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I Wish Golf Had Been Taught To Me In This
Simple Manner Several Years Ago. It Would
Have Taken Out A Great Deal Of Frustration!"

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From: David Walker []
Sent: 9 April 2007 18:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Andy,

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of the 4 new magic moves. I teach Biology in the US and always need proof or evidence. I downloaded the free first four chapters and tried things out for myself. I had the opportunity to try things out this weekend and my results are amazing. I was hitting my 7 iron 200 yds without effort and my driver close to 300 yds. Most impressive was the direction the bal, it is traveling STRAIGHT. I wish golf had been taught to me in this simple manner several years ago. It would have taken out a great deal of frustration.

Thank you,

David Walker

Tonganoxie, Kansas, USA

"I Won By 8 Shots."

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From: Roger Roach []
Sent: 16 January 2009 23:27
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Andy,

Hi there Andy, I played well this morning. I hit two of my longest drives ever.

On a long par 4 I left myself an 8 iron from the green But then went bang into a sand trap :-) Not to worry though , I chipped out to within five feet from the flag and then missed the putt (played it short but the line was right). I got par on 3 of my 9 holes and the rest were 1 over.

I won by 8 shots.

On the ninth (par 4 dog leg to the right) I went for the pin on the drive and used my sand wedge to chip onto the green. That little trick you suggested works wonders, I average two putts from the edge of the green and my chips are closer to the pin. I practice the new four magic moves every day, I am hitting further and straighter each time I play.

Roger Roach

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