America Needs Jack Nicklaus

In a previous post, I mentioned that it might be time to do away with the Presidents Cup. After all, with the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, the Americans have a major team event every year. This seems like too much. Especially with the new Fed Ex playoffs, which forces top players to compete every week leading into the matches. Well, after thinking about the subject – and more importantly – watching and enjoying the Presidents Cup, I’ve changed my mind. Maybe it’s time to do away with the Ryder Cup. I say lets invite the Europeans to play in the Presidents Cup instead. I know, I know – the Ryder Cup has history. And yes, I love the Ryder Cup and can say without much shame – have secretly rooted for the Europeans for years. Hey, cut me some slack – how can you not root for Seve Ballesteros? So why now do I want to do away with the Ryder Cup? Simple, Jack Nicklaus! He’ll never be Ryder Cup captain again – but there’s a good chance he’ll be back to captain the Presidents Cup. And the Americans need him. That is…if they want to continue playing up to full potential.

Simply, Jack Nicklaus, with the power of his personality, has transformed the Presidents Cup. For the first time, Americans are playing loose. They’re playing like the Europeans in the Ryder Cup. Nicklaus has brought the game back to a competition and not a spectacle. He realizes that these guys know how to play golf and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Give them the ball and let them play. That’s it! Nothing more complicated than that. Please take note Paul Azinger.

One thing I loved about Nicklaus’ captaincy was his team selection process. Simply, he asked his best players whom they wanted to play with. “Hey Tiger – who do you want?” Sounds pretty simple to me. No computer models needed. Just gut instinct from the world’s best players. True genius is always simple.

So, I’m not sure if we can get the Ryder Cup fellows to play in the Presidents Cup (with Jack Nicklaus as captain of course) – but if possible, we should try. Either that or continue our biennial disappointment. I would also be okay with Jack Nicklaus becoming permanent Ryder Cup captain. Then I think we would have chances against the fun-loving Euros. I figure Jack has at least 5 more cups in him. By then, Tiger Woods could be playing captain and we’d be set for years. With Jack and Tiger leading the troops for the next 40 or so years — who could ask for more?

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  1. Eric Sanders says:

    Very interesting thought. Sport psychology made easy. Thnx George (but aren’t you a Scot like Andy?)

  2. Alan Rutherford says:

    This is the biggest load of rubish that I have read in a long time. This really is short term thinking and could only have been written by an American. However good Jack is, he is only going to be around for a relatively short time. Tiger has achieved his record by being totally single minded and has proved beyond doubt that, at the moment, he is not a team player, a great golfer yes, but someone who can change his, me first mentality, to a team first mentality, has yet to be proved.

    There may be a case for widening the Ryder Cup to include the Rest of the World. But what happens if one team keeps winning, this would create huge problems with venues as these are at present planned some years ahead and courses prepared accordingly. Also from a revenue point of view the losing team would play every four years with the winning team every two with millions riding on the result, creating even greater pressure on the players.

    The conclusion must be that the Americans can do whatever they want – continue with the Presidents Cup with Jack as permanent Captain if that is what they and he want – make Jack permanent Captain of the Ryder Cup, again if that satisfies both parties – on maintain the status quo; my view is – it all works pretty well now – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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