Retired 64-year-old widow aces twice in the same round

There are certain holes in a golf course where you don’t even need a putter. At least that was the case in two holes for 64-year-old retiree Ruth Day.

Day had plenty of reasons to celebrate earlier this month at the Whitley Bay Golf Club in England, shooting two holes-in-one in a single round.

In what is estimated to be a 67 million-to-one chance, Day, a widow, aced the two par threes 10 holes apart.

The first was on the 149-yard third hole, in which the ball trickled into the hole for her, her playing partner and players from the flight ahead to see.

The second was on the 161-yard 13th, where Day and her friend went looking for her ball behind the green but then realised it was in the cup.

Day, who has been playing golf for 10 years, talked about her experience in the Club journal. AP quoted her as saying:

“A hole in one in itself is usually pretty amazing. But I couldn’t believe it when I did the same thing 10 holes further on. Some people go through their whole life and never get a hole-in-one. I think there are only a very small number of people around the world who have done it twice in one round.”

The feat is, indeed, rare, but the report cites another case in the United States in early September when Steve Blass, a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, scored two aces during the team’s annual golf day.

Day is a retired British Gas showroom manager and her achievement is even more surprising given the fact that she has a relatively high handicap of 35.

3 Responses to “Retired 64-year-old widow aces twice in the same round”

  1. Reginald Shanhan says:

    funny that you sent an item on Putts today.

    I was on the practice Green Honing up my Putt action when a lady came on to practice also.

    Straight away I could see she was missing all her Putts . Why ?? well she was using her wrists Too much action there and went back to far so I thought I would mention that to her ( Nosey little bugger ) but thought if I tell her what she was doing she would Putt Better Yes stop the wrist swing and keep the Arms swining like a Pendulum and she did that and Lo and behold she started to Putt to the hole.

    Glad I could help a fellow Golfer

  2. Owen Barnes says:

    From: Owen Barnes
    Please God by me. Does Ruth give lessons?

  3. Larry Quah says:

    It’s really an extremely rare gem, Andy. Heartiest congrats to Ruth Day and I hope to come to England one day soon and claim my beer from her.

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