How To Fix A Golf Slice

The biggest problem faced by golfers throughout the world is the slice, and naturally as a result everyone is looking for a quick fix to this game crippling fault. Fortunately by simply following these easy steps you will be able to make the necessary corrections and start hitting perfect straight shots.

If you have a golf slice I can safely say that you are hitting the ball at impact with an open club face when it should be square.

In most situations this is true whether you are swinging the club inside to out or outside to in. The exception to this rule is the push where your ball goes straight right. When you push a shot the club face is open, though it is square to the direction the club head is moving. This results in a straight shot to the right.

If you aren’t convinced you are swinging outside to in, even though you are slicing the ball, I recommend you perform this quick drill and then practice this fix. Tee up a ball and then place another tee in the ground about 5 inches to the left of the ball and about 3.5 inches inside the direction line of the shot. Now hit the ball, with an outside in swing you will follow through and hit the second tee. You will miss the second tee if you have an inside out swing.

Another surefire sign of an outside in swing is finding you are pulling your hands quickly to the left as you hit the ball, finishing with them wound up near your left shoulder, as you see your ball slice to the right. If your hands swing straight out after the ball you will be hitting with an inside to out swing.

A golfer may strike a ball along the direction line but still produce a mild form of a slice, namely a fade, if they have an open club face. This produces left to right spin and leads to the curve to the right.

If a golfer swings with an outside in swing the main force is applied in a right to left direction thus resulting in a ball that goes to left. It will then curve to the right due to the spin imparted by the open club face at impact. This is the most common form of slice and the most popular fault golfers need fixing.

So in order to fix a slice there are two key points that must be looked at and corrected, namely having an open club face at impact and swinging outside to in.

How to fix your open club face

In most cases if you have an open club face at impact it will have also been open at the top of your swing. If we analysis the club face at the top it’s clear this is caused by a poor grip or the wrong hand position at the top of the swing. There is a direct correlation between the angle of the club face at the top of the swing and that at impact.

A poor grip at the top of the swing will be the result of gripping incorrectly at the start of the swing. Thus it is important to always check your grip. When you take your stance it is essential you make sure that only two knuckles of the left hand are visible when the hand is holding the club. If you can see more than three knuckles this will produce an open face. Also check that when you place your right hand onto the club a V is formed by the thumb and forefinger and it points to the right shoulder. It shouldn’t point up, if it does you should correct this immediately.

As part of this fix you also need to check the position of your hands at the top of your swing. At the top look at your hands, you should see only two knuckles of the left hand and one on the right and either a straight line along the back of the left hand and wrist or even a slight inward bend of the left hand, with the right hand firmly under the shaft. If left wrist is under the shaft this results in an open club face. By ensuring the right wrist is under the shaft with the correct grip, you can be sure the club face will be square.

It is critical the club face is square at the top of the swing. If it isn’t you will find when you swing down the face at impact will be open.

Secondly lets look at the outside in swing.

How to correct your outside to in swing

If you hit with an outside in swing you can guarantee these two events took place:

1. That you were not in the correct position at the top of the swing.

2. The first movement from the top was with the hands and not with the hips. It is crucial that the club comes down on the inside and this can only be achieved by making room for the hands to start straight down with the hips out of the way. The inside out swing happens with a lateral movement of the hips from right to left.

Let’s look at these two points in more detail.

The correct position at the top of the swing means you will have more weight on the right side than the left at the top of the swing. If you find most of your weight is on the left, it will move to the right as you begin your downswing and create an outside in swing. Make sure you aren’t dipping the left shoulder as this can make it difficult to perform the weight transfer properly.

It is recommended you make a full 90 degree shoulder turn because if you don’t it becomes a lot harder to bring the club down on the inside and cure your slice. This movement can be difficult to perform if you don’t turn your hips 45 degrees.

Check that your right elbow points down, if it flies out this suggests the right wrist is not under the shaft. You should keep the right wrist under the shaft as this maintains a weak position, this is perfect as it ensures it doesn’t become too dominate,

Likewise having a firm left grip is good pointer, this way it isn’t over powered by the right hand. A dominate right hand can easily throw the club outside the line.

If you are to fix your slice you need to also make sure your inside out swing has a fixed axis. A golfer that sways his head will find this almost impossible to maintain unless they can return exactly to the position they started at before hitting the ball. It is far easier to simply not sway your head.

Furthermore you need to be certain that your swing plane is nether too flat or upright. This is generally the case and everything is in good order if your hands are even with the top of your head at the top of your back swing.

In conclusion to stop slicing and fix this fault you need to be aware of your club face and the shape of your swing. You may need to address both of these points or just the one in order to fix your golf slice.

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  2. david says:

    Thanks for email re slice. I have found that the right grip,right stance and early backward wrist cock seem to put me in the right position for hitting the ball straight.

  3. Howard Thomas says:

    I am left handed, have played cricket for 50 years,have great timing, have stunning slice, very short legs, long back,dont slice irons. Altering face at address results in disaster, comments welcome.


  4. Paul Newman says:

    Andy Brown, thankyou! Just started having a hit after a 3 year layoff, due to living in a drought with no courses and a busted writst. The wrist is a tad sore but after three lots of 9 holes (kind of enjoyable) and more recently 500 balls at a local range, plus just today reading and trying your slice fixing tip; I am back and enjoying swinging. I have always had a much to inconsistent swing and these basic (reminder) tips on grip, hand position at the top and alignment have actually made me hit the ball as solid as I have ever. cheers champ!

  5. Adrian Smits says:

    I fixed my slice by breaking all the rules:

    1. Left hand shoulder and club head in a straight line at address
    2. Left hand must be rotated 90 degrees to the left of its normal position.
    3. To prevent the club butt from abrading the right wrist it must be held inside the left palm.
    4. To measure distance to the ball simply hold the club head hands and shoulder parallel to the ground and tilt from the hips.
    5. The right hand covers the left with a double overlap and is rotated 20 degrees to the right of its normal position.
    6. From this position the club head is flipped instead of rotated away from the ball. I have improved my distance by 10 percent on all clubs and I did not miss a single fairway on my last round of the season last year.

  6. Lee Stafford says:

    Please help and send me your advice.


  7. Mike V Aure says:

    Thanks for your golf instruction/reminder. It will add on my teaching golf techniques. Most of all it will help me maintain/retain my golf swing fundamentals . I always read your advise. Hope other golfers will follow my interest to read your golf tips. This afternoon I played golf using your tips and do you know what- I scored six over par- 8 under my age (86 yrs old)


  8. Hem Prakash Surana says:

    Lovely guide to cure your slice.


  9. ver says:

    Thanks for the tip.. will try it..

  10. Dante says:

    Hi Andy! You’re great .. Hope to see you personally some other time when you happen to be in Australia. Kindly send me that video tape to lower my handicap .. Cheers!!!!! God bless you more!

  11. jarmo sihvonen says:

    at first reading seems to be sensible

  12. Bob Walters says:

    I think i am outside to in will try to correct using above tip.


  13. Mike Verrier says:

    looking forward to sharing this with my golf team

  14. jeffrey koren says:

    very interested in hearing more

  15. Kit Lefroy says:

    When I do slice it is almost always a push rather than a classic slice.

  16. Ty gladney says:

    Help me get more distance & fix my slice plzs

  17. Robert Pond says:

    I would like to see the video.


  18. Chris S says:

    Had it fixed at one time, but the slice is back! Frustrating.


  19. Ryan Dee says:

    Help lower my handicap


  20. Federico Garcia says:

    Very well explained I can”t wait to have these simple instruction followed in a practice game of golf. Thank You , All the best andy !

  21. Gwen says:

    Yes would love to see your tips to lower my handicap -please send me the video

  22. charles says:

    Still working on too many things at once. My game is much better than my score. ie. I have quite a few good holes spoiled by 6/7 BAD holes. Not consistent off the tee, poor fairway woods and long irons. Sands are a disaster. Used to shoot regularly in the low 80’s but now have touble breaking 100. But still at it!! Charles

  23. alan napoli says:

    Will this fix a pull hook as well?

  24. alan napoli says:

    Enjoy working with you!

  25. alan napoli says:

    Look forward to receiving the info!

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