A Great Golf Story – Tiger, Els And Feherty

Everyone loves a good golf story, particularly when it involves Tiger.

David Feherty tells a funny story about a spectacular shot Tiger Woods hit at Firestone. David and Ernie Els are left dumbfounded after Tiger blasts a wedge shot 190 yards from a terrible lie – the kind where you can hardly see your ball in the six inch wet rough! What Ernie said has been censored out but you can imagine the reaction.

Feherty definitely has the knack of telling a great story. Watch and enjoy below.

4 Responses to “A Great Golf Story – Tiger, Els And Feherty”

  1. Gloria says:

    I’m so happy all went well with new baby,God bless all of your family,Tiger. I look forward to watching you come back!!! I’m 68 yrs old,I love watching Tiger DO HIS GIFT FROM GOD!!!!! Can’t wait,Gloria

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  3. Joseph Reis says:

    I watched the extraordinary shot story, and must agree that it was a most extraordinary shot. He is just a fantastic player, and for what he has done in such a short time is beyond belief.

    Andy’s Reply:

    Totally agree Joseph, it was amazing!

  4. Barry McClung says:

    You are right – very enjoyable.

    What a shot!

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