Lets look at what others are saying...

PROOF: Listen TO What These 59 Guys Are Saying!"

"Tips Provided Enormous Help - On The Verge Of making inroads into Handicap Thanks Largely To Your Advice!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jon xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@bigpond.com]
Sent: 28 June 2007 06:26
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Many thanks

Hi Andy,

Thank you for providing me with this wealth of information regarding the golf swing. I have even found the tips regarding the grip and set up invaluable. The early backward wrist break has proved to be a enormous help for my mid to short irons, chips/pitches onto the green (except for chip and runs where I do not break wrists) and bunker play. Pitching shots always used to be a quandry on how to approach the shot but the backward wristbreak takes out the guesswork and allows me to play the shot with far more confidence. As for bunkers, I now don't worry about getting caught in one.

On the long game side the first magic move has also had benefits but sometimes due to my poor shoulder turn can tend to pick the club up a bit too much. Don't get me wrong I have hit some great tee shots but am still a work in progress on should turn and lateral hip movement at commencement of downswing to completely alleviate the fade but am confident I am on the right track with the 4 Magic Moves.

As I use a big headed driver, I have started to tee up with the toe of the club and this has helped to flatten the swing and not have such a decending blow.

The handicap has not plummeted yet but as I play on a very tight cOURSE still need to keep myself out of trouble but this aspect of my game is improving.

I usually win a ball in the run down and play to handicap or one or two better but feel I am on the verge making inroads into the handicap thanks largely to your advice.



"Since Starting Your Program, I've Shot Personal Best Rounds Of 78, 76 Aand 74!"

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From: Morgan xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxxx@aol.com]
Sent: 22 June 2007 14:21
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf improvement

Hi Andy,

Since reading The Four New Magic Moves to Winning Golf, I've been playing winning golf. I've won competitions, skins, and played the best golf of my life at age 63.

I was a 13 handicap when I started, dropped 2 strokes in the first 8 weeks and expect to drop another stroke or two when the new handicaps come out in less than 2 weeks.

Since starting your program, I've shot personal best rounds of 78, 76 and 74 and expect to have a single-digit handicap within a month or two. Not only that, but my consistency has improved. I've shot my last 7 rounds under my handicap. I couldn't be happier with my progress.

Thanks Andy

Morgan from California

"Since I Got His 4 Secrets Manual,
I Have Broken 80 Seven Times!"

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From: Glenn xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 22 June 2007 20:16
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: BREAKING 80

I can really express my thanks to Andy Anderson for showing me the best way to hit a golf ball. Since I got his 4 secrets manual, I have broken 80 seven times.

The only times I do not break 80 is when my putter goes sour. If everyone who has a problem with slicing or muffing a lot of shots, just try this method I am positive he will not go back to his old swing.

Thanks, Andy

"Very Impressed With My Game - Low Round
Of 77 On A Course With A Rating Of 76.4!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Henry Leong [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 20 June 2007 15:44
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Testimonial

I am Henry Leong, 52 years old from Singapore and I have been playing golf for 6 1/2 years since Nov. 2006. I only started getting serious only 2 1/2 years back and have been gradually improving on my hadicap to 16.

Just over 9 weeks ago I bought "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf" and have been following it and made great improvement on my game.

I actually somewhat mixed it with the swing I know and come out with a very comfortable and consistent swing that I only know how. Sorry I dont know how to explain it but I am improving on my distance and accuracy right now. My handicap have gone down to 9.

I am very impressed with my game today as I shot an unbelievable low round of 77 on a course with a rating of 76.4 which was my first below 80 game.

Of course it is also due to my improved short game and putting. Credit must be given to "The 4 magic Moves" because without it I am unable to grind out the present swing that I have acquired which is very fantastic to me. My drive is now averaging 250m and my woods and irons shot have improved another 15 to 25m in distance and accuracy about 80%. (e.g. My 7 iron distance is 160m now).

Needless to say I have put in time and effort to practice and practice to perfect my swing, short game, bunker and putting to be where I am today.

I have recommended to some of my friends to "The New 4 Magic Moves".

I will be taking part in the coming Malaysian Senior Open in Kuala Lumpur on 9-12th June and hope to do my best there. Later in September 2007, I will be taking my Pro Test.

Best Regards,


"Thank You Andy For A Great System And
I Would Recommend This To Anyone!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Luck [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com]
Sent: 19 June 2007 11:32
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf Recommendation

Hi Andy,

It's amazing what this as done for me I went from shooting 75 to 69 on a par 60 course thanks to these books. What made the difference to me was the simple wrist hinge and the mental game read for me as now I understand golf a lot more. Thank you Andy for a great system and I would recommend this to anyone.

Thanks Again

Daniel Luck

Sydney Australia

"Cut Almost Overnight From
12 to 15 Strokes In My Rounds!"

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From: Ignacio xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@aol.com]
Sent: 17 June 2007 03:26
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf progress

Hi Andy:

Sorry I haven't sent you a testimonial before. I had a great experience with your book and technique. Using it, cut almost overnight from 12 to 15 strokes in my rounds. That even though I haven't spent enough time practicing as I would like to (no time to go to the driving range often).

Many of your principles not only make sense but also WORK. At least for me they did.

Thank you very much for your help and congratulations for such a terrific job helping other people improving in their golf.


"My Tee shot, Fairway Woods And Long
Irons Have Improved Tremendously!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Choo Guan Huat [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com.sg]
Sent: 16 June 2007 02:45
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: below 100

Hi Andy,

My tee shot, fairway woods and long irons have improved tremendously. I am very happy with that. But I am still struggling with my approach shot and putting, which are giving me an addition of around 10 strokes. I am playing between 88 and 93 now down from over 100 before the lessons. I hope that when my shot game gets better, I shall be playing below 85.


Choo Guan Huat

"It's Really Helping Me To Keep The
Ball A Lot Straighter And Longer!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Barry xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.ca]
Sent: 15 June 2007 15:30
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Barry - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy,

I have been working on it. I really like the video clip. It's a whole lot more helpful when you can watch someone explain and do it at the same time.

I went to the range to practice with a bucket of balls a couple of times now and it's really helping me to keep the ball a lot straighter and longer.

After the first time out and then coming home and watching you grip the club in the video again, I picked up a correction on my grip and it worked better
the second time out. I definitely know it's helping.

I'm going to keep working on it and can't wait to try it out on the course. Thanks so far for your help.


"My Drive & Iron Shots Go Straighter And
Farther ... I Feel More Confidence In My Game
... I Do Not Feel Frustrated Any Longer!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Chen [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 14 June 2007 22:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: new swing report

Hi Andy,

In last 9 weeks, I practiced twice or three times in a week regularly, applying your four magic moves. In the beginning, I felt pain getting rid of my previous comfort zone.

The new swing forced me to concentrate on inside out swing and late wrist break. I can feel that my body and arms swing as one unit. It didn't take long to break 90 and now I do not feel frustrated any longer.

My drive and iron shots go straighter and farther, though I want more distance. I feel more confidence in my game now. Your xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx theory works amazingly. Things not perfect yet and I need to practice and to play more and I can enjoy my golf more.

Thank you very much.

Michael Chen,

Southern California, USA

"Thanks To Your Tips I Am Driving Straighter And Longer Than I Did 20 Years Ago!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Raymond xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@sky.com]
Sent: 14 June 2007 10:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re:Raymond - Two Fundamentals for Solid Putting

Andy, I am a 67 year old athritic golfer who had to give up golf 7 years ago when I had an handicap of 10.

Thanks to your tips I am driving straighter and longer than I did 20 years ago, plus your putting tips are allowing me to regularly hole the 10 footers.

My four-ball partners insisted I play off 10 again but they are still buying the drinks! Let me know how I can purchase your book for my grandkids as they wish to hit the ball straight too.

Sincerely, yours are the best tips I have received from any instructor,

Many thanks,


"At First I Was Kind Of Skeptical ...
I Have Already Dropped 6 strokes!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Rudy xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 14 June 2007 03:02
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank you

I want to thank you for the information I recieved from you. I listened to it almost every day. At first I was kind of skeptical because I never heard the information about the wrist break and I went ahead and I tried the magic moves.

To my surprise they work. My drives are longer and straight, not all the time, but I'm working on that. I'm sure with practice I am going to get better. I have already dropped 6 strokes.

Again thanks for the information, I am enjoying golf again.


"Just Yesterday I Hit 13 of 14 Fairways (WOW) ... It Really Works And I Now Have A
Renewed Interest In This Wonderful Game!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Henri Poirier [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 13 June 2007 19:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Henri - Tony's Story could be just the thing to help your golf

To Andy,

Thanks so much for your e-mail and especially for the first magic move. It really works and I now have a renewed interest in this wonderful game called golf. I have been struggling for consistency for many years now and my handicap has fluctuated between 9 and 12.

I tried the magic move and I am now hitting the ball further and straighter with far more CONSISTENCY. Just yesterday I hit 13 of 14 fairways. (WOW).

I can't wait to try the other 3 magic moves.

As soon as I have enough spare cash (I live in South Africa and our exchange rate to dollars is high) I will most definitely purchase your CD.

Once again, thank you. I only wish I had started sooner.


Henri Poirier

"Not Hit The Driver So Straight Or Far Ever!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Fraser xxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com]
Sent: 12 June 2007 18:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Fraser - Learning the New Four Magic Moves


Tried it on 9 holes yesterday and I have not hit the driver so straight or far ever... absolutely amazing.

Video clips would be great.



"Within Two Days Of Starting To
Work On The First Move, I Had Shot
Even Par For The Back Nine ... Every
Part Of My Game Has Improved!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Morgan Beatty [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@aol.com]
Sent: 10 June 2007 00:34
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Morgan have you ever seen a swing like this?

Hey Andy,

Thanks for checking back with me and thanks for the great program. I was playing to about a 13-14 handicap with an occasional 79, but many unpleasant excursions into the 90s before I got your magic moves.

Within two days of starting to work on the first move, I had shot even par for the back nine and had more sub 80 rounds during the following month. In my second month, I'm doing even better for the first 8-13 holes (shot front nines of 34 and 37 in last week, but could not finish better than 42 or 43 on the back nine, which should have played easier (less trouble).

Perhaps I should be satisfied with my great progress to date, but I'm not. When I was 3 under after 8 holes last week, I thought I was going to break 70! I finished with a career best 76 after wasting many stokes with a bogey on 9 and a 6 over back nine.

Yesterday, I was one over after 13 holes and finished with a 79, respectable, but disappointing after that great start.

About 45-75% of the way through what looks like a terrific round, the wheels start to come off, I start wishing it was over, and I shoot 6-7 over on the final holes of the back nine. I realize I'm not yet comfortable shooting these great scores and must be subconsciously sabotaging my game in the latter holes, but I haven't figured out how to stop it. I don't think I shot better than double bogey on the 18th hole for any of these otherwise great rounds.

Except for this problem of not being able to put together an 18 hole score, every part of my game has improved: driving is very long and playable, irons are long a pretty straight, wedges are better than ever as is putting; although many of those back nine strokes are from poor shots to green and 3 putts or the inability to get up and down. The fact that these areas are not problems during the front nine tells me I need more than just practicing these shots.

I'm very excited about my prospects of achieving a single digit handicap and shooting consistently in the 70s, but this back-nine (final five hole) thing is really driving me nuts.

And, before you mention it, I'm not using hypnotism on the front nine, so why should I need it on the back nine? One clue I have is I may be getting tired because most of the problems have occurred when I walked the course. The last time when I rode, I went 13 holes before the wheels came off. I'm in pretty good shape and I don't think physical fatigue is the entire reason. It's feeling more like mental fatigue. Any suggestions? What do you recommend?


Morgan Beatty

"I Had My Best Day Of Ball Striking
At The Course. I Hit Very Accurate
Shots With Great Distance!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Charles xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@.xxxxxxx.net]
Sent: 9 June 2007 21:27
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

Just a note to let you know "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf" are for real. I practiced the new swing after work yesterday and again this morning before I went out to play golf.

To my surprise I had my best day of ball striking at the course. I hit very accurate shots with great distance. I can finally stop looking at training aids and instruction DVD's.

Thanks for a great book.


"I'm Consistently In The Low 80's
Since The Purchase And Enjoy
The Game So Much More!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry xxxXxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@.bellsouth.net]
Sent: 7 June 2007 15:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf secrets


I can't remember now how I found you on the internet, but I'm sure glad I did. After receiving the wrist break tip Free, I started hitting longer, straighter, and purer shots. After that I just had to purchase the rest of the Secrets. I'm consistently in the low 80's since the purchase and enjoy the game so much more---this is after playing for over 30 years. I can say everybody who plays or is thinking of starting to play should get these secrets--without a doubt. Thanks to you!


North Carolina

"I Am Now Playing Off 16 (Previously
Stuck Between 25 & 28 For What
Felt Like An Eternity)!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Lee xxxxXXxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@sky.com]
Sent: 6 June 2007 15:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Lee have you been hitting golf balls like dandelions?


I've managed to have a listen once, just about to listen again. I agree with the text about mental barriers & blocks etc. If i think and worry to much then everything goes wrong, and as stated golf is lost before a ball is struck.

Since I have had your information, I have achieved the following rounds; 91, 83, 86, 83 (same regular course) which has come down really well from the 105's which i was usually achieving; my handicap has also reduced rather well, I am now playing off 16 (previously stuck between 25 & 28 for what felt like an eternity).

Regards for now


"Made 36 Points With 2 Blobs,It
Certainly Seems To Be Working As
My Previous Best Score Was 24!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian xxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 6 June 2007 09:52
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Ian have you been hitting golf balls like dandelions?


I play off 22 with my local society here in the Algarve after 2 weeks using your early wrist break I last week for the first time made 36 points with 2 blobs, it certainly seems to be working as my previous best score was 24 the week before.



Editor's Note: Wrote to Ian to ask if he would would give me permission to post his testimonial on the site, here was the reply:

Hi Andy

Sure you can post my testimonial and it gets better, yesterday I played off 20 handicap as my local society dropped me 2 points, I shot 33 with 3 blobs and won the day with 2nd place going to a 12 handicaper with 31 points, It works Andy,and this is just using the early wrist break I look forward to moving on to the rest of your tips.

Many thanks


"Wow, This Really Works ... I Hit
The Ball Better Than I'd Imagined!"

-----Original Message-----
From: John xxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com]
Sent: 6 June 2007 03:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: John - Learning the New Four Magic Moves


I practiced in front of the mirror for a day or two and finally got to go to the range. Wow, this really works. Once I relaxed and followed the system, I hit the ball better than I'd imagined. And as I put in more practice, the better I'll get.


"47 Stapleford Points ... This Proves
Though That Yes They Really Do Work!"

-----Original Message-----
From: David xxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@btinternet.com]
Sent: 5 June 2007 17:01
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 83 80 78 gross

Hi Andy,

Since getting the four magic moves I have not had the time to try things seriously until recently . Over the past two weeks I have spent five practice sessions working on the moves.

My last three rounds have been 83, 80, 78 gross. The last round was for 47 stapleford points but was only a friendly Saturday morning game with friends so my handicap of 20.2 has not changed yet.

This proves though that yes they really do work as I have never been so steady. I'm now looking forward to playing some club comps and hoping to keep my current form!

Many thanks again Andy,


"My Handicap Has Dropped From 15 To 12!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Brad xxxxXXxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 4 June 2007 23:35
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 9 week progress report


It has been about 9 weeks since I purchased this product. In this time my golf has improved quite well. I have lost a lot of the "what do I do now" thoughts when practising and playing. I always had a problem with a fade, but that is now under control, and I actually now know why I was fading it. I will admit it is hard at first to break old habits, but I did so a lot faster than I thought possible. The early wrist break now feels natural in my swing. I am amazed how well it works near the green as well.

My handicap has dropped from 15 to 12, and I am practising less than I was prior to receiving the ebook. I must admit I have never been one to believe testimonials, but after my own game improvement I now believe what is written is true

Thanks for taking the "mystery" and complication out of this great sport. I no longer use practice for trying new things, but to improve on this proven method.



Tasmania, Australia.

"I Have Gone From A 28 Handicap
To A 19 In The Last 9 Weeks!"

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxx xxxxXXxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@msn.com]
Sent: 4 June 2007 18:15
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: 28 to 19


I have gone from a 28 handicap to 19 in the last 9 weeks. The 1st move eliminated my slice almost instantly. I haven't lost a golf ball in 4 rounds, they seem to be sitting right in the middle of the fairway after I hit them, much easier to find, what a novel concept. Guess I'll have to start throwing them away after over use. Your approach is beautiful.

Thanks Mate,


"I Surprised Myself And My Mates ... Many
More Holes Parred And Single Bogeys!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Thapelo xxxxXXxx [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxXxxx.cp.za]
Sent: 4 June 2007 15:43
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Thapelo - Tony's Story could be just the thing to help your golf

Played a round of 18 holes on Saturday. On one of the Par 5's I was just going to land on the green for 2 shots. I surprised myself and my mates. I have just practiced the wrist break and voila, my left arm does not xxxxXXxxxx on the xxxxXXxxxx. I am able to follow through (to One O'clock). I do not have to try to hit the ball too hard, but I do get a better distance.

Many more holes parred and single bogeys. Here is my score which is graet deal of improvement because I have always shot some high 90s and at times more than 100 on a 72 par course. Really cooking on the back nine, not that I could not do better on the first nine, I was not concentrating and I made reckless decisions.

No: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Par 4 3 4 3 4 5 4 5 4
Score 6 4 6 4 4 6 5 6 6 47

No: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Par 4 4 4 4 4 3 5 3 5
Score 5 6 5 4 4 3 5 4 5 41


"My Golf game Has Improved By Leaps And Bounds ... Your Detailed Explainations
Of The Golf Swing Really Helps!"

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxxxx xxxxXXxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@cox.net]
Sent: 4 June 2007 15:06
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank you

Hello Andy,

I purchased "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf" nine weeks ago. My Golf game has improved by leaps and bounds since. I have been playing golf now for about a year. Never had a lesson and basically learn from
my golf buddies the little that I know.

The reason I purchased the book was because of the bad slice that I could not get rid of.

I must admit that after reading your material and practicing the magic moves it seemed that I would never get it. It took me several weeks of reading and practicing before I begin to see results and the results were amazing.

Not only have I eliminated the slice but I have also practically eliminated the topped ball and ground hit.

I have lowered my score from 120 - 110 to 100 - 95. That might not sound like much but it is a tremendous improvement for me. Plus I am getting better now each time I play. I am confident that I will shoot 90 very soon.

The best part of your book it that now I know what I should and should not do. If I hit a bad shot I know why.

Your detailed explainations of the golf swing really helps but I had to read it over and over again before I realized what you were trying to tell me.

Your book has made my golf experience much more enjoyable.

Thanks for the help.


"After Only Seven Weeks ... My Handicap
Has Come Down From 15 To 11!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Niel LeRoux [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxx.co.za]
Sent: 3 June 2007 05:53
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Handicap down to 11

Hi Andy,

After only seven weeks of applying The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf, my handicap has come down from 15 to 11, and sometimes play a gross 80, and that I think is fantastic for a 82 year old , and that with a heart bypass 10 years ago. My driving distance has improved by an average of 15 meters and my consistent fade has all but completely disappeared.

Am still struggling to improve my putting, as I tend to mainly miss on the right side of the hole. I am a member No: 236 of the Nelspruit Golf Club in South Africa.

I am tacking this opportunity to thank you for making my Golf game a pleasure.

Yours Niel LeRoux.

"My Shots Are Nearly All Straight,
Well Hit And Feel Great ... Confidence
In My Ability Has Increased Immensely!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Simon xxxxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com]
Sent: 3 June 2007 01:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Magic Moves - testimonial

Hi Andy,

Just to let you know how pleased I am with your advice.

The First Magic Move automatically sets the other three in motion – they all simply slot into place! My shots are nearly all straight, well hit and feel great. I can already sense my game is going to improve immensely. The technique also works so well with the short game; I have played some incredible shots to, and around, the green. Confidence in my ability has increased immensely since I started using the Magic Moves and a result the game is much more enjoyable.

After years of instructors, videos and magazines it is so refreshing to get such down to earth and practical instruction – that works! You have successfully debunked the myths of how to hit a golf ball.

More videos on the way?

Delighted. Thanks.



"The Best Thing That Has Happened To My
Golf Game Since I Started Playing Years Ago!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ken xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@charter.net]
Sent: 3 June 2007 04:57
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Golf report

Andy, like a lot of people I have a full library of golf instruction along with videos and several different systems. I have gotten some use out of all that material as I somehow eliminated my old banana ball slice and hit the ball straight most of the time but with very little distance improvement.

When I first received your advertisement I figured it was just another approach that wouldn't do me much good but since it was such a low price I decided I had nothing to lose.

The first time I played, after reading about the first magic move, I kind of did the move and turned my shoulders and swung. The ball shot down the right side of the fairway and drew back toward the middle for about a thirty yard increase. That went on for most of the day with some of the shot's simply going straight but with more distance than I have had in many years.

I sat down that night and wrote you and told you I had got my money's worth the first day I used your system. I still mean that.

I am working on all the other moves now and look forward to even better results. I know this is a little long but use whatever portion you want as this has been the best thing that has happened to my golf game since I started playing years ago.



"This Is In Short The Best And Most Wonderful Instruction Ever Received
And I Am Thrilled Beyond Words!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Mike McLoughlin [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxx.co.za]
Sent: 1 June 2007 09:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Michael Have You Read The First Four Golf Chapters?

Dear Andy,

I have not read the Chapters in detail but will get to it over the next few days.

I did watch you video with total focus and yes, it was as if somebody switched the light on !!!!!!! I find the wrist set a very natural movement and the first game out yesterday, improved my recent poor form by 7 shots.....and that was with two double drops around the green on Par 5 holes. This is in short the best and most wonderful instruction ever received and I am thrilled beyond words.

I will shortly read through the Chapters 1- 4 and return to the web site for further interaction.

Many many many thanks.

Mike McLoughlin

"Your System Has Knocked Off
8 Strokes In 4 Days And I Expect
More Each Time I Go Golfing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Neal North [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxx.net]
Sent: 1 June 2007 07:25
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Access to The New First Magic Move Video

Hello Andy,

Thank you for being there for golfers like me. I am 74 years young and have been golfing for 40 years. My scores have averaged anywhere from 76 to 90.

Your system has knocked off 8 strokes in 4 days and I expect more each time I go golfing.

I saw a golf teacher filling a student's head full of rubbish today. the poor person was totally confused and her swing in shambles. I stood their saying to myself - thank God for Andy Anderson.

Neal North

"A Couple Of My Playing Partners
Were Asking Me What I Had Done
To Cure My Vicious Slice!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter xxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 27 May 2007 15:07
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Peter - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hello Andy,

Sorry about the delay in replying.

Have printed off the 150 pages and will now get down to studying it. When you first emailed, I was able to read the first magic move. Yesterday at golf, I thought, I'm going to try out the first move and see what happens. By the way, I have been absent from my golf club for several weeks now, recovering from hypo glycemia, fatigue, stress, anxiety, hiatus hernia and semi heart artery blockages. So it was going to be major effort just to survive getting around the course, let alone trying out a new swing technique.

Anyway, I was quite impressed. I am a 17 handicaper and have a general tendency to slice my woods and long hybrid clubs. I am not a very big hitter (about 200 metre drives maximum). I rely on a better than average short game to attain my handicap. Anyway, by the seventh hole, a couple of my playing partners were asking me what I had done to cure my vicious slice. I wasn't sure whether to say anything just yet (about the magic moves) as I may have just had a few lucky shots.

Overall, playing "par", I finished four down, but I was more than encouraged by some tee shots that flew straight and covered about 20 metres further than normal. I am now wondering how I will go once I have had a chance to read the whole book and done a lot more practice.

Thanks very much.


"The Last Three Rounds I Have Played
I Have Shot 80,80, 80 ... Can't Thank
You Enough For The Magic Moves!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Glenn xxxxx [mailto:glennxxxxxx@xxxxx.yahoo.com]
Sent: 29 May 2007 17:13
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Glenn, Bonus Four Chapters From The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

Hi Andy,

The last three rounds I have played I have shot 80,80, 80. This was on the same course. I am hoping with a little more practice, I can finally get into the 70's. I did have a three putt green today, and probably should have easily shot 76 if I had not "gone to sleep" on a few shots.

Holding the club tighter sure did help with my control. Played with the assistant pro today and even though I am 73 years old., I was within 5 yrds of him on many, many drives. He was really impressed with my progress in a short 3 weeks. Can't thank you enough for the magic moves. You can use this testimonial any time.

Thank you


"Broke 90 For The First Time After
Starting To Play 3 Years Ago!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jerry Masin [mailto:jeremiahxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.net]
Sent: 27 May 2007 16:37
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Jeremiah many thanks for buying "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf"

Thanks, Andy. Reading the material helped me focus on my round yesterday. Broke 90 for the first time after starting to play 3 years ago.

All the best.

Jerry Masin

"I Am AMAZED At The Results So Far.
Straight And Long....WOW. I Cannot Believe
That This Is Happening To Me!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ted Exley [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 25 May 2007 10:19
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Magic Moves

Hi Andy, Ted Exley here.

I bought your programme in April 2007.

I have just recovered from having a new knee joint fitted and I am preparing to return to the course in another couple of weeks. I have therefore had the opportunity to cast away all my previous playing methods, which simply gave me a vicious slice, despite having had advice from several quarters. The more I tried to stop hitting from the outside, the worse it seemed to go.

Now, I have completely re-trained myself and , by using the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx before the turn, I am catching the ball from the inside and have hit
most shots either straight or slightly pulled to the left or with a gentle fade. After years of going into the rough on the right, I can live with this. Just wait till my mates see this, they will not believe it as they are used to searching for my ball in the woods and long rough. I have never seen the left side of the fairways on my course.

I started off by practising gently, until I really got the grip and thumb press, now I am putting in the power and I am AMAZED at the results so far. Straight and long....WOW. I cannot believe that this is happening to me. I can see that my handicap will rapidly drop to a respectable figure, very soon. I have also realised that to 'Keep the Head Back' allows me to hit the back of the ball, before the turf and gives me small, straight divots..... This is something that only happened to other people

Thanks for stimulating my golf. I feel like a kid

"I Am Most Grateful To You As I Was
Concerned That My Golfing Days Were Over!"

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From: Mark Shanahan [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxx.net.au]
Sent: 24 May 2007 23:56
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: my book here already!!

Hi Andy,

You amaze me! My manual has arrived already,I have been out on the range,hitting 9,7,& 5 irons. They were mostly straight & of regular distance, albeit less than in my pre-surgery days. That doesn't matter. The point is that I will be able to play consistently, keep out of the rough,and avoid frustation. I was also surprised that the early wrist break is good for the short game too, especially with the less lofted clubs.

I was watching Phil Mickleson hit pitch & run shots & he employs a distinct early wrist break. Funny how you can see it once you know! Maybe that is what Butch Harmon teaches? I am most grateful to you as I was concerned that my golfing days were over.

In spite of my cancer I am determined to play until they have to carry me off the course. I will only be able to handle 9 holes, but I live in a beautiful part of Australia on the far south coast of NSW, our course is a thing of beauty,& we have literally hundreds of kangaroos on it, & thousands of birds mostly very colourful too.

You have been remarkably kind & helpful to me for minimal cost to me. I will do my best to promote your message. I am a very grateful pupil.

Every best wish,

Mark Shanahan, Australia.

"All I Heard Was "WOW!! How Did You
Learn To Hit The Ball That Way!"

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From: Mitchell xxxxxx [mailto:mitchellxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: 24 May 2007 16:44
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Progress Report


It has been just about 45 days since I began working with your swing. The results just keep getting better. I was out on a golf outing last weekend, and every time I was up to tee off, All I heard was "WOW!! How did you learn to hit the ball that way".

I said - "go learn the swing by Andy Anderson". He can show you the right way.

Your swing has greatly improved my golf swing and I can't get enough of golf now. To those of you in need of a good swing, learn the one by Andy.

It just plain out WORKS!! Once you work with it and learn it, you will be amazed. Remember, you must GET IT & GET IT RIGHT.

Thank You Andy.


"I Went To The Range Today And Used Your
Techniques And Had Great Success!"

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From: Brian Pappas [mailto:xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 22 May 2007 23:47
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Brian many thanks for buying "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf"

Hi Andy,

Thought you would want to know that I went to the range today and used your techniques and had great success, I'm happy to say.


"I'm Definitely Hitting The Ball Better,
With Much Improved Accuracy!"

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From: Stephen Gageby [mailto:xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 22 May 2007 12:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Stephen, you have a video postcard from Andy Anderson


Thanks for the tips and postcard. Your basic methodology is good, and with a few tweaks, adjusting to my game and age, I'm definitely hitting the ball better, with much improved accuracy. Having just come back from a right hip replacement and lower back surgery, it's taking awhile for my game to get back to normal. With your tips, it's actually better than ever.

Stephen L. Gageby, Ph.D.

"The First Step Got Me Set Properly
At The Top - Another believer!!"

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From: Allan xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 22 May 2007 01:31
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Allan are you a leftie?

Hi Andy,

Nope. I'm a rightie who's developed a severe case of the iron shanks. Was a 12 handicap and have now ballooned to a 15 in a matter of weeks.

I ran across your site and figured it could not hurt to read through it. Just got back from the range and must confess that the first step got me set properly at the top and in the slot on the way down. Only two shanks out of 85 balls.

Another believer!


Allan K.


"I Have Been Putting The New Magic Moves
Into Practice - With Astonishing Results!"

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From: Elizabeth xxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@googlemail.com]
Sent: 20 May 2007 13:37
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Elizabeth - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hello Andy

Yes, I have been putting the new magic moves into practice (as soon as I received the first 'taster') - with astonishing results.

As a matter of fact all I really concentrate on is the first move and the rest just seems to fall into place. I still find that I break my wrists first and hold it for a second and then go into the backswing - but that seems to work for me and I'm hitting the ball beautifully.

Still a lot of work to do. I played a friendly game with a scratch golfer on Friday evening and he said that my handicap should be more like 15 than my current 23 - if I could just sort out my chipping - I'm fine with the wedges and enjoy that high shot into the green - it's just those silly little chips which should be going near the flag instead of just anywhere on the green.

Last Thursday I played in the first of our big golf competitions at our golf club and won 2nd scratch prize by playing a medal round one under handicap. The annoying thing is that after 6 holes I was 6 under handicap - can you believe that! then my nerves kicked in and I convinced myself that I couldn't possibly keep this up - so of course I didn't! I need to get a grip on the mental bit as well!!

Thanks for your help so far - I'll let you know when the handicap starts coming down.



"I Am Consistently Driving Straighter And
Longer Without Using As Much Effort As
Before, Yet The Results Are Quite Amazing!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Kenneth xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com]
Sent: 19 May 2007 14:52
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Kenneth have you ever seen a swing like this?

Hi Andy,

I have not written for quite some time because I wanted to give the new 4 magic moves some time. I wanted to see if it would give me the ball striking advantages consistently, rather than a lucky moment of a changed swing.

Let me say it was painful at first, changing an old habit to a new one. But the change was faster than I had anticipated. I am getting a feel for it, after just a few weeks instead of months. Mind you, I do not go to the driving range and hardly ever practice! The new habit is developed only from teeing off in real play, about twice a week!

I can now say I am consistently driving straighter and longer without using as much effort as before, yet the results are quite amazing. What is so marvelous is that it occurred so automatically.

Of course, sometimes the old habit did creep up. But I feel confident that my new habit will take over completely not before long.

Oh, one more thing. Before the new 4 magic moves, I never had divots when using irons from the fairway. When I did, it would almost always be a fat shot. Now, I do make divots, and the shape and direction of it is the same as shown in a golf textbook. Needless to say, the ball went the way I intended - and with almost pin-point accuracy!

What more can I say - "Thanks Andy"


"This Golf Programme Has Really Changed
My Game For The Better And This Is
The Best £15 That I Have Ever Spent!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Nolan Combrink [mailto:nxxxxxx@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 19 May 2007 09:36
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Good News


I have been battling to get the late hit until I tried the test with the belt. I didn't really think that it wold work but it absolutely blew my mind.

It gave me the feeling that I have never had before. This golf programme has really changed my game for the better and this is the best £15 that I have ever spent. I can't believe i ahve wasted money on all those other crappy gimicks in the past.



"My Banana Slice Days Are Over!"

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxx xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@gmail.com]
Sent: 19 May 2007 00:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Breezin' - New First Magic Move VIDEO Goes Live


I have read your material with interest and applied it as prescribed. I have but one comment -- IT WORKS!

Thanks for introducing me to the early wrist break concept. Well worth the money. It along with the other swing mechanics have greatly enhanced my distance and direction consistency. My banana slice days are over. I look forward to your tips on bogey control.



"Yesterday I Hit My 5 Iron Further Than
Ever Before ... It Felt Fantastic!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Sammi xxxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxx@optusnet.com.au]
Sent: 18 May 2007 00:24
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Sammi - I don't usually trust ebooks but

Hi Andy

Thank you for the email. Like David from Hong Kong, I have had similar experience. Your e-book about golf secrets is the best investment I have made for golf.

Before I have spent lots of money on coaches and equipment etc. You have removed lots of mith and unnecessary ideas from my mind.

Now when I address the ball, I only have your four secrets. Yesterday I hit my 5 iron further than ever before. I did not measure it, but it seemed to be about 10 meters further. It felt fantastic, especially the first xxxxxxxx movement for the forward swing and the xxxxxxxx and the xxxxx following through.

Kind Regards


"I Don't Usually Trust Ebooks, But
Bought This One As .... !"

-----Original Message-----
From: David Halley [mailto:xXXXXxx@xxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 16 May 2007 04:03
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: David check out the 6 I have added in the last 10 days!


I don't usually trust ebooks, but bought this one as I am from close to St Andrews (now live in Hong Kong). Like many Scots, I have played golf poorly all my life.

Anyway, went to the Driving range on Sunday to test your moves and was amazed to feel a contact that I had never felt before. It is very solid, even mishits went straight. I play hockey which causes all sorts of problems for my golf normally however a wrist break and solid left wrist at the top solve the problem.

I have a lot of practice to do, however I now know that I am on the right track after 24 years of golf!


David Halley (Hong Kong)

"I Am Truly Amazed At My Ball Striking ....!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Pat xXxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@sympatico.ca]
Sent: 16 May 2007 01:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Pat - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hi Andy

I am truly amazed at my ball striking and I have only been using the first magic move. I have still to set aside some good quality practise sessions for the completion of the moves.

I am 70 years old and in pretty good shape but I was losing distance in the last few years. I now have that distance back again and more. In fact I have the distance to reach all of the greens in regulation at my club.

Truly amazing. I cant wait to get to the practise facilities.



"After Trying The Four Moves I Am
Definately Longer And Straighter!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick xXXXXxx [mailto:patrickxXXXXxx@msn.com]
Sent: 15 May 2007 19:51
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: four moves

Basically I find you are on the track. After trying the four moves I am definately longer and straighter, and I am sure that in time i will improve. thank you so much. Patrick

"I Tried It On The Range, Big Improvement!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Duncan xXXXXxx [mailto:xXXXXxx@xXXXXxx.net]
Sent: 15 May 2007 15:27
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Tim I have a question for the weekend

Hi Andy,

Fantastic job re the book, you could not have been more on target ---- I have thrown my clubs into the drink before, but like us all we just don't give up..... I go to the range three times a week with absolutely no improvement.. I have gone from a 14 to a 20 h/cap and am quite close to shooting myself.

A friend sent me your opening chapters and I tried it on the range, big improvement.


South Africa

"Due To Following The Four Magic Moves, My
Game Showed A Considerable Improvement!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim xXXXXxx [mailto:xXXXXxx@btopenworld.com]
Sent: 14 May 2007 23:41
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Four Magic Moves

Dear Andy,

Just returned from a sponsored golf competition for the SSPCA Direct Line Golf Day on the Duke's Course at St. Andrews.

Due to following the Four Magic Moves, my game showed a considerable improvement; for example, for the first time I had the confidence to use a driver, rather than 5 wood, with some success; direction straight but distance will be improved upon. So, had a really enjoyable day and felt I was in control, rather than the clubs or the course trying to 'control' me.

Many thanks,


"Well..The First Magic Move Works!!!!! ..
Played The Best Golf For Probably 5 Years"

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony xXXXXxx [mailto:xXXXXxx@hotmail.com]
Sent: 14 May 2007 06:23
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Four Magic Moves

Hi Mate,

Well.. the first magic move works!!!!!

Played on Saturday in a 4bbb PAR .Had +9 by myself, played the best golf for probably 5 years.

My handicap has drifted from 13.3 to 17.8. On Saturday it was a pleasure to play again. Beautiful draws, a ball flight to die for, almost Hoganesque. My normal flight is HIGH.

On several holes I went through the green using the iron that I normally use & it was almost effortless. Came in all smiles & the drinks tasted bloody good

I will be sending for the other moves shortly, but I'll wait until I have the first one down pat.

One happy golfer

"Your Book Was A Miracle For Me!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Gary Welch [mailto:xxxxxxxxx@xxxx.com]
Sent: 13 May 2007 23:38
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Gary - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hey Andy!

I tried to swing yesterday and I can't tell you how relieved I was to finally find a swing that is both comfortable for me and a sure solid hit on the ball.

I'm 64 years old and just started playing golf in March of this year. I don't have a bunch of old habits to overcome so your book was a miracle for me. I have been trying everything I could get my hands on and I sprained my neck so bad on that stiff arm break at the top swing that I have been in pain for 2 months.

I can make this swing with absolutely no pain in my neck. I shot par on my first two holes yesterday on a small Par 3 course near my home. I hope to play with my brother and cousin before the summer is out and it looks like you have given me the help I needed to get off and running. I sure do thank you.

Gary Welch

Abilene, TX

"It's Amazing How Much More 'Zip'
My Shots Have Off The Clubface!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim xXXXXxx [mailto:jxXXXXxx@xXXXXxx.com]
Sent: 12 May 2007 22:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Four Magic Moves


I'd like you to know that today, by more judiciously applying your 'Four Magic Moves' I've finally reached and occasionally exceeded my goal of 80 mph clubhead speed after just a few weeks of practice. Prior to getting the 'Four Magic Moves' I couldn't consistently get above 65 mph, but so far today I've even had one that reached 90 mph.

Aside from the grip improvement that you teach, I discovered that my hands and hand action were getting ahead of my arms before they reached the hitting area .. that old 'natural' tendency to want to overpower the ball with the hands. I read (and it finally sank in) that "the hands should never be allowed to pass the heart before striking the ball". By taking a practice swing or two before addressing the ball I can pre-condition my swing to 'feel' and even 'hear' the effect of the proper sequence. Once I do that it's only a matter of repeating the practice swing sequence knowing that I no longer need to add any extra power to achieve maximum yardage.

I've tried the same approach with my 8, 7 and 4-irons and it's amazing how much more 'zip' my shots have off the clubface. I've added one hybrid wood to my set for long shots out of the rough, but being from the 'old school' I still like my 1968 vintage forged solid-back irons (even the 2 & 3 irons) for their 'workability' even though I also have a set of cavity-backs. I also have a forged 1-iron that I sometimes use off the tee on narrow par 4's since I can't reach those green with a driver anyway.

But the best news that might interest you and your readers is in the first paragraph or two above. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if I were to consistently reach 90 mph with my driver before the year is over, and that's saying a lot for an occasional golfer who is only 5 ft 7 inches tall, 175 lbs, and 78 years old.

And yes, feel free to use any part of this testimonial and the following name & location in your literature.


Binghamton, NY (USA)

"What A Difference It Has Made To My Shots!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Robert xXXXXxx [mailto:xXXXXxx@xxxxxxxx.com.au]
Sent: 11 May 2007 23:11
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Robert - Learning the New Four Magic Moves


Andy, many thanks for the e book purchased recently from you. I have purchased numerous dvd's on the golf swing but find what you are selling is full of really excellent instruction that leaves many of them for dead. I had been holding my wrist in totally the wrong position on the back swing until I read the correct way to hold it in the information given. What a difference it has made to my shots.

Very many thanks



"Took It To The Driving Range And Was Completely Blown Away At The Results!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Kirk xXXXXxx [mailto:xXXXXxx@hotmail.com]
Sent: 11 May 2007 19:55
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Kirk Have You Read The First Four Golf Chapters?

Dear Andy,

I worked on the four magic moves for no more than one hour.. took it to the driving range and was completely blown away by the results.

I am not a novice at the " faults and fixes " thing , to say the least! I have probably had over 50 lessons with different instructors who all told me different things.. a lot of them told me what natural ability I had. All the time I'm thinking. "yeh ? then why am I always coming over the top and fighting this dang pull shot ? "what i have learned from this ebook i wouldn't take a thousand dollars for!"

I'm just a good old country boy from east Texas and have no reason to say this works if it doesn't....I'm not getting a dime out of writing this letter. I have only hit one bucket of balls and can't wait to get back out there after work today.

Thanks again !!!


"I Started Smoking The Ball So Far
That I Practically Lost It By The Time
I Looked Where It Was Going!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ben xXXXXxx [mailto:xXXXXxx@xxxxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 11 May 2007 03:08
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Ben - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Hey Andy,

Yes, I have been attempting this new swing only a few times so far ... when I first attempted it I pulled out my 7 iron and lined the ball up more in the center of my stance. I used to play it back a little so I would hit down on the ball more to induce a divot. Anyways I wound up with the early break of the wrist and let my xXXXXxx and xxxxxxxx whip the club around without attempting to pull down with the xxxxxxxx xxxxx ... and like a rocket the ball hissed in a dead straight line practically going further than my typical 5 iron shot which is around 200 yards ... this may be a slight exaggeration but I did hit it completely out of the range after it took a couple bounces.

As for my driver I started to hit really bad shots at first, I even took a divot once! Which I never do .. I know ... horrible right? I could only laugh it off ... but then I remembered the tip of xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx the xxxxxx xxxxxx back from the ball along with xxxxxxx the club through with your xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx, it really helped and I started smoking the ball so far that I practically lost it by the time I looked where it was going...I never saw any of them land because they all went past the range itself ... this is no exaggeration. I must have been cramping my swing too much which was probably the reason for the divot.

I have all the audio clips on my IPod, I am only to 2nd magic move so I am looking forward to the other two and seeing how I can progress on this new swing throughout the summer. I really appreciate you giving out all this information, hopefully it will pay off for me in the long run and I can become a more consistent ball striker.

Thanks again,


"Well, All I Can Say Is WOW!!! What A
Difference I Am Now Striking The Ball More
Consistently Than I Ever Have Before!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Bernard Harley [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx@aol.com]
Sent: 7 May 2007 18:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: Bernard - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Andy, Thank you so much for making this book available. The day before I purchased "The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf" I was so frustrated, I was going to give up on Golf and sell my clubs. The next day I was looking on the Internet when I came across your book, after reading some testimonials, I thought I'd give it a try. That night I read the first few chapters and it made a lot of sense to me, I couldn't wait to try them the next day. Well, all I can say is WOW!!! What a difference I am now striking the ball more consistently than I ever have before, with a lot less swing thoughts to clog my head. Thank you for making the game easy and enjoyable.

B.J. Harley

"Probably The Best $27 I Have Spent On
Golf Tuition, And Has Saved Me More
Than One Sleeve Of PRO V 1xs!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ian Atkins [mailto:xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.co.uk]
Sent: 7 May 2007 10:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Ian Have You Read The First Four Golf Chapters?


Yes I have and it has made a real difference. My handicap is now 11.3 (it was 8.2 many years ago and has stuck at 12 courtesy of a good short game) from 12.2 a week ago and going down fast. The book is excellent. I have made sure my new wrist break is right (intuitively it is and is how it "felt" when I was playing well, yet without realizing why).

The xxxxxxxx xxxxx has been the revelation for me after countless teaching pros stopped me doing this, and had me start the downswing with the xxxxxxxx, to avoid the push. The secret is xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx the ball at the same time and just letting the club explode into the ball as the stored torque unwinds (sorry, I am an engineer).

Many thanks, probably the best $27 I have spend on golf tuition, and has saved me more than one sleeve of PRO V 1xs!

Ian Atkins

"I Immediately Noticed I Made
Solid Contact With Ball!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Morne Grobler [mailto:xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com]
Sent: 7 May 2007 08:12
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: RE: Morne - Learning the New Four Magic Moves

Good day Andy.

I've been golfing for the past 2 years and managed to get my handicap down to 16. I went for a couple of lessons with the local pro, and most of his advice was "rubbished" by your book. Of course I was curious regarding the moves so I spend about 5 hours on the range this weekend. Some of my finger have blister on.

Here's y experience. I recently bought new irons(Taylormade R7 TP) which was not actually the right clubs for me, because the club fitter said it's for low handicappers. I went for them because they have a thinner top line, and it gave me confidence taking a divot. As it turned out I STRUGGLED with these new irons to the point of frustration,(slicing, fading, pulling, hooking ...) You name it, I hit that shot. Problem is, it was never consistent. It became a guessing game for me, as I was never sure what type of shot would come from the irons. I sometimes took me 3 to 4 shots to hit a green from 70 meters out..

I took your advice and cleared my mind of all the rubbish I've been fed during the past 2 years. I tried the new wrist break with a soft swing and I immediately noticed I made solid contact with ball. Thinking it was a lucky shot I tried another one, and another. Eventually I hit 100 balls with only 3 being really bad shots. The rest went +- where I aimed. I was hooked, by this new move of your. I then bought the complete series on Friday and have been reading and practicing very hard.

Thanks for the movies that you're making I manged to get a sneak peak of the 1st move. Is there a way of dowloading it?

Best regards.

Morne Grobler.

"I Couldn't Believe It Myself, What
Must Have Been A 300 Meter Drive,
I Just Stood There In Awe!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Ricahrd xxxxxxxx [mailto:richard@xxxxxxxx.co.za]
Sent: 7 May 2007 06:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Thank You

Good morning Andy, I would just like to say thank you very much for all your tips and advise I recieve everyday. I have not been able to watch and listen to them all yet, but am saving them and trying when possible. I will however copy them on to a cd to listen to at home, I don't yet have internet at home, the service providers in this little town of ours don't really know what service is all about, will let you know as soon as I doo have access at home.

ANYWAY, the reason I'm writing this morning is to say thank you for the first tip you gave me on the bending of your wrist. I have only just started to play golf about six weeks ago, so really a novice. I played a little when I was still in school but very little. I was on my local coarse yesterday, playing with a close friend. He is a much better player than me, being also much older with a lot more exsperience. I started off ok on the first hole ok, for me at least, then came number 2, I lost five balls in a hazard to the right from the T. I was hitting the ball well but it kept turning to the right. I eventually walked down to the egde of the out of bounds, dropped a ball and continued from there.

A few holes latter still playing poorly, something just told me to try out that first tip, "what a shot" was the comment from my Uncle John, I couldn't believe it myself, what must have been a 300 meter drive, I just stood there in awe, I think I even pinched myself, and that after not even practising it even once yet. I thought maybe it was just a fluke, I misjudged the distance to the hole and took a pitching wedge instead of a number 6 or seven. I thought there was just over 100 meters to the hole but was actually closer to 200. I misread the scorecard and looked at the wrong hole distance. Well with pitcher in hand, your magic move number one in mind, and a hell of a confidence boost after that incredible drive, I pitched onto the green. I was on the green for two, on a par five hole. It was like that for most of the rest of the game, now and then making mistakes, but generally much improved.

My putting still needs a lot of improvement, but after that first tip, I tried to remember as much as I could about the putting tips you sent me from Gary Player, but I will get there, just a matter of getting the right pace n the ball, always seem to short or too long, but my line is improving a lot. I finished the 18 holes on 105 true score, where I was finishing on 110 or so, with maximum on each hole. Felt like I was just tagging along as someone to talk to, now it feels like I am a little competitive.

Thank you again.

Regards Richard.

"My Scores Have Gone Down
By 4 To 6 Strokes So Far!"

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave xxxxxxx [mailto:xxxxxxx@aol.com]
Sent: 6 May 2007 06:10
To: Andy Anderson
Subject: Re: David check out these amazing Golf Stories

I purchased the book and read every page and studied the movement. As of today I am hitting my drives straighter and hitting iron shots right on target. My scores have gone down by 4 to 6 strokes so far.

Thank you for the information. dave, of ohio

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