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268 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. Jim Price says:

    Hi Andy, well things have certainly changed since the dvds arrived. I had purchased the magic moves e-book over 2 years ago, and had worked on remaking my swing with the instructions contained. But something just didn’t gel. I could have some good swings during a round, but could not consistently keep the tee ball in play; usually accumulating 3-5 penalty strokes per round.
    The dvd section regarding the 2nd and 3rd magic moves though, allowed me to see that I was not making a lateral move; instead I had to be making a turn or spin of the hips. I spent the next two weeks working with a wind resistance fin-type swing trainer while slowly performing a lateral hip shift, and ultimately building up to a faster speed. I have since shot 3 nine hole rounds of 36, 38 and 39( previously averaging 46-50). In a three day golf outing, I played 8 & 11 strokes better than the handicap assigned, in two 18 hole rounds. There is more contact with the sweet spot on irons. We have about two months of golf weather left and I am anxious to see how consistent this game can be.

    I’m sure that some individuals will understand the material in the e-book manual; for me, the dvd unlocked the missing element.

    Thank you for providing this product. It should be a big help for anyone looking to swing the club correctly and enjoy the game as a result.

    Jim Price

  2. David Birchfield says:

    I purchased your system several weeks ago, and it has literally transformed my game to a whole new level. I started playing when I was 16, am now 53. For the first time in my life i know what its like to perfectly strike the ball with each and every swing. I recently played with my regular group, and hit every fair way in regulation, unbelievable!!! My golfing buddies were blown away. I can’t thank you enough!!!!

  3. Jim Price says:

    Hi Andy, well things have certainly changed since the dvds arrived. I had purchased the magic moves e-book over 2 years ago, and had worked on remaking my swing with the instructions contained. But something just didn’t gel. I could have some good swings during a round, but could not consistently keep the tee ball in play; usually accumulating 3-5 penalty strokes per round.

    The dvd section regarding the 2nd and 3rd magic moves though, allowed me to see that I was not making a lateral move; instead I had to be making a turn or spin of the hips. I spent the next two weeks working with a wind resistance fin-type swing trainer while slowly performing a lateral hip shift, and ultimately building up to a faster speed. I have since shot 3 nine hole rounds of 36, 38 and 39( previously averaging 46-50). In a three day golf outing, I played 8 & 11 strokes better than the handicap assigned, in two 18 hole rounds. There is more contact with the sweet spot on irons. We have about two months of golf weather left and I am anxious to see how consistent this game can be.

    I’m sure that some individuals will understand the material in the e-book manual; for me, the dvd unlocked the missing element.

    Thank you for providing this product. It should be a big help for anyone looking to swing the club correctly and enjoy the game as a result.

    Jim Price

  4. Robert Mcleod says:

    Hi Andy,

    It is now a couple of years since you or I had contact with one another.

    In that time many other golf “gurus” have got hold of my email address and flooded me with golf tips, some quite useful, some just gimmicky rubbish.What this did was to fuddle my thinking and I moved away from the new magic moves.

    Recently I had a serious illness which laid me low for several weeks. When I finally returned to golf I was like a beginner. I could hardly hit the ball a hundred yards . My golf was so bad I seriously considered taking up bowls instead. Then I remembered the new four magic moves again and wondered if they were worth a try. I studied your book again , went to the golf range and BINGO! The transformation was instant and amazing. Straight down the middle and my old distance was back.

    If I was’nt convinced before , I am now. I am so appreciative I felt I had to let you know and give you my warm thanks. I won’t be experimenting again!

    Sincerely ,

    Robert Mcleod

  5. Tim Darden says:

    I’m sold on the new 4 magic moves. I’ve gone from shooting 83/84 to 77/78 and fully expect to go lower. I am confident that the application of these techniques have enabled me to hit crisp and accurate shots that are incredibly solid.

    Let me encourage you to study the film and do not overlook any detail for all are essential to a good fundamental golf swing. I learned (as is warned in the tape) that my stance and position at address was slightly open at address. From that position it is not possible to execute the lateral hip move toward the target and maintain good balance.

    Another gem in the tape is getting the hands below the throat at address. My hands were a little too far out in front of my body at address and I also believe that is a common problem as I watch my friends. That simple mistake nearly guarantees a swing plane that is a little too flat on the backswing and results in having to adjust by coming over the top at impact along with not being able to maintain ideal balance.

    Please take heed to study and apply all of the smallest details taught in the video. They are absolutely essential and fundamental to applying the four magic moves.

    Finally, be patient and practice frequently. I practice every day for at least an hour in my yard using plastic practice balls.

  6. Rob says:

    Handicap went from 27 to 17 in one month. Early wrist break alone has
    changed my golf game forever. The easier I swing with an early wrist break and good shoulder turn the more solid shots I hit. When I get flippy again with my wrists things don’t go so well. I constantly think of your advice on the range and on the course. You have made golf fun and my score will continue to go down. I guarantee it! Ha! This is a blast.

    Rob from good ol wichita, ks.

    sent from thunderbolt standing in bunker on fourth hole

  7. Jack says:


    You and “your” method” of playing golf is by far the BEST AND MOST REPEATABLE way for the recreational golfer to swing any club in his (her) bag. It is truly a God send. I play 3-4 times a week (weather permitting), either 9 or 18 holes .

    If I am making a reasonable number of putts, I will “shoot my age”, or a little better most every day. My age is 81. I didn’t pick up a golf club until I was 58, so I am overjoyed with finally finding a simple, REPEATABLE way to work my way around the course, time after time.

    For me, the 1st move, the Backward Wrist Break, is the KEY. I use it (to various degrees) in all my shots, from the driver to the lob wedge. The other 3 moves “flow” naturally from a well executed 1st move. The two key words are repeatable and dependable; which I believe is what golf is all about.

    I purchased your book, THE NEW FOUR MAGIC MOVES last year and highly recommend it to anyone, who wants to play GOOD, REPEATABLE GOLF.

    I also appreciate your continuing helpful hints that you provide and “just staying in touch”. You are “one of a kind”.

    Thank you ,


  8. Tim Darden says:

    Andy, please feel free to post my comments to your site. You may also show my name and location. The wrist cock is everything. Good things do not happen until you achieve “the” proper position at the top. I can already tell that using these principles will produce crisp, consistent shots. I fully expect my handicap to improve to the single digits.

    Tim Darden

  9. Bill Zerbe says:

    I went to the range yesterday and had a particularly bad time. It was as though I had lost my swing entirely. I seemed to be not making the connection in the downswing. The lateral movement of the hips. I was turning my shoulders out and coming over the top and getting ahead of
    the ball. I looked like a beginner again.

    Today, I went back out and with determination finally made the connection. I suddenly started sending them long and straight. The bad part is, now I am going to have to re-learn my club distances. What used to be a 7 club distance for me will now go soaring past the green. Those are the good kind of problems to have.

    Thanks again,

    Bill Zerbe
    Albuquerque, NM

  10. Rob says:

    I want to say WOW. I read thru about page 75 then went to the range then played. At first I was I don’t know this may not work. Took it to the men’s club this morn and have never hit so sweet of shots in my life. I played right handed the last 20 years and switched to lefty one year ago and this book has been unbelievable. I could write a whole book on all the good things this advice has done for me. I can now hit my hybrid straight and sweet instead of the horrible pull I was getting. Can’t wait to finish the book and read it again then listen to the audio in my truck as a constant brush up.

    I feel like I’ve got my own instructor with me.


  11. Margit Connelley says:

    Hi Andy, I incorporated the four magic moves in my golf swing and hit the most phenomenal iron shots of my life. Unfortunately the lateral hip slide aggravated a back condition I have. I physically cannot do the hip slide without causing a great deal of pain. All I can say is that it was great while it lasted. I have never been a really good iron player and hitting shots like I did was absolutely thrilling.

    Margit Connelley

  12. Robert Miller says:


    I found your blog to be very insightful with a ton of great tips, your Swing Secrets video/tutorial is great I enjoyed watching it. I have been playing golf for more than 23 years my handicap has ranged from a 3 to 10 over the years. Golf is a great game I wish had the chance to play in the UK at some point in time keep up the great work on your blog. Thanks for letting me comment


  13. Johnnie says:

    Andy, you asked for feedback after 9 weeks. So far it has not helped. Handicap has gone up 2 strokes and my golf has been inconsistent. However at times I have noticed increased distance and accuracy. I have probably overdone the advice and so end up hitting hooks. Also I have not given it a fair go, that is stuck with it.Also our golf course and weather have been terrible. Will advise if things improve.


  14. Bud says:

    Andy, I cant tell you how much my game has improved since I adopted your system and at 70 yrs old this is quite a statement. All your materials are VERY well written and literate. If you ever need a reference call on me.


  15. Hassan says:

    Now dog legs are giving me problems! Ha ha , why? My driving always overshoot the fairway! Wow! Then now it’s time to use only wood 3 or 5 for that! I think it’s foolish for a golfer not to buy and use your 4 New Magic Moves. It’s simply so friendly and real! I’m 56 this year.

  16. Hassan says:

    When a person practices The Magics of yours, there’ll be a distinct characteristics exhibited during the golf games. Generally, he would be seen as ‘a person who has undergone a formal training session!’ But it’s not. Isn’t it? Only your virtual school did the job. And through our dedication to observe and diligently believing in your guidelines and effortlessly we did it! I observe and hear a lot of ‘wow’ and ‘how did you do that’ from my flight mates. And those comments made me believe in myself more and more – adding tremendous confidence in my games as I go on to play.

  17. Gary Moore says:

    Hello Andy,

    This is an incredible book and now I realize why I’ve hit so many shots
    with an open club face when I tried to have my hips lead the downswing.
    I’ve been having problems with this for years.

    The early wrist break with a square club face is making golf fun again. I
    wish I had learned about this 30 years ago!

    Heading out to the practice range now to work on it.

    Best regards,

    Gary Moore

  18. Bud says:

    Hi Andy! tks for the note. started using #1 and it made a fabulous impact
    on my game. Am using it with my new tour striker club which forces me to
    hit down and create lag.

    Will keep you posted.


  19. Hassan says:

    I broke 90 – for straight two days in my club (I became a member of the club about almost two years now!) after discovering and buying your Magics. That’s a feedback for you. By the way I now own a St. Andrew ‘s cap. My ex boss went there last month and got one for me!



  20. Ken says:

    The weather cleared and I was eager to practice. Slow at first, then I started to get it- done right and the ball just pops! Your system is great. I love to practice at our farm where I have now set up my own driving range- my “country club”!

    Having just retired The Big Four may unlock many fun days on the golf course.

    Many Thanx, Old Man Winter

  21. Murray says:

    Hey Andy,

    Greetings from downunder where we are now in our summer season, the attached videos are some of the best stuff I’ve seen for a long while, keep up the good work helping us to improve our game, by the way the early cocking of the wrists has helped me recently during a period of poor form.



  22. Azhari, says:

    Hi Andy,

    A warm welcome from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ve downloaded your book 3 days ago and had been practicing the 1st new magic move (backward wrist break) and what can I say!

    The result was phenomenal.

    My iron shots were longer and straighter than before. I’ve improved on my driving distance by 20 yards instantly. It really works and hoping to lower my handicap in the near future.

    Thank you so much….Andy.

    Azhari, Kuala Lumpur

  23. Stefan says:

    Dear Andy,

    Yes I have read the book and yes I am very happy with it.

    I think it is a good idea just to stick to one method of instruction and
    stay with it than to buy magazines and follow their tips or whatever you
    find on the net and switch from one path to another.

    Also the pros all have a different approach but I think you explain all
    those stories in the beginning of your book.

    I haven’t had the chance to go often to the driving range these last weeks because I am in the wine business and it is very busy this period. But I try to practice my swing here in the yard without hitting balls. And I think I am doing quite well.

    I played one round two weeks ago and scored 38 stbfd. And this with really gusting winds and awfull putting from my side. I also played indoors on a simulator last week, it was an IT tournament where I was invited and I actually won this thing. I played +9 on the first 9 holes of Brabazon. Nobody did better to my surprise. I have to say putting on a mat in front of a simulator is not that obvious.

    I gained a lot of distance with these magical moves. 4 weeks ago there was a Callaway demo and I shot five consecutive shots with an iron six between 153 and 162 meters. They tried to make me believe that it was their equipment that made me make these shots but I wisely kept my mouth shut. These pros, you don’t want to discuss with them.

    A few friends already asked me were these supershots come from but I didn’t want to tell them before I actually do some tournaments and my handicap will and shall lower.

    Big return on investment your book, it is.

    Kind regards.


  24. Carlo says:

    Hi, my name is Carlo and I live in Italy.

    I started to follow your golf advices in Mrch this year and at the beginning I was a little confused because I had to change a lot my swing and my englsish was not good enough to understand all. Now my golf is much more consistent and for the first time in my life I am very confident plaiyng golf. I lowered my handicap by 2 strokes (now I am 11,5) and playing golf now is much more funny than before.

    Thank you so much and my best wishes to you.

    Best regards


  25. Nick says:

    Hi Andy

    Just wanted to say how much benefit I get from your regular e-mails. I purchased the 4 new magic moves book some time ago and follow the principles every time I play and practice and have cetainly seen my handicap come down from 14 to 10 and the quality of may ball striking go up. What I find really useful is how easy it is when you have poor rounds t go bac to the basics of the book and work out which area I’ve drifted into bad habits in. For me I can rectify most errors by using the drill where you do the bacward wrist break properly and ingrain that feeling, then turn shoulders and hit the shot.

    I now find that my poor rounds are due to a few poor shots causing double bogeys where my thinking was poor. My course is short and tght and you don’t have to do much wrong to get into trouble and rack up some high numbers so good course management is key.

    Anyway keep up the good work. Hopefully this year single figure golf could become a reality for me!



  26. William Turner says:

    Andy, I have to thank you for making hitting a small white ball more enjoyable. I am a diabetic and only started to play in order to walk the links for my health two years ago, but you have imbued me with an unexpected interest in the game. I am not yet ready for a handicap but I am told it will be soon. Your instruction is so very logical, clear and informative, and you have my gratitude.

    I will be in the UK next spring, for my 8Oth, with my golfing in-laws and propose to visit you.

    Kind regards,

    William Turner

  27. Monte Wwalters says:

    Dear Andy-I received your Swing Secrets video/tutorial nearly 9 weeks ago, and it was like a blindfold had been removed from my eyes. I am more a process rather than results oriented individual and can truthfully say that for the first time in 35 years of golfing, I am swinging with knowledge instead of superstitious learning. Initially, I did not notice greater distance, but shot accuracy improved immediately. The distance will come as I smooth out the coordination of the hip release and the foreswing drop of the hands. My progress has been significantly delayed as I had hand surgery 6 weeks ago and have not yet been cleared to grip a club. This would be a significant setback but for the fact that I am very comfortable in the knowledge that daily viewing of your video will have me where I need to be when I am medically cleared. Due to your precise instruction and justification for the act, I am looking forward to great golf in my near future.

    Monte Walters
    Age 75, Hdcp 12

  28. Brett says:


    I thought I would give you some feedback after I tried the Early Backward Wrist Break for the first time yesterday on the golf course. I have by no means mastered the move and it showed with some shocking drives, but when I got it right I was able to achieve incredible results, I have suddenly been able to hit irons straighter and up to two clubs longer than what I am use to, for instance I am now hitting a 5 iron somewhere between 170 and 180m where it use to go 160m at best. I hit a 7 iron 165m, flying the green in the process and losing it in the water behind, I have never in my 17 years of playing golf been able to hit a 7 iron more than 140m…I might get it out to 150m with a helping wind. Consequently in my round yesterday I did not know how far the ball was going to go and my score suffered as a result, but I will not look back….in future I will be spending a considerable amount of time trying to perfect this move.

    Earlier this year my handicap was 7 and has been as low as 6, but recent bad form has seen it move out to 11, with this move and some pitching and putting practice I know my best golf is still to come.



  29. Mark Hewitson says:

    Hi Andy, Like the majority of amateur golfers, I had tried everything to develop a consistent game!; Lessons, books, DVDs. You name it, I tried it!

    So when I saw The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf I was sure it was just another one to add to my list.

    Boy, was I surprised!

    I studied the book, practised and took what I had learned on to the course. The power and consistency is unbelievable!. For the first time (I’ve been trying to play for 8 years) I am PLAYING golf. I always hoped that the ball would go ‘some where down there’, now I know it will!

    I would like to thank you for showing me the way and I would advise any ‘punch drunk’ golfer to try it ……

  30. Alan says:


    Just an update on my progress or lack of it since I bought the 4 new magic moves to winning golf. Everything progressed very well and on my last round about 5 weeks ago I was driving the ball over 250 yards and straight, after struggling for years of trying to exceed 200 yards. My last round was under 80 and I was very happy with that. Now I need to practice my short game!!!! But all good things come to an end with our golf season ending about October 1st to get the course ready for winter. As of this morning the ground is white and frozen and no more golf until May of next year………the joys of living in Canada!!!

    Cheers Al

  31. Tavita says:


    The articles sent have been very helpful with my game. It has helped me
    adding few yards/meters to my shots. Also the article about spinning a shot so it rolls back when it reaches the green has helped me too. The advice about ball selection has also helped. Right from 2007 when the I started to practice your advice, my game has changed dramatically. I think without your advice, I would have given up on my game long time ago.

    Although I don’t get to respond always, but honestly, your advice has really helped me enjoy this game. So my thanks and congratulations to you for a great work done, and your perseverance in sending all these tips to your golf friends, including myself. I highly recommend this chap Andy to anyone who likes to improve his/her golf game.

    Cheers Andy,


  32. Dan Kline says:

    I am a left handed golfer and I am pleaseed that you have a left handed version. What has worked for me is that I have utilized the program in stages, utilizing one move totally then moving on to the next. As of today one to go and 6 strokes improvement as it becomes routine and subcoonsious golf, thanks.

  33. Pravat says:


    I just wanted you to know that your “Golf Swing Secrets” instructions have been excellent and especially beneficial to me. I need to remember and practice them on a regular basis.

    Thanks a lot for being so helpful


  34. Gus says:

    Dear Andy, I am only an occasional player and do not play any tournament, nevertheless, I have learnt a lot about golf, it has helped me to understand the game. I know now a bit more of golf. I enjoy golf much more because now I know what I am doing and what to do. I consider 99 Golden Nuggets not only as a guide for a better golf but also as a Manual of Golf Good behaviour. Thanks for your help and look forward for more information.

    Best regards


  35. Edith says:

    Hi Andy, just thought I would let you know, we have a district comp. For
    senior players in which I participated this year, I got the best gross for
    my grade, and runner up in the net, missed out by one shot, very happy,
    a lot of the suggestions from you have been utilized, keep em coming, most appreciated. Thank you, Edith

  36. Alan says:

    Hi Andy,

    I have tried the first of your new 4 magic moves . I have employed this since last spring and have noticed my drives have straightened out a lot but I still struggled with distance.

    So I bought the new 4 magic moves to see if that would help …… AND WOW!! I read the second magic move and it explained how you move the club back with your shoulders instead of trying to do it with just your arms and as I had a small tounament on Saturday I tried this out.

    First on the driving range and then in the tounament and found I added at least 50 to 75 yards to my drive and mostly straight. I am now in the process of reading through all the rest of your information you sent and have downloaded it onto a zip drive.

    Our golf season is almost over here as we usually are done our season by mid October as snow and cold will be arriving, but I will be reading and viewing all of the information over the winter and hope to start next years season with a lot of new ideas to employ in my game.

    Thank you for all your information and I look forward to viewing and reading any tips that you send!!




  37. Eric Tiong says:

    Dear Andy

    Thanks for the email. As I read the testimonies of golfers who have been “converted” it made me think about my golf.

    I am 62 and even with a lower back problem manage straight drives of 235 to 275 yards and play to a handicap of 9.

    In 2008 when I learnt the New Four Magic Moves I was not hitting straight and my handicap hovered around 12 to 14 as my course has lots of water hazard a typical Pete Dye design.

    Thank you, Andy.

    Best regards,

    Eric Tiong

  38. Robin Woolf says:

    Dear Andy,

    Like many others I, too, have spent a fortune on various methods and dvd’s/lessons all without success. I have now decided to embrace the 4 new magic moves without fear of hesitation or deviation but buckets of balls and concentration! To this end I was wondering if there is anybody else out there living in the Surrey area who is a disciple of the method and who, perhaps, might not be averse to giving a modicum of encouragement to a newcomer……

  39. Bilal says:

    Andy as usual, your timing is you can see, I have been following you for four years.

    Last week I revisited my e-book and bonuses. For some reason everything that didn’t click the first time around are ohhh so clear and effective because I’m committed to the process, especially the early wrist break!!! it makes everything else easy. I now feel like I’m golfing more and duffing less!

    Thank you so much Andy and keep up the good work.

    Best Wishes

    Bilal (p.s. from 105 to 95!)

  40. Hassan says:

    Andy. For me hitting a 100 is already a history now. With your continued ‘after-sale service’ I think you’re not only doing good thing for your job but also really giving us the encouragement and having the ‘ we can do it’ feeling to be with us all the time. I just got myself an iPad last week and now I can use it anytime to give you my feedback. MY main target now is off course to break 80.

    After making mistakes on the course, normally I would quickly know why and how not repeat them . I have the feeling that I am ready to move on now with the tips in your magic package and to top it up is the mental approach. If a person is confident enough right from first tee box gallery, and routinely adhering to basics or fundamental and maintain them through the flight , I think I am ready to take on my lower hanndicapped friends – wow! What a feeling!


    Watching Monassero in Malaysian Open recently was really an experience to remember

  41. George Reid says:

    Can you please send tips for left handed golfers like me

  42. Peter R says:

    Went out yesterday and shot my best round of the year and bettered last week’s rounds by 6 or more strokes with a 57-51 for 108 (slope 121 course) bringing the lofty goal of a round under 100 in my second serious year of golf perhaps within reach.

    Figuring I’d be short of the green, I hit a the back edge of the very elusive green on a 200+ yard par 3 with my 3 Wood and a couple of monster (for me) straight drives on the back nine as the new moves settled in a bit, and a stunning nearly 200 yard 5 iron from the slanted right side rough on a tough par 5 leaving me an easy pitching wedge to the green.

    I have put the time and effort in with other teaching methods, perhaps they helped build a base ready to be turned on, but your simple clear explanation and especially Move #3 seems to have turned that switch and shifted gears in my game in a day.

    Have a great week, I’ll let you know if I break 100 this year.

    Peter R
    Montreal, Canada

  43. FX says:


    Thank you. Great work!

    The New Four Magic Moves has helped my game a great deal. Have shot below 85 past three outings and recently broke 80 for the first time. Previously I was convinced I would always be a good 18 handicap. I would like to add that I appreciate the follow up with things like golf rules and pre shot routines.

    Wishing you continued success,


  44. Hassan says:

    Andy – I have improved just like thunder. Now you see now you don’t! The three points you said are just perfectly true. I adjusted my grip, backswing and the left right domination thing (I also bought your New Four Magics..about a year ago.). Tried a few times at the range and I simply did it, My T off with the driver (Burner 10.5 deg) went to 250m, my 8 iron for Par 3 was perfect. I am gaining extra confident now despite of my age, 56. It happened during my three day golf trip to the Island of Bintan in Indonesia last week.- I scored all below 100 for three consecutive days (I never played like this rally before – and I always scored more than 100. But notb anymore!). Thank you Andy/Hassan – Malaysia

  45. Mark Hollingworth says:

    I’m one of those players who has tried a multitude of different swing methods. Moe Norman, Mike Austin, Symple Swing etc., etc. Honestly, The New 4 Magic Moves is, by far, the best way to play consistently good golf. I wish I’d discovered this years ago and saved myself a lot of time and money trying to perfect faulty swing ideas. Seriously, make your shoulders, not your arms, the ‘engine’ of your swing as per The New 4 Magic Moves and your game will improve dramatically. Absolutely worth the time and money investment. Thanks Andy for helping me ‘see the light’.

  46. Dominic de van der Schueren says:

    Hey Andy,

    I have NEVER hit the ball more easily or straighter or better. What the hell?

    When I bought your book 4 years ago, I tried to achieve the theory of the new 4 magic moves, but, I think I was not incorporating it properly. That is, I believe, now, I may have been simply swinging back far too slow – and was unable to make it work (as yesterday).


    I can NOT believe how well it achieves good results, actually!

    As awkward as this initial ‘back-wrist-break’ may feel, the compactness of the swing is so much enhanced; and, I believe that I actually have an ‘in-to-out divot’ going on, for the very first time ever – causing a nice draw on my shots. I did (really) pull a couple of shots though – although they went straight.

    Again, wow!

    Mate, I have been trying to play golf properly for 38 years now and have been unable to get under a H’cap of 16 – currently 19. I even tried ‘right-handed’ a couple times in great earnest. You have NO idea how this game has ‘possessed me’ and left me so frustrated… but I have never given up. I feel and believe that I may be able to drop 10 shots really quickly, now.

    So cheers. I really appreciate you being around still eh: and getting back so quick!

    Thank you.

    Dominic de van der Schueren

  47. Kevin Palisi says:

    I was a natural late breaker during junior golf before I gave golf up.

    I took up playing again about 18 months ago in my early 40’s. I saw golf swing secrets revealed and bought the audio, ebook and downloaded the video.

    After 18 months I lowered my handicap from 36 to 15. I recently had a top ten finish and a third in last weekends stableford comp (including a bar tab for the next two weeks).

    My favourite parts of the new four magic moves:

    * The grip and stance instruction – brilliant
    * Hip press, early break, turn shoulders, drive hips toward target and hold on to early break
    * Thinking your way around – especially the part about if its a 9 iron, use a 9 iron
    * Best of all its the new four magic moves to WINNING GOLF!

    See you around the greens.

  48. Martin says:

    Hi Andy
    I bought the “New Four Magic Moves” report a few years ago, tried it, thought it was ok, then completely forgot about it until a few days ago.

    I have been having a problem with the old habit of coming over the top and pulling drives into the rough, pulling irons into the water and just about every other shot you can mention, including the dreaded “Scottish Shot” (rhymes with tank) I went back to all my books searching the for the “Over the Top” tips. I even went back to the Hogan Bible, which certainly started to help, but I was in a complete mess. I am coming last in our Friday afternoon role up every week and it is getting very depressing. We play Stableford most times and I was scoring low twenties each week, while the others are scoring high thirties. I realised that I needed to completely go back to basics and change everything that I had been doing. I realised that if I continued to do what I’ve always done I’ll always get what I’ve always got.

    I then came across the New Four Magic Moves lurking in the pile of books and decided to look in there for a quick fix to help me out while I was honing the Hogan concept. I read the chapter about starting the downswing with the hips and then the light bulb came on and I read the book from the start. I went to the range and incorporated the wrist hinge and this help immediately.

    My handicap is nine (well!!!). My driving range handicap is about one. Shots on the range are shooting off like lasers to the target, they even have a touch of draw (although I do not think lasers bend) There lies the big problem. How do I get the range swing onto the course? As soon as I step onto the course the brain starts to scramble and all the good work that I have done on the range has gone out the window. The slices and pulls all return, my mates are telling me that “You are coming over the top”, as if I didn’t know this. So Andy how do I get it on the course? Please help.

    I am going to the Open at Sandwich next week. Do you have a stand there? Are you going? I would like to meet up for a chat if you are there.

    Is there a DVD with the magic moves? If yes I would like to purchase one.


    Martin Jones

  49. Greg Miller says:

    I only play on saturdays and very rarely practice.

    When i do practice i hit a small bucket working on preshot routine and one or two practice thoughts. My biggest problem is changing years and years of wrong muscle memory. That lateral move with the hips is working yet i sometime revert. I know when i do it because i pull the ball left.

    I usually shoot low 80’s but last sat. I shot 75. I tried all round long to firm up my grip on the club and it seemed to work really well for me…even around the greens with chipping and putting. I felt like i had so much more control. But i wanted to tell ya Andy that my game has changed for the better since i purchased the program. I used to maybe hit my wedge 100 yards, now i hit it 120! I actually have problems still adjusting to the new distance and catch myself hitting over greens.

    Anyway without much pratice i am enjoying golf much more these days but i cant get my friends to try the early wrist break….. i stopped trying, if they cant see the difference then that is their problem…… anyways thanks for doing your thing and spreading the word. Feel free to use anything i wrote if you please….

    Thanks Andy


  50. Chris says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am very excited by this swing. Played again Monday got more
    comfortable with the big hip move. I always had good power, now I have big power under control.


  51. Tom Rivelli says:


    I would like to continue geting your e-mails and I might say your method is a little unorthodox compaired to the way I have been swinging the club. I always brought the club back low and slow. I am tying to practice your method on the range but when I go out to play the course I find myself reverting back to my old swing. Don’t get me worng I am still working on your magic moves. Sometimes I think I have Paralysis throu Analysis. I need to give it time although the first time I played and tried the magic moves I was excited when I came out of a fairway bunker with a three wood and the result was excellent. Keep it in the short grass.

    Tom Rivelli
    Mount Dora Florida

  52. Michael Guiton says:

    Mr. Brown I am doing the best I can. I have not played in maybe 9 months, although last time I was out I shot a 82. Now, understand, when I first started receiving emails from you I was shooting around 135 to 140. All it took was for me to see the first video you sent me, and my score dropped 10 strokes my next time out. One other thing that helped me was, I put the driver in the car and only used a 3 wood to tee off with. I need to get the kids in bed right now, but thanks for touching base with me. I will be going out this weekend and I will be ready to “let the big dog eat,” so to speak. Hit’em straight.

    Michael Guiton

  53. Tom says:

    I have been a disciple for a while. The new four magic moves dropped me 7 strokes in 3 months can’t wait to use the bonus products. I’m sure I’ll be single digit by the end of summer.

  54. Ian Suggitt says:

    Hello Andy,

    Have finally got my h/cap down from 18 to 16 last Sat and all thanks to the 4 MMOG . I am 67 years and all my buddies are amazed that I am knocking the ball so far but even more importantly I can repeat it time after time and can now reach long par 4’s in 2 shots and can reach the long par 5 (601 yds) in 3 shots on a number of occasions

    I keep preaching the 4 MMOG to all and sundry and perhaps the penny will drop with some of them.

    Yours in golf


  55. Tony says:

    Hi Andy ,

    I really appreciate all your follow up. Not many do this!

    I have been using the self hypnosis and the New Magic moves and the early signs are good.

    After a long period in the high nineties I have been scoring in mid eighties and have done two nine holes in high thirties!! Unbelievable!

    The big insight for me is taking the “feel” of my swing from the range to the course rather than the thoughts!!



  56. Greg says:

    My game has improved thanks to your video. I have dropped 4 strokes. But just had shoulder surgery so I’m out for 3 to 4 months. Keep up the good work.


  57. Antonio says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you , Im doing fine.

    Get to play twice a month, no time for practice, however I

    Rehearse the magic moves in my lounge .

    Thanks to you ,in the last 18 months I

    Have reduced my handicap from 21 to 15.

    Think its fantastic considering how little I

    Get to play.



  58. Ian says:

    Hello Andy ,

    Have finally got my h/cap down from 18 to 16 last Sat and all thanks to the 4 MMOG. I am 67 years and all my buddies are amazed that I am knocking the ball so far but even more importantly I can repeat it time after time and can now reach long par 4’s in 2 shots and can reach the long par 5 (601 yds) in 3 shots on a number of ocassions I keep preaching the 4 MMOG to all and sundry and perhaps the penny will drop with some of them .

    Yours in golf


  59. Norman Gilbert says:

    Hi Andy,

    The New Four Magic Moves are becoming more of a part of ‘muscle memory’ now and feeling much more natural. It’s now winter golf here in New Zealand and surprisingly (to me) my handicap continues to fall. Normally at this time of year it moves rapidly in the opposite direction. So it must be working!!

    Many Thanks

  60. Bob Parker says:


    I am beginning to dislike your golf help (video,audio and print). I have had one goal these last few years, to shoot my age. I am currently 67. I thought I would live to 110 if I could keep my handicap high enough. Now, thnks to you I might live to be only 72.

    Thanks a lot.

    Bob Parker

  61. Joseph says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am sure you’ve received many of these letters. So here’s one more. I’m in excellent shape, and have wonderful hand-eye coordination and have taken lessons forever–at least 10 years. And just yesterday I was cursing the game of golf to the darkest confines of hell. I simply could not manage the “secret” of the swing. Nothing worked.

    I have arguably read every book and CD on golf, and have more teaching aids than tools in an S&M shop. I’ve taken enough professional one-on-one lessons to pay for your mortgage and nothing. Seriously–nothing.

    Ok so I got your book this morning and read a bit on it (actually, I had bought your book several years’ earlier and for some reason didn’t apply the concepts and who knows what happened to that file.

    Anyway, I bought it again this morning, and decided to gamble on a half-a-bucket of balls, all the while skeptical as always, when after the third or fourth ball I was sending out some outrageously shocking straight as an arrow shots never before seen. I emptied the bucked with every ball practically an ace.

    This is totally insane!! You are a genius!! Oh I could write a whole book on my experiences learning golf, but I don’t want to bore you, except to say “thank you!” from the bottom of my heart.


  62. John says:

    Hi Andy , i must agree that the new four magic moves have improved my driving and fairway shots ,for accuracy, and distance, and given me more confidence with my short irons, this has help me to score below or break the 100 barrier, however my putting lets me down , but the confidence i have gained, will surely, show improvement here as well.

    Thanks, for all your emailed instructions etc i`m not connected to facebook and my computer , cannot show videos, but i`ll be getting that corrected shortly, by the way i`m 78 and still enjoying my golf , long may it last.



  63. Bob Marinik says:

    I have been using Andy’s golf swing secrets revealed for about 2 years now.

    I practice them faithfully on the course and when i am just practicing.

    I have cut my average score from 92 down to an average of 80 and a handy cap of 9. I can attest that the Andy’s system does work. By the way my drives have increased in distance from 140-250yrds to 275-290 yards.

    Thanks for sharing your system Andy.

    Bob Marinik

  64. PA says:


    When I last posted a comment I was starting to incorporate the ‘other 3’ moves into my game. This is coming on well. Once you ‘get’ the hip move /shoulder turn and keep the wrist break into the shot the results are great if the ball is in the right place in the stance.Thanks again, this has transformed my pleasure in the game.


  65. Ian Rudge says:

    Dear Andy,

    Some time ago I purchased The New Four Magic Moves course but having changed my computer due to hard disk problems, I haven’t been able to follow it up – in fact I never had the chance to start it!!

    Is it possible for me to download the course once more as my game is in desperate need of help!!

    All the best,


    Andy Reply: No problem Ian, please click on the support button and I will follow up with a new copy.

  66. Andy you saved my game age 83

  67. Declan says:

    Hi Andy,

    Both myself and my son love the 4 new magic moves. He said that I am no longer dropping the club at the top. I love the solid contact feel. Going over water has no fear. Thanks for that

  68. Roger C says:

    Hi Andy,

    The way my golf was going I needed something magic. I tried all the experts dvds and stuff none worked. So when I saw your ad I thought what the heck and do you know it worked. That first magic move is so simple I could not believe the improvement. To be honest I don’t think of the other three because when I try to use all I get tied up in knots. But they all must come together because all my drives and long irons go straight 90% of the time. Now got to brush up on my short game. Thank you Roger C

  69. Stuart says:

    The 4 magic moves gave me a better understanding of the golf swing. I had a handicap of 10.3 at the start of the April medal last saturday, shot 78, now down to 9.5.

  70. Paul Corcoran says:


    I have been practicing the moves for about two months in the manner you have just described – focusing on one step at a time. I am hitting the ball very solidly and for the most part straight – only three missed fairways in my first round of the year. I had NO penalty strokes during that same round. I am extraordinarily eager to get out and apply these swing principles whether it is at the driving range or the course.

    Thank you.


  71. PA says:

    Hi Andy,

    I agree with all the positive comments posted so far. Just the first on the 4 new moves transformed the accuracy and length of my drives. I have recently re-read the New 4 Magic Moves and I am building all of them into my game to good effect. It is the best teaching aid I have experienced. Thanks for your enthusiasm, keep it up.



  72. Jim Greenfield says:

    The New Four Magic Moves is a great video. Some will benefit more from different parts of the moves. The part that helped me most was the initiating of the downswing, something which has caused me problems over the years even when I played off 5 handicap. I am now 67 and striking the ball as well as I have ever done……….Thanks Andy

  73. Mal Pearson says:

    Being nearly 60 yrs of age, I’ll never be a professional golfer, but with the ” 4 New Magic moves” I have become a more confident and consistent player and have also reduced my handicap considerably

  74. Geoff Beetham says:

    The new grip that I learned from Andy really works and my drives are a lot more accurate.

    I only took up the game when I was sixty one and am enjoying it tremendously, living in Saudi Arabia the weather enables me to play every day.



  75. Mark says:

    The new four magic moves really work. I now hit the ball straighter and more consistently. I am still working on getting a little bit more distance on my drives. Thanks Andy. It is the only system that really works, especially as you get older.

  76. Julio Godreau says:

    Hi Andy!

    I dont have Face Book. I sure appreciate all you have done for me. I don’t have that much time to play the game, but I sure give it all my best effort following your guidance and advices. I am 63 years old. Don’t you ever stop writing please.


  77. Greg Lawler says:

    Thanks Andy,

    The new 4 magical moves book & video has definitely helped my game, especially in consistency. The various emails you send me are often very informative as well. The odd tip, rules advice; other golf trivia & information are appreciated.

    Overall the best $40 I have spent for a long while

  78. Elliot Bishop says:

    Andy’s New Magic Moves reinvigorated my game. Prior to implementing them, my game was static. I spent years scoring in the mid-90’s. Nothing I tried brought improvement . I was and remain a fairly long hitter for my age but my direction was unpredictable and inconsistent. The early wrist break proved to be the key to straightening my shots and produced almost instant improvement. Now I’m scoring in the mid to low 80’s. Thanks Andy for brining some pride and pleasure back into my golf.

  79. Andrew S says:

    Dear Andy, thank you so much for the 4 new magic moves. I am 75+ and have cadaver bones, plate and screws in my neck and 2 torn rotator cuffs. Using your method as a basis am now back on the course!

    Blessings and thanks from one Andy to another!

    Andrew S


  80. John says:

    Hi Andy,

    Your new 4 magic moves was the only training aid I have ever purchased. I had been playing golf for around 20 years and never got below a 24 handicap. Within 3 months I was playing to 18 and won the most improved player at my club annual dinner. I read the document every couple of months to keep the information fresh in my mind and got to 11.9 at the beginning of last season after scoring 73 on our par 69 course. I am after single figures this year and have every confidence of doing it. Thanks for the help and all the fantastic information you produce for us.

    John, Dorset UK

  81. Peter Williams says:

    I suffer very bad neck, shoulder and knee problems. During this time, I have taken up the game of golf. Standard teaching from the pros I have seen almost decided me to give it up. In fact one actually said I’d play better if I were to give my clubs to the first person I saw when leaving his range. Needless to say, I have never been back! The New Four Magic Moves reversed this decision, and although I will never make it to single figures, I have acheived a 19 handicap, and enjoy my golf tremendously.
    Many thanks!

  82. Barry T (New Zealand) says:

    Hi Andy,

    I don’t have a Facebook page but I hope I can continue to receive your emails.

    I enjoy your suggestions and those from John Richardson. With our winter coming on my handicap is going out unfortunately. I’ll have to pay more attention to your coaching.



  83. DMW says:

    Hi Andy,

    I feel i have to write you re to progress in my golf swing, I first purchased the 4 new magic moves of golf a while ago, and played around with the instructions a little, but in the meantime I was on the bag with my club’s assistant Pro, of course he gave me quite a lot of free instruction, and of course there was improvement, you should do this, you should do that, don’t get me wrong Andy I am still great friends with this super young man, and a lot of his advice is invaluable. However there was no consistency, far too many swing thoughts going through my mind at address, that the last thing i was able to do was hit the ball.

    The thought of packing the game up was constantly going through my mind, however I was grateful to you for forwarding me a replacement version of the new 4 magic moves, as my Grandson had deleted the course from my memory stick. The change in my game already as rejuvenated my interest in the game , the drives are longer and straighter, the irons are long and penetrating. In fact i played a full round with the young Pro the other day, and played so well that he never recognised I had changed my swing, in fact he remarked that there is certainly nothing wrong with your swing, yet I was making the early wrist break etc. I thought he would be criticising my game, so I was overjoyed that it did not look different.

    I have changed my swing so many times to find the elusive moves the pros don’t tell you, however the 4 new moves are all you need, I address the ball apply the moves and if you get the first move right, the rest falls in to position, I cannot believe it is that simple.

    Many thanks Andy,



  84. Rob Milton says:

    Most certainly my game has improved since applying the four magic moves. Nine weeks ago my handicap was 15, yesterday, 16th April 2011, I played a gross 82!

    My current handicap is 13 and my age is 75 years!!

    Well done Andy and thank you.

    Rob Milton
    South Africa

  85. Bob Ottley says:

    After I stopped dipping my left shoulder, I started hitting the ball straight and long. It took time to get rid of the other problems before the system really kicked in.. I am VERY pleased. Thanks a million.

    Bob Ottley, 14 handicap, plays 2-3 times per week, playing for 30 years, 70 yrs old, Used to be a 10! Love the system.

  86. John Dupont says:

    I have been playing for 2 years, starting my third—I just now started to
    swing they way that you have been teaching—–My direction has improved along with solid contact—-My beginning handicap is 21, but I expect to break 80 this year—-I do appreciate your web site and your ongoing help, oh yea and I also get to hit balls everyday at the young age of 60.

    John Dupont JD
    Santa Claus, IN

  87. Claude says:

    G’day Andy

    My story might sound familiar, but here it is.

    Last Friday lunch time, I went to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls prior to my round on Saturday morning ….. in fact I had hit a bucket of balls for three days in a row. But I went home exasperated because I could not control my woods and was dreading that first tee off on Saturday. I knew that the poor shots came from an awkward feeling of my wrists at the top of the swing and I had no answers for that feeling.

    So instead of getting back to work as I should have (don’t worry, I’m self
    employed) I went to the web and remembered seeing something previously on ‘swing secrets’ and ‘magic moves’. Well, normally I shy away from such marketing, but I was desperate for help on Friday and our pro was too busy for an appointment. So with only $40 odd to lose by subscribing, I took the plunge, found your site using a referral from a Barry Rhodes YouTube video and downloaded the materials. I went straight to chapter 3 and read about the first two magic moves and then watched the video. That’s all I had time for. Prior to my round on Saturday morning, I hit a small bucket of balls and thought, “I think this is going to work for me – the balls are flying straight” and off I went to play my competition round.

    Now , I didn’t win any prizes because my short game was poor, but what I am writing to tell you is that I hit 10 out of 14 fairways on Saturday where usually it is 4 or 5 max with recovery shots after that. Now with more opportunity to re-read the chapters and watch the video again, I can continue practicing, knowing that finally, I am on the right swing path, and my question of the correct position of the wrists at the top of the backswing has been answered.

    So thanks for publishing the material, I look forward to digesting the rest of it, and I can honestly say that subscribing was worth it.

    All the best,



  88. jim edwards says:

    The 1st time I tried the “4 Magic Moves” I was pleasantly surprised at how much farther I hit my 3 wood. But I find after practicing for 2 months that the “magic” comes and goes ( like any other method ). Overall I would say I’m hitting the ball farther but I noticed that, to obtain the severe wrist rt-angle cock, I feel I have to hold my club handle several inches left of my mid-knee and initially I tended to hit behind the ball but less so now. I find if I consciously try to snap the wrist just before hitting the ball I get more distance but it seems more natrural to just swing it from the top. At my age ( 70+ ) I don’t have the near full circle swing of my youth. I am playing better but my putting lately has been adding too many strokes. ( But that’s another story. ) I will continue to work with Andy’s method because it is in a “positrive direction.”

  89. Howe says:

    Dear Andy,

    Unfortunatly my handicap has gone from 9 to 14 in 2 months so i am abandoning the new 4 magic moves and have gone to see a teaching pro to try and get back on track.e


  90. John Laverick says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the tips on curing my outside to in swing. I’ve been persevering with my new swing, even practicing a lot more than I use too, as I said before, the irons and the fairway woods have been nothing short of amazing in transformation, I sort of gave up with the driver and kept my old swing for that club only. However after a round it soon became apparent that I would get confused and do half an old stroke and half a new one. I decided to do the new stroke no matter what the outcome, and I’ve finally got on top of it.

    I found with the driver that I was over thinking the forward push with the hips and concentrating too hard on that part of the swing. I found after a session on the driving range that if I forget about the hips and did everything I could do with the hands, shoulder turn etc the hips came through naturally. I was pushing them through without realizing it, but because I over thought it I over did it and it became very awkward.

    Anyway to get to the crux of it, I am/was? A 12 handicapper, and today I have completed a round on what is regarded as one of the toughest courses in the North West of England, 2 under gross!! With 5 birdies. And that wasn’t a one off, I’ve been pushing par gross for the last three rounds and today it all came together.

    I realize I will have bad days when my swing doesn’t come together, but at least I know now what I have to do to put it right.

    I can only thank you for instructions, and let’s hope I’m off scratch after this season.

    By the way I tell everyone at the golf club about your web site, but it
    might be a double edged sword, don’t want them getting too good do we?

    Many thanks


    Turton Golf Club

  91. Eric says:

    Hi Andy,

    My buddys’s are laughing at me because of the early wrist break. They call me Mr. Magic. They asked me if this system is so good why not a teaching pro uses this? They simply don’t believe in it.

    But I believe in the early wrist break system. There are lots of argumenst
    for the Early Wrist Break, more then enough for me to continue with this technique. It must be leading to an stabile an solid swing pad. It has to.

    My swing getting better and better now, I think I will beat them in a couple of months form now.

    I would be nice to have a bit more movies to see if the exercises are
    fitting the book.

    When do the y come the movies.

    Thanks, Eric

  92. Vince says:


    I purchased the new four magic moves of winning golf over 12 months ago and I would like to let you know how my golf has improved. I was a 16 handicap player that went out to 17 last May but then I really got into your programme and practiced hard with the result my handicap came down to 14 in September, it is now at 12 and I know it will be lower.

    My fairways hit has gone up from 50% to 72% with the regular comment from playing partners of “don’t you get bored hitting the ball so straight?”
    On a par 70 course I have had scores as low as 72 and more importantly on a regular basis.

    My game did lapse during the summer and I went back to practising the main points of maintaining the early wrist break in the downswing and the wrist position at the top of the backswing, this sorted it out . Thanks for all your help and I will continue recommending the new four magic moves of winning golf.

    Regards Vince

  93. Michael says:

    Hi Andy,

    I can report my handicap has fallen from 29 to 25 since i took to the 4 new magic moves. I was on 24 for a short period and hope to reach my goal of 18. At 68 i am not looking to be in single figures but the confidence i have gained in myself is worth every penny i spent. I still have some problems with my longer Irons for some reason but my tee shots have improved out of sight. Every time i play bad shots i go back to the manual and usually find i have not completed one or more of the moves correctly.

    Unfortunately old habit are hard to shake off but i will persevere. It is
    nice to be able to play more consistently and know on a good round i can compete t with much lower handicap players.



  94. Scott Norris says:

    HI Andy,

    Maybe a Ford Escape 4X4 will be in your future… We have a little experience with snow in Canada.

    I’ve been using the 4 new magic moves now for an entire season, and I was really able to see the difference on the score card. Just being able to keep the ball on the fairway is a great advantage, and the extra distance is a real bonus. Now I just have to work on the whole backspin thing …

    I hope to be playing near Orlando Florida, in February.

    Scott Norris
    Niagara Region, Ontario.

  95. Douglas W. Vickers says:

    Hi Andy,

    Well I have to say I’m impressed I have been studying the four magic moves now for four days, I finally took it to the driving range yesterday and I was amazed and what happen, I hit three buckets of balls, used every club and I hit the ball straighter than I ever have, cant wait to take it to the course.

    PS. Thanks so much

    Douglas W. Vickers

  96. Don Di Napoli says:


    Per my letter of Nov, 27, 09, I started using your first magic move.

    The move has given me the best feeling and direction in hitting a golf ball. (71 yrs)

    For the first times been able to reach par 4’s & 5’s in prox.

    I have tried many golf programs instructions, lessons, and books.

    I now understand the golf swing better than ever.

    Living in Chicago, I looking for warmer weather.


    Don Di Napoli

  97. Joe Huard says:

    I have had Andy’s nEW 4 Magic Moves since Sept. 2007. I haven’t been able to get the early wrist break to cause a good shot, so I now break before I get my arms parallel to the ground. It promotes a wider arc for me. I don’t have the distance that I used to have in my 40s and 50s. This year I used 2 clubs stronger on all shots, and scored lower scores. My handicap went down from 26 to 22.

    Joe Huard

  98. Nick Addison says:

    Please explain your reasoning behind your club selection in the snowbank.

    Surely an up-to-date golf writer such as yourself would have one of those enormous fashionable putters – much more efficient for the distance of snow flight you required.


  99. Don DiNapoli says:


    I started using your first new magic move; the move has given me the best feeling and direction in hitting a golf ball in my life. (71 yrs)

    I have for the first times been able to reach par 4’s & 5’s in prox!

    I have tried many different Golf programs, instruction and lessons, never
    understood the golf swing like I do now.

    Being a retiree I will continue to go thru your program all winter at home and at indoor hitting ranges.


    Don DiNapoli

  100. Rogelio says:

    It works!

    I am much more consistent, incredibly straighter, and have confidence in my ability to hit the ball where I want it to go. Because of the consistency, my scores are lower.

    Golf is really fun in retirement.

    Word of caution…the instruction must be followed to the letter.


  101. Jack J says:

    Ironically, I happened upon Andy’s method after trying a similar early wrist move that a 2-handicap friend uses. Now I know the technique in detail. Truthfully, it has taken the pressure off my short game now that I hit most every green, or miss in the right spot for an easy chip. My GHIN has gone from 10.5 down to 5.9 and I will be confident in next summer’s club championship. I’ve got numerous friends curious about how I break 80 consistently….but, I am hesitant to let them in on the secret, at least those at my club! Love it.

  102. Jan De Deken says:

    Hi Andy,
    I read the first 60 pages of the new magic moves that I found for free on the internet and although some moves seemed rather strange to me I decided to give them a try.

    After the first practice session I ordered the whole package because it really made sense me.

    Now after a few months and although I haven’t time enough to practice as much as I wanted, I feel that my swing is improving and that I can play better and steadier golf.

    You gave me a roadmap for the swing using a few basic moves which are maybe not easy but surely not impossible to learn.

    It really is the first time that I understand what I should do during the swing and that I know what to work on during practice.

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


  103. PG Goens says:

    I researched this a few days ago, read about the “first new magic move”, took a club outside to try an early break, went back in and paid my $37 and put in my order.

    I downloaded the audio to my iPod. I printed the book, scanned over it a bit that night. Yesterday, I drove 10.5 hours from Indiana to Florida, my home, while listening to the audio version. After the drive, before I even went home, I stopped at the driving range, I was so excited. After experimenting with ball position a bit, I moved the ball forward in my stance from where it had previously been, AND BEGAN TO HIT THE MOST EFFORTLESS, LONGEST, STRAIGHTEST shots I have ever hit in my life!!!

    And I kept hitting them. It’s amazing. I could not hit a bad drive, airing it 230 yds and rolling it out of site after landing it. All my irons added 15-20 yds each, with the highest, straightest arc to them that I have ever seen. I never thought I was capable of hitting shots like this!

    One of those elusive “eureka” moments we all experience at the range and then cannot duplicate? Nope. Same thing today. And why not? You set the wrist angle early, in front of you, then it’s just a matter of turning the shoulders back and through and go AFTER that little white ball! Why did I make this so difficult for so many years!? Do what Andy says and you will experience the most effortless, purest swing you never thought possible. Really!

    And these concepts work for pitches, chips, heck, even the flop shot!

    Totally takes the hands and the subsequent manipulation of the club out of the equation!

    I’m taking this swing to the course tomorrow. I probably won’t score well, though. It’s a recalibration round. What I mean is, instead of taking the seven iron out at the 150 marker, I am just going to need a nine or choke-down eight, of what I saw at the range these past two days is any indication. I anticipate a few flying over the green until I get this thing dialed in.

    $37? I would have paid $137, $237… You get the point!

    Best thing I have ever done for my swing.

    Thanks, Andy…PG Goens

  104. Bruce says:

    Greetings Andy,

    To-day I went out with this instruction in mind – concentrate on only one thing! ( break my wrists early)

    I did just that and had 42 stableford points and that from a 28 handicap!

    I had a ball!!!

    Many thanks for the tips.



  105. Robert Kenneth Black says:

    Hi Andy,

    I just wanted to let you know that “The New Four Magic Moves to winning golf”, has made a significant improvement to my game in just a short period of time.

    I have only been studying the material for a few weeks but already my ball striking and consistency has improved more than all the lessons and practice I have been involved in during the last 12 years.

    This information is perfect for someone that wants to improve their golf game and play more consistent golf with quick results after only a couple of weeks.

    Your approach to the subject is clear, concise and easily adopted. I was unsure when I first heard about the ebook but after reading the feedback I decided to go for it. In golfing terms it is without doubt the most significant improvement I have ever achieved.

    My deep appreciation and good luck!


    Ken Black

  106. Colleen says:

    Hi Andy,

    Your input in my golfing game is starting to show positive results. When
    I first started getting your mail I was still a 34 handicap. My handicap
    has dropped to 19. I am enjoying my game and I have confidence in my

    Looking forward to further tips and guidance.

    Kind regards


  107. Keefe says:

    Hi Andy,

    If this helps you to get people to buy your book I can only say that I was in a rut where I could’t get a solid hit on the ball. Every hit I made was some kind of a squashed hit that would start out to the left (I am left handed) go maybe 70 yard’s then go to the right and stop hardly getting airborne.

    This happened over and over till I finally said to my wife “I’ve lost my golf swing and can’t get it back”. I have been playing about 25 years total with limited consistency, stopped playing for about 7 years and recently started back up this spring for two reasons. One , to get off the sofa and do some walking, and two to start playing again.

    When I lost my swing I stumbled upon your internet info and used the first secret move and immediately started to get good contact at the range. I went to my home course that morning and was getting off the tee great. I had some intro to what you are explaining years ago and now I know the way you explained it I can trust it and the results are proof.

    I can’t stop reading the online book and can’t wait to get the hard copy I ordered. Back on track and happy now. Thanks. Keefe The start out left and come back to center ball fight is tremendous and distance on my shots is great.

    Can’t wait to get into the short game stuff!


  108. Paul Chapman says:


    Went down the driving range this lunchtime. I have always hit with a slice, but the early wrist break, new stance etc all kicked in slowly and by the end of the session I was hitting the ball long and straight with my driver. I took my rescue wood along as well and was amazed how I was hitting balls off of the deck true and straight like never before. I hit a few shots with a slice but the feeling is different and will take time to get use to. I think it helped having the correct grip to start with. I always use to over swing on the backswing and hit my back but the early wrist break stops you in the right place. Lots to read and practice on, I’m very encouraged. This technique is a revelation


    Paul Chapman

  109. Terry Wllsher says:

    Been working on these moves now for 4 weeks, have had some great rounds in the low 70s needs to iron out a few faults over the coming winter, but have really enjoyed it and would recommend this to all the trial & error golfers out there.

  110. Rok says:

    Ciao Andy

    First thanks for the great work of yours.

    My situation is the following

    The ball gets much longer and it is much higher my 9 iron now goes 110=115 meters.

    The big problem I am facing now is the direction.

    First all the balls went to the left now some goes even to the right.

    I am gonna keep working.

    All the best


  111. Jack Fenske says:


    I have been using the new four moves for about 6 weeks now, I don’t take a very big back swing but use everything else as I should. I now go straight, missed one fairway in the last 54 holes My drives are about 20-30 yards farther than they were. So I am happy with this and this is the first thing that I have bought that has really worked.

    Jack Fenske

  112. Bernie Rubalcaba says:

    Thank you Andy,

    I am a left handed and I love your ebook for left handed golfers. I am
    looking forward to your list for left hander’s. The flight of my balls are
    longer and straighter. I am even getting a slight draw on the ball. It’s
    really exciting to get rid of my slice and when I address the ball I have a
    new found confidence. I still hit behind the ball occasionally. I sometimes get too much hands into the shot. I just remember what 4 new magic moves says about keeping the wrists in that uncomfortable position all through the downswing and I magically hit the ball long and straight. The lateral shift really works. I have been telling my
    friends about your website and the New Four Magic Moves.

    Bernie Rubalcaba

  113. Ed K. says:


    I have had a chance to read and listen to everything I have downloaded. I am still working through all of the moves. Basically, my current swing is a bit more upright than the one outlined in your book. Almost immediately my contact improved. I am finding the bottom of my swing has a much better shape and a bit more forgiving. I am looking forward to see if I can reduce my 8.4 handicap.

    Ed K.

  114. Greg Ricks says:

    Hey Andy,

    Just wanted to give you a little progress report on how I’m doing with the New 4 Magic Moves. About six months ago I committed to sticking with the New 4 Magic Moves and not try other swings. Except for a short two week experiment with stack & tilt I’ve been very good about just using your methods and it’s showing. My 150 club used to be my 5 iron, it’s now my 8. If there is a little wind at my back I can even use my pitching wedge from 150 out. And I”m hitting my 5 wood 200+ yards.

    My balance is better and as a result I’m a lot more consistent in my ball striking.More importantly everything goes straight or even with a little draw. Bottom line, I’m developing a repeatable swing that I can count on.

    Now, my scoring still hasn’t been all that great because I invariably have a hole or two where I blow up but if I can get those out of my rounds I’m confident that’ll be able to consistently play in the 90’s and perhaps in the 80’s. That may not sound great to some folks but for a 62 year old man who took up golf 8 years ago it’s a big deal to me.

    What I like most about the New 4 Magic moves is that I have check points. If I concentrate on the knuckles, moving my hip laterally, retaining the angle etc the swing takes care of itself. And when I struggle I can almost always figure out what the problem is by checking the various stages of the New 4 Magic Moves.

    One thing you might find interesting is that after I get set up and ready to swing I go ahead and preset my wrist. I then check my knuckles, do a little rocking motion so the club swings up to the top without a lot of effort on my part. By doing it this way I control my tendency to over turn, it eliminates a rather awkward movement (the press, thumbpress and start of the swing). As a result I tend to make much better contact with the ball. With precise contact you don’t need to swing hard to hit the ball a long way.

    Now I still have a lot of work to do to become a good golfer and you can help me and the others who use the New 4 Magic Moves. We’d like to see you come up with some tips for chips and pitches and on how to shape shots. Overall I am very happy I made the switch to the New 4 Magic Moves and I’m really glad I’ve stuck with it.

    Greg Ricks
    Fort Worth, TX

  115. Barry says:

    The news: I have been a long time working on the “moves” to try to eliminate clear defects in my old swing (and at the same time I have been struggling with a serious case of “the (putting) yips”. I have been just about hanging on to my 12 handicap with four bad games followed by one reasonable game etc etc creeping up 0.1 at a time then back 0.4 etc. But finally I feel I may have just made the breakthrough shooting a gross 79 net 67 five under par to win my first main board trophy in ten years. Concentrating on the moves has certainly made the big difference, plus one tip from my pro which I could tell you about one day.

    Yesterday I had another experience with a dreadful first nine shooting 10 over par doing everything wrong, but recovered by going back to basics on the second nine just 4 over par. That has encouraged my to stick to the medicine.



  116. Hans Schneider says:

    Dear Andy,

    The little practice I have done with your instructions have been very helpful. I am 85 and have a few problems, no cartilage in my left knee does not let me put much weight there. However, I manage to hit the ball off the tee straight most of the time but not much distance. Could you give me a hint how to improve this? There is a water hazard on the course I play often and it just is in my range – a few more yards would help!



  117. Paul McCarthy says:

    Slightly frustrated that there is no video/dvd when you order. It wasn’t obvious that it wasn’t included, especially as you get to see the first video for free. However, the ebook is firstclass, thank you.

    Andy, do you run any clinics? Very early days for me but I’m finding it hard to follow myself ; could do with some help.

  118. James says:

    Andy, thanks for all the updates. I started your new 4 move program about 10 months ago. With the winter weather, I really didn’t get into it heavily until around March of this year. My handicap was around 9-10 then and now it is trending toward a 7.

    I must admit, old habits are hard to break ( I’m 67), but when I get the “first move” going, I really shoot low scores. In the month of March, I shot a 70, bettering my best previous score by 3 shots. I still fall back into the “old way”, but I continually practice the first move, sometimes 30-40 swings per day. When I get the muscle memory down, I know my scores are going to stay down also.


  119. Peter W says:

    Dear Andy,

    Nine weeks has passed since I subscribed to “The New 4 Magic moves to winning golf” and what a difference it has made to my golf swing. I took up golf in 2001 but all the while not being able to regularly hit straight and get the distance that I knew I should be getting.

    All that has changed now and I am enjoying my game tremendously. Still have to work on my chipping and putting, though!

  120. BILL W. says:

    I do not like to write these stories about products but this time I am going to. I watched the one video that was sent to me. It was the first one about cocking my wrist straight back, you know the one, any way I put just that one move in to my swing and I gotta say it has changed my life (golfing life that is). Just that one thing has straightend my ball flight, lengthened my shots and lowered my score. That was all i did to date. I was so impressed with this one move I purchased the course. I am studying it now and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  121. Anthony Howard says:

    Hi Andy … Been using the 4 moves for several months now and improved my game a lot. Still have a little trouble at the top where i tend to start the downswing with a ROTATION of the hips rather than the correct LATERAL slide. If I can get the lateral slide down, I’ll be fine. I am a LEFTIE, do you have the DVD for lefthanders? if so how do I get it?

    Andy: I’m sorry Anthony there is no DVD for left handers

  122. Anthony Howard says:

    Hello Andy

    It has been quite a while since I subscribed to your recommended golf swing technique, and I must say you are absoulutely RIGHT!

    I recently turned 70 years old and for all my golf life I played in the high 90’s or worse. Using your tecnique, I have dropped my score 10 strokes, and now happy to say my score card reads in the low 80’s. Last week I shot a personnel best of 82 with 9 pars. I thank you.

    Indeed I still have trouble making a full turn and not hooking the ball to the right (I am a leftie), but the 4 new magic moves really work for me.
    I am wondering a little, on the grip, it seems quite difficult to keep the thumb press constant at the top with my right wrist bent inward, (remember that I am a leftie), I would like to find someone here in Florida that subscribes to this swing method that might help me refine these details?

    Thank you so much for showing me this method, it has helped me so much.

    Anthony Howard

  123. Peter says:

    OK credit where credits due. This was not for me so I asked for a refund it came through no problems.


  124. Ned says:

    At 81 years of age & recovering from a stroke in Dec., 2009 I am just thankful to be out there playing, enjoying my friends & looking at the beautiful green grass from the correct side

  125. David says:

    Dear Andy,

    I am very pleased to report that since receiving golf secrets in April my
    golf has improved greatly. During the last few weeks I have achieved two thirds, a fourth and a second on countback in club competitions so am very pleased that I subscribed to your “secrets revealed”.My brother who lives in Australia has just started playing and has taken my advice and subscribed. I wish that I had such an advantage when I started playing 15 years ago.

    Thank you, David.

  126. ed boyce says:

    Andy, good stuff. I think it will help reduce the number of 5 putt greens I have per round!

  127. hassan says:

    Last two days I was stripped of off two strokes given to me due to my “good performance”.

  128. Alan says:

    Hi Andy,

    The New Four Magic Moves to winning golf have greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the game of golf. Up until now, some 9 weeks after receiving the e-book and audio lessons, my standard has improved tremendously.

    However my playing handicap of 14 has not yet come down but neither has it gone up. I have stopped the “rot”.

    I have not had sufficient practice time yet to do the magic moves justice.
    I have also purchased your DVD Andy which explains all the flaws and the 4 magic moves brilliantly. I have also purchased the hard copy of the book and all of the audio cd’s. Yes I am really that determined to succeed with this method.

    My main problem that I have experienced is the sweeping away of the habits of a lifetime. My wrist break and thumb press is not yet correct and I very often hook the ball to the left. However the magic move 3 i.e. the lateral movement of the hips followed by the hips rotating naturally to a full finish has made a really significant improvement to my ball striking in both, distance and accuracy. So magic move 3 alone is working well for me.

    The magic move 4 “coam” is something I don’t have to think about because it just happens because of centrifugal force. I hope I have understood that chapter correct Andy, I keep my hands passive through impact.

    The new 4 magic moves has given me so much pleasure and I am sure will continue to do so and I am convinced that when I am able to make more time available for practice my handicap will come down to single figures. When that happens I will let you know. Not a bad ambition for a 70year old to have !

    Soon after receiving your new 4 magic moves I was also taken up with the promotional videos of the break par blueprint series produced by yourself and great friend JR. I was so impressed with this series that after reading John’s book “Dream On” I have subscribed to BPB also.

    Both series are complimentary to each other and I would like to thank you both for providing us with genuine improvements that are well explained and will certainly add to the enjoyment of our game.

    Please keep up the good work and thanks once again Andy for all your help.


  129. Stacey Barnard says:

    Hi Andy I have read the 4 New Magic moves and actually have been playing with this for a couple of years. I had ordered your e book and lost it in a computer crash before I had a chance to print the book . I’m glad that I had read it a great number of times! When I saw you having the e book and the book in print along with the other bonus items I purchased again to have all these in safe keeping and I can go back to view them when I need to refresh on the moves. I want to thank you so much for making my golf so enjoyable. I’m 58 years old and have an eighteen hole handy cap of 8. Once in awhile I will have a problem with the driver but my irons are consistent. I now can check back to the book to correct my driver if I should have a problem . Usually I’m getting a little too far away from the ball when the driver decides to slice on me. Then I remember the distance check from the book and I get the nice power fade I look for. Again Thank you so much Andy for having this book and insight to the four new magic moves.


  130. Hassan says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’ll be 55 comes August. Frankly I’ve not done with all the scripts yet, but that’s good enough for me to be able to join my younger colleagues who have been playing for more than ten years now in rounds of golfing. I am now already a member of Golf and Country Club and playing usually on weekends. Let me tell you what I have gone through so far:

    1) The 100 strokes jinx is now over. It’s time and time again I have been repeating this. It’s just like I have emerged from the ‘troubled zone’ permanently now! To think of it over – it’s really a waste of time hovering in the zone for such a long time (I started about nine miserable years ago)!

    2) My par threes are excellent now – I am always in control. I finally know how to use the iron correctly (for even the 170 m ) Par 3. (of course I managed to get a few birdies too)! and not using Wood 3 or 5 anymore for that distance. I use iron 4 or 5 for that. I know immediately if my ball goes to the left; that it is not enough wrist break.

    3) I bought a TaylorMade driver and with the wrist break my distance incredibly goes very far now (for my own standard)! It’s more than 240m now (not always of course). But enough to scare my flight partners who give me stroke on betting rounds. I adjusted five to ten degrees to the left and my ball goes flying straight to the target with a wow! from my friends. The shoulder and hip turn accomplish the swinging job for me.

    Yet to complete the book . Hope my feedback helps. (by the way during the Malaysia Open recently I got my cap autographed by KJ Choi!

  131. david osborne-king says:

    Dear Andy,

    I am very pleased with my progress since applying the new magic moves to my swing in April 2010. I received first prize in my division for the Seniors Cup medal comp.. last night at an awards dinner and also third prize for a three man team Bowater comp the previous week.It was most gratifying.

    Thank you, David.

  132. John says:

    I haven’t had a chance to spend a lot of time at the practice range and really try it out, I’ve worked with some of it on the course & have liked what I’ve seen & have recommended it to other golfers!


    Grove City, Ohio

  133. William Nester says:

    Thank you Andy for this great way to play golf. It has made
    repeating the swing much easier and the ability to strike the ball cleanly a joy. Not to have to think about the swing but only where you want the ball to land makes golf so much more fun. Really do enjoy all the lessons and tips you send me and it is worth every dollar. Keep up the good work
    as you are great for golfers around the world.


  134. Bob says:

    The new 4 magic moves have helped me in several ways. Most impostantly I have won a medal and been 2nd and third in 2 months since reading the advice. My handicap has come down from 19.3 to 17.2 and I am now hoping for further improvement.

    Thanks Andy


  135. Raph says:

    G’day Andy.

    Have been practicing your 4 swing tips and hitting them pretty well till I go to play a game, then I cannot hit a ball. Nor can I go back to my old style which I now try to combine with yours. You do not say if your swing applies to all golf shots or only the woods.? Either way, my handicap is going from bad to worse and, whilst I accept that my mind is creating 99% of my problems, I also have to accept that, at 78, I am probably not ever going to prevent my mind from stuffing up my golf until I get dementia.!

    Till then I shall persevere with the practice knowing that there, at least, I can hit some nice balls.

    Thanks Andy

  136. Ollie says:

    Andy thanks for all the advise the last 8 months i got my handycap down from 18 to 16 with in three months. Im crushing my driver on average 280 to 300 yards but what letting me down are my irons i used to play callaway x12 but changed to pings i10 i. i got both sets custom fitted but found that the pings havent got the same differant clubs suit differant people or is it just a confidence thing.
    lately im topping my irons and rescue club whats the nack for staying down on the shot .{ please dont tell me i moved my head thats what my playing partners say Ha HA } thanks Ollie

  137. Harry Tan says:

    Hi Andy

    Thank you for the DVD which explain more then what is said in the book.

    I have improved greatly and hitting the ball much longer.

    Although my handcap is still high, my game fails mostly to 3 putts.

    I will keep you inform of my progress. I reckon your NEW 4 magic moves are going to give me a magic result soon.

    Thank you

    Harry Tan

  138. Bruce says:

    Hi Andy,

    We I can add that my short game has definitely improved due to that new grip technique. My problem is still with consistency but that can be improved with practice I’m sure.

  139. Pieter says:

    Hi Andy,

    I have been playing. Became a little bit negative about an 88 and 89 gross scores, but since then with a more possitive attitude shot 81, 83, 80 again and could easily have broken 80 if not for a few unforced errors. I think forcing the possitive attitude certainly makes a big difference in your score. I will keep you informed of my progress. Unfortunately I will not be playing for the next 2 weeks and will thus practice my putting and chipping whilst being on call for my paediatric practice ( my partner is on leave at the moment).



  140. Jerry says:

    I would like to give you a testimonial, but I’m not sure as to my progress is sufficient enough to warrant one; at times I feel as if I’m seeing some progress, but I have yet to see any consistancy; as soon as I can see my clear to give you a testimonial that is positive, you’ll be the first to know.

    Sincerely, Jerry

  141. Patrick says:

    Hi Andy,

    Nice one!! I am in the process of getting used to the new swing, so my score is more or less the same, but now with the new swing, I can hit my approach shots from 140-150 yards with more confidence. I’ll keep you informed with my progress!


  142. Ian Suggitt says:

    Hello Andy,

    4 Magic Moves of Golf is the BEST £15 I have ever spent on instruction in my life.

    What impresses me most, Andy, is that for the first time in 40 years of playing I now have a swing that REPEATS itself every time—longer and straighter too—no more of that hitting a good ball every 4th or 5th shot then turning round and saying “What did I do RIGHT?”

    I am 66 years old (retired 2 years now and playing with a great bunch of veterans on Tues at Silverknowes Golf Club in Edinburgh)

    Handicap has crept up to 17 from 13 over the last 5 years or so but with the help of 4mmog I am sure I am on the cusp of getting it down to at least 15 or maybe lower.

    Thanks again and you can rest assured I am spreading the word to one and all.

    Yours in golf

    Ian Suggitt

  143. Paul Butterworth says:

    Dear Andy,

    You may recall sometime ago you wrote to me to ask if I would endorse your “Golf swing secrets” I explained that I was in South Africa and had not had time to study it.

    I have been back from SA for three weeks and although I am returning to SA tomorrow for another three weeks I have looked through your DVD.

    This year I am captain of a golf club in mid Wales. The work in SA has come by surprise and could not have come at a worse time but one has to go where the money is.

    I used to play off 15. I am currently playing off 23. Much of my game is to
    a standard of 15 but its the wayward shots, particularly off the tee that
    are costing me my game.

    I had a lesson with my local pro a couple of months ago. He told me that I had to stop breaking my wrists if I wanted to stop hooking or slicing. I did successfully follow his advice but of course I lost all my distance.

    What a pleasure and relief it was to watch your new four magic moves. I have to say that it’s new magic move four that did it for me. I have never heard of moving your hips to the left before you start your swing but when you think about it, it makes so much sense because it naturally puts your weight in the right place.

    I have only had the opportunity of playing a couple of times since watching your DVD but already it has given me the confidence to put my driver back in my bag. Something I haven’t done for two years. I have been playing safe and using my three wood.

    I am sure when I come back from SA I will be able to continue with your
    advice and make dramatic improvements in my game.

    Thank you Andy, I will keep you informed.

    I am so pleased to see your latest idea, the set of golf rules. I am looking
    forward to my daily question and answer and will be collecting them whilst I am in SA.

    At the moment there is some controversy at my club that you may be able to help me with. One of the members has said that it is against the rules to move a worm off the green, even if it interferes with your putting line. The strength of the argument is the “living thing” rule. What is the answer to this one Andy?

    Once again thank you for your regular emails and the help you have given me. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my fellow club members and friends.

    Kind regards
    Paul Butterworth

  144. John says:

    Andy…Much thanks for your “Golf Swing Secrets Revealed”! I am 74 yrs. old and have been playing golf for almost 60 years. Have tried many different methods of swinging a golf club…but all with mixed results. Setting the angle very early in the swing seems to be working quite well…I have modified your system slightly in that I do not set the left wrist in the convex position that you suggest…but rather a flat left wrist, and this seems to be working quite well. Years ago I maintained an 8 handicap…but age has taken it’s toll, and my handicap currently is 15. But now that I have your “Swing Secrets”…I hope to lower my handicap to 10 or better. It seems that at my age a persons interest in golf would be slowing down…but I can assure you, that I can’t wait to get to the practice tee before each round of golf.

    Warmest Regards


  145. David says:

    Andy, here is some of my results after ordering the Golf Swing Secrets Revealed.

    Before, I hit weak fadEs and could never understand why. The more I tried to correct the worse it got. It was almost impossible for me to take a divot. My swing was always outside-in. My scores were normally above 100. I almost gave up on even playing at all because golf would turn a good day into a bad one.

    Since ordering the lessons (less than a month) I am for the first time having fun playing golf because I now know how to hit the ball. I have knocked 15 to 20 strocks off my game and shooting in the low to high 80s. My drives have never been longer and 90% of the time in the fairway. My drives are putting me in position to score for the first time in a long while. My iron shots have also improved dramatically. I am able to take a divot and hit driving shots that puts me around or on the green. I actually had to go buy a ball-mark repair tool because my iron shots are landing on the green. One other thing I want to mention, I can hit two-three bags of balls on the practice range and get out of bed the next day. This is proof to me that I am swinging correctly. I do want to thank you for giving me the instructions necessary to develop the swing that has brought back the fun in the golf game for me. I now play everyday and it has actually turned some bads days into good ones.

    Thanks so much again Andy.


  146. Eric says:

    Dear Andy,

    Thanks for the advice. Just to keep you updated, I am doing fine with my 4 magic moves although I ”cheat” a little. I can do the first and second farily well (I know becos my ball has never been straighter and my friends notice that) but I have difficulty in the third move. When I get to the top its quite natural that the club will come down but I am not sure if I have been moving my weight to the left correctly or not.

    Lastly about the 4th magic move I am still trying to perfect it altho I always try and hold the hinge as long as I can to avoid casting and changing the plane.

    I would like to add that I played beautifully on Sat before the lightning warning stopped our play. I had 6 straight pars and one birdie then when the siren wnet of I rushed the last hole and still made bogey. On that day my longest drive was witnessed by my astonished friends. It reached the 250 meters mark (275 yards) !!!

    Today, on Sunday I hit abother long drive on exactly the same hole and I found my ball at the 260 mark (286 yards) !!!

    By the way I am 61 years old, Chinese SIngaporean and 167 Meters or 5 feet 5.5 inch tall (or short).

    Thanks for everything.


  147. Richard says:

    Thanks so much for the personal reply Andy, really appreciate it mate.

    That makes perfect sense, just sat here at work thinking about it, I am 110% sure that I would turn my shoulders whilst attempting the hip move, I cant wait to keep reading, and to get to the range tomorrow night.

    Coincidentaly Andy, I came across your other site, wow mate, fantastic series of videos, really first rate, I am so impressed with the material you have out there, I wish you every sucess in everything you do Andy, you come across as such a decent guy, please dont stop what your doing, all the best fella.


  148. Barry.O. says:

    Good Morning Andy,

    Many thanks for the info you sent out, I am working hard with the 4
    magic moves and over the last 8 weeks I have taken 3 strokes of my
    handicap I only play once a week so I’m rapt with that, the 100 key
    Pointers and in the zone has really been helpful, giving my game more
    depth and me more confidence, with club tournaments coming up it will be a good gage on my improvement, thanks again,



  149. David says:

    Dear Andy,

    Very pleased with results so far, am working hard to get the moves
    synchronised ,however came 6th in club competition yesterday despite some lapses.



  150. Alan Pojur says:

    Hi Andy,

    I bought “The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf” from you some 9 weeks ago. I have to admit that I have really only properly read and practised the first move. However, I am driving the ball about an extra 20 yards, and straighter than before. I am also not duffing my fairway woods as much as I did before I play off 25, so as you can imagine I am looking forward to a sub 90 round.

    Yesterday, the 14th April 2010, I did 2 things I have never done before.

    Due to work committments I only had time to play the front 9 holes with 2 of my regular partners. However, on the 3rd hole, a 148yd par 3, I got a hole in one! As I struck the ball both my partners commented that it was a good shot and it appeared to be sailing over a couple of greenside bunkers and onto the green. It duly landed on the green and we all held our breath as we watched it roll towards and then disappear deep into the cup. (I also read your rules of golf). Not only that, but I completed the front 9 in 39 shots.

    I am going to frame both the signed score card and the ball. See what your moves and a little luck can do!!!!

    I really must make the effort to read the other 3 moves.

    Best wishes

    Alan Pojur,

  151. Brian Jones says:

    Hi Andy,

    Although I originally subscribed back in Jan 2010 I was then suffering with Tennis Elbow so I couldnt grip a club let alone swing one. Then In the middle of February my doctor gave me a prednisilone injection in the elbow, telling me to rest it for two weeks.

    That was just before my wife and I went to Callifornia on holiday (3/3/2010) so until I returned to the UK on 1st April I had not played any golf since the 13th December 2009.

    Since our return I have had roughly 3 rounds (of not to successful) golf as I am still getting “back into the swing of things” but I will persist.

    What I have found useful is the “Getting into the Zone” emailled notes you sent recently. I do find the “Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax routine very helpful and I will be using the information from the New 4 Magic Moves as I progress.

    Thanks for asking.

    Brian Jones

  152. Tom says:

    Hello Andy,

    Thanks for the Jennifer Scott golf advice. I am a 56 year old weekend
    golfer who shoots around a 90, but love the game none the less. I just got out to play for the first time this year this past weekend, with the 75 degF weather we had here in Connecticut, USA. I had to laugh at the chapter titled “Oh! You Idiot!”, as I did that a few times.

    I do have to say that the Golf Swing Secrets Revealed information that I
    received from you has helped me to improve my swing. I just took up the game about 8 years ago, when I got to a point in my life that I could make a mental commitment to the game. (that is after raising a family, with all those commitments). Even though I have had some lessons, the information gave me much greater insight into the mechanics of the swing. I am a mechanical engineer by profession, so understanding the technical terms came naturally. I was able to make my first club swing of the season (as in no practice), off the first tee, and drive it right down the center. Then I started to think about my swing………and the challenge began. The problem now is to get enough time to play and become more consistent.


  153. John Arnold says:

    Hi Andy,

    My name is John Arnold, I like to say thanks for some of your tips they have helped my game play a lot.

    When I started golf I was going round in 160+ and now I have had a 107 and a 108 round, I got my first ever birdie and have had plenty of par’s, there is still the bad holes, I just need to relax and stop trying when I get too confident.

    Main thing is I just like to say thanks, keep on sending to people small tips they help.

  154. Steve says:


    I have actually been working with your book. Interestingly, I have been
    learning “Natural Golf” for the last few years. While it helped, I
    reached a plateau where I was not getting better or as consistent as I
    wanted. Like you, I am somewhat obsessed and like to practice.

    In any event, I had sort of discovered the lateral hip movement on my
    own and had been experimenting with it when I discovered your book. I
    knew it helped, that is what made me buy it. What I am finding is that
    in order to get lateral, I have to think of sliding my hips left of the
    target otherwise I sometimes spin out and hook the ball.

    The challenge for me so far has been to keep my left wrist from
    collapsing at the top. ( That seems like it will just take repetition)
    and the downswing. The downswing is the hardest part for me so far as
    my thought with Natural Golf was always to swing the arms. Getting the
    body to pull the arms through is a tough one to grasp so far.

    But it’s only been a few days since I started. Thanks for the follow up
    and hopefully my next email will be a testimonial!

    PS If there are any drills to help with the downswing that would be
    helpful. You included a lot of stuff with the book, haven’t really had
    time to sort through it. Maybe there is something there.


    Paso Robles, CA

  155. Nick says:


    I’m really enjoying the book and audio and hopefully I can move from my current handicap of 12 down to singlie figures using your techniques. For the price of one lesson your books offer great value for money and more importantly a sound method for improvement.

    Many Thanks


  156. gerard says:

    Hi Andy, am back trying to play golf after 25year break, was a consistent 5 to 6 handicap player then. however after a few rounds realised my swing needed an overhaul, my present hcp is 11 but my golf was embarrasing so i purchased your new magic moves, have developed an awful hook which creeps in unexpected to explain a little last 3 club rounds have been 85, 93, 94, with 7 and 8 obs in the last 2 rounds, i’m sure its the lateral hip movement so working hard on that, just not enough time, what i find exciting is the length i’m achieving when i manage to hit one sweet this is with all clubs so despite my obvious frustrations i’ll persevere with the system and hopefully one day i can post you something more positive, cheers Gerard

  157. George says:

    Thanks, Andy:

    I value your tips, and my handicap has dropped 5 strokes over the last
    year, from a 19 to a 14 since I subscribed – still room for improvement!

  158. Pieter says:

    Hi Andy,

    With all the advice I got from you and studying the game after having had the shanks and the yips with a handicap of 15, I have managed to pull it down to a 9 at present, but I am sure that after 20 years of playing the game and with the further golfswingsecrets available to me now at 54 years of age, and eventually a Ping belley putter, I am very positive. I am now regularly breaking 80 on the course. My best was 77 on a par 72 on the 4th March 2010.



  159. John says:

    Hi Andy ,

    Thanks for these rules questions – they are really valuable. I purchased the New Four Magic Moves last July and have steadily reduced my handicap from 28 to 19.


    Sydney, Australia

  160. Dick says:

    Hi Andy…

    I enjoy and have learned allot from your “rules” emails….Thanks!

    FYI, I purchased the New Four Moves, tried it out last year with initially good results. I believe it made me focus on mechanics more than just for feel as I did before.

    Not long after I wasn’t playing well and skipped over the New Four Magic Moves and “re-created” my old swing….played well.

    Now to the point before you fall off your chair, I had a total knee
    replacement in December, 2009, and finally went out (I live in Sarasota,
    Florida) last week to hit some balls….The New Four Magic Moves helped to “settle” me down and honestly kept me focused on my swing and nothing else.

    Thank You!


  161. Simon says:

    Hi yes ive been workong on the first magic move and its been working very well 95% of shots are on target shot to the green are at the flag ive got a nice consistant draw about a yard or two . Ive shot two rounds of 67 4 under at my course and three of four rounds of level par and they could of been under par rounds if the putter was working im very pleased with the magic move im having a few problems with the wife because all i want to do is play golf i even snook off on my sons first birthday to get a game in its got me wanting to play more and more golf its ace.



  162. jeff says:

    I followed your advised and it did improved my game.

    Now I enjoy playing golf.


  163. Tom Brown says:

    Hi Andy,

    Have been using your new 4 magic moves for about a month now and must admit that my game has improved dramatically. The most significant of the new 4 moves seems to me to be the lateral hip shift. It was very difficult to incorporate it into my swing but with hard work I can honestly say that this move when done properly has kept me on plane and eliminated my fat shots and promoted a nice soft draw, which have been my biggest problem my whole golfing career. I am 62 years old and carry an 11 hdcp. My last 2 rounds were 75 and 78, never in trouble either round, love hitting those fairways and greens. I have never broken 80 until I began using the new 4 magic moves. Thanks for this epiphany.

    Tom Brown,
    Winston Salem,
    North Carolina,

  164. Roderick Hutchings says:

    Hi Andy,

    I think your book is impressive. I first took up golf at the age of 58 and have never achieved a good standard. I have never been able to play frequently or regularly, originally due to work and since retirement due to illnesses. My highest handicap was 21, but went down to 28 a few years ago when I could not play at all. Now I’ll have to put in some rounds to get a handicap at all. Since reading your book, it has stirred me into having a go again.

    The weather has been difficult but I’ve been practicing the swing at home. On the few opportumities on the course the results are not too good, but I put that down to insufficient practice and the fact that I am now age 80. I’m not expecting to get a great handicap. I just want to play to a reasonable standard so I won’t feel too bad when playing with friends.

    This might all sound rather sad, but in fact I am optimistic and intend to try harder. I’m convinced you book shows the right approach.


  165. Barry Oldridge says:

    Thanks very much for that Andy,

    I have always practiced more often things that weren’t technically
    correct. With your explanations and the Science, it gives a sound base
    to practice and improve from. As I become more familiar with your swing
    the results keep getting better, thanks for that,
    Barry Oldridge.

  166. Wayne King says:

    Andy, Hi it’s Wayne King here the reason that I have not sent a feed back is that I haven’t got the system down pat yet I need a little help understanding the system that you sent me back in November.

  167. Tony Fernandes says:

    Hi Andy,

    I have read the NEW magic moves, but unfortunately I live in Canada and the snow is still on the ground. Cant wait to get out there and try it for myself.


  168. Sangster says:


    I took up golf fairly late in life having played cricket until then. My first handicap was 15 . It is now 8. I have always been aware that I did not break my wrists in the “correct” manner. On occasions that I stopped thinking about this I played well. When I tried the conventionally coached “pronation” of the wrists this tended to bring the club back outside the target line and I generally played badly. Eventually I pretty much decided to ditch the conventional and to do what seems to work. In cricket a batsman breaks his wrists backwards in a similar manner as in the New First Magic Move. Although I was doing this already, this is the first time I had seen it proposed by a golf coach. This gave me the confidence to finally ditch conventional wisdom and I am currently playing the best golf of my life. My handicap is still 8, but I hope to creep this down during the coming season. If only I could putt!


  169. Dave Savage says:

    I have not completed the entire program, but the instruction so far is clear, specific and can be applied immediately. I am visual and can visualize the moves from the spoken CD; some golfers may need video to better understand, but the CD, played on the way to the golf course or lesson tee gets your mind in the right place.

  170. Alick says:

    Dear Andy with regard to your course that am currently following, I feel
    that I am making slow progress, but things are slowly changing, I am getting better with my direction when I am using the river, and sometimes with the rescue woods, if I remember too.


  171. Vince says:


    I came across your web site by accident when I was looking for more consistency in my driving, and what a find it was, since the weather has not been to kind to golfers I have managed to play only few rounds since practicing the new four magic moves.

    My driving has only improved a little and needs more practice, however my iron play has come on tremendously and even with poor driving I have managed to par holes with reaching the greens in one over regulation and 1 putting as my iron play is pretty accurate now.
    Over the years I have spent a lot of time and money on lessons but without a dought the new 4 magic moves to winning golf is the best money I have spent.

    I play of 16 but my last three games have resulted in playing to 12, 13 and 14 over, I expect once we are out of the winter my handicap will come well down.

    Thanks for your help and for the regular updates.



  172. ralph says:

    putting with the right hand only is very affective as I have used it and found there to be no battle between the left and right sides . IT DOES CREATE A BALANCED FLUID PUTTING STROKE.but this practice method would require you to own your own practice green. it just doesnt sit well with the other golfers practicing unless you have the entire green to yourself .

  173. Don Mitchell says:

    Hi Andy, I purchased this teaching method to see if I could impliment your methods into what I teach. I have been a golf teacher for almost 40 years. I have always researched different ideas on the golf swing. I do not teach a perfect golf swing. I try to find what makes it work for my student, but always good sound preshot fundimentals. I will let you know how it works for my students as soon as possible.
    Don Mitchell

  174. Harry Gordon says:

    Dear Andy,

    Even though I have playing (at) golf for more years than I care to remember I have never had a settled swing because I keep adjusting it when I hit a bad patch, which is every other outing. The main problem is that I am fundamentally a ‘snatcher’ – I tend to hurry the down swing so that my arms go through before my body weight. I am conscious of this but am unable to correct it. What I am looking for, and here your readers may be able to help, is for a technique, stratagem, or trick which will automatically slow the downswing. I have tried all the usual things but none of them work automatically- keeping the left arm rigid, for example, or turning the hips sooner. Can any of your readers suggest anything? (assuming that they understand my explanation of the problem). Curiously enough, that mantra for all ball games “keep your eye on the ball” tends to be counter-productive in my case. I actually tend to strike the ball better if I take my eye off it just before contact. If I keep my eye on it, this tends to slow the turn of my body which is so critical for getting power into the stroke.

  175. William Kelly says:

    I’ve played golf for 50 years, I am now 62 and found the New Magic Moves program in 2008. I am playing the best golf of my life and enjoying it more than ever. The instruction is wonderful and more importantly, It Works. I have recently used the help desk and the support and immediate response was outstanding. I can’t say enough good things about Andy Brown and the New Magic Moves to golf. Thank you for the program. The way I stay committed is, “Don’t be dumb, press the Thumb”.

  176. Derek Geoffrey Beetham says:

    Due to business committments I have not been able to play much golf since I received your package on “The New Four Magic Moves” but I can honestly say that since learning your “new grip” my aim is considerably better.

  177. Alistair says:

    Hi Andy, nothing would have given me more pleasure in reporting …extra distance…cutting a shot or two of h,cap but sadly it hasnt borne fruit yet. I am a senior golfer playing off 9 and regularily shoot 80-85. Dont seem to be able to consistently break 80 which is the goal. Problem seems to be that I dont hit the ball consistently off the sweet spot and have lost distance. The magic move feels very strange and it feels like I am hooding the face which results in some strong right hand action !! I am persisting so hopefully will soon report a light bulb moment !! I will say that all the other check points about alignment etc that I found in the book are very helpfull. Regards in golf

  178. Tom Mason says:

    As a student, as well as a player, I am a bit confused with the tips this is attached to. My first impression was this looks good. That is until I found the Hogan prints throughout the presentation. I might add that not one of them related to the Hogan method of striking the ball. I was scattering balls all over the range attempting to follow your instructions. That said, what it did do for me however was to open my eyes to what I was already doing wrong with the Hogan swing. I am not saying that your suggestion are not misleading but they are a bit confusing. The roll under of the left hand causes a flipping motion much as the right hand would in the follow through.

    Just my observations and an hour on the range trying to understand why you would allow what appears to be flip flop loose swing of the club. However, knowing that in the world of golf there are just about as many ways to doing things as there are players.

    I enjoy your articles as they always make me try something new. Have a great week.

  179. Kim says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the magic moves!

    I heard about your book around the time of an operation in 2008 for frozen shoulder and trying the first two moves helped in my recovery. Rehab during the 2009 season was hampered by the left shoulder developing a similar problem which reduced my backswing. One benefit of the shoulder problems is that I have get a painful reminder each time I swing flat. With the help of the first moves I avoided this pain and improved accuracy and consistency.

    Really looking forward to playing next season with a more normal physical balance enabling me to fully develop the magic moves with a full backswing. -10C and snow here at the moment. Courses probably closed until April.

    Best regards, Kim
    Stockholm, Swede

  180. Norman Shannon says:

    I dabbled with the 4 New Magic Moves some time back, but then went on to try other methods. Recently I started again and I can only say that the biggest mistake I made was not persevering with the 4 New Magic Moves from the start. My game is now improving dramatically and the bane of my golfing life, hitting the ball well but not knowing where it would go, is well on the way to being cured. I am hitting the ball a bit longer, a lot straighter and with better consistency. My handicap is coming down and will continue to do so. I cannot recommend this system too highly.

  181. John Sutphen says:

    Andy: Yesterday I asked you for help with the lateral movement of the left hip and asked if I could substitute the hands down to the right pocket to initialize this left hip movement. I re-read pages 80 through 90 again and again trying to understand “hand lag”. Well today I got it. What a practice session I just finished. The wheels (small and large for the laws of physics, the skater, and the doctor’s uncomfortable position, the need to slow the hands (blasphemy until you KNOW) finally and unequivicly made sense, sensibility, understanding and feel to me. I have got it! Thank you so much. No need to go on about the results, you already know. I am really hyped about.

    My golf swing after 40 yrs. All the lessons, all the take it back in once
    piece, all the cocking at the top, all the rotation, all the hit it late.

    PS. The new four magic moves to better golf is it. The Joe Dante position is no longer a mystery to me. And finally to you I will be re-reading again again the magic in your new four moves. Love it.

    John Sutphen

  182. Liew Chia Chek says:

    I would like to let you know that your new four magic moves are really working for me. I did not provide any feedback earlier when you sent me email for feedback is because I was in the process of working on my swing based on your book and DVD. I have since cut down my stokes and play off 16 now from 22. It is really working for me as now my shots are of better contact, better ball flight and definitely better distance.

    Thanks for this wonderful book which I have been searching for a
    while…. if you have anymore notes which are designed to reinforce your
    new four magic moves, please email me. I would be interested to know. thanks once again and happy new year!

    Liew Chia Chek, Jay

  183. Philip says:

    Dear Andy,

    I am currently living in Cyprus, but my home is in Dorset UK. My wife, who had golf lessons at school, really introduced me to golf a few years ago. We both received group lessons at a local club in 2006 and were introduced to the traditional late wrist break. Our first 18 hole course experience in late 2006 was quite daunting. However, we joined the club as weekend members in April 2007 and played on a semi-regular basis for the rest of the year.

    In moving to Cyprus at the beginning of 2008 we hardly played that year. Having found a local club owned, designed, constructed and operated by a fellow Englishman up in the hills near our home in Limassol, with a joint weekend membership fee meeting our budget, joined the club in December 2008. As beginners we did not have a handicap. The club gave us the respective maximum ‘Club Handicaps’ to enable us to play in club and CGF qualifying competitions. All the club members are friendly, helpful and very welcoming.

    Playing on a regular basis we both began to show improvement, particularly my wife and her maximum club handicap started reducing quite rapidly earning her the affectionate title of ‘bandit’. I was lagging behind her in terms of progress and like others, despite having bought instructional DVDs, swing aids, practice nets and air balls etc, was becoming a bit despondent with the situation.

    Whilst carrying out a web search for ‘Golf Handicap’ I stumbled across your ‘Lower Your Handicap’ ad, which introduced me to the new ‘4 Magic Moves’. Having watched the 1st New Magic Move video I was intrigued and impressed with what I was hearing and seeing. I took this on board and was surprised at how well I played the following weekend. The forward press in itself is a ‘Magic Move’ and the early backward wrist break provided straighter and longer shots from both tee and fairway. My wife certainly noticed the difference and was really pleased for me. As a result I ordered and downloaded the ebook and audio files and discovered the golf swing secret revealed in a simple and effective manner, which enabled me to fully understand, both psychologically and physically the mechanics of the swing. My wife has also commented that I am now achieving the ‘back to target – front to target’ move in my swing that the PGA Pro referred to in one of our early

    Although it’s still early days with the usual inconsistencies, I have dropped from the club handicap to an EGA handicap, albeit high, but am also being affectionately referred to as ‘Mr Bandit’ due to the improvement and the fact I have won and been in the top three of a number of recent club competitions and just last month won my first ever Match Play game, albeit on the last hole. I am also receiving comments from members saying ‘that’s not a high handicappers’ drive!’ and even the handicap secretary stating ‘with a shot as good as that I should cut your handicap!’ Over the last couple of months I feel I have gained much more confidence in my golfing ability and beginning to feel like a ‘golfer’.

    I have mentioned your website to a selective number of friends and colleagues, stating ‘have a look out of curiosity’ and pointing out that I find the ebook and audio files terrific reference manuals for check points when needing to identify and rectify any problems that do and will crop up.

    Kind regards,


    PS – Mr and Mrs Bandit have also won a couple of team competitions recently with the outcome increasing the number of competitions where partners are now drawn as opposed to picked.

  184. Harry Best says:

    Hi Andy

    I have been playing golf off and on since 1954 but my performance has been slipping over the last few years. Despite being an inveterate reader of golf magazines, practising diligently and listening to well-meant advice the decline continued.

    Purchasing your “The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf” was by far the best move I ever made in my golfing life. Not only did it show me HOW to swing but also WHY the wrist method is used. You could imagine how deeply ingrained my swing was and how apprehensive I was on the practice range using a method quite foreign to the one which had been my stock-in-trade for so many years. It was three weeks before I put my new swing into practice with my regular golf partners. And a further three weeks before I felt comfortable. I found that pronating the wrists was unnecessary and using a firm retention of the hand and wrist position on the back swing was bringing the club square to the driving line.

    I have played below my handicap on five of my last six rounds mainly due to the accuracy of my shots. I am delighted with the distance I obtain and the enjoyment I am getting from my golf. I am confident that I shall take 5 to 7 strokes off my handicap this season – bunker play being my present weakness.

    My most sincere thanks for what you have done for my golfing life. When my drive goes long and straight I now murmur “Thanks Andy” – sometimes audibly. Your ability to produce such a book is much appreciated. I trust many others will have the foresight to purchase.

    It is my pleasure to testify to the excitement I have experienced since
    changing to your method.

    Harry Best

  185. Thys says:

    Hi Andy, just a few lines to tell you what is happening to my game since going through your New Four Magic Moves.

    I live on the west coast of South Africa, some one mile or so from the Atlantic ocean and unfortunately we are blessed with a lot of wind. Wind speed in summer can regularly reach between 15 and 30 mph, which makes playing testing.

    However I have managed to cut three shots off my handicap in the meantime and where I have in the past struggled to break 90 I am now getting close to breaking 80.

    In the end as you described in your book, you must approach the game with the correct mental attitude. In strong wind as we are getting regularly, it is essential that the wrong attitude on the first tee box can spoil a whole round.

    I am now 63 and am fortunate enough to be able to play this great game up to four times a week–so in the end the more you play the easier it becomes to get to grip with your New Magic Moves.

    Golf Wishes


  186. Matthew says:


    I want to check back in with you and let you know your instructions works!

    I went to the driving range and applied your 4 new magic moves.. and the ball indeed goes straight. What I found thru expermintation is if I set up alttle to the right of the mark, I have a fade that comes back into the mark. It is amazing how it all works. thank you for sound advise.

    I have only actually played 6 months – and this will make the game alot of fun. I played yesterday – and out of nine holes, got 2 birdies and 7 pars.. no bogies..

    I also have determined that on my back swing , if I rotate my shoulders properly, the weight will move to my right side with no effort. I have sliced the drive most of the time, and its starting to correct itself now .. need to practice the form..

    the main thing is the ball is going straight!!!!!! and keeping it in play. and have fun.

    Andy, thank you again – also i have my irons checked out and they are 1″ over standard, and I was measured at 1/2 ” over, so I can choke up abit and they will work fine.

    I order new grips, the clubs are used and the grips have never been changed out – and i will have a new set ..

    You know when you get some confidence on hitting the ball – and it goes right, i see where you would get excited about playing ..

    Thanks again for your instruction.. andy – good luck with your game


  187. Jim says:


    Just a note to let you know that I have found that repeated listening to
    your tape of the four new magic moves and flaws that we commit, has made a world of difference with my game. If people would come back to your instruction message, the swing thoughts and results would change their game.

    Chapter 6 on the transition and downswing is the best description I have ever seen or heard of in all the years that I have played golf. Now 64 and
    seeing my handicap come down close to single digit. I want to thank you again for such fine professional advice. I know you have spent considerable time with this and it has paid off.


  188. Raymond Wales says:

    Hi Andy,

    I am in receipt of the e book and audio books the new 4 magic moves to
    winning golf.

    First let me say I never as a rule would write an endorsement, nor recommend a product unless it was exceptional.

    This is such a product, there is no substitute in golf for hard work and
    application of effort there is no quick fix out there, I have seen so many
    pros and spent so much money your head would swim, there have been varying levels of success. Your book provides a means of practice that works but only if you apply the time to learn and integrate the moves, that said when you do, its the easiest form of instruction I have ever encountered and the results are simply not to be believed. My over the top tendency is gone, my embarrassing 200 yd drives are gone (I,m 5/10 and a 15 St ex bodybuilder and strong as an ox) at last I can channel my power into drives, I’m driving 250 plus ( I,m also 50) with a soft draw. My irons are a problem I’m flying them of the back of greens I’m nearly 2 clubs longer, I tagged a 7 iron 190 yds the other day-wow

    Most importantly there is no effort involved except the practice, the first
    move can be taken to the course that day the rest as you become familiar, I’m a technical thinker and for me COAM has been the biggest breakthrough ever, ive casted/hit from the top for years. Couldn’t do anything about it, tried and tried then tried some more, my logical brain had it worked out immediately but my subconscious took over and I cast and cast and then cast some more, from the hitting area it is just impossible to get to the ball.

    NOT NOW reading about coam and seeing the photos was my eureka moment, do I still cast-yes on occasions of course, but maybe 1-2 times a round not nearly every mid to long iron shot and every wood. I trust coam because it is a non disputable physical law and when you trust it, when you understand it then say goodbye to poor ball striking for ever.

    My playing partners are standing there with their mouths open, and their wallets as well, at last I’m getting back some of the sweep money I’ve invested in them over the years, they cannot spot what I’m doing its so subtle.

    They have bugged me and bugged me for the secret, I will let them guess for a while longer then direct them to your site. Prior I would have just shared the stuff with them, but you deserve every penny for this product and they should rightfully pay for it. It equates to about 1/2 the cost of a lesson with a pro.

    I have loved golf from the minute I picked up a club but went around a
    hacker thinking about every swing technicality I had been taught, now I go
    out and play very respectable golf my only thoughts being where I want the ball to go now.

    Thank you so much for this.

    Regards Raymond Wales

  189. Koroua says:

    Hi Andy 3 weeks ago I went out with some friends and scored 70 … in the first nine holes after 18 I scored 140 which was to say the least embarrasing. After reading and practising the four magic moves I was ready to go out again . Well Andy Today the 31st of December my cousin and I went for a game, on the first nine i did a 56 and on the back nine i did a 45 which is truly an amazing feeling I know i need to work on alot of things but to go from hitting 140 to hitting101 is awesome so thanks for all the info. My cousin who has played alot is always trying to tell me that im not rolling my wrist when taking my club back so that it opens up the club do you have some advice for me to tell these experiance golfers what i am trying to achieve. Thanks.

  190. Susan Hawthorne says:

    Hi Andy, what can I say, you have no idea how much you have helped me, when I received your first Email I was almost on the verge of quitting Golf altogether, a lot of the things you wrote have really helped. I don’t aspire to become a scratch golfer, but the game has become enjoyable again, and I might add I am playing heaps better, getting my mind together has made all the difference, so thank, you a lot has been advice that has helped with my game and my attitude.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Hawthorne

  191. Sean Bartley says:

    Hi Andy,

    I didnt get to use the 4 new magic moves for quite a while because of work commitments but what i was able to do was read the book thoroughly and every chance i got Iwas either picking up a club or if at work a piece of rod and constantly practicing the movement.

    Recently I have managed to get a couple of rounds in and i have to say how amazed I was!! My main problem was a terrible slice but now I seem to be hitting the ball straighter with my driver, not necessarily longer but definately straighter, thus keeping my ball in play, and lowering my score because I am not having to hit balls out sideways or even losing balls!

    Still got a bit to go with my iron play but am sure with more practice that will come good too, I now feel a lot more confident when I’m dressing the ball thanks to the 4 new magic moves.


    Cheers Andy

  192. Rabi says:

    8 weeks later I now have something to focus on. Handicap not yet affected
    (24) because I cannot put a score together in a medal round and too much still clouding my mind. But I am enjoying my Saturday morning round more than ever and two sucesses. HOLE in one seven iron 165 yards downhill and a pairs better ball win where I scored 46 points total team score 51 and my partner has a 5 handicap.

    Love it


  193. Dan Hunt says:


    I just viewed your new DVD on the 4 magic moves.

    Well done !

    Gripping the club correctly makes everything flow properly afterward.

    Placing the “left” thumb slightly to the “right” of center is the key
    for me.

    This thumb positioning strengthens the early wrist cock magic move. And all the other moves followed naturally, particularly building leverage turning the shoulders on the backswing.

    I particularly liked that the DVD showed the finished swing from
    various points of views.

    Many thanks.

    Dan Hunt

  194. Jamil says:

    Your response to the query is so quick and the results of the new magic move are marvelous and quick to adopt. Infact you are the best I have ever come across.



  195. John says:

    Hi Andy

    Way back in June I was just finishing the 18th Hole at my club (Par 72) and feeling very depressed. My handicap was 18 and I was struggling to get anything near to it.

    At the side of the green was a spectator watching me finish the hole.
    Whets the problem? he asked. I proceeded to tell him a multitude of
    things including no power, no distance, no accuracy in fact total
    rubbish. It’s your hands and wrists that’s wrong he remarked, and
    proceeded to show me what I should do. My first impression was a negative one! Until I tried what he was preaching.

    What a difference!

    Inside 5 minutes I was hitting my 7 iron, down the drive range, 150yards. Previously I was lucky to get 120. The accuracy was plain to see. He gave me your web site and said this was where he had gained the knowledge.

    I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back. Originally I worked on the wrists and hands as advocated in your free first move, then purchased the rest and put all the actions in place.

    Wow! What a difference.

    My handicap is now 13, and I believe that single figure is well within my reach.

    In the last 4 weeks I have won 1, a 2nd place and both with no end of
    pars and occasional birdies. I haven’t really had a bad round for ages.

    Yesterday, (playing off 13) I played my course ( which a might add, is
    probably one of the hardest courses around) and shot 39 – 21 points (par
    – 36) on the first 9 holes, the lowest I have hit. The back 9 was not
    quite as good, but I still achieved 36 points and another chance at
    winning the competition.

    I love the game, and now, thanks to your magic moves, I love it even


  196. Peter says:


    You may believe this! but I played to-day and I never hooked once in 18
    holes Your advice has done it!

    With the wrist advice I am having to use clubs with more loft as my distance has also improved.



  197. Dick Bonheim says:

    Family illness has limited and prevented my playing. Perhaps, within the next few months, I shall be able to resume playing and provide the evalution you seek. Thanks! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Central Texas USA!

  198. Dennis says:

    I recomend your dvd to all my golfing friends as it has helped me greatly. i do think it is worthwhile reiterating to your customers the importance of watching the dvd regularly as it reinforces the key elements which we are all inclined to forget-especially as our handicaps plummet and we convince ourselves that the improvement has happened because of our hithertoo dormant natural ability.

  199. Brian Beesley says:

    Hi Andy,

    I must confess that my game has not improved much at all. After reading your book and viewing the DVD I began with a massive slice, which is now under control. However, I have only taken up the game again after an absence of 30 years with the odd game along the way. I was a 12 marker at a championship course and I am always being told I have a good, smooth swing. Mind you, I do believe in the ‘four magic moves’ against the old teaching myths it exposes, which I always questioned. I only wish I had discovered these secrets when I first took up the game. Obviously, I will need to concentrate and practice more. I am going to the UK next May and would love to receive some personal instruction if that is possible?

    Cheers, Brian.

  200. Bob G. says:

    Hi, Andy,

    I am 73yrs. and have had lessons since I retired but my golf showed very little improvement.I put this down to age as I was 9 handicap@35 & now a rather poor 18!

    I have studied your book & the 4 New Magic Moves @ my leisure over the 12 weeks and my accuracy has improved but the greatest difference has been in distance. It is now winter & I can reach 190yds. with a 9-iron & 230yds, plus withmy Driver. Roll on the summer.

    Bob G.

  201. Gunnar says:

    Hi Andy,

    After I bought the “new four magic moves” my game has improved. In my
    opinion there are three major things that helped me; the early wrist
    beak, to start the downward movement with the lateral movement of the
    hips and keeping the head back.

    After 3 to 4 training sessions I hit the balls longer and straighter. When I hit properly, my 9 iron goes between 140-160 meters. I just love that feeling and at the same time observing the acceleration of the ball.

    Unfortunately I started late with golf (with 56 y) but I spend quite some time trying to improve.

    I’ll let you know about my handicap after two weeks in Spain. In Norway, for the time beeing, the weather is not appopriate for golf.



  202. Johnny Keller says:

    Hey Andy,

    Johnny here. Don’t know if you want more feedback being the busy
    guy you are, but in case you do here it is.

    I am a 63 year old who at an early age started playing golf. My Father taught golf in the physical education program at the University of Missouri and I remember running around the golf course at the age of 8 or 9 smacking that little white ball all over the place. I developed a love for the game and played off and on over the next 40 yrs. I quit playing for 9 yrs and last year started playing again and loving it. But like most, always trying to improve, which brought me to your website.

    About a week ago I downloaded your promotional material and started reading about the 4 magic moves. After reading about the early wrist break and some of the other info. I felt like you were very sincere
    about the benefits that one could achieve by doing this. You didn’t seem
    like a “snake oil salesman”. You did seem like somebody who through
    frustration with your own game, did a hell of a lot of studying and believed
    in what you found.

    Of course I am like most and believe in the old adage “buyer beware”. You checked in with me via email and I told you I was intrigued by your methods, but living in Missouri and winter setting in, I would wait until early spring to get serious about your course. I wanted time to try it out at the practice range and see if there was anything to your methods.

    About three days later, the weather broke a bit, 40 degrees and bunch Of us old farts hit the links. On the 1st tee box I thought, what the hell, I will try to do the early wrist break, knowing that it wasn’t a fair test since I hadn’t practiced it but a couple of minutes in my living room.

    40 degrees, course soggy, and I hit my first drive with the early wrist
    break, solid, slight hook down the middle as far as I ever did all summer.

    I was shocked and ecstatic. With no practice of your methods, cold weather, soggy ground, I hammered it. Then on the second hole playing about 170-180yrds,I hit my 4 iron right at the flag,landed on the green and rolled about 8ft behind the cup. I was in awe. My team members loved me. As we continued, when I did the early wrist break correctly, it does a little practice, I hit the ball extremely well.

    So I ordered the rest of your materials and am pleased with all of the material. The day I played, I only tried the early wrist break and the firm/tight grip which is so right. I had been taught to grip somewhat lightly and with the firm grip, I could feel how much more solid the hit feels.

    PS. I had also thought that since it was winter and I wouldn’t get to
    play/practice much, I would wait until spring in case your methods didn’t
    work and I could get my money back. Well I now know they work and have no concerns about getting my money back. I have been reading your entire downloads and they all make sense and your explanation explains why they work. I am a believer and I know I will be a better golfer come summer. And I still believe the motto-” buyer beware” but not in your case. I got $37.00 worth of enjoyment the first time I tried your methods and I did not have any time to really work on them.

    Tiger better look out.


    Johnny Keller

  203. Juan says:

    Hello Andy

    Your tip on the early wrist break has helped me stop slicing the ball completely. Thank you for all your great help.

    I have been golfing for 7 months and have shot an 84 for my best game so far. I break 100 more often then not.

    Thanks to your tips.


  204. Gordon Gillespie says:

    Andy, apart from the useful golf swing instruction given, I find the ‘New 4 Magic Moves’ Manual; Audio CD’s (including short game tips), very informative and a great insight into the Golf Swing making watching the Golf Pro’s much more interesting, particularly how easy and effortless they make it look which no doubt it is once fully mastered, and without any brute strength requirement. With my 30 year plus entrenched golf method I am trying to make improvements but apart from the occasional very good round in club competitions, I haven’t as yet been able to improve on my 12 handicap (mainly due to poor putting however) but my short game is definitely improving, and I do expect to make further improvement in the near future, once better and more consistent grip, stance, rhythm, etc have been developed, and the poor entrenched methods replaced. I have been sufficiently impressed with the 4 Magic Moves Manual; CDs to purchase 2 further copies as presents and I would definitely recommend them to any class of golfer, particularly to beginners, and I have told my friends (and suggest you make the point also) that they are likely to get most benefit from the instructions by listening to the CDs several times all the way through (following it in the Manual) before trying to put any of the instructions into practice. Many Thanks. Gordon Gillespie

  205. Richard Swiatek says:

    I haven’t played much since I received your info. However, some good thoughts to incorporate for next year; seem to make sense.
    However, your equipment advice is “dated”; including use of 2, 3 irons, where the current trend is towards hybrids.

  206. Michael Zelley says:

    Hi Andy, I am very happy to leave some feedback after 9 weeks af purchasing “The New Four Magic Moves” and working on implementing the advice. I have to say that when I first read about the four magic moves I was very unsure if it would work.

    To start with everything went left, but the strike was very good on the majority of shots. I continued to work and soon found that my direction improved and the extra distance was amazing. I have been away from golf for 18months after 3 back operations. I live in Spain and within 3 weeks of playing again I began to play some of the best golf of my life. I came 2nd in the seniors Andelucian open at La Cala and over a 3 week period my handicap has reduced from 8.4 to 6.8.

    I have lost a bit of consistancy over the last 2 weeks and have asked my pro to work with me on your method, which he has researched and is very happy to do. I was getting a little to flat with my back swing.

    Since he has corrected me I am back playing better.

    I can honestly say that I have gained over 30 yards on my drives and at least 15-20 yards on a 6 iron and more important I am hitting everything straight.

    I am a very happy bunny!!!!

    All the best


  207. Reg Jewsbury says:

    G`day Andy.

    In the short time that I have had your swing secrets the most noteable improvement is my 5 wood off the fairway. I am striking the ball with much more confidence, distance and accuracy are greatly improved. At the moment we are on a extended family holiday in Australia and I will not be playing again until I go to Spain in February. Wishing you all the seasonal greetings.

    Best regards.

    Reg Jewsbury

  208. Eddie R. Rosaldo says:

    Dear Andy,

    As the saying goes, “If you have nothing good to say don’t say it.” But I have something good to say about the Four Magic Moves. Last month, together with three golfing buddies who are only less than a year playing golf joined a best ball golf tournament in Houston, TX; and we scored 3 under par 69 because of my booming drives and accurate approach shots. I had only two wayward drives the entire game but each time one of the three neophytes save our game. I credited my improvements in driving (about 15-20 yards gain) to the Four Magic Moves. However, truthfully, I used the PPGS of Don Trahan for my approach shots, because I am more accurate when I don’t break my wrist in the short game. I am combining the good technique that I learned from both system and I think I have improved by about 10 shots. My Texas official handicap was 20 before I learned of your program and Don’s.


    Eddie R. Rosaldo

    Houston, TX

  209. Kevin says:

    Hi Andy,

    The magic moves must be working as I made an eagle 3 in Spain a couple of weeks ago. First one for about 40 years! I certainly could not hit two shots 436 metres before! So cheers for that.

    Kind regards


    Bath, UK

  210. Gary says:

    Andy: I have only used your method a few times before the season ended.
    I can tell you, that I am looking forward to next season. Along with your “good sense” method, and a new set of clubs.I expect to be playing consistantly better.My last several times out resulted in not only lower scores,but also, the confidence that they will go even lower. My misses were straight on target for the most part. (do to the early wrist break). As I continue to use your method, I see my length returning as well. The simplicity of it is overwhelming, and totally missed by most teaching pros.
    Merry Chrismas,


  211. Halim says:

    Dear Andy,

    Thank you so much for writing to me. I had for years been trying to swing this way as a trial an error method and had good progress. However I quit golf the last ten years due to motor cross injury. Now I am coming back to golf and was struggling to find back my swing. However, when I came across your new first magic move, together with the detailed explanations, things started to make sense. I am striking the ball quite well now at the range. And if I hit a bad shot,I know roughly what I did wrong. To me the understanding of the new first magic move was the crucial factor in my swing. I will play at the course soon, regardless of the scores I will make, I have the confidence of my swing. Thank you again Andy, for the education that I just received.

  212. Gordon says:

    Hi Andy,

    I received the DVD on THE NEW FOUR MAGIC MOVES four weeks ago and I thought I would let you know how I was getting on. I am hitting it straight and long, about 30 to 40 yards further off the tee. I played with a friend the other day whom I had not played with for a while and he could not believe how well I played.He kept asking who I had been getting lessons off. It’s great to stand on the tee and be confident where the ball is going to go. I will tell my friend my secret when I have beat him a few more times. I am looking forward to next season with great expectation.

    It’s the best instructional video I’ve seen, the easiest to follow, and the best money I’ve spent on golf instruction ever and I’ve spent quite a bit
    in my time.

    Thanks for now GORDON.

  213. Heinz says:

    Sinds reading your book my accuracy and distance improved quite a bit. It will reduce my handicap next season substancially I believe.

  214. LeRoy Gilsdorf says:

    Andy: I have been using your golf swing and trying to get it right. I did
    have some misgiving at first but the more I tried to use your golf swing. I was using your golf swing and to my surprise on a 185 yards par three I got a hole in one. Thanks LeRoy

  215. Peter says:


    You may believe this! but I played to-day and I never hooked once in 18
    holes Your advice has done it!

    With the wrist advice I am having to use clubs with more loft as my distance has also improved.

    I also like your questions and answers but I don’t think I will be fixing a
    piece of sticky lead on the back of my driver!



  216. Ramon says:

    Hi Andy,

    Having playing golf for 6 years, I’m not satisfied with the style my golf teacher and I keep on changing golf teacher. Until, I’ve read your book (The New Four Magic Moves).

    A weekend player, usually a day before i play golf, i see to it that i go to driving range, recently applying your New Four Magic Moves. My golf buddies were surprised how i played my last game, my drive,pitching, putting are doing well. Your books are highly recommemded to golf players. I’m 55 years old, it’s not too late to improve my score , by applying your moves.



  217. John says:

    Hi Andy

    Way back in June I was just finishing the 18th Hole at my club (Bondhay
    – Par 72 – Worksop) and feeling very depressed. My handicap was 18 and I was struggling to get anything near to it.

    At the side of the green was a spectator watching me finish the hole.
    What’s the problem? he asked. I proceeded to tell him a multitude of
    things including no power, no distance, no accuracy in fact total
    rubbish. It’s your hands and wrists that’s wrong he remarked, and
    proceeded to show me what I should do.

    My first impression was – bullshit! Until I tried what he was preaching.

    What a difference!

    Inside 5 minutes I was hitting my 7 iron, down the drive range, 150yards. Previously I was lucky to get 120. The accuracy was plain to
    see. He gave me your web site and said this was where he had gained the knowledge.

    I can honestly say that I haven’t looked back. Originally I worked on
    the wrists and hands as advocated in your free new first move, then
    purchased the rest and put all the actions in place.

    Wow! What a difference.

    My handicap is now 13, and I believe that single figure is well within
    my reach.

    In the last 4 weeks I have won 1, a 2nd place and both with no end of
    pars and occasional birdies. I haven’t really had a bad round for ages.

    Yesterday, (playing off 13) I played my course ( which a might add, is
    probably one of the hardest courses around) and shot 39 – 21 points (par – 36) on the first 9 holes, the lowest I have hit. The back 9 was not quite as good, but I still achieved 36 points and another chance at
    winning the competition.

    I love the game, and now, thanks to your new magic moves, I love it even


  218. Halim says:

    Dear Andy,

    Thank you so much for writing to me. I had for years been trying to swing this way as a trial an error method and had good progress. However I quit golf the last ten years due to motor cross injury. Now I am coming back to golf and was struggling to find back my swing. However, when I came across your first new magic move, together with the detailed explanations, things started to make sense. I am striking the ball quite well now at the range. And if I hit a bad shot, I know roughly what I did wrong. To me the understanding of the first new magic move was the crucial factor in my swing. I will play at the course soon, regardless of the scores I will make, I have the confidence of my swing. Thank you again Andy, for the education that I just received.


  219. Rabi says:

    8 weeks later I now have something to focus on. Handicap not yet affected (24) because I cannot put a score together in a medal round and too much still clouding my mind. But I am enjoying my Saturday morning round more than ever and two sucesses. HOLE in one seven iron 165 yards downhill and a pairs better ball win where I scored 46 points total team score 51 and my partner has a 5 handicap.

    Love it


  220. Robert says:

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the tips. I always enjoy reading your tips. These tips always help me in my nest game of golf. Like for instance, yesterday I played a round of golf and I started with a couple of bad holes and then I remember your one email that said that every time you are going to hit a shout that you must go into the zone. The rest of the round I played beautiful and shot the best round of my life. I shot an 81 (42 on the front nine and 39 on the back nine)

    All the email that you are sending does make a great difference in how I am approaching the game of golf.

    Keep them coming.



  221. Jim says:


    Just a note to let you know that I have found that repeated listening to your tape of the four magic moves and flaws that we commit, has made a world of difference with my game. If people would come back to your instruction message, the swing thoughts and results would change their game.

    Tape 6 on the transition and downswing is the best description I have ever seen or heard of in all the years that I have played golf. Now 64 and seeing my handicap come down close to single digit. I want to thank you again for such fine professional advice. I know you have spent considerable time with this and it has paid off.


  222. Dan Hunt says:


    I just viewed your new DVD on the 4 NEW magic moves.

    Well done !

    Gripping the club correctly makes everything flow properly afterward.
    Placing the “left” thumb slightly to the “right” of center is the key for me.
    This thumb positioning strengthens the early wrist cock magic move.
    And all the other moves followed naturally, particularly building leverage turning the shoulders on the backswing.

    I particularly liked that the DVD showed the finished swing from various points of views.

    Many thanks.

    Dan Hunt

  223. Edith says:

    Hi Andy, well what can I say, I am 72 years old, didn’t start playing Golf until just short of my 50 birthday, became totally obsessed with the Game, attained a handicap of 14, 4 years ago I fractured my hip in 2 places, could barely walk, then I found I also had a serious Heartcondition for which I am now being treated. Due to a number of operations I played a total of 11 Games last year, found it was all too difficult but decided I was stronger than that and came back this year on a very high handicap, couldn’t get any distance until I got your first Email , have within the first week reduced my handicap by three shots, my biggest problem is grip because I have nerve and tendon damage to both arms but am working on it and will get back to “A’ Grade, your Tips have been invaluable to me and I can’t thank you enough, the only thing I need to fix is my Head, my lack of concentration still need’s to be addressed. so thank you again, Edith

  224. Theodore W. Hennessy says:


    It finally happened. Thursday night I shot a 37 for nine. Net 25! I lost by one stroke to a kid who consistantly shots par. My other friends couldn’t believe it. I followed this up with shooting 5 straight pars the next day. Thanks for all your help.


    Theodore W. Hennessy

  225. Andy J says:

    Update, we (my cousin and I ) won the tournament at Twin Creeks In Austin. Shot low gross and low net. Beat 60-70 teams. I did ok, had an eagle and a few birdies on Fri, but Sat was all him as he shot an new course record 63 on a 139 slope course! Any way, looking forward to getting the other three moves down this fall. Who knows, maybe I can shoot a 63 some day- Thanks Andy J.

  226. Rich says:


    I have been so pleased with your book that I have been spending all my free time playing or practicing golf. I made a comiittment to get better at golf a year ago July after returning from an annual 4 day golf trip with my buddies. I have been stuck at a 26 handicap for years because of my
    infrequent practice and play schedule. Well since July 2008 I have taken
    lessons from three different PGA pros and my handicap actually got worse. I have only broke 100 once in my life and my buddies have given me the nickname of shank-a-pottamus. My current pro has actually been making some progress with me and especially a few weeks ago when he suggested that I break my wrist back as the first move. That day I went home payed for your book The New Four Magic Moves and had it professionally bound and us it daily as my golf instruction bible. Thank you so much for making The New Four Moves available to duffers like me, it is so well written that even I can understand it fully and take it to the course. Last week I shot a 92 from the blue tees, my lowest to date. Thank You Andy! Can’t wait to view your DVD so that I can get my scores below 90, I would like to share you good news with two of my friends.

    In you debt,


  227. John Sutphen says:

    Andy, Andy, ANDY…. Yes I have tried the new four magic moves! Let me tell you I am so damn excited to find the keys to my swing through your e-book. Listen I am a 75 year old “cutter”, “slicer” scrambling here in the
    Villages, Fl watching my handy go from 8 to 12 and being discouraged.
    Trying everything (but that is over) I made up my mind to quit if I could
    not improve my ball striking. Was up until 12PM reading and practicing the moves and could not wait to get to the range. Mother of Mary! I hit 200 golf balls and if I “missed” 10 shots that is a lot. Those I missed I new
    exactly why. Always had a nice soft grip. What BS that is. Firmness is
    the best. I am on a program for the next thirty days to practice practice
    practice. Only hit 7, 8, 9’s and a few hybrid 4irons.(Can not hit a fairway
    wood to save my life, but that will change I am sure) Will hold off on the
    driver and long irons for about a week. The left hip press, hands downs
    firm grip leads to a perfect lateral left hip move for me. (Never could get
    that move, always rotated out) I am just out of my mind how I hit the ball.

    I would say best in my life and I have had a lot of instruction. I am a
    good chipper and putter but my slicing has put a lot of pressure on that
    part of my game. Can’t wait until 7 to 10 days out to put the driver in my
    hands. I just know I will go from 180 to 210 or more. Much thanks and I
    mean much much thanks.

    John Sutphen,
    The Villages, Fl.

    PS.. I anxiously look forward to getting into the other chipping, putting and mental keys in your program.

  228. Gregory says:


    I used to play golf about 4 times a year at best.

    About the time I subscribed, I started to play regularly and joined a club.
    I have been hovering around a 22 handicap for a year now.

    I adopted your new 4 magic moves, but could never seem to put them all together.

    Every person you speak to on the course can see exactly what you are doing wrong and has all the answers for you, but cannot put it into practice themselves. I enjoyed my golf, but was never really satisfied.

    I enlisted the help of the club Pro who is a proponent of the “rolling your wrists” action by purchasing some lessons. This Saturday, it suddenly happened. All the actions came together for the full 18 holes and I won the C division of the monthly medal with a 92 (net 70) by 3 shots.

    Once this happened, everything seemed more natural. My swing flows and I feel comfortable with it.

    Thanks for sharing these secrets with me.



  229. Jack says:


    I purchased The Four Magic Moves Book and it is making a signicant
    improvement in the accuracy and distance of my golf shots.

    Thanks again.


  230. Jimmy says:


    Thank you so much. You are such a great sharer of golf technics. Yes you are. My love for the game has grown tremendously in me ever since I lost my interest months back. You totally changed me.

    Everytime i step into the course your spirit is always in my game.

    I have no words to discribe my game now. Its totally a new game.

    My confident has grown and by far at its best!

    Thanks again and More Power!


  231. Mike Holmes says:


    This is no B.S. When I first began reading your advice columns, I was a 23 handicapper and had been so for the last 10 years. After some range time with your concepts, I almost immediately stopped shooting in triple digits. By the end of last year, I had broken 90 for the my first time.
    In 2009, my handicap has been reduced to 19 and still dropping. Of late, I have been consistantly in the 80’s and have even posted an 82.
    Your program is outstanding and it flat out works. THANKS!!!


    Mike Holmes

  232. Antonio Ferreira says:

    Hi Andy , antonio ( tony ) just wanted you to know that after i changed my grip and takeaway i started hitting the ball with such accuracy and power that i overshot the greens on numerous occasions. I got so excited that my putting (which is normally my strong point when to the dogs.

    I could have easily shot 8 shots less than my normal score.

    I always had a problem with my irons which i sliced and faded always wasting a good drive. I was amazed with the little draw that i started to develop. This in just one game with two buckets on the driving range. Wow andy, where were you all this time.

    Thanks a stack


    Antonio Ferreira

  233. Anthony says:


    I just had to write to thank you for putting this book out. This book and the techniques within are the most amazing pieces of information in relation to golf I ever came across.

    After just reading the first five chapters I eagerly went to the range. I have been constantly struggling with cut shots and pulls. My handicap has been stuck at 14 and I couldn’t find any consisitency in my ball striking. I spent some time practicing your break move with the correct grip and checked my hand position until I felt comfortable with it. I am not exagerating but the very FIRST shot was the cleanest, straightest, pure golf shot I have ever hit. Iron after iron shot after shot went straight down the target line. By the end of my bucket of balls I was actually aiming at different trees out on the range and putting every shot within yards. The confidence your book has given me is overwhelming and I’m not done reading all of it.

    For 20 years I’ve been swinging at the ball wrong and after 1 hour of reading it came to me. I’ve spent $250/hr for instruction by one of the voted best teaching pros in US and his help was minuscule compared to your book and technique.

    EVERY golfer should read this book. Maybe then play will speed up on public courses. This is not another golf training gimmick, this is the real deal. A “secret revealed” is so true and again I would like thank you for putting it out there.

    P.S. Can’t wait to go to the course.

  234. Tom Stratil says:


    I’ve incorporated the new 4 magic moves into my swing slowly over the past year with increasingly good results. Well, everything came together this past Saturday at a Men’s Golf Association event at my Club here in Texas (River Crossing Golf Club). I carry a 9 hdcp. I shot gross 36-35 –71. I’m 58 years old and have been playing golf for over 40 years in this was my lifetime low round. I guess you can teach an old dog some new tricks.



    Tom Stratil

  235. Doreen says:

    hi Andy,

    Had to let you know that your magic swing worked fantastic. Today I beat the field with 44 stableford points and was cut from 29 to 26. Our course is amazing at the moment and the ball is running so heres to more good golfing. Thanks I could kiss you!!!
    luv dordor x

  236. Brian says:

    Dear Andy,

    First of all I would like to start with a big thank you to you for helping me improve my game way beyond my expectations. I joined a new club in April and at that time I was really struggling with my game. I was a 26 handy cap and needed some help. I gave the new four magic moves a go and in a very short space of time it got me back into my game although I couldn’t improve on the 26 handy cap.

    A couple of weeks ago I played the last 2 holes with one of our senior members who is 74 years old and he finished par birdie. He then gave me a great tip, stop trying to swing like a nineteen year old. So I re-visited the new four magic moves and started from the beginning, my very next game was unbelievable I shot a 93 and felt/new that I could easily improve on that score. My game has become more consistent over the last few weeks and last night I played 11 holes and was 11 over par even though I had a triple bogey I recovered with 2 birdies. In all the years I have been playing golf I have only ever got 1 birdie, now I’m getting more opportunities to putt for birdies with 3 in the last 2 games and I’m going to break 90 for the first time very soon.

    My playing partners are amazed at how my game has improved over the last few weeks although I haven’t told them the secret, I’ll give it a few more weeks then pass on your website.

    Once again thank you

    Kindest Regards


  237. Bill Pennington says:

    Dear Andy, I just had to write and let you know that recently I have been losing yardage on my drives ,They have been going straight off the club but going off to the left I play left handed, My mate Peter who I play with twice a week said to me the other day your not driving the ball as far and you have got your slice back. I didnt want to admit it but I realised something was not right. So that night I had a read through my new four magic moves and soon realised the reason I was not retaining my early wrist break all the way to the top of my back swing I had fallen into the more comfortable option without realising I was doing so. My next move was down to the de-vere golf club for a bucket of balls, I placed my first ball on the tee set up to address the ball did the early wrist break held it to the top of my back swing till I got that uncomfortable feeling then released my down swing and smashed the ball 250 yards straight down the middle of fairway and kept repeating this and out of 75 balls I only hit 3 bad shots. The best thing I ever did was get your new four magic moves of golf my game has continued to improve I am aged 73 years and last week I shot a gross 80 on tuesday and followed this with 84 on thursday which was a windy day I cant wait to get to the course in the morning, and in future if the ball fails to go down the middle Ill be having a reread of my four magic moves,

    Best Wishes,

    Kind Regards

    Bill Pennington

  238. Allan Hoy says:


    Thanks for the opportunity to study your swing teachings. After 52 years of golf and three shoulder operations,the latest on 1/3/09, I decided to study your swing and attempt to restring my “john daly” overswing and push to the right . I finally picked up the driver last week and the first hit into the practice net smashed the new driver into two pieces. Not to be outdone I picked up my old driver and smashed the shaft at the hozel again. Now, either I now have a bionic shoulder or your swing is the most powerful I have yet experienced. There is but one minor problem—–How many drivers do I carry???? I cant wait to get back into a game next week, well done.

    Allan Hoy

  239. Steve says:

    Andy, I haven’t received my new USGA card for this year but based on my score cards my handicap has dropped from a 17 to either a 10 or 11. This is all due to the four magic moves you sent me. I have shared the information with my golf partner who has seen a similar drop in his handicap. I also gave the information to our club champion, he told me that he has never hit the ball as straight or as far as he has since using the four magic moves. We are scheduled to play in a benefit tournament this weekend, I can’t wait to get out there and play. I shot a 38 today on our nine hole course, 3 over par and I was putting for birdie on four of the nine holes. I just need to spend more time with the putter on the practice green. When I get my new USGA card I will send you a copy of both last year and this year, I can’t believe how much I have improved in such a short time. Thank you once again for the best golf instruction I have ever had.


  240. Giorgio Cancel says:


    I’m playing golf since one year and I was so frustrated regarding the
    poor improvement of my performance when I found your New Four Magic Moves instruction program on the web. I downloaded the pdf version of First magic move and I understood that was something special; I immediately subscript for the complete book and DVD and start to practice on the driving range following your instructions. I achieved more improvement in my swing and consistency in last few weeks than the whole year since I started to play.

    I cut my handicap by 10 strokes and I’m quite confident that I will
    break 85 before the end of this year, which is now my objective (if I
    will have the chance and the time to play more often than I’m playing at
    the moment.

    Once again thanks for your help and congratulation for the simple,
    systematic and practical way that your book has been written and

    Best Regards
    Giorgio Cancel

  241. Jerry says:


    I would have to say that the new magic moves are the best lessons I have received in golf to date. I have never hit the ball straighter and with more consistency.


  242. John says:

    Hello Andy-

    A year or so ago I purchased the system and it’s great. I had a computer flame out and can’t access the downloaded file because I don’t have the password. Can you resend? Thanks. FYI: I’ve dropped 4 strokes with the system and would be more except my chipping needs work.


  243. Beatrice says:

    Hi Andy

    Thanks, I have also gained a lot and last weekend I played with a friend and could not believe my score, for once I broke a 100, 51 front nine and 44 back nine, being a 32 handcapper it means I had a net of 63, and 9 under. My shorts are now more straight and longer than they used to be.



  244. Kelly Miller-Gerlach says:

    Dear Andy;

    I would love to for you to share my experience with the New Four Magic Moves. I am amazed at what a difference it has made it my swing and the distance I am getting. I practice 3 to 4 times a week and try to get in at least 2 games in on the weekend.

    I am so excited on the accuracy and distance I am getting with all of my clubs. I just wish I would have found you 3 years ago; maybe I could have saved some money on all of those lessons!!

    Thanks a bunch Andy and if you ever decide to visit beautiful Victoria BC; I would love to show you the sites……….

    Kelly Miller-Gerlach

  245. Dan says:


    I wanted to thank you for providing me with this special report from Gail as she seems to be the real deal. I am impressed with ther knowledge and simple way of explaining things and will get her newsletter and possibly her other cd’s. I also wanted to let you know that I am sorry that I haven’t shared with you the success with your “Four Moves to Better Golf” as of yet but I have been taking it slow to say the least. I have truly improved and have rounded out my game from the high 90’s to the low to mid 80’s and my distance has garnered a minimum of 20 to 30 yards but mostly on the mid irons, my hybrids, and especially my driver! I did exactly what you said and after getting the swing down through a lot of range time and slow motion training in my living room and in front of mirrors, I went out and purchased an inexpensive but modern game improvement driver with high MOI and it has made the difference. When I say inexpensive, I mean less than $100. I did not say however that I wouldn’t have improved more or at a faster rate with a brand new name brand expensive club but in this recession time period here in the States I took your advice instead and I do not regret it one bit.

    Again thank you for introducing me to Gail and thank you for all of my golfing success so far! I know it will only get better from here, And one more thing I want to thank you for caring about the average golfer and their improvement dilemmas. It takes a special person to give back like you and your wife do!

    Your Friend and Customer,


  246. George Wallace says:

    Hi Andy ,

    Just to let know I have been using your New Four Magic Moves for the last 3 weeks and have just last week won our Seniors Open Tourament at Cruden Bay Golf Club with a Gross 72 less handicap 8 net 64 (handicap now 7) .

    Have just purchased the download and will see what that brings to my golf game.


    George Wallace

  247. Michael says:

    I was reading your book again over the past few days and move #2, which I have somewhat either neglected or not persued actively is now back in my swing and WHAM…added approximately 30 yards to my drive from 230 to well beyond 250. And….straight!


  248. Steve says:

    Dear Andy, thank you so much for your ‘teaching program’ and the support and follow up.

    I will be 75 in a couple of weeks and tore my right rotator cuff when I fractured my shoulder.

    It was finally operated on last December and by incorporating the 4 ‘new magic moves’ I am playing my best golf ever.

    I still have a long way to go to fully change my swing but doing it ‘little by little’ is so encouraging.

    Thank you so much and Blessings to you and your ‘golf family’


  249. Mark says:

    Hi Andy, just to let you know my game is really coming on, although I’m not playing much (once a month if I’m lucky) however, my drives are long and much straighter plus the irons fly much higher.

    So the new magic moves has really made an impact on my game and can now say I am becoming much more consistent with my shot making which is something many amateurs strive to achieve, but fail.

    Best Regards


  250. Dave says:


    I want to thank you for the job you have done with the Golf Swing Secrets!!! Since I got your book my whole golf swing has changed. I have been to many top teachers in FL. and Texas for the last 25 years, and nobody has helped me like you have!!! I know now that I had never made a golf swing until now!!! Please understand I play golf five days week all year long. I have never hit the ball like this!!!

    Thank You!!!!


  251. Bob Stewart says:

    Hi, Andy,

    Over last weekend I practised the grip and wrist break as demonstrated in your book. The grip was no problem as my grip was virtually identical, the wrist break was soething else! I have, for the last 60 years had a long slow takeaway along the ground and I pulled shot after shot, and sliced plenty. On Tuesday I played my first ame since having my eyes done; using your secrets, my shots were straight, with a couple of exceptions, and I rarely missed the fairway. Unfortunately my short game is still not good, but this is mainly a result of my “new” eyes, I have to get used to seeing differently (and clearly). It will come.

    You newest letter, playing with a hero reminded me of the time, back in 1969 when I was playing the club knockout. In the second round I came up against the club champion, this is at Ladybank by the way, For the first 9 holes I held him to all square, then the Club Secretary came up to us on the 9th and told him that he had been given scratch, in these days it was very difficult to get a scratch handicap. That was the last hole I came near winning, it just gave him such a boost that he came home in 3 under par; end of my participation!


    Bob Stewart

  252. Pete says:

    Yes. I find your first new magic move – the wrist option a real improvement – I usually hit a seven iron 150 yards and now find that I am flying the ball an extra ten yards or more. My wedges are flying much longer distances. Before my sand iron would max out at 75 yards – now, I use it up to 90 yeards. My pitching wedge increased from about 115 max to 125 yards. I think it’s a bit easier incorporating the wrist break with irons than with woods, so I am working on that. Now, I have to try to incorporate the new distances into my game so that I am not flying over the green too often – but, a happy problem to have 🙂 I also like the attention you paid to the grip – I had a proper grip to begin with, but now I am even more focussed on taking a proper grip. I am still working on the hip bump (the lateral hip movement), but trying to have it be a natural way to begin the downswing. I also liked the instruction on chipping – turning the left hand under until only one knuckle on the left hand shows. Chipping and pitching are the weakest part of my game and this slight change in grip with my left hand has me popping the ball up in the air a little higher with any chipping club from a 7-iron to a wedge… good stuff.

    I haven’t gotten the dvd yet, so, I’ve listened to the audio for an hour or so, but have found the text excellent for reading and studying. Thanks again. I really think this was a great investment and am quite happy I discovered your website.



  253. John Haaven says:

    Hi Andy: Well, I never have had that kind of swing . . . but I must tell you that your “new magic moves” have helped me tremendously. I’m 75 and zoomed to a 17 handicap following my double-knee replacement a year-and-a-half ago. After resorting to more of an “arm swing” in recent years because of my poor knees . . . I found it difficult to get my legs back into the action following the replacements. My knees are just fine now but it wasn’t until I purchased your lessons and followed your instructions that it all started to come together. I’m now consistently shooting in the low 80s . . . . and just yesterday fell just one shot short of shooting my age . . . with a 76! The lowest score I’ve registered in the past 6 years!

    Because of consistent tee shots and fairway woods/irons . . . my confidence has also had a positive, mental affect on my short game.

    Those “new magic moves” have really worked for me. I play four times a week at our winter home in Arizona (Minnesota in the summer) . . . and I look forward with eager anticipation each and every time. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to “shoot my age” for the first time.

    Thanks Andy . . .

    Jon Haaven

  254. Mike Young says:


    Just purchased your e-book and love it, I just played my home course and only incorporating the wrist break tied my best score on the front nine.

    Can’t wait fot the cd’s to arrive and use the rest of the new magic moves.


    Mike Young

  255. Mike says:

    Thanks Andy for these golf tips prior to receiving them my game was going away at a great rate of knots. But thanks to you i am turning my game around… I was at the stage where i was hitting at 107 i have now come into 93 average but still improving So once again thanks very much. So much more enjoyableas one improves afterall we really are only playing ourselves and if one continues to improve then you continue to strive for a better result and as it comes there is great satisfaction with the result

    So cheers

  256. Steve says:

    Andy, I think I have purchased nearly every golf training aid that looked like it might help my game. Your book, “The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf”, is by far the best investment I have made. Our season just started this month after a long hard winter. I haven’t been able to practice since last October but after receiving your book, I read through it three times and followed your instructions. My scores last year on our local nine hole course were in the mid to high forties with an occasional round in the high thirties to low forties. My first round this year after reading your instructions was forty followed by a forty two and my last round was thirty six. I can’t believe how simple and how effective the New Four Magic Moves are and the improvement in my game. Thank you for making this 65 year old golfer a better golfer than I thought I could ever be.


  257. Francois says:

    Hi Andy,

    At last some news from me. First of all I have been playing golf for only ten months ( used to played internatoinal football) getting too all for it at 49. I have been a member in a local golf club for 2 months and i was surprised that after putting 5 cards in. I got a handicap of 27. The amazing things about it is so far i have not have any coaching . the only things i have been doing is practice a lot at least 3 time a week in summer getting a bite harder now.


    Every time i read a new chapter i go and practice it in my back yard.It has been a great help to me. I RECOMMEND ANYBODY WHO WANT TO IMPROVE THEIR GOLF TO GET IT.


  258. Ron says:


    I would like to congratulate you on making sense of a game which is full of complexities.

    First of all before we get onto the new four moves, the intro of correct grip, stance etc was extremely useful. I have been away from the game for 15/16 years due to back injury, I’m now 66. I thought that I would be able to pick up a club and sort myself out, I used to play off 8 and thought I knew the fundamentals, but I didn’t. Thank you for putting me straight.

    Dispelling the myths and wrong advice was also useful.

    I was surprised and pleased at how simple you made the swing and I have now incorporated the new 4 Magic Moves into my swing with a definite improvement, I feel more confident, not right yet, but getting there. I am still limited on the backswing so their is a power loss. I read and re read the sections and find something new such as :- I was turning the hips to start the down swing instead of moving them laterally. That’s where my fade came from. I can now sometimes draw the ball but distance is still down (but better than it was).

    It’s still early doors but my enthusiasm has returned and I am setting up part of my garden as a practice area.

    Thank you



  259. Gary says:

    Dear Andy,

    I feel I must own up, I am a complete Novice at Golf, I am a young 54, and have only just started fooling around with GOLF.

    I want to tell you a story ! as the late great Max Bygraves never said,
    Almost seven years to the day, whilst at work , I was run over by an idiot who was late for work , the “Accident” was Horrendous, and spent several weeks in hospital and was told I would not walk for Eighteen Months at Least , With out going into too much detail , the “Accident ” left me with No Feet , I lost one at the scene and the other was so badly crushed they had to amputate, my insides were smashed and head was , well lets say scarey. but enough of me.

    After seven years of trying to get better, I have had to overcome several difficulties, but the one thing I missed has been sport and competing. Due to the lack of feet .this has been quite a problem.

    For the last couple of years a friend and ex Employer has started playing a golf competition for workmates and a few invited guests, me being one.

    I have really just gone around the course just hitting a ball , I might have just used an Umbrella, But and this is a Big But, since reading your Tips and Comments , I really have got the Bug , I am now not only hitting and Hoping , I am hitting the ball Twice as far as before and the ball is going more or less where I aim it. I am now getting in some much needed practice before the competition in a couple of months.

    Your tips and Comments have helped me find a competitive sport (which I have Missed) because the Beauty of Golf is , not only do you play your opponent , but you are always trying to Beat yourself , if that isn’t Competition I don’t know what is.

    So thank you for giving me a meaning in life.



  260. Graham says:

    Played golf for the first time since purchasing the new 4 magic moves.

    Magic is the word.

    Playing in a four ball with friends for a small wager, which of course they thought was like taking candy from a baby.

    I actually won the first 9 and the overall. One friend said that It was the best he had seen me play, while the others were still licking their wounds. Brilliant.


  261. Joshua Phillips says:

    Hi Andy,

    Wonderful fact sheet…thank you for the gift! I subscribed to your 4 New Magic Moves and Self-Hypnosis last year and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I am 28 and roughly a 12 handicapper now. With your tutelage I plan to be a single-digit handicapper by the end of the season.

    After getting a bit out of sorts my last round out I was left frustrated and confused. How had I just come undone today and what was I doing wrong? That night I sat down and opened up the New 4 Magic Moves and gave it a good thorough reading to get back on track.

    I went out and starting hitting the ball dramatically better immediately. I have always been a fairly long player. I am 5’11” and 195lbs and train at the gym like a (american) football player 4-5 days/wk. I played semi-pro until just last year. I have given football up to be able to focus on golf moving fwd. I went from hitting 25% of my fairways with driver at 280 yards est. avg. to now hitting more like 50% of my fairways with driver at 310-320 yards est.

    The most satisfying part of my game’s improvement other than driver though has to be my short game inside of 100 yards. Your teaching is spot on and has saved me 4-5 strokes a round when I am able to execute what I’ve learned.

    I admit I am not all the way there yet. I am not able to apply your lessons every shot I make but am working diligently to increase my consistency and results. Thanks so much for the help you’ve given me and countless others who take their golf game seriously and want to always be getting better. Have a great day!!


  262. Terry says:

    Andy you have my full backing to allow your readers to know that the new four magic moves are a simple and easy way to improve on the golf course at any age or handicap they are at as I said that is not easy for a 70 year old.

    All the very best


  263. Jeanene Pennington says:

    Hi Andy, just a note to tell you after trying and practicing the “new magic move”, the backward break for 2 days on the range it felt very natural and I realized it put me in the slot. I applied it the next day in an Electic 2 day tournament under the worst weather conditions I ever played in my 40 yrs of golf. The 1st day I still managed to play 5 strokes under my hdcp the second a break in the weather and I improved 13 strokes!

    Needless to say I won my flight.

    I cannot wait to try the next step in your Ebook which I easily downloaded to my computer.

    Keep tuned Andy while I am on a roll…well I’m off to the practice tee,

    Jeanene Pennington,
    Dallas, TX

  264. Ivan says:


    Have been out playing the last two weekends .

    My friends have said, you have improved, have you had extra lessons over the winter?

    Early wrist break has really helped.

    Thanks for emails.


  265. Steve says:


    You have just become my best mate, i was playing in a golf society competition on tuesday at Chestfield downs Stevenage , i am hitting the ball so far off of the tees with the new 4 magic moves, i dont know what club to hit in to the green as i have never hit that far.

    I was on a dog leg par 5 and i could just see the green and cut the corner, i decided to lag up as there was a stream running across the front of the green, i went back to my old swing and duffed it 15 yards, now i decided to go for it and hit a tree and bounced left into the trees, i calmed my self down i am now playing 4 i said to myself the new 4 magic moves with the sliding of the hips, i could see the pin but i had to go over a tree, i was just inside the 150yd marker as it was just behind me, i took out a 6 iron, there were a 4 ball to the left on the next tee waiting for me to take my shot one of them had his hands on his hips as if to say hurry up.

    Andy i hit the best 6 iron i have ever hit it sailed over the tree bounced onto the green and rolled into the hole, i thought i was dreaming, the other 3 players with me were jumping up and down, as i walked pass the other 4 ball one of them said see you in the bar after that shot , i said i dont think i need my putter on this hole, its all down to you mate.

    All the best


  266. Michael says:

    Hi Andy,

    My handicap has dropped by 2 shots since I ordered the new 4 magic moves. I now play off 15.

    I also broke 80 for the first time 3 weeks ago and I’ve had rounds of 77
    and 78 playing socially in last too weeks.

    Everything that I read made sence to me, the early break, firm grip, staying back. Its added at least 30 yds off the tea with my driver as well.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards

    Mick H

  267. Gary says:


    I finally have decided to buy your book!

    I am a small (5′ 7″, 118 lbs) 75 year old who has played golf for 50 years (a lot of golf since retiring from business 20 years ago). While technology has helped maintain my distance, my consistency (or better said “inconsistency”) over the last ten years pushed my handicap from a respectable 10 to a shameful high of 21.

    Since subscribing to your news letters and introducing your first “New Magic Move” into my game I’ve managed to bring my handicap down to 17, primarily due to improved consistency. While I may have picked up only 5 or 10 yards of distance I am making much better contact with the ball and have many fewer mishit shots. Both my direction and distance control have improved significantly. If I can maintain the present trend I can see my handicap back in the low teens fairly soon.

    Thank you, Andy, for the badly needed “Boost” you have given me.



  268. Dean says:

    Hi Andy, I did improve my golf game after reading and practicing the new four magic moves you had in your book. Mainly setting my wrists early as you suggested really gave me more distance in my drives. Your book was very well done. Dean

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