Tiger’s Major Passion Fails to Diminish His Appetite for ‘Regular’ Success

Recently, several readers commented on Tiger Woods’ mental approach to his game. They wrote about how his mental strength, more than his physical skills, is what separates him from the other players.

If that is the case, then Woods’ recent comments makes his performances on a weekly basis even more amazing.

According to a Reuters article out of Miami, Woods said the majors are more important than other tournaments. The US Masters, US Open, British Open and US PGA Championship are what matters more than the five straight PGA Tour titles he recently won.

What Woods says is hardly earth-shattering. Pro golfers have been saying that for decades even before Tiger arrived on the scene.

What makes it significant is that, despite placing more emphasis on the majors, Woods can still consistently win at “lesser” tournaments. It must require a powerful mental effort to focus on events that, in essence, don’t matter that much.

It is all about establishing a Tiger Woods legacy, as he said in the article while taking part in the World Golf Championships-CA Championship in Miami, Florida.

“You can win every tournament for the entire year but if you go 0 for 4 in the entire year in the major championships then, well it’s just that you don’t really get remembered for the number of wins in a career. It is the number of wins in major championships. Those are the biggest events. If you win one major a year, it turns a good year into a great year.”

It just makes you think how many other pros would consider five regular titles in a single year, even without a major victory, as a great year.

Tiger has 13 major titles to his name and is hoping to become the first player to win the Grand Slam of golf – all four majors in one calendar year.

He has already been in possession of all four major trophies at the same time, but those four straight victories straddled two years.

2 Responses to “Tiger’s Major Passion Fails to Diminish His Appetite for ‘Regular’ Success”

  1. Rich says:

    What more can Tiger win?

    Maybe he should switch sports & see if he can dominate baseball like he has golf?

  2. billy says:

    didnt jones win all 4 majors in one year ?? I know jones wasnt a pro but in many ways he may have been the best ever …just because one of majors wasnt the masters “his answer to Andrew’s” it was still 4 majors and he was the first… thanks billy

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