It’s Time To Do Away With The Presidents Cup

Quick show of hands — How many of you are anxiously awaiting the Presidents Cup?

Okay, you in the back — put your hand down.

What started as a much needed event has turned into overkill. With the Ryder Cup reaching unprecedented heights in popularity – the Presidents Cup seems like the proverbial red-headed step child. The media isn’t interested. The fans aren’t interested. And of course, the players aren’t interested. It’s my guess – if not for the reverence players have for Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, some would even consider staying home. And don’t think for a moment the PGA Tour and Tim Finchem didn’t take that into account when asking Jack and Gary back to captain. They knew interest was waning with players and the two greats were the Tour’s ace in the hole.

I know the argument — if we do away with The Presidents Cup, what will happen to the international players? There are too many good players not to have some type of team competition.

So what to do?

I say invite them to the Ryder Cup…

Here’s my proposal. Have the Europeans and Americans play next year for the Ryder Cup. Then for arguments sake — lets say the Americans win…the following year, America gets to play the Internationals…Europe sits out…then, whoever wins the match between America and the Internationals would play Europe the following year…and so on and so on…if you keep winning — you keep playing…if you lose — you sit out a year.

This would make winning the Cup much more meaningful and more importantly, it would make losing the Cup much more painful. There would be world-wide interest and it wouldn’t dilute world-class team matches like the current schedule

So, if you’re listening Tim Finchem – do away with the Presidents Cup. I know you’re concerned about the loss of revenue, but I promise — the interest in the new Ryder Cup will be enormous and the corporate revenue will double. It will be a true win-win.

And once and for all — we’ll have a true world-class team competition.

6 Responses to “It’s Time To Do Away With The Presidents Cup”

  1. mbonova says:

    From the original post – sounds like sour grapes to me from the European front. Let’s not forget so many really really good golfers are left out of the Ryder Cup. Over 30,000 fans every day on site – and you say “No interest!”, – what channel were you watching. How about the Woody Austin dip, not to mention the fist pumps from Lefty (#2 Mickelson)… no interest – you must be kidding. Now – head to head – Tiger (World #1) and Canada’s #1 (Mike Weir) – do you think there is no impact on golf in Canada – by the way “… more golfers in Canada (per capita) than in the US…(NBC Sports). If the Europeans are complaining, do something positive. If the US is complaining – try to do something positive !!! Please.

  2. Maine Duffer...but getting better says:

    I like the President’s Cup. As a matter of fact, I like the team concept a lot. How does it detract from any of the other team competitions? How?

    The fans in Montreal were deep, loud and supportive!

  3. Roger Pelletier says:

    Yes, I agree with the suggestion of including the three regions into one Ryder Cup, or call it a “World Championship Cup”, with the winner taking on the region that sat out. Also, why not include all three regions in a WCC, to be held every two years, and in some manner match the teams against each other towards a playoff system on Sunday. Now, that would be interesting. You may have any combination of finalists, the Euros vs. U.S.A., or the Internationals vs. Euros, or the U.S.A. vs. the Internationals. I think it would generate world interest and winning, or losing, would have a much more impact on the participants and the fans. Either suggestion would certainly include the best players in the world and give the opportunity for the regions to showcase their best players in competion.

  4. I like President Cups since it fills in for the gap between the Ryder Cup. Plus it lets the rest of the world golfers get some exposure.

  5. Ted Exley says:

    Yes, I believe that you are on to something….but, perhaps the Ryder Cup should be expanded…USA -v- GB & Europe -v- Rest of World. A triangular World Match-up Played every two years would fit the bill.

    The Presidents Cup means nothing to 600 million Europeans… and the American players have not got much enthusiasm for it, either… But this idea could be good for all.

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