Can Justin Rose Top Nick Faldo’s Major Record?

For years, the golf world has been waiting for Justin Rose’s follow up to his thrilling debut at the 1998 British Open. The then 17 year old amateur made his splash with a solid 4th place finish – but more memorably, with a remarkable holed birdie pitch on the 72nd hole. “The shot” wasn’t enough to catch eventual champion Mark O’meara, but it was however, enough to make him the top story of an eventful tournament. Would he be England’s next great champion was a question asked many times that week.

Justin Rose turned pro the day after the British Open in 1998, at just 17 years old. Some said he was too young. He needed more experience before he could withstand the rigors of life on the tour, said others. Still, many golf fans welcomed his decision, as they saw him as Britain’s next great chance for a Major title. The next Nick Faldo if you will.

The first few years proved difficult, with a string of missed cuts after missed cuts. And with each failure came a loss of a little more confidence. That same confidence that impressed so many at Royal Birkdale. But true to the player most thought he could be – he rebounded. He worked hard and overcame the death of his father and part-time coach in 2002. His game was solid enough to win 4 times in 2002 – on 3 different continents. He looked ready to deliver on the huge potential he showed at Birkdale.

However, the next few years, his game showed many of the same inconsistencies of the late 90’s. He would have a good week here or a good week there – but then miss a number of cuts in a row. At times, he showed flashes of brilliance, such as leading the 2004 U.S. Masters after 36 holes, but then followed it up with a 3rd round 81. As good as his game appeared at times, he often looked to be searching for his place on tour. Was he really going to be one of the best – or would he end up being a journeyman pro?

Now, in 2007, Justin Rose looks comfortable – finally. He again had the lead at the U.S. Masters, but this time he did not go away with high scores on the weekend. Instead, he stayed in the fight – twice battling back from tough starts on the weekend and finished with another top 5 in a Major. It’s funny – in his first major – he finished 4th. And now, in his last major – he finished 5th. And all the tournaments and tough lessons between the two don’t seem to matter as much as they once did. He is again on the tip of golf fan’s tongues. Could he be the next Nick Faldo? His coach, Nick Bradley, seems to think so. In fact, he thinks Justin can top Nick’s impressive record of 6 Major Championships. What do you think – can Justin overtake Nick in major wins?

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3 Responses to “Can Justin Rose Top Nick Faldo’s Major Record?”

  1. Jarmod says:

    There’s no doubt at all that Justin Rose is a top-flight player and has the talent to win more than he does at present but I think it’s highly unlikely that he can eclipse Faldo’s major wins. Look at the names above Faldo in the major wins table. I don’t see any current player, Tiger excluded, that’s going to eclipse Faldo.

  2. Brian J Dickenson says:

    Rose has the game, no doubting that, but has he the killer instinct needed to win.
    There are lots of great golfers, but few with the over-riding will to win.

  3. Ted Exley says:

    Justin has shown, in the recent past, that he is close to a victory in the USA. Several times he has had a VERY low round, close to 60, two very good rounds and then one very poor round to finish. If he ever puts four very good rounds together, he will win some comp by a large margin, Then he will be off and running and there will be no stopping him. It is purely a ‘Confidence’ thing

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