Woods has no issue with Aussie appearance fee

As Tiger Woods was announcing plans to return to China, he also found himself on the defensive over a recession-busting appearance fee he is receiving to play in Australia.

Woods must have thought he was an AIG executive by the way he was grilled by journalists in Orlando, Florida on the eve of the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

It has been reported that he is receiving US$3 million just to play at the Australian Masters in Melbourne, a week after the HSBC Champions event in Shanghai, China, a tournament he last graced three years ago.

For Woods, it is not an issue. He is simply following the market. AFP quoted him as saying:

“I know there’s some controversy behind it, but I’m really looking forward to getting down there. I’ve always wanted to play more in the Aussie Sand Belt because that is my favorite area to play. Most of the guys get appearance fees to play around the world. This (the PGA Tour) is the only place that doesn’t have appearance fees.”

Meanwhile, Woods said he was looking forward to the China tournament, from November 5-8, which is tri-sanctioned by the European Tour, Asian Tour and Australasian Tour.

Defending champion Woods is using this week’s tournament at Bay Hill in Orlando as his last warm-up before the first major of the year, the US Masters at Augusta.

The last of his 14 major victories was at June’s US Open, after which he took an eight-month break to repair knee ligaments.

The world number one has yet to win in two tournaments since his comeback but is hoping to continue his success at Bay Hill, where he has won five times. He said:

“I’m just trying to get my feel back for playing again. To be honest, it’s taken less time to get my feel back. I thought it would take a little longer. You forget certain things, how you play shots and how you think yourself around the course.”

5 Responses to “Woods has no issue with Aussie appearance fee”

  1. Stuart wilson says:

    Tiger is right in saying that he is responding to market demand. I just hope that in these troubled times the market tells Tiger what they think . Greed is no longer good.

  2. marann says:


    Surprised anyone would question the amount of monies Woods gets—he has brought so much to the game—and continues to do so—his golf strokes speaks volumes and he has the personality to go along with it—maybe he lacks some control when it comes to keeping his composure when he hits an errand ball—Woods you shouldn’t slam/throw your clubs and we can 😳 read your lips—we know what you are saying when you get upset. Thanks for being so great—we love you.

  3. Fred Williams says:

    The truth is . . . it’s routine for top players on the PGA tour to accept appearance money for playing outside the USA. PGA members in the US must abide by the PGA when golfing in PGA events in the U.S. or its territories, etc., but other countries are not bound to comply with US rules.

    Question: How many current members of the PGA would refuse to accept appearance members . . . if they could only get invited? People voluntarily pay to see athletes . . . and the athletes must truly perform to earn their living . . . and PAY their taxes. At least the IRS knows exactly what they earn each year!

    There is absolutely no commonality or relationship between independent contractors on the PGA tour and the greedy corporate-culture guys in other countries and Wall Street.

  4. angus mills says:

    We all know Tiger gets appearance money, it is the amount that is in question.

  5. Rick Cutting says:

    The comparison seem about right The more you have, the greedier you become. The shamed British bankers are in the same mould.

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