physical actions of golf, the positions and movements of your hands, your feet, your body, your arms, and of the club itself. There is another side of golf, though, that is all too frequently overlooked in our sometimes frantic efforts to master the swing. This is the mental or thinking side of the game. Happily, this is not nearly so difficult to master as the rest, as you will find in this chapter

"... But That's Not All! Here's What You'll See
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The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf course is a PDF file ("Portable Document Format", MP3 files and which can be loaded on both PC's or Mac's) Specifically, you get...

A 155 page step-by-step Adobe® PDF file explaining the exact four magic moves you need to make in very simple language - and now with color pictures!


Over 5 hours of stimulating audio that offers an amazing insight into how YOU can easily change your golf swing. Download MP3 for listening to on your PC or iPod M4B files for you to listen in the gym, in your living room or out in your garden. In fact, wherever you take your iPod.

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56 detailed ilustrations and photographs that offer a visual demonstration of how to improve your golf, step by step.

Enjoy the luxury of listening to the Four Magic Moves when you are on the go or relaxing at home.

Easily refer to particular points in the book on the golf course with your smart phone!

But let's be more specific. The book and audio course contains....

  • What You Can Do

  • Sweeping Out the Rubbish

    "Relax" - "Use a light grip" - "Be loose" - "Take the club back inside" - "The club follows the same path coming down that it takes going up" - "Pause at the top" - "Turn the hips to the left" - "Keep the head still" - "Start down with a pull of the left arm" - "Have the face open at the top" - "Don't let the body or hands get ahead of the club" - "Be comfortable" - "Break the wrists late" - "Swing the club head" - "Hit against a firm left side" - "Snap your wrists into the shot" - "Hit hard with the right hand" - "Don't drop the right shoulder" - "Hit down on the ball" - "Use your natural swing" - "Follow through" - "Don't quit on the shot" - "Pronate your wrists" - "Pivot the body" - "Positions at address and impact must be the same"

  • Getting Set: The Grip and the Stance

    Common Faults - Placing the Hands - Hold It Tight - How We Stand - Beware the "Open" Body - How Far from the Ball? - Where We Put the Ball

  • The Backswing

    The 1st Magic Move - The Thumb Press - Into the Swing - What It Does

  • At the Top

    The Fatal Flaw - The 2nd Magic Move - A Straight Left Wrist - The Shoulder Tap

  • Starting Down

    The Fatal Flaws - The 3rd Magic Move - How It Feels - The Check Points -Eternal Preoccupation with the Club Head - The Insidious Hand Lag - Hold the Wrist Position

  • Through the Ball

    The 4th Magic Move - COAM - What It Is and What It Does
    How the Hands Help - The Final Proof - The Strap Treatment

  • The Short Game

    The Short Pitch - The Chip - Putting - The Greenside Trap

  • In and Out of Trouble

    Woods and Rough - Fairway Traps - Obstructions - Lies of All Kinds

  • The Early Break and the Late Hit Secrets of Timing and Rhythm

    Timing - Rhythm and Tempo - How the Early Break Helps - All Quiet at the Top

  • Thinking Your Way Around

    The Weapons We Use - Which Clubs to Carry - Strategy on the Tee - Handling the Wind - Have an Eye for Position - When the Track Is Wet - The Payoff Area -List Your Faults

As you can see, the complete The Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf course is chock-a-block with possibly everything you need to improve your game... And a whole lot more!

Discover the secrets to increasing your power and precision by studying the unparalleled " The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf". The course consists of a 11 compelling chapters, 5+ hours of audio and 56 remarkable pictures. Here's what this must-have book and audio course includes...


How The Left Hand Should Look On The Club. You can't afford to get this wrong! (page 24)

Looking At The Inside Of The Left Hand. See how the club should lie in relation to your palm. Discover what must always be between the club and the root of the little finger. (page 25)

View How The Right Hand Goes On The Club. Learn exactly where the club lies and where the forefinger has to be! (page 26)

Learn How The Right Hand Fits Against The Left One. I reveal the correct position for the right palm and the base of the left thumb. (page 27)

The Magic Of The Completed Grip - It Can Make Or Break Your Swing. It's crucial you get to see this view before hitting another golf ball!! (page 27)

The View Of The Completed Grip With The Club Held Up. What you need to know about the right hand's little finger. (page 28)

Attention: The Three Perfect Golf Stances. Explore the three possible stances and how they can make a remarkable difference to your game. (page 30)

The Secret Illustration That Will Keep Your Swing Compact Forever. A guaranteed and unrivaled way of improving your swing. (page 32)

How To Address The Ball With The Correct Position Using The "Trouser Fly Technique"! We expose the wrong and right positions of this amazing secret. (page 33)

Discover How To Check Your Distance From The Ball. This easy to use method works for everyone! (page 35)

Where To Place The Ball. The four basic positions: for the driver, for the fairway woods, for the long irons, for the medium and short irons. (page 37)

There Is ONLY One Way The Right Hand Should Move From The Wrist. Take the time to study this well - it is crucially important to your success. (page 40)

Learn How The Backward Break Is Made. These breakthrough TWO illustrations pinpoint the exact hand and wrist positions - not to be missed. (page 41)

How The Backward Break Looks From The Side. Pay particular Attention to the bend in the left wrist and the position of the club face. (page 42)

The Wrong Break. Note the difference in the left-hand position and observe also the differences in the club-face positions. Never do it like this. (page 43)

What You Should See When You Make The Backward Break Perfectly. The position of the knuckles can not be over emphasised. (page 44)

"Amazing - I'm Gaining A Club Extra Distance Since Using Just One Of The 4 Magic Moves!"

"The course has helped improve my ball striking. The one that probably helped most is the first magic move whilst starting the back swing, I have gained enough distance, for example, to where I currently hit an 8 iron where I was hitting a 7 iron (150 yards). I'm 62 years old and will be 63 in December, and I think hitting an 8 iron 150 yards is pretty darn good for this old geezer. Thanks Andy."

C Walker, Chicago, IL

"I Reduced My Handicap From 9 Down to 6!"

Clive Haddow, Gold Coast, Australia

The Backward Break Off The Forward Press. A key move you will very quickly learn to make with your eyes closed! (page 45)

The Completed Break And How To Easily And Quickly Learn It. Note how to turn the left shoulder and not duck it! (page 46)

A Common Fault In Executing The Break And How You Can Eradicate It Forever. The left shoulder has ducked, the player substituting the duck for the correct turning actio.n (page 46)

The Wrong Break Altogether And The Secrets To Correct It. Discover all the check points to ensure this never happens to you. (page 47)

What You Must See When You Turn And Look At Your Hands After The Backward Break Is Completed. Simple when you know! (page 48)

What You Will See When You Have Made The Wrong Break. There is no way you will be in the right position at the top now! (page 49)

The Open-Face Take-Away That Leads To So Much Trouble And How You Can Quickly Correct It. These two illustrations highlight this fatal flaw and how to get rid of it! (page 52)

How The Bad Backswing Leads To The "Easy-Chair Slouch" And How To Easily Fix It. You'll never hit a good one from here! (page 53)

How To Have The Correct Backswing And Play Superb Golf. Understanding that the backward wrist break and the relationship to the the club face is key. (page 54)

Learn How To Keep Everything Tight And Have The Perfect Position To Move Right Down And Hit The Ball Perfectly. These 5 checkpoints will ensure success for the rest of your golfing life! (page 56)

Focus On These Key Check Point Positions For The Top Of Your Swing. When you how many knuckes you should see the game becomes easy. (page 57)

How To Use The Shoulder Tap Test To Establish The Correct Swing Plane. This powerful two second method ensures you aren't too upright or too flat. (page 58)

The Fatal Flaws Of The Down Swing With The Quick Tips To Replace Them With The Magic Moves. The result is a weak slap of the ball. (page 61)

The Magic Moves That Will Accelerate Your Golf Game Overnight. Three remarkable illustrations that will change your game foreveR.r (page 62)

The Imaginary T-Square - We Show How This Will Benefit Your Golf ? Don't forget to study these 4 illustrations. (page 64 & 65)


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"Being busy with work and family, I only get to play a few times a year. My game has been steadily getting more and more erratic. Using the Four Magic Moves described in your excellent book has enabled me to improve my game, even though I've virtually no practice time! It's amazing, well done and thank you."

T Jenkins, Oxford UK

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Greg, Darwin, Australia

The Eternal Triangle And What It Means For You!- Now There's A Better Way To Play Golf? Use this technique to knock 5 shots off your next round. (page 66)

This Key Sequence Shows The Relationship Of The Left Hip And Left Side. Are YOUR hips ever in this position when you hit the ball?(page 67 & 68)

How To Easily Check Your Hand-Wrist Position. You can't afford to miss this position.(page 71)

The Disc Technique That Cuts Through All The Noise Concerning The Golf Swing Plane. In one fell swoop YOU can fully understand the golf swing like never before! (page 73)

The Three Ring Image - Guaranteed To Work Wonders On Your Golf Swing! This strategy really slices through all the rubbish you see written about the golf swing! (page 77)

The Fatal Flaw At The Ball And How To Quickly Correct It. A good shot is impossible if you don't take on this advice. (page 79)

The Magic Move Through The Ball - Miss This And There Is No Way You Can Consistently Hit Perfect Shots. For the poor or average player the same magic moves apply, but he must first learn to get himself into the position the good player is in as he reaches the hitting area. (page 80)

I Reveal The Puzzling "Hitting Position". Here the player is coming down behind the ball perfectly. His hands have almost reached the ball, but his club head has a full quarter-circle to travel. HOW does it ever catch up? (page 81)

The Correct Hitting Position That Has Puzzled Golfers For So Long! How does the club head catch up with the hands? The answer is COAM (page 83)

The Wrong Hitting position - And How Wrong YOU Can Get It! Compare the positions point for point. (page 84)

The Crucial Golf Swing At Impact Photograph! Notice how the hips have gone through and turned, and how much weight has been transferred to the left leg. (page 85)

The Swing Plane Of An Inside-Out Swing! The path of the club is traced
by electric light on the toe of the club head. (page 86)

Swing Plane Of An Outside-In Swing And How to Automatically Self-Correct It! Learn the secrets of successfully positioning your body weight for the perfect swing. (page 86)

I Expose The Conservation Of Angular Momentum With A Driver and Iron! (page 87-89)

The Cracking Of A Bull Whip - What Has This Got To Do With Golf? All will be explained! (page 91)

The Fact Is YOU Must Understand How COAM Works? (page 92-93)


"Truly A Revelation - I Have NEVER Hit The Ball Straighter Or Longer - Thanks Andy!"

"Andy, I can honestly say that your golf book has been extremely helpful. After years of being plagued by a slice, your tips regarding grip have been a revelation. As a priority, I have been working hard on grip changes and it has been great to see the difference it has already made.

The relief of cracking the ball and seeing it flying straighter and further is great !!! It has given me so much more confidence. I have lots more work to do on other areas that you have advised on and it will take time but please be assured it is very much appreciated and does make a lot of difference. Your advice gives me things to work on during practice and while playing, making the experience very rewarding.
Many thanks. Regards Colin"

C Craig, Montrose, Scotland

"Haven't Looked Back Since Discovering The
New 4 Proven Secrets To A Great Golf Swing"

Giulio Petrella, Australia

The Secondary System For Rotating The Hands - The Ultimate Secret For Generating More Clubhead Speed Without Even Trying! (page 96)

At The Finish Of The Swing Your Hands Should Still Be As Tight As In This Picture. (page 98)

The Strap Treatment. The UNBEAtable learning aid for confirmed outside-inners and hitters-from-the-top. (page 99)

The Wrong And Right Ways To Hit The Short Pitch. Discover key lessons on pitching with confidence. (page 102 -103)

A Breakthrough Method For Improving Your Chip Shot Technique. (page 105)

Understanding The Definite Formula To Successful Putting. (page 112 - 114)

The Sure-Fire Way To Get Up And Down From Every Bunker. (page 117 - 118)

Learn How The Early Break Helps Perfect Your Swing. (page 130)

The Final Position Of The Wrists At The Top Of The Swing Showing Radial Deviation. (page 131)

The "Quiet Club" At The Top Of The Swing. What this means and how it can strip shots off your handicap. (page 134)

Key Strategies on the Tee. (page 140)

Mastering The Par 5s. Learn the correct route for the second and third shots. (page 143)

Taking Divots. The Key differences between playing in dry and wet weather (page 144)

Unmissable Putting Lessons That You Can't Afford To Miss. (page 146)

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Rule 13-4: If a player has hit the ball from within a bunker but his ball remains in the bunker, he is allowed to rake the sand; however, he should not touch the sand with his club. Should a ball be hit out-of-bounds from within a bunker, the ball must be dropped nearest the point of the last shot within the bunker. Here again, the sand can be raked before the drop, but the club should not touch the sand.

Benefit: Although the club cannot touch the sand, the raking of sand before the drop is taken can eliminate obstruction and provide an easier sand shot.

Each rule is discussed in a way that will provide an understanding of the rule and how that understanding can be used to your advantage. On the course, the level of a golfer's confidence directly impacts his or her performance. If there were nothing else to be gained, the confidence that comes from knowing the rules would be an immediate benefit. As you will see, however, there is much to be gained.

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