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I’m here to help you improve your golf swing and lower your handicap.

If you’re a new visitor there is a lot to sort through (close to 600 posts to be accurate). The first task though should be to fill in the form over in the right hand column. This way I will be able to send you a manual, video and audio on the first new magic move.

It’s only feasible to read a few posts at a time. There is far too much to try and do it all in one go, it would take weeks and weeks to read through it all. Thus to help you I have complied this beginner’s guide for you, whereby you can can get off to a quick start and immediately start benefiting. Additionally I have organised it into different categories so as you can highlight the part of your game you would like to initially work on.

The best way to start is taking a look at the posts people have found to be most valuable and popular, so without further ago here they are:

Most Popular Instructional Posts:

How To Fix A Slice
Golf Slice Correction – How To Fix Your Slice Today
How To Fix A Golf Hook
How To Cure The Golf Shank
How To Stop Hitting A Fat Golf Shot
How To Stop Thinning The Golf Ball
How To Stop Topping The Ball
How To Stop Pushing The Golf Ball
How To Hit A Golf Ball Farther
How To Hit Fairway Woods
How To Get Backspin On A Golf Ball
How To Hit The Golf Ball Straight
Proper Golf Alignment Tips And Drills
Proper Golf Stance Setup Tips
How to Grip a Golf Club Correctly
Controlling the Distance of Your Greenside Bunker Shots
Hitting the Ball Sideways? Check Your Alignment
For A Full Shoulder Turn, Try Turning In
Take Your Best Swing to The Course With a Great Pre-Shot Routine
How To Easily Improve Your Bunker Shots

Most Popular Practice Posts:

Practice Like You Want to Play
Primacy and Recency – Your Keys to Efficient Practice
Two Great Ways To Practice On A Golf Course
For Your Next Tournament, Practice Smarter — Not Harder

Most Popular Putting Posts:

7 Drills And Tips To Improving Your Putting Confidence
How To Stop Three Putting
For Shorter Putts Keep It Simple
The Most Important Aspect of Short Putting
2 Great Putting Drills For Distance Control
Two Fundamentals for Solid Putting

Most Popular Mental Game Posts:

How To Improve Your Mental Game/
Overcome First Tee Jitters
Playing Golf With Your Hero

Most Popular Course Management Posts:

The Most Important 48 Shots in Golf
Smash Through Your Comfort Zone
No More Slumps!
Be Realistic When Overcoming Weaknesses, Don’t Kid Yourself
Learning To Go With The Flow
Playing in Inclement Weather
How To Shake Off the Winter Rust
Playing Your Best When The Golf Course Slows Down
Make The Most of Your Winter Break
Don’t Be Like Woody Austin

Most Popular Golf Rules Posts:

Thirty Rules Of Golf For The Beginner And Pro
Twenty Rules Of Golf Every Golfer Should Know
Clarifying Ten Quick Golf Rules
Understanding Water Hazards And Lateral Water Hazards
Golf Rules Test – Eleven Questions And Answers
Do You Know These Six Rules of Golf?
Eight Golf Rules About The Golf Ball
Four Golf Rules Involving The Golf Ball
Do you know these 2 Rules of Golf?
You Cannot Declare Your Ball Lost
4 Decisions On The Rules Of Golf
Do You Make These 5 Mistakes Playing Golf?
Understanding The Out Of Bounds Rule
Are You Confused By Red And Yellow Stakes?
Rule 8 – Advice; Indicating Line of Play

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