Mickelson’s return starts at St Jude

An emotional Phil Mickelson is making his comeback to the US PGA Tour after a brief time away to be with his wife, Amy, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Three weeks ago, Mickelson said he was taking time off the tour to be at his wife’s side. However, with some encouraging signs on her health, the world number two decided to play at the St Jude Classic with an eye on next week’s US Open.

Doctors said surgery is not necessary until early July, so the Mickelson family decided to continue life as normal until circumstances dictate otherwise.

The emotions, though, still bubble up to the surface and Mickelson found it hard to hold back the tears when speaking to the media. AP quoted him as saying:

“I’ve never been this emotional, where if I’m driving alone or what have you, I’ll just start crying. We’re scared, yeah. I think a lot of it is the unknown. We think they caught it early. The treatment is going to be tough. But let’s whip this. I had an emotional month, and I don’t know where I will be on the golf course as far as being able to focus.”

Mickelson will be a welcome face at Bethpage Black, where the US Open is being held. He practiced there earlier in the week and knows the course well. He was second to Tiger Woods in 2002 and his record at US Open tournaments held in New York is good – he has never finished below fourth.

Despite the problems, Lefty said his US Open ambitions remain high. His presence is more than merely therapeutic. He said he will be there to challenge for honours.

“I’m not just playing to play. I think Bethpage is a golf course that suits my game. I love playing that course, I love playing in the New York area. I’m playing here because I believe I can win next week. Again, there are a lot of question marks that I have. But that’s the goal.”

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  1. Peter Williams says:

    Phil, I wish your wife and you all the best.

    My first wife had to have a complete mastectomy, even though we were told that the disease had been caught early. This however was thirty years ago! Today the prognosis is excellent in this particular disease.

    I remember that emotionally I was never more scared than then, and cried often in secret.

    Twenty years later we parted but remain friends. She is very healthy now.

    My very best wishes to you both, and on a personal note, and stating a personal preference, I watch your progress in the noble sport rather than any other!

    Peter Williams

  2. Reg Shanhan says:

    Hi Phil , I am happy that your wife is to have the Opertion But not now but soon. This means you have caught it early I would think

    My Wife has just had the operation where she on Table for a total of four hours. The Specialist is happy with Results Now she has to go and have Radio Therapy every day for two months to make:razz: sure anything left behind during the op is killed off.

    Yes she is a mite Sore around her breasts but as each day goes by she is improving so my Friend take care and live in hope I know Amy will come thru the Terrible time in her life.

    We are all wishing Amy well

    Best regards

    Reginald Shanhan

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