Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 57 Guys Are Saying!"

"I'm Using The E-book With Great Success!"

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From: George Treacy [mailto:georgexxxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 30 April 2007 12:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 88

Hi Andy,

Thanks for email. I would like to let you know I had an 88 last Friday to take second prize in our college society outing.

I'm using the e-book with great success.

George, Ireland

"Yesterday My Shots Were Straighter Than
Previously And That Showed In The Result!"

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From: John Holmes [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.au]
Sent: 30 April 2007 10:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: John - Learning the New Four Magic Moves


Just felt I had to reply to you.

I have just started working on the first move on what I think is a three month exercise to incorporate the four moves into my game. The outcome is that yesterday I won the individual Sunday comp. at my club and lost 1 shot, 6 more to go! You talked about longer and straighter shots, I have to say that length is not an issue but yesterday my shots were straighter than previously and that showed in the result.

With further reading, practice and my new set of Pings I think the reduction from 21 to 14 is realistic.

Over the next few weeks I shall be understanding and practicing more.

Best regards

John Holmes

"I Downloaded It And I Have To
Say That I'm Most Impressed!"

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From: Courtney Young [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 27 April 2007 19:56
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: The four magic moves

Hi Andy,

Id just like to say that I have read most of the e-book and also made an MP3 CD to listen to in my car which I've been listening to since I downloaded it and I have to say that I'm most impressed. Not only does it explain clearly what needs to be done, it gives good comparisons and explains why it needs to be done, and the effects of doing it right and wrong, which as a golfer I can relate to.

What sticks in my mind the most is the backwards wrist break. Although I read about it when I first discovered your web site, the full e-book gives the full explanation ie holding the xxXXxxx xxxxx through the entire swing until xxXXxxx takes effect where you can feel your xxXXxxx xxxxx.

Being scientifically minded as I always have been it all makes perfect sense. I now too am dying to get to the driving range to the point where i can think of nothing else, and being new to the great game (3 months or so ) I shouldn't have any trouble adapting to the correct swing. I will let you know how I do, I'm sure i can put my understanding into practice.

Thank you very much!


"I won The Stableford Competition
(about 150 starters) With A Score Of 47!"

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From: Alwyn xxxxx [mailto:alwyn@xxxxxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 27 April 2007 03:56
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Alwyn check out the 20 I have added in the last 25 days!

Hi Andy,

Since receiving your book about two weeks ago I have been trying the new grip, which feels somewhat awkward at first; however, I have left my driver at home and am using the 3 wood off the "T" and the ball is going dead straight without a slice which I have not been able to get rid of before even with lessons from a pro; also the ball is going about 40 metres further than it was before with the driver.

Yesterday, at my club, my partner and I won the Stableford competition (about 150 starters) with a score of 47 which is the first time I have scored over 38. Including two 4 pointers and missed two others with careless putts.

Other irons are also hitting 20 - 30 metres further, and dead straight, so have had to change clubs for different distances.

Thanks for your advice and now to get my handicap down.



Western Australia

"All I Could Say Was Holy Crap!!!"

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From: Mitch Fitzpatrick [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 23 April 2007 16:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: cost to learn to swing


If one were to search the internet to learn how to swing the club the right way he would come across many web sites and books that can be sold.

Most of the costs are over $60.00 And just think that this high price will buy you bad information.

Then comes your web site and for a much cheaper price and it is the right information. Higher price does not buy a better product.


The new swing /grip

I was able to get over to the driving range and try out the new swing. In fact, I went over twice because I was so impressed.

I went over real early in the morning Saturday and tried to get use to new hold ( wrist break) It is a little different in feel but you know what - it works!!

It will take time to get use to this new swing. After I left the driving range it was still in the back of my mind at how well I did and I had to go back later and try it again. I went back to the range later in the afternoon and tried the swing again. All I could say was Holy Crap!!

I was playing around with the distance and tried to make short hits, say around 100yds. Well - I was trying to relax the muscle control in my shoulders and it was having an opposite effect. The balls were traveling further. 150+ yds and dead straight.

Mitch Fitzpatrick

"My Handicap Before Magic Moves Was 25
At The Moment I Am Playing To 18
Wow.. In Three Weeks!"

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From: Richard Robertson [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.net.au]
Sent: 23 April 2007 10:05
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Book


On to the golf, this method "is" magic I have only been playing for 7 years (badly) I read the first chapter practiced the take away inside for several days then hit the driving range wow.... then played 6 holes and again wow..... last week I played 18 holes the best 18 holes I have ever played fantastic I keep getting better and better the best $27 I have ever spent it save me from upgrading my ping isi clubs to the new g5's that's saved me about $1500 Australian ..wow... MY HANDICAP BEFORE MAGIC MOVES WAS 25 AT THE MOMENT I AM PLAYING TO 18 WOW.. IN THREE WEEKS


Richard Robertson


"Thanks Again For Your Excellent Instructional Package .. The Very Best
I've Come Across So Far!"

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From: Jim xxxxxxxxx [mailto:jxx xxxx@xxxxxxxx.rr.com]
Sent: 22 April 2007 03:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: CB webcampaig-001 BTNxxxxx (PayPal)


The golf outing went well .. from preliminary results I think we finished in the top half of our flight with a best-ball 67. The last I knew with 7 or 8 of the 21 groups still on the course, 2 groups had 65's and one had a 66. Being our 1st round of the year and with only 2 bogies out of 18 holes on a course with long uphill par 5's, we weren't too disappointed. Our short approach shots and putting (mostly coming up short on uphill putts) weren't up to par or we would have easily scored 4 or 5 strokes lower.

For the 1st time in several years I felt totally confidant over the ball with my driver which, except for a few forward sways that resulted in pushed drives, for the most part sent the ball right down the middle of the fairways. The unique early wrist-cock and shoulder takeaway proved to be both simple and effective.

I did make a few mistakes with my irons with 'lazy' swings instead of swinging aggressively through the ball, but before the round was over I recognized and corrected that.

Thanks again for your excellent instructional package .. the very best I've come across so far (and I've viewed or purchased many). I'm 78 years old and I've been golfing for 42 years with only rare success until I began applying your fine instruction material.

Jim xxxxxxxxx


"Eureka I Have Struck Gold!"

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From: Alan Boswell [mailto:xx xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 21 April 2007 15:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Many thanks for buying "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf"

Hi Andy,

Not sure if your email is an automatic response but if not here’s my feed back.

I read your book on Friday in the office and it answered all the questions I have been looking for, for over 20 years.

I tried the backward wrist break and xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx down the range today and “Eureka” I have struck gold.

With Kind Regards


"Everything You Mentioned Made Sense To
Me And After Reading It I Finally Now Feel
Confident And Comfortable At Address!"

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From: Dave xx xxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 21 April 2007 03:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: "Dave have you ever had a golf instructor like this?"


Thank you for passing along your the first step in the The New Four Moves To Winning Golf. The video was also very helpful in explaining how to grip the club properly along with the early wrist break. I have read the attached 60 page PDF file about 5 times already and cannot wait to get out to the driving range and try this out. Although spring has arrived here on the eastern side of Canada, the driving ranges and golf courses will probably not open for another week. Mother Nature has seen fit to drench us with a lot of rain making it difficult to get the golfing season up and running.

I have been golfing for about 24 years and at present have a 18 handicapp. During the last 6 years or so I have received golf lessons from CPGA instructors in this area and have not seen one smidgen of improvement. After about $400.00 Cdn, and 3 different instructors, I figured that I was either incapable of hitting a golf ball properly or, I has such a severe swing flaw that these instructors just tied to do their best with me and hope that I would be satisfied with hitting the ball somewhat straight.

I watched a lot of instructional DVDs, read books, magazines and spent hours watching pro tips on the golf channel. I tried to follow the main ideas that most of these pros passed along such as, keep a light grip on the club, shove out your butt as if you were sitting on a bar stool, keep the head steady, don't sway the hips, blah blah blah blah.

I practiced these moves over and over again and never ever felt comfortable swinging a golf club as they advised. The main thing I didn't like is that when I made a good shot and then a bad shot, I could not understand the reason why a shot went bad or how to rectify it.

So, I kept searching and searching on the internet to try and find someone who could tell me how to hit a golf ball without my needing a PHD in particle physics. When I came upon your site I figured, here is another person going to tell me the exact same things about how to hit a golf ball. After reading for a few minutes you definitely had my attention. About 99.9% of what you mentioned felt like you were talking directly to, and, about me. Everything you mentioned made sense to me and after reading it I finally now feel confident and comfortable at address. I have been practicing the steps you send along for the past 8 days or so and I cannot wait to get to the range.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am going to hit the ball a lot better and hopefully keep myself out of trouble on the course. I even brought a golf club to work with me and I practice the grip and wrist break over and over again. For once I have some direction on how to grip a club and do it the same way each time. That is way more relaxing than stepping up to the Tee box and trying to figure out how light to grip a club and where exactly to put all your fingers and thumbs. How can a person be relaxed if they are stressed out over one of the most important parts of the game ... the grip?

Thank you again for making this available to me and thousands of others and for giving us all the chance to play the game we love with a lot more confidence. I will keep you posted on my initial trip to the driving range and how well I made out.

Thanks again Andy;



"The System Really Works!"

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From: Dan xxxxxxxxx [mailto:danxx xxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 20 April 2007 13:40
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: "Gary Player's - Art Of Practicing Golf"

Hi Andy,

I have really enjoyed all the information that you have sent since I signed up for your product. I am now hitting a natural draw with my irons. Still a bit inconsistent but the system really works.



"I Will Definetly Purchase
The Full Version Of Your Book!"

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From: Bill Wallace [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.net.nz]
Sent: 19 April 2007 23:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Bill - Tony's Story could be just the thing to help your golf

Hi Andy,

I read the "Tony Story" last night and it was like reading about myself. Last year I was on a 13 handicap, playing on a difficult links course. I moved to another area and for the past 6 months have been playing on a normal relatively easy course. Thinking I would blitz this new course, my handicap has fallen to an 18. I have stopped playing in competitions because I'm struggling to break 100, my confidence has been shattered. I don't even take out a score card any more because I don't see any point in proving how useless I have become.

The only reason I have continued to drag myself up to the course is because of those few beautiful shots I do every now and again but in the main, my drive off the tee is either a terrible hook, shocking slice, embarrasing sky shot and sometimes a shank. I must say too that my temper dosn't help! I read the first part of your ebook last night and practiced your grip while watching TV. To my surprise it actually suited me and felt natural. I have quite long fingers and have been taught to hold the club very much in the fingers. Your way made the club feel right in the grip.

I dashed up to the course early this morning just to test out your grip, and I must say that it made a world of difference. Probably 80% of the drives landed on the fairway and every hit felt powerful. My stance and address felt powerful and balanced too which is something I haven't felt for a long time.

I still made some stupid hits though but I nothing compared to what I have become use to. I am sure with some practice using this new grip, my game will return to how I use to play.

Thanks Andy

PS: I will definetly purchase the full version of your book



New Zealand

"The First Ball I T'd Up Was Smoked
300 Yards Down The Middle ...
WOW Is All I Can Say!!!"

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From: Shaun Mxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 16 April 2007 23:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Shaun - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

I have been golfing now for just over 1 year, my first round ever was in October '05 on the closing day of a course here in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. I shot a 120, not bad for a green golfer with rental clubs, crappy ones at that! I avidly started playing last spring, purchased a set of 845's and some nice woods, and by the end of the year was down to a 13 hdcp, but I was still lacking something. I had never taken a lesson, except from some friends on the course or the range, but their advice seemed to help.

Golf season here is only mid April to mid October, so this leaves a lot of time to loose your ability to swing the club with confidence. Through the winter I tend to search the internet for tips on how to improve your game, then I stumbled upon your site!

After reading through the first 4 free chapters of your book I had to see the rest. The concepts you explain are so intuitive and technically sound I can't help but wonder where this will take my game. The day I ordered the entire text, I was packing to go on a 3 day golf trip to British Columbia. I read it on the way in the car, and practiced the new techniques on the range that evening. WOW is all I can say!!!

The first ball I T'd up was smoked 300 yards down the middle off the back fence, with one of the slowest swings I ever made with a driver. Mind you I struggled a lot trying to hone my new swing. Not all my shots were that good but when I did it right the results proved it. There is no question in my mind that this swing will do nothing but produce ideal shots from every club in my bag.

I ended up playing three rounds at the best and most challenging course I ever played at, and tried my best to use all of the techniques I learned in your book.

The first round of the year, in the rain and only 10 Celsius, I shot 101, second round 95. That same day I went on to do another 9 holes and shot 38! The next day I shot a 88. By the end of the season I will break 80, possibly 75, If I can avoid the 3 putts ;-)

I can't wait to get out on the course again with this new swing, I think I will head off the range right now.

Thanks Andy, I will keep you updated as my game progresses.


Shaun Mxxxxx

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

"The Ball Would Jump Off
The Club Beautifully When All
Four Moves Were Done Correctly!"

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From: Thom xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@aim.com]
Sent: 13 April 2007 21:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Thom - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

I hit a large bucket of balls in the cold last night. With relearning from the "New Four Magic Moves" using 7-5-2 Irons and then a driver, I was able to obtain about 85% of my best form in 1995.

This info received from you is just about the same as learned from my dead pro. The ball would jump off the club beautifully when all four moves were done correctly. When I go toO fast in in any part, the ball still looked OK to the beginner, with a slight draw and loss of 20% distance & accuracy.

When I am on - I hit straight as a string, very long, and look like I am not even trying very hard.

Thanks again Andy,


"I Shot The Best Score Of My Life!"

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From: Nolan Combrink [mailto:nxxxxxx@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 13 April 2007 09:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Great news


Just thought I would drop you a line. I played golf on Wednesday and I shot the best score of my life. I went around in 90 on a par 72 course. I usually go around in 100.

All I did was use the first magic move of cocking the wrists early and I couldn't believe the difference. I can't wait to use all four moves.



"Hit The Longest Drive That
I Have Ever Done 260 yards!"

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From: Ron Nethersole [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 11 April 2007 16:40
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial

Hi Andy,

My name is Ron Nethersole and I downloaded your book 5 days ago.

I have to say how brilliant I think it is. Not only did it improve my swing and power, but it also got in me realising where I was going in wrong! particularly in driving, would always bend the shot to the right?? could never figure out why it was the only club that it happened to. It was caused by my obsession to murder the tee shot but was trying to make the club head go faster than my hands. Hence end up opening the club face on impact. Normally finish a round at 98-100

Went to range once I read book, once I got used to breaking wrists first, I started to hit some lovely shaped shots, and was becoming more accurate. Played a round the next day and shot 90. Hit the longest drive that I have ever done 260 yards. Fantastic. I was on the green in 1 on all the par 3s. It was only becasuse of a poor bunker shot that stopped me getting under 90. Overall It was the easiest golf I had played, never felt like I was trying to slog it out. Never really understood the physics behind a golf swing! Now I do.



"I Have Used Your Methods And Already
My Shots Have Improved Dramatically!"

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From: Manjula Ellepola [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 11 April 2007 05:30
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Book

Hi Andy,

I bought your book recently. It is an excellent and well written book. This is the best investment I have made since taking up Golf recently. The instructions are comprehensive and clear.

I've had a lot of trouble getting the swing right and new there was something wrong with the tips I was getting from Pros/Friends and from the other literature I was reading.

I have used your methods and already my shots have improved dramatically. As an engineer now I can see the actual science behind the golf swing. I look forward to more enjoyable Golf now, thanks to you.

I think it would be invaluable if you can make a video of the four secrets as well...

Thank you very much indeed for bringing out such a valuable book on Golf and I wish you every success in revolutionising the game!

Best regards

Manjula Ellepola

"I Wish Golf Had Been Taught To Me In This
Simple Manner Several Years Ago. It Would
Have Taken Out A Great Deal Of Frustration!"

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From: David Walker [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 9 April 2007 18:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Andy,

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of the 4 magic moves. I teach Biology in the US and always need proof or evidence. I downloaded the free first four chapters and tried things out for myself. I was impressed with it so much I ordered the rest of the book and audio. I had the opportunity to try things out this weekend and my results are amazing. I was hitting my 7 iron 200 yds without effort and my driver close to 300 yds. Most impressive was the direction the ball is traveling STRAIGHT. I wish golf had been taught to me in this simple manner several years ago. It would have taken out a great deal of frustration.

Thank you,

David Walker

Tonganoxie, KS

"I'm Already Hitting The Ball Firmer, Straight
And Further ... You Are The Best!"

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From: John Derick [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 7 April 2007 07:20
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Something for the weekend Michael

Dear Andy,

I just like to thank you for helping me in my game. Just to day I had the opportunity to test out what you taught about breaking the wrist early and using the shoulders, and I'm already hitting the ball firmer, straight and further. I'm all excited and Sunday I'm playing again and looking forward to a better score. You are the best. Thanks. Regards

Lt Col (Ret) John Derick

"I've Paid Hundreds Of Dollars On Lessons
And All I Can Say Is - Not Only Does The
"Magic Moves" Make Sense - It Works !!!"

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From: Michael Cxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 6 April 2007 22:15
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Something for the weekend Michael

Hi Andy : Without question, your magic way are forcing me to swing inside out, every time my ball flight goes to left, I know my swing is still not there. It takes times, but I am very confident that my score is improving, at least knocking 4 to 5 strokes off in my game.



"I Saw INSTANT Improvement !!!!!!!!!
All I Had To Do Was Do The Break
And Then Turn And BAM..."

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From: Greg Miller [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 5 April 2007 18:05
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Did you have problems Greg?

All I have to say Andy is thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Just from the wrist break I went to the range after just making that move solely in my Apt. I saw INSTANT improvement !!!!!!!!! All I had to do was do the break and then turn and BAM...with ease I was hitting a wedge 115yrds into a med. wind........... I had such a boost from just feeling how solid I hit it. I noticed too that armsy swing coming into play and knew right away that was the cause of some not so good flights. With a little more practice to once and for all get rid of all the Rubbish and improve on the new me swing i will be well on my way. I could go on and on.....I GET IT NOW and will be purchasing that package of yours. I am going on line today to get the $27 package. I was watching people on the range and could hear them talking about what causes this and that knowing that they were wrong. Just hard to tell them what I found cuz alot of people dont want a strangers advice.... I am so excited about playing again .......... !!!!!!!! THANKS a BUNCH!!!!!!!!!! Oh I saw the video and it was good.

Greg Miller,

Dallas, Tx.

"I've Paid Hundreds Of Dollars On Lessons
And All I Can Say Is - Not Only Does The
"Magic Moves" Make Sense - It Works !!!"

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From: Earnest Tullis [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 3 April 2007 02:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Its works !!

Hey Andy,

I must admit; I was very very skeptical about this so called "magic moves" in a golf swing. Well I read the ebook and practice the "magic moves" in my back yard until I was accustomed to the feel.

Then one day I went to the range eager to try the "magic moves." With driver in hand I made a very skeptical (easy) swing and to my surprise - the ball went a very straight 200 yards !!!! Then I focus on all the mechanics of the "magic moves" and now I'm hitting 250 yard drives - straight down the fairway. This is not a gimmick !!! I've paid hundreds of dollars on lessons and all I can say is - not only does the "magic moves" make sense - it works !!!


"For The First Time In 3 years I Consistently
Flew The Ball 240 To 250 yds!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Nall [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 3 April 2007 03:00
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Some early feedback

Andy, not sure if you check this email but thought I would give you some early feedback.

First of all I have been a 7 to 15, struggled for years with consistency that I always attributed to tending to cup my left wrist no matter how hard I tried to stop. I shattered my wrist as a young teen and never felt I got the cocking motion all the way back when it healed. I have tried everything, swing aids, wrist apparatus, different grips, to no avail. At least to no consistent success. I found your website Googling golf grips, once again in search of an elusive grip that could keep that darn wrist flat.

OK, now the results. I read the entire book yesterday, spent hours in my home working on the grip, the key points in the swing, the xxxx xxx xxxx to start the downswing, thinking hard about not getting lazy at the top (where I would typically overswing and cup that darn wrist). I just returned from the range where I hit a bucket of 84 balls.

7 iron to wedge (20 balls) - all but 2 balls dead straight, no real increase in distance. I hit my 9 iron 130 yds.

3 iron to 6 iron (20 balls) - all but 5 balls dead straight with 5 to 15 yds increase in distance. 3 iron consistently 200 yds.

5 wood (20 balls) - all balls dead straight. Last 10 balls were amazing, high ball flight 220 yds.

Ping G5 Driver (24 balls) - 1 smothered hook (my typical problem), 3 hard fades not quite a slice, 5 nice high fades, 15 DEAD straight with a beautiful ball flight.

For the first time in 3 years I consistently flew the ball 240 to 250 yds.

The fence at the range is 255 and I hit it on the fly 4 times just beyond the 250 marker that was my target. Obviously my initial reaction is great pleasure but I have practised well before with the new great swing idea (I have spent the last 6 months working on the xxxxxxxxxxxx). All this in 50F weather here in Seattle. Going to my place in Arizona next week and I can't wait to see how the ball flies down there.

Here is why I think you really have something here, at least for me.

1. The grip and wrist break force me into the correct hand position at the top. Yes, there is almost unnatural tension but that's how I know I have done it right. No tension and I just know I broke wrong AND got lazy at the top.

2. Which leads me to lazy at the top, overswinging and for me, the resultant cupped left wrist and probably bent left arm. The grip and break create tension that just won't let me overswing.

3. Which leads me to the xxxxxxxxxxxx to start the downswing. With tension in a straight xxxx xxxx, flat left wrist and hinged right wrist, the xxxxxxxxxxxx (almost feels like a xxxxxxxxxxxxxx but I know from the book my hips are starting to turn shortly after the xxxxxxxxxxxx) feels like I am loading up a rubber band for power. There is no way to throw the club from this position.

That' a lot of "which leads me" but my point is each action and motion leads to the next and they seem to tie together for a powerful, consistent swing.

I am quite sure I was out of your pure position many times. I forgot to think about keeping my head back during the xxxxxxxxx. When I did I hit the fence with those last 4 drives. Amazing! So, plenty of work to do but now I can't wait to get back to the range tomorrow (where I dreaded practise before because I had become so frustrated with inconsistency). I am anxious to see if I can replicate my first session.

One thing I am going to do is cut and paste a small primer from your book. Key points and pictures and I can review before, during and after a practise session. Probably a good idea to have it in my bag during a round too.

If you want, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks, really good stuff,

Robert Nall

Seattle, WA

"I Would Strongly Recommend
This Program To Golfers Wanting
To Improve Their Golf Game!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Niel LeRoux [mailto:xxXXxxxx@xxXXxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 2 April 2007 12:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Handicap

Hi Andy, In following your advice in The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf Secrets program, my handicap has already come down from 14 to 12 after only 11 rounds after a total of 8.hrs on the practice tee. I do think that coming down to a handicap of 12 for a man of 83 does say a lot for your program. Thanking you. As I plan to follow the program to the letter, I am convinced that the potential is there to improve still further. At the very reasonable price I would strongly recommend this program to golfers wanting to improve their Golf Game.

Niel LeRoux, Nelspruit, South Africa.

"I Am Very Impressed ... I Have Added
About 50 yards To My Drives!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Noreen xxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxXXxxxx@telus.com]
Sent: 1 April 2007 12:00
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Noreen Have You Read The First Four Golf Chapters?

Yes I have and I am very impressed. I started using the frst tip right away and I have added about 50 yards to my drives. And they are striaght. I am just changing my grip now and have noticed an improvement as well. I will keep on going until I have implemented all four of your tips into my game.

Thanks again Noreen

"My Partners Mouth's All Dropped (as did mine but I didn't let them see mine). They Couldn't Believe The Distance I Was Getting"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ken Rearden [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 31 March 2007 05:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Have a good weekend and . . . . . .


Sorry for being late responding as I have been out of town and just got back tonight. I can open the text using this format. It's late so I will work on the audio part tomorrow. Thanks for your assistance. By the way I tried the bent back wrist when I played Wednesday after reading the sample four lessons. I am a 16 handicapper and I never tried the bent wrist on the range I simply held my breath, bent the wrist and swung... my partners mouth's all dropped (as did mine but I didn't let them see mine). They couldn't believe the distance I was getting. I read chapter 5 tonight and will read the rest this weekend and will study and practice the whole system. Truthfully, I was not real worried about not being able to open the system because I got my $27 dollars worth from your tip about the bent wrist.



"I Love The book. I Play On
The Gateway Tour In Arizona!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Randy Robertson [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 31 March 2007 05:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Have a good weekend and . . . . . .


I love the book. I play on the Gateway tour in Arizona. I got hurt before my first tourney and tried to play thru it but lost my game completely. I almost tried to sell my spot for the rest of the year. I read your book wednesday night and thursday and went out and shot 69 yesterday. Just by reading your book.

Thanks a million.

Randy Robertson

"Thank You So Much For
Reviving My Golfing Career!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Bxxxxxx [mailto:Danxxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 28 March 2007 02:58
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: How's the golf


I have been to the range every day practicing and I am hitting it straight and long as long as I continue to pay attention to my grip and alignment. Thank you so much for reviving my golfing career. I am in the process of joining a league and will definitely be keeping you up to date on my progress.



"The Wristbreak Really Works,
Ball Striking Is Now Fantastic!"

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From: Ron Williams [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 27 March 2007 11:00
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Ron - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

The wristbreak really works, ball striking is now fantastic.



"Both Landing Distance And
As Straight As A Dye!"

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From: Kevin xxxxxxx[mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: 26 March 2007 22:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Kevin, Listen to Golf Chapters 5 to 7 Today!

Well Andy as you know from previous emails I have persisted with this technique, well three weeks later I have now mastered this new way, being lefthanded I had to reverse all the info, well with first cocking my wrists and transferring my weight over my left hip keeping the club height to my left shoulder in an arc motion results:-

I have callaway x16 with steel head woods.

Driver 265 metres drive
5 iron 168 metres

both landing distance and as straight as a dye

excellent now I have to re think my club selection

thanks again

Editor's Note: Purchase now includes a left handed version of "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf"

"Excellent Book. A lot Of Common Sense
And Eye Opening Revelations!"

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From: Steve Holden [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 26 March 2007 12:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Steve - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy

Excellent book. A lot of common sense and eye opening revelations. Difficult concepts made reasonably simple to understand and to put into practice. I particularly like your explanation of why the moves need to be done. This is not pure instruction, the book provides the physics of the golf swing. By providing the reasons why the moves need to be made you reinforce the need to break old habits - the advice becomes impossible to ignore. Current status:

1st. move - practised it, using it on the course. Generally, this is a big improvement. The best thing about this move is that it simplifies the swing. The references to "steady at the top" are very applicable.

2nd. move - no problem, I think I got it and it is integrated in the swing.

3rd. move - working on it. For me, this is the most significant move to crack. I know I have a problem here, particularly with too much weight remaining on the right foot. I feel confident this move will crack the problem. Results are impressive when I get it right however.

4th. move - as you say, this move is primarily instinct and is the result of the previous moves. However, I still feel that whenever I get this right it makes a big difference.

So, good progress but work to do.

Thanks again for the excellent advise - will forward your link to my golf buddies.

Best regards.


"I Have Read And Bought Countless Golf
Books And This Is Indeed The Best!"

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From: Steven Lam [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com.sg]
Sent: 24 March 2007 05:05
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Steven - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Thank you very much for your book on the New Four Magic Moves, After briefly reading through before my golf game especially on the wrist break, I applied it and I'm amazed to see my shots have more power actually 30 meters more and its high and straight. I will make an effort to pour through and digest the whole book. I have read and bought countless golf books and this is indeed the best.

Many thanks again
Steven Lam

"I Have DVDs, Books And Downloads
Coming Out Of My Arse, But The 4 New
Magic Moves Makes More Sense To Me
Than The Rest Put Together!"

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From: Mike Jewitt [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.net.au]
Sent: 20 March 2007 14:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Backward wrist break

Hi Andy,

Can't believe you took the trouble to send me an individual video, thanks heaps. I had 'found' the answer in Chap. 5, in that this movement is incorporated in the backswing, whereas, initially, I thought you meant it as an address movement. Also, I realised I had my right hand too low, and that when I covered the left thumb knuckle (instead of just the thumb) the downward move of the left wrist, while almost imperceptible, did happen with the thumb press.

While you have it too cold there. it's almost too hot here! I am very keen to try this all out on the course, but realise I have much practice to do. I am 57 and only took up the game a little over 12 months ago. The main problems I have identified with my game are swinging from the top and no decent follow through. I have DVDs, books and downloads coming out of my a***, but the 4 New Magic Moves makes more sense to me than the rest put together. I believe in my ability to improve and be an < 10 handicapper. (I have birdied the hardest par 4 at my course) For the record, at this early stage of reading, the most valuable points are those that cover, like no other instruction, the best grip, starting position to backswing and, most importantly, the start of the downswing. It is now up to me to put it into practice.

Kind regards,

Mike Jewitt

"I Was Able To Listen To Some Of
Them On An Hour Drive On Friday"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Hands [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 18 March 2007 05:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Bill - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Good Day Andy,

Thanks for the follow up. I have sucsessfully downloaded the pdf files and the MP3 files. It is great to have them in such flexible formats. The MP3 files are now on my Creative MP3 player and I was able to listen to some of them on an hour drive on Friday. It helped to pass the time but it was also good to be able to listen to the material while driving which is something you just can't do with written material.

The videos sound like a good idea and I would appreciate hearing more about them as you progress.

Best Wishes


"I Found The Fatal Flaw Passages
Illuminating ... I Felt As Though
I Was Back To Playing Proper Golf"

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From: Murray xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 17 March 2007 09:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: "Gary Player's - Art Of Practicing Golf"

I'm writing to say how much I enjoyed the "Four magic moves" publication.

I used it as reading material while working abroad recently and a few lights clicked on in my head while doing so. I currently play off 8 but have been struggling over the winter months to play to it.

Your guide reminded me of one or two things, reinforced some others and I found the fatal flaw passages illuminating.

I've played three times since returning and although I've got to practice, practice, practice - especially as I'm changing my swing - I felt as though I was back to playing proper golf.

Many Thanks.


(Dr. Murray Lawton-Dauie)

BACK NINE ... It Was Incredible And
Could Have Been Even Better"

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From: Dan Bxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 15 March 2007 06:18
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Dan - Tony's Story could be just the thing to help your golf

Hi Andy,

My name is Dan Bxxxxxx. I am 41 years old and come from xxxxxxxxxx, Gauteng, South Africa. My story is quite unbelievable, so bear with me as I start from the beginning.

I started playing golf about ten years ago and got down to about a 12 handicap in 18 Months. Then, due to circumstances, stopped playing about six years ago but kept a keen interest in the sport and always read whatever I come across about this great game.

That is how I stumbled across your website and went through the usual "lets see where this goes". I am a bit of a skeptic and take these "improve your handicap by ..." promises with a pinch of salt.

Well I received your First chapter and read through it. It rekindled my interest and I was really keen to try it. Unfortunately I didn't own golf clubs anymore. A well known discount store, Makro, in South Africa had a sale on a very cheap set of clubs. R1000-00 for a set of Spalding's. End of the month came and I purchased the set.

I went down to my local driving range to try the moves in the first chapter of your book. Now I haven't touched a club in at least four years. At the range I ran into an old playing partner of mine who invited me to join his fourball for the Saturday competition.

The competition was at Eagle Canyon Golf course, a new course that I had never played before. A type of inland links with a lot of water hazards and deep rough. Almost every tee shot is played blindly.

I was very keen but also nervous. The front nine was a disaster as expected and I played 52, 16 over. I was not enjoying myself at all and wished that I could be somewhere else.

During breakfast at the halfway house I thought about your move in the first part of your book that I had read and practiced only once. Well, as I had nothing to lose I decided that I would take one swing thought with me onto the course for the second nine. That was the wrist break move from chapter four of your book. Nothing else. I SHOT 37, ONE OVER PAR, ON THE BACK NINE.

It was incredible and could have been even better. I duffed one pitch, two easy chip-shots, and one birdie put lipped out. Our playing partners were even questioning my handicap and insisted that I play like a single figure handicapper.

I have been down to the range at least 2 to 3 times a week since and practice only that one move. I am hitting the ball straight and far. My shots are much more consistent as is my ball flight. I always played with a slight fade. But pulled and pushed quite often. Not knowing when or why. Now my ball flight has a slight little draw or is dead straight. No pulls and pushes at all and I now understand what causes bad shots.

This is the most unfit I have ever been in my life, and my rhythm and strength is not close too where it can be but I am hitting the ball solidly and timing it really well. Even my mishits fly a mile and are always on target.

I even have grandeurs dreams of playing too scratch one day very soon. I see now that the sky is the limit in this game.

Many thanks,

Dan Bxxxxxx

"I Have Been Totally Absorbed With
The Four Magic Moves, It Has Put
Serious Pressure On My Marriage!"

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From: David Gray [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 15 March 2007 12:4310
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: David Have You Read The First Four Golf Chapters?

Dear Andy,

I have been totally absorbed with the four magic moves, it has put serious pressure on my marriage, my wife is starting to wonder what's so interesting. I printed it straight away and am up to page 96. I have been getting home late from work as I have been so keen to try out what I have stayed up so late the night before learning, and have been dropping in on a local golf course to test out the magic moves. I've had great results so far hitting longer and straighter.

Thanks Heaps

Regards David

"I Found It Very Successful But
Also It Was Easy To Be Repetitive."

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From: Steve Braund [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 12 March 2007 15:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Steve, Bonus Four Chapters From The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

Good Day Andy,

Just thought I would let you know that I was out on the course today and tried the early wrist break. I found it very successful but also it was easy to be repetitive. It also allowed me to keep a light grip.

Thanks I will try and read the other tips ASAP.

Kind Regards

Steve Braund

"I Am Very Happy With The Results - I Am Striking The Ball Well .... And Straight Too1"

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From: Easton Lee [mailto:eastonxxxxxx@xxxxxx.ca]
Sent: 10 March 2007 04:46
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Easton - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

I have managed to read your book and tried out the magic moves on the range.

I am very happy with the results - I am striking the ball well.... and straight too. I will continue to study and practice the moves and can't wait to try out the "new swing" on the golf course.

Thanks very much!


"It's Especially Gratifying In That
I Have Been Getting Instant Results"

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From: Gary Cutler [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 8 March 2007 09:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Gary - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message. I am a beginner with golf now moving into about the fourth week. I took 20 hours of lessons for starters and have built everything from your book into my practice routines. It's going very well. I am surprised how quickly my game has developed and it's especially gratifying in that I have been getting instant results with those good feeling shots. I find trouble waiting for the next practice session.

There is one thing in your book which I do not understand very well. Would you please explain further what the forward press is?

I will be looking forward to seeing the videos.
Incidentally, if I get a video of my swing, would you be interested in having a look at this and commenting on my technique and/or giving me any tips.

Lastly, there is so much information out there about golf techniques and equipment most of which tends to conflict with each other which makes it almost impossible for the beginner to be properly advised. I am glad that I found your book first which has made things very easy for me because of the logical and practical nature in which it is written.


Best Regards

Gary Cutler

"You Hear This Sharp (WHOOOOSH)
Dead At The Bottom Of Your Swing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bernie Millar [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 4 March 2007 00:17
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Bernard - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Working on it everyday.

I have always lead my swing with my hip slide. I have even been told it was wrong...LOL.

The 2 area's that I am working on is keeping the wrist cock and letting my right shoulder come down and not out and over.

It is simply amazing how fast you can swing the club if you keep that wrist cock until centrifigal force throws it down to the ball and you hear this sharp (WHOOOOSH) dead at the bottom of your swing.

It also helped to concentrate on my hands moving fast, and not the head of the club as I have been doing.

Thanks again Andy

Bernie Miller

"Cost Of The Book A Brilliant Investment.
Thank You So Much!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony Chapman [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 28 February 2007 19:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Anthony - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your two e-mails today. yes, I have begun to put The Four Magic Moves into action- well, one of them at least!

Can I say first that I am excited by what I have been able to digest so far. I won't go into too much personal detail but I might well be one of those who you might consider to be beyond the pail because I am a senior guy! I have been playing golf for probably five years and purely on the basis that when I played cricket and batted left handed, it felt very comfortable to pick up a left handed golf club. However progress was not as I wanted so I began to take lessons with a pro. After about six lessons he asked me if I was naturally left handed and I explained it felt comfortable and the reason why. He asked me to use his right handed 6 iron and hit a few balls. Although it felt awkward I actually hit the ball much further than I could left handed. The pro then made me a promise; he would give me lessons until I was competent with the change. Things were moving along quite well but then he moved to another position at a far away course. At this stage we were working on correcting a consistent problem of hitting long but left of target - or as I explained it over my left shoulder! I struggled with this, constantly looking for a cure. Then I found your site, got interested bought the e-book, began to read it and shouted 'Eureka'! I began to understand that my problem stemmed from an out to in downswing which probably continued on an inside line after impact and the results were not a hook but a pull.

The more I read the more it all makes sense. I have noticed how the pro's get into the positions your book describes but when I asked the pro who gave me lessons if I should learn to shift my hips at the beginning of the downswing all I was told was that all would be taken care of if I made a complete shoulder turn swung as hard as I could. Well, it doesn't work; the emphasis on speed alone only encourages coming over the top by throwing the shoulder at the ball! I am so glad I stumbled onto your book because it genuinely clears up the mysteries of the swing that have plagued me.

I also had fallen into that incorrect wrist break action and that too may have influenced my shots so to read your first Magic Move so thrilled me that I simply had to practise the new break a few times and try it out on the practice ground. The results gained, and don't forget that the only change I had made was the rearward wrist break, were consistently straighter shots very much more on target. So, from a purely financial point of view, following your direction to this point made the cost of the book a brilliant investment. Thank you so much!

The reason I haven't made more progress is because my printer ran out of ink before I could print off the next chapters!

You can probably tell that I am very delighted and earnestly believe your instructions will not only sort out the problem I mentioned above but will ultimately make me fullfil my long held aim which has been to become good enough at this game to walk off the last hole knowing I had beaten myself once more.

The book is the best thing I've read - and I've read a great deal! I am so grateful to you; thanks a million.

I look forward to receiving your updates and hopefully I'll be able to mail you with news of my improvements.


Anthony Chapman.

"Driver Average Distance 20 to 40 yards
Farther At 240-50 yards!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian Brearley [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 21 February 2007 22:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: golf swing secrets

Hi Andy,

Hi there, just to let you know I tried the moves you advise in the book last night at the driving range. I found a marked improvement with my driver average distance 20 to 40 yards farther at 240-50 yards. Irons improved with better accuracy and distance, can't wait to get on course.

Thanks for exellent advice.


"When It Does Click In It
Feels As Pure As Gold!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Kem [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 20 February 2007 08:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Chris Have You Read The First Four Golf Chapters?

A work in progress with pleasing results so far, when it does click in it feels as pure as gold. I'm excited to listen to your theories and have felt the difference between the old swing and the new look forward to working with you Chris.

"8 Iron 120yds Out Landed
9 inches From Pin!"

-----Original Message-----
From: David Hughes [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 17 February 2007 14:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: David - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

Have played golf today, have not practised moves at range just at home finding it strange but 8 iron 120yds out landed 9 inches from pin, 9 iron 110 yds out landed 3 feet from pin , 9 iron 100 yds out wind against landed 12 inches from pin. The greens at my club are small and never done that before in 16 years in golf. Finding Driver and long irons difficult to keep wrist firm on down swing, saying that first time I have played using magic moves and hit a 3 wood a mile. Short irons just so straight, well pleased with results after no practice, chipping has improved 100% will practice this week at range and if it is ok will let you know how I get on.

Many Thanks


"Splendid Customer Service ... I Have Made
An Excellent $30 Investment"

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Fox [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com]
Sent: 16 February 2007 11:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Left Handers

Hi Andy,

I did thank you in advance in my original email however I am keen to add to that and tell you what a pleasant surprise your last two emails have been. Splendid customer service. Obviously, I am keen to put the product to the test but I already feel that I have made an excellent $30 investment and I will be mentioning this to my golfing mates on Sunday morning.

Will you be emailing the left handed version directly to me or will I be able to download it from the website as and when you have finished editing the documents? As you have suggested I will be signing up to the technical support programme and for the updates.

Thanks again for your prompt assistance.


Richard Fox

"You Made Golf Fun Again!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Don xxxxxxx [mailto:donxxxxxxx@hotmail.com]
Sent: 12 February 2007 15:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: golf


I'm deaf. Thanks for the PDF file on the first move with the wrist. Now I'm overshooting the greens by about 10 yards and need to tell myself I need drop a club. Plus my drives are consistently straighter. You made golf fun again.

Many Thanks


"A More Compact Swing Produces
Longer Drives & Better Iron Play!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bal Singh [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 3 February 2007 13:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: golf


Hi just letting you know how I am getting on having gone through each chapter I have seen improvements in my swing ie longer in my drives, iron play is longer and straighter. My overall swing looks better as I used to overswing, it is more compact now.



"23 Handicapper Drops 5 Strokes To
An 18 In Just A Couple Of Weeks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Al Lott [mailto:xxxx@xxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 21 December 2006 16:04
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: 121-4 & CD


Thanks for the CD's format. Love the audio, listen to it over and over again and every time another bell rings. It has allowed me to go through The New Four Magic Moves a second and third time now and with every review, out comes (what I will call) a new pointer.

Wish I had gotten this info 20 years ago. I can't believe how easy your instructions are to follow.

Bottom line is you have now got me from a 23 handicapper to an 18 in a couple of weeks. So much so, that my playing partners want to know how much my lessons are costing me.

This brings me to a question, Do you offer gift certificates? Although it's a little late for Xmas gifts

Thank You


"It Is Quite Amazing The Progress I
Have Made Using Your Instruction!"

-----Original Message-----
From: William Hodge [mailto:xxxxx@xxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 17 December 2006 18:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: William - new audio golf book!

Hi Andy,

Just received your new version, it looks great. I have been practicing, and it is quite amazing the progress I have made using your instruction, it really helped when I got rid of all the rubbish I had in my head about the golf swing.

Your instructions are very clear and precise.

Thank you for now.

Respectfully yours

William Hodge

"Four Strokes Off My
Handicap In Two Months"

"Thank you Andy. After a few short hours reading your book and listening to the audio files I knew the exact changes I had to make to my swing. In the last two months I have knocked four strokes off my handicap. I can't believe how easy the game of golf has become. As long as I don't forget the four magic moves I know my game will continue to improve. I have recommended your course to all my friends at the club."

D Wilson, Melbourne Australia

"Once I Had Mastered Move #1 I Immediately Started To See Drastic Changes In My Score!"

"I have played golf for over 25 years , and in that time I have I have read nearly every golf instruction book you have ever heard of. I can confidently say that without fear of a lie that your book is the best coaching manual I have read. Your writing is effective and easy to understand. Over the last four months I have seen my handicap drop by 8 strokes, down to 9.8!"

H Todd, Atlanta GA

"This Is An Amazing Book!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Four Magic Moves on the way to work. It was both entertaining and informative. Over a few short days I was able to understand the 4 key moves I needed to make to my swing. This is the first time I have been able to visual the perfect swing and not surprising I am starting to see my handicap drop. Only last Sunday I had 40 points in a club stableford competiton. Thanks Andy for providing this valuable resource!"

E Allen, San Antonio Tx

"The Ultimate Golfing Masterpiece!"

"This is the miracle book golf tuition course I have been searching for all my golfing life. You can take all the countless golf books, courses, magazines, video and DVDs I have bought over the years - and bin them - they just don't come close to the impact the four magic moves has made on my game. Each move is comprehensively covered, yet simple to understand - there really are only four actions you need to know. I can't recommend it highly enough, truly a Masterpiece!"

D T Grant, Dundee, Scotland

"Amazing - I'm Gaining A Club Extra Distance Since Using Just One Of The 4 Magic Moves!"

"The course has helped improve my ball striking. The one that probably helped most is the first magic move whilst starting the back swing, I have gained enough distance, for example, to where I currently hit an 8 iron where I was hitting a 7 iron (150 yards). I'm 62 years old and will be 63 in December, and I think hitting an 8 iron 150 yards is pretty darn good for this old geezer. Thanks Andy."

C Walker, Chicago, IL

"The Best Thing That Has
Ever Happened To My Game!"

"Being busy with work and family, I only get to play a few times a year. My game has been steadily getting more and more erratic. Using the Four Magic Moves described in your excellent book has enabled me to improve my game, even though I've virtually no practice time! It's amazing, well done and thank you."

T Jenkins, Oxford UK

"Truly A Revelation - I Have NEVER Hit The Ball Straighter Or Longer - Thanks Andy!"

"Andy, I can honestly say that your golf book has been extremely helpful. After years of being plagued by a slice, your tips regarding grip have been a revelation. As a priority, I have been working hard on grip changes and it has been great to see the difference it has already made.

The relief of cracking the ball and seeing it flying straighter and further is great !!! It has given me so much more confidence. I have lots more work to do on other areas that you have advised on and it will take time but please be assured it is very much appreciated and does make a lot of difference. Your advice gives me things to work on during practice and while playing, making the experience very rewarding.
Many thanks. Regards Colin"

C Craig, Montrose, Scotland

And Another Unsolicited Email Received About "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf":

"My confidence is sky high and only last week I broke 80 for the first time in my life! It's all thanks to "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf". I no longer have to waste my money on any more golf instruction. I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn't discovered this gem. Thanks Andy!"

A J Jennings, Plymouth

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