HomeofGolf.TV Goes Live – Watch The First Episode

From: Andy Brown
Currently enjoying a shot of Lagavulin after
a sunny day filming in the Home of Golf
St Andrews, Fife
Wednesday, 18:21 p.m.

Hi there,

I have finally launched http://www.HomeofGolf.TV

On 24th January I announced my idea in this blog post and on the strength of the 150 favourable comments I have produced this first episode.

You can watch it by either visiting here on the widescreen or by playing the smaller screen video below.

Finally make sure you tap here to ensure you don’t miss episode 2!

Remember it’s “Nice to be Nice!”



P.S. I look forward to your comments!

16 Responses to “HomeofGolf.TV Goes Live – Watch The First Episode”

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Andy,I thought our weather changed quickly.Last week 6 days over 40c ,this week pouring rain and max about 20c.Me and a mate are going to get over there for the 2010 open.Have you got that link to that b@b in St Andrews you featured in episode 1 and any information that would be to our benifit eg,do you have to book tickets to watch the open.Thanks mate.Regards.Michael.

    Andy’s Reply:

    Hi Michael,

    Many thanks for your comments on the blog.

    The B&B I featured in episode 1 is :
    Cameron House, St Andrews
    11 Murray Park, St Andrews
    Tel: 01334 47 23 06

    Ask for a lady called Elizabeth and mention the video!

    You can always book up a season ticket for the Open here:


    though you don’t have to buy tickets beforehand as you can buy them on the day, they are just a little more expensive.

    Kind Regards


  2. Kit Lefroy says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I played the Old Course July of 03. Had a great time. Played with a member, so no caddy was needed. I don’t remember my score, but I do remember making a bonehead move on one of the par 4’s when I stuck a wedge shot to tap in distance. Unfortunately, I had gone for the wrong pin which lead to a very long quadruple breaking putt to the correct pin. My first putt grazed the hole (lucky) stopping about 10 feet past. I missed the comeback and tapped in for a bogie.

    On 18, I went for the green off the tee and ended up pin high, but left of the green. My pitch shot was tracking for the hole, but faded right just before it dropped. However, I did tap in for a bird. An eagle would have been VERY nice.

    The next day, I played the Dukes’ course where, on one of the par 5’s on the back I hit my longest drive of my life (358 metres) over an Oak tree which was some 250 metres out. The ball came to rest beside a yardage marker which is why I knew how far the drive had travelled.

    I truly enjoyed my experiences in Scotland. This year we are off to Ireland which is where my family is from. Of course, I will be taking my clubs.

    All the best. Keep those interesting e-mails coming. I look forward to them.


  3. Brian Magee says:

    Loved the 1st video and eagerly awaiting #2 and so on!Great fresh perspective on the scenery and lodging.Keep up the good work and I’ll be waiting for more videos to come Take Care from Canada

    Andy’s Reply:

    Hi Brian,

    Many thanks for your kind comments.

    Just to let you know the 2nd episode is now live at:




  4. Brian Coombe says:

    An interesting perspective and I’m eager to see more. Wave your arms around all you want but please stand still and address the microphone. Sound is lost when you don’t.

  5. Kieren says:

    Excellent Andy

    Really enjoyed this first video, look forward to seeing the rest.
    Your wife just needs a bit more practice with the camera so the footage is smooth but damn good effort.


  6. Love the video Andy, a really great effort for your first ever show. I’ll be embarking on my own little project some time soon and the thought of thinking what to say and getting everything spot on is quite frightening!

    I’ll definitely sign up for future episodes and can’t wait to see you cover other courses in the area. It’s really great to see the best bits, where to stay and where to drink…great idea.

    Good luck with it Andy and I look forward to the next one..


  7. martyn heyes says:

    :Andy great first show can’t wait to see more of scotland.
    Dont let the boss do all the work you must pick up the camera some times.If a womens touch is there as well we just mite be able to get up to scotland more often,I suppose it would have be with shoping and that is not golf. great show regards Martyn.

  8. Ted Exley says:

    Hello Andy.

    That was a good start to the new video series, but tell your cameraman not to drink so much !! plus you need a ‘Pro’ type mike to catch all the words.

    Looking forward to the next.

    Regards Ted

    PS As You know I have been with you since the start……….. I won two comps in 2008, and came very close in 3 others through straight hitting!! One chap who I beat 8 and 7 told me that I was making a big mistake by picking up the club too quickly. I tried to explain how and why I was doing it but he refused to believe that he might improve by doing the same….poor fellow.

    I also came across a method of putting which has improved me immensly. It is called ‘The Quiet Eye’ have a look at it.

  9. fun presentation, need a steadier hand on the camea, practice makes perfect – as all good golfer know!!

  10. Tom Dorrell says:

    Well Done Andy!!
    I have never been to St Andrews, and always wanted to see it, so this helps. If you ever get a chance to show us the inside of the Golf Musuem or the old Golf shops, I would like that.
    Keep up the good work I really enjoyed it

  11. Wayne Schuliger says:


    Enjoyed the show.

    However, at times when you turned your head I couldn’t understand what you were saying.

    Apparently the microphone wasn’t positioned to pick up your voice then.

  12. H L DeCors says:


    Nice first show. Certainly a different perspective from what we see here in the States during the Open.

    I can think of a few moments from the Open that imprinted on me. John Daly winning in the playoff was one, but I have to believe the VanDeVelve meltdown at Carnoustie is the top of the heap.

  13. My Pham says:

    Thanks, Andy, for the video. I am only a golf “hacker” but an enthusiastic one 😛 Hubby and I visited St Andrews in May 2007 – before I got into golf, and thoroughly enjoyed our visit to there. We saw all the things you showed – so they brought back some memories (the seafood restaurant, the beach, the 18th hole, the R&A club house, the castle etc).

  14. Ron Mullard says:

    Hi Andy, enjoyed video nice to have insight into normally unseen issues.Once or twice it was abit hard to hear what you where saying when you turned away from the camera (and microphone I assume part of camera )other than that welldone for first performance.Look forward to next port of call so to speak .Ron

  15. Andy: Liked the show but somewhat disappointed that you didn.’t show more of the “Old Course: Maybe I was expecting too much. Had the privilege and pleasure of playing the Old Course. I t was awesome. Loved it. A beautiful day in April many years ago. At 6:30 AM I was suprised to find not a soul on the course so took off down the first fairway alone played 10 or 12 holes before I was caught and asked for a fee, 10lbs. I believe. Stayed at Russacks. Played the 2nd round that same after noon with the foursome I came all the way from California to enjoy. If you plan to visit more courses , maybe show more of the course. Thanks for the show. Bobcgolf aka , Robert P.S. Shot the same score both rounds, 84. RC

  16. Hal Johnson says:

    Great show…loved the candor, unique perspecive. it was fun.

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