Seve targets 2010 Open return

It has been less than a year since Spanish legend Seve Ballesteros revealed to a shocked golfing world that he was suffering from a life-threatening brain tumour.

The man who could devise spectacular escapes from almost anywhere on the golf course was facing the most difficult challenge of his life, with the stakes much higher.

He has had four delicate operations and is starting his sixth round of chemotherapy. He is far from recovered but, true to his fighting nature, Ballesteros is already planning to compete in next year’s British Open at the Home of Golf in St Andrews.

In a wide-ranging interview with Sky Sports, he said:

“Golf has always been my love. St Andrews is the home of golf. Next year in 2010 is the Open Championship at St Andrews and I want to be there because I think I can really compete – not at the level of Tom Watson this year at Turnberry – but I can compete and I want to go there in a way of thanking all the British people for all the welcome I have received from them over the years and say goodbye in a proper way.”

Ballesteros revealed that he is practicing on a regular basis and that his main problem, physically, is judging distance.

He has won three Open titles – the highlight being the 1984 triumph at St Andrews – and two Masters Green Jackets during his career, in which his swashbuckling style made him the Tiger Woods of his time, in terms of fan-drawing power.

Using a golf analogy to describe the state of his health, Ballesteros said in the interview that there was still a long way to go.

“I would say I am at the tenth hole (of my recovery). I have had six chemos and the radio section is going to start for 24 days and then hopefully the doctor will finally say that everything is gone. It’s difficult to say in words (how hard it has been mentally). The pain physically was a little bit, but mentally for the last nine months it has been really, really tough.”

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  1. John Skinner says:

    Hi Andy,
    The R&A must be rubbing their hands with glee. Ticket sales will go through the roof. I am certain he will be a bigger draw than Tiger, especially as Seve says he wants to say goodbye properly. Seve is an inspiration to so many people because he is a peoples champion. May he be blessed with good health and be there on the final day of St Andrews.

    John Skinner

  2. joe says:

    I remember seing him at the Carrols Irish Open in 1984 he was
    big man then full of life ,Please God he will bounce back,
    Mentally he has the Game to bet it.
    Joe, from waterford Ireland.

  3. Larry Quah says:

    What a maestro! What tenacity! I would like him to try another Watson; and I think Seve can do it! All the best, Seve!

  4. reg shanhan says:

    Hi Seve,

    Hang in there my friend, I have a rough idea what you are going thru having had a Girl whom I was engaged to Die of that Problem HOWEVER THAT WAS YEARS AGO and with todays technology it is a different Ball Game with the Treat ment they have and DID NOT HAVE 60 Years ago I will Pray that you come through 100% my Friend as I know what a Fighter you are having watch you Playing in the Tournaments

    Go get it Man

    Fight like hell you will get over it if you believe in your ability to do so.

    Do not loose heart

    My Best Regards to you and your Family who will be going thru this with you.

    Take Care . Look forward to seeing you come out and Have a Big Win soon after you get over this Stumbling Block

    Regards Reg Shanhan:wink::wink::lol::smile:

  5. Ron Mullard says:

    We shouldn’t expect to much if Seve does make it to next years open,as in the Tom Watson case.Seve hasn’t played competitive golf for quite some time and after the terrible problem he had to enjure and the after treatment it will leave him weakened and low on stamina.Even regular tour players have run out of stamina, without his problems.But Seve being Seve, he will turn on the magic for as long as he is able and I for one and I’m certain millions of his supporters will be willing him on to a good finish.It will be just amazing to see the magic that is Seve perform for us once again.GOOD LUCK Seve I hope good health is with you.

  6. David says:

    Good luck to you.
    I know it can be tough mentally (speaking from experience,) but I,m back on the course (at a lower level than you (18 h/c) since 2005 like you I set my self a time target.
    David of Kent UK

  7. Bob Crawford says:

    What a man. He is something else. I remember a round or two when he played at St. Andrews. He hit shots in places where no one had been defore, And then would recover. I wish him well. Bob Crawford

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