Daly Struggle for Golf’s Wildest Man

John Daly said it himself. “Hasn’t been a good day.” Not only did his swing coach Butch Harmon leave him but he was also kicked out of Arnold Palmer Invitational because he missed the pro-am.

Daly insists that missing the pro-am was because of a mix-up. He had more difficulty, however, explaining Harmon’s departure. Harmon, a former swing coach for Tiger Woods, cited Daly’s wild lifestyle as the reason.

The fact that Daly spent some time at the Hooter’s tent at the previous week’s PODs Championship, apparently drinking and signing hundreds of autographs and seeming to have a lot of fun, led to Harmon’s decision. The coach was quoted as saying:

“My whole goal for him was he’s got to show me golf is the most important thing in his life. And the most important thing in his life is getting drunk.”

Daly, speaking to AP golf writer Doug Ferguson, was upset over both episodes. He received a sponsor’s exemption to play at the Bay Hill tournament, played a Monday pro-am and was asked to play the Wednesday pro-am as well.

PGA Tour rules dictate that missing a pro-am means disqualification from the tournament. Daly requested a morning start for Wednesday and called on Tuesday to find out his tee time. He was told 9.47am. However, that was the starting time for Thursday’s first round and not the pro-am.

What made it worse was that Nick O’Hern and Ryuji Imada were also affected because of Daly. They were alternates for the pro-am and were supposed to be in the afternoon group. When Daly didn’t show and their names were called, they were not around. The result? Instant disqualification.

“I didn’t even know that was my Thursday tee time. I should have looked into it. It stinks for me. I want to do anything I can for the tournament as a sponsor exemption. I wanted to meet the people I was playing with in the pro-am. I love Arnold Palmer to death. I called and talked to him and apologised. And the thing that upsets me is I cost Nick O’Hern and Ryuji Imada, so now I got these guys mad at me, too.”

Daly, the former US PGA Championship winner and British Open champion, lost his PGA Tour card two years ago and plays mostly on sponsor exemptions. He has played seven events this year and missed the cut three times.

As for his bust-up with Harmon, Daly cautioned people to be wary about what is said about him. He said:

“I just wish Butch had called me before getting slapped in the face. I love Butch to death. I still think he’s the greatest coach out there. I just told him, ‘Don’t always believe what you read in the paper.’ I texted him, ‘All I wish you’d done is call me.’ It was a shock to me.”

He defended his time at the Hooter’s tent, saying he wasn’t even playing in the tournament. He certainly thinks the world is against him, as he said:

“My life is upside-down right now. No matter what I do, it’s wrong. I’m thinking of writing a new song. I’ll call it, ‘I guess it’s my fault, even when it’s not my fault.'”

3 Responses to “Daly Struggle for Golf’s Wildest Man”

  1. William Smith says:

    John is making a golf pro look like a joke,
    he is giving the PGA a black eye, He needs to earn his way on tour and quit getting hand outs by sponcers.
    I’m glad Butch gave him a wake up call. That might be the best lesson for John. John please get help!

  2. Walter Booth says:

    Hi Andy, John Daly needs a kick in the appropiate part of his anatomy. I remember a few years ago now being on a marder jury and we felt quite sorry for the defendent. We asked the judge a question regarding the drinking involved and he replied that drinking is no excuse for your actions. We imediately found this guy guilty. John grow up we love your golf but stop ruining the game and yourself with the booze. Believe me in my day I was not a wowser but when required I stopped drinking dead and have hardly touched a drop since and am a far better person for it. Life is worth living and living well.
    Walter Booth, New Zealand.

  3. Ted Exley says:

    Poor Old John…..
    Everytime I see him on TV he has a drink in his hand, even his own TV show dwelt on his drinking and silly music escapades….very little about his golf. His pals do not do him any favours either, surely they must realize that he has little or no self-control, where booze is concerned. All his previous wives have tried to get him to stop, but his pals just lead him on.

    It must have been extremely frustrating for Butch, watching John throw his chances away. Really, he should be at the very top of the game, what with his massive length and his wonderful short game he should be challenging Tiger above anyone!!

    What most of us would give for only a small portion of his golfing ability….and he just pours it down his throat. He is such a lovely character, when sober, but, like all alcholics, he is completely unable to handle life’s normal problems.

    I bet Butch is very relieved that he has taken this step in dis-associating himself from John’s non-golf crazyness. If he does not now use this incident to re-invent himself, he will soon drop completely out of the picture and no sponsors invitations will arrive at his door..

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