Green Theme for Brunei Open

Golf is a naturally green-friendly sport. After all, practically half of all strokes are played on a surface called “the green”.

In some places around the world, the building of golf courses has been hailed as a boon to the environment. More than a decade ago, South African legend Gary Player said the island-course he designed for Hong Kong’s first public facility helped boost the population of birds and enhanced the surrounding environment.

Tailor-made for a green theme is Brunei, the oil-rich sultanate in the heart of Borneo, which is home to some of the richest rain forests, flora and fauna in the world.

Organisers of the Brunei Open, from July 30 to August 2, have decided to adopt a green theme for the fifth edition of their tournament, and have roped in government and Asian Tour support for their cause.

The tournament is being played on the Empire Hotel and Country Club, owned by the royal family and designed by Jack Nicklaus. Hamdillah A. H. Wahab, Chairman of Brunei Tourism Board, said in a press release:

“This year will be slightly different compared to previous years where we will include various activities that will touch on environmental aspects to create awareness among the players and spectators.”

He did not go into details as to what the activities were but the fact that players will be involved will certainly helped to raise awareness of the rain forest, which is dwindling fast on the Borneo island that also includes Malaysia and Indonesia from illegal logging and urbanisation.

The theme is being wholly embraced by the Asian Tour, whose chairman Kyi Hla Han is keen to have his players involved.

The Brunei Open is the second event after the restart of the Asian Tour’s 2009 calendar following a tournament in Indonesia. Australian Rick Kulacz is the defending champion.

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