Copy This Henrik Stenson Move To Improve Your Ball Striking

Henrik Stenson is a great ball striker. We’ve known that for a long time. And although you will probably never be able to hit 300 yard 3 woods like Henrik can, there is something
you can adopt that he does.

At the start of Henrik’s swing he has a very clear forward press with his entire body. It’s almost more like a press down than a press forward. But whatever it is, it’s what he uses every time to start his swing.

Now if someone watched you would they see something very clearly that you do to trigger your swing?

Or would they see that you’re still over the ball and then just “randomly” start your swing?

If you don’t have a trigger to start your swing then you need to get one… all the great golfers do, like:

  • Jordan Spieth – kicks in his right knee
  • Matt Kuchar – hovers his club before taking it away
  • Jack Nicklaus – forward press and turns his head to the right

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. Look at some great golfers you admire and see what they do to start their swing and then implement.

When you do you’ll get better ball striking results because you’ll have a definite way of starting your golf swing. It will be the same each time and that can only do you good.

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