Live From The Swilken Bridge At St Andrews

I took the opportunity yesterday to pop into St Andrews and record a short video for you. As I drove in, I thought when will it ever stop raining! Luckily after a cappuccina and bacon roll at my favourite cafe in St Andrews – namely Janetta’s, I was able to glimpse some blue sky and walk down to the Old Course.  

You can see some of the casual water in the background on the eighteenth fairway. In fact the Swilken Bridge can get quite slippery after a downfall, and with the wind I was careful to not topple into the burn. Click on the image of me above to hear a short 35 second message – please excuse the sound quality.

I have to tell you this story!

As I was filming there were two tourists taking photos, literally five paces from the edge of the first green – and twenty five paces from the pin. In the fairway I could see one very angry golfer getting more and more annoyed, as he waited for them to clear away from the green. The couple were oblivious of where they were or of who they were annoying – just in their own little world. I made a bet with myself that the golfer would completely muck his shot up and sure enough he thinned it (grasshopper height) along the fairway luckily just short of the burn! Not sure why he didn’t shout “Fore!” – Anyway I had a good laugh to myself!

It made me think how difficult it is to focus on the golf course, especially when you believe events are aspiring against you. How the pros keep their concentration and focus is amazing.

Talking of professionals. I wanted to say well done to Oliver Fisher who firstly finished fifth at the European qualifying school and second has joined the professional ranks. I have followed Oliver’s performance for a number of years and he is definitely one class act! Most will have heard of him from making history by being the youngest player to appear in the Walker Cup. Oliver is now managed by The International Management Group (a company I once worked over eight years for) and sponsored by Nike – just like Tiger Woods. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went onto win a major in the next ten years.

In my last blog I mentioned that I wanted to give you an audio sample from the key chapter on “Chapter 3 – Getting Set: The Grip and the Stance”.

“There can be no doubt that the first mistakes a golfer can make are to hold the club with a defective grip and to stand up to the ball the wrong way. Either puts a heavy impost on a player before he makes a move to swing the club. Together they make a good shot almost impossible.”

I attach this sample taken from the first part of Chapter 3. This is the longest sample to date, at 2 minutes 43 seconds. I have saved it at a lower audio rate (48 kbit / 24000Hz) so it is under 1MB in size.

Over the next few days all the way up to launch date I will be giving you more of the meat from the “New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf”. So stay tuned and regularly check the blog out for further news.

Don’t forget to bookmark Monday 4th December in your diaries!

Speak soon


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