Proper Golf Stance Setup Tips

The first rule of thumb for setting up the perfect golf stance alignment is to ensure that your feet at your instep are about as far apart as the width of your shoulders. This leads to good balance and helps enormously with getting your weight distribution set up properly.

We recommend a square stance in terms of the position of the feet in relation to the direction line you are hitting. Thus the distance from each foot to the direction line should be equal, particularly for any full shot with a 5 iron through to the driver. When the average person takes a square stance they will have enough freedom to generate a full backswing and freely swing forward.

It is easier to make a full backswing on a flat plane with a closed stance, where the right foot is positioned back a couple of more inches than the left one. Typically though this places restrictions on producing a full forward swing. The opposite effect happens with an open stance, where the left foot is placed father back than the right one. In this case the player is forced into a more upright position make the backswing difficult and the forward swing a lot easier.

Whilst there are specific shots that call for either an open of closed stance we will just concentrate on the square stance as it is problem free and there is no requirement to make any small adjustments.

Both feet should be slightly pointed outwards and not exactly exactly perpendicular to the direction line. The left foot should be point outward a touch more than the right. If the right foot is perpendicular the backswing becomes restricted and there can be some difficulty in getting the club back properly.

It is natural to point the left foot to the left and as a result makes the forward swing a lot easier

The beginner will have a tendency to put his weight forward on the balls of his feet when taking up his stance. As the body is bent forward with hunched shoulders it is natural to do this.

It is important though to not let the weight go forward, but instead to keep balanced between the heel of each foot and the ball with a slight favouring towards the heel. This isn’t always easy to remember as it isn’t a natural decision to make, but in time it will become a habit with practice. We don’t want to swing back with the club on an upright arc and by having our weight forward we only promote this. In addition this incorrect setup can also lead to swinging outside the line on the forward swing. Ultimately we are looking for a a flatter place and this is easier when our weight is more on our heels.

As you take your stance, ensure your arms are close to being straight, but not locked. The elbows should point down to the ground, definitely not loose and pointing out to the sides left and right. By doing this your arms and elbow become closer together, exactly as required to create a company swing. Always make a point of having the elbow depressions pointing up rather than in.

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  1. Greg Doueal says:

    In the last few rounds played I have unfortunately had the odd shank which totally evaporated my confidence. I suspected I may have been sliding my left hip so your article comes at the right time. The other point I’ll introduce is narrowing my stance as suggested.

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  5. Adrian P says:

    Having problems with set-up, particularly the stance, which I attribute to the occasional shank/duffed shot.


  6. Barry T (New Zealand) says:

    It all sounds good sense to me, Andy. I’ll take note tomorrow when I play.Thanks for your helpful tips.


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  8. Adrian Smits says:

    For me I use the triple threat stance from basketball in my setup.I find it gives the best chance for good rotation and weight transfer while maintaining balance.

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