Golf Slice Correction – How To Fix Your Slice Today

Walk into any golf clubhouse around the world and more often than not the conversation will focus on how golfers can make that all important golf slice correction in one or two simple moves. Too many golfers are plagued by a slice that all too often wrecks their scorecard and personal hopes of ever playing better. To be frank the thought of correcting their golf slice seems a country mile away, simply a dream that will never be realised. Luckily by addressing just two quick and easy aspects of your swing you will be able to correct your slice and see your handicap go into freefall.

Fundamentally you need to initially take on board the principle that if you are slicing it is safe to assume that at impact you are striking the ball with an open club face. Obviously you want it to be square but the truth is that at impact your club face is open regardless of whether you swing outside to in or inside to out. Except though in one case and this is when you push the ball and you see it go straight right. In these circumstances the club face is open but square to the direction of the club head as it moves through impact.

Before describing the exact golf slice corrections you need to be making, it is important for you to acknowledge you are swinging with an outside to in swing. This is easy to do and simply involves teeing up a golf ball and then next placing a tee in the ground approximately five inches to the left of it, but about three and half inches inside the direction line of the golf shot. Once you have set this up, set up and hit the golf ball. With an outside to in swing you will strike the second tee. If you make the corrections and start swinging with an inside to out swing you will notice how you stop hitting the second tee. This is a simple drill that really addresses why all too often you are slicing your shots.

Furthermore take the time to time to see if you are quickly pulling your hands to the left as you strike the ball and as a result finding they are wound up around your left shoulder. This is the typical action of a slicer and once you correct your slice you will notice how your hands will swing straight out after the ball, caused ultimately by an inside to outside golf swing.

Whilst you may not always suffer from a slice, you may still be keen to fix the milder form called the fade. This happens when the golfer does hit the ball along the direction line but due to an open club face they impart left to right spin resulting in it curving to the right.

It is critical to understand that an outside to inside swing will result in the majority of the force being applied to the ball in a right to left direction. Such a swing will result in the ball going left to begin with but end up curving to the right as a result of the spin imparted by the open clubface.

For centuries this has been the most common fault in golf, namely an outside to inside swing with an open clubface, and not surprising the reason why a successful correction is most sought after.

Thus for a golfer to correct their slice they need to address two key aspects of their swing. These are swinging with an outside to inside swing and having an open club face at impact.

Golf Slice Correction Tip 1 : How to correct your open club face

We can assume if you are suffering from an open club face at impact you more than likely to have had it open when you reached the top of your swing. It is safe to say that the angle of the club face at impact is directly affected by its position at the top. An open club face at the top of your swing is typically due to a poor grip or your hands being in the wrong position. We can therefore assume that the grip will be incorrect at setup before the golfer has made their backswing.

Therefore a golfer wishing to cure their slice must take time to check their grip. You need to ensure you only see two knuckles on the left hand as you take your stance and hold the club. If three knuckles are visible you will be prone to opening the club face. Furthermore once you place your right hand on the grip you should check to see a V formed by the forefinger and thumb that points up to your right shoulder. If the V points directly up you should take measures to correct this.

Now you need to review your hand position at the top of your golf swing. Look up to your hands and ideally you will only see two knuckles on your left hand and one on the right. Moveover there should either be a straight line along the wrist and the back of the left hand, or perhaps a small inward bend of the left hand with the right wrist sitting firmly under the shaft. If you find the left wrist under the shaft you will have inadvertently opened the club face.

Once you have the correct grip and the right wrist under the shaft you can guarantee you will have a square club face. Furthermore this correct position will lead to a square club face at impact.

Golf Slice Correction Tip 2 : How to correct your outside in swing

If you are you correct your golf slice you must learn to stop swinging from the outside to inside. If you don’t do this it is safe to make the following two statements:

1. At the top of the swing you were in the incorrect position.

2. From the top of your swing your first movement was with your hands and not correctly with your hips.

By moving your hips first you make room for your hands to come straight down on the inside. This lateral movement of the hips from right to left is pivotal to making an inside to out swing.

Thus if we look at the two statements above in more detail you will gain further insights into making that all important correction to your golf slice.

At the top of your swing you should have more weight on the right hand side than the left. If you find yourself with more weight on the left side, this is incorrect, and it will move to the right as you start your swing creating an outside to inside swing. This all important weight transference can be hindered by dipping your left shoulder and thus make sure you aren’t doing this.

Another checkpoint is to ensure you perform a full 90 degree turn of your shoulders. If you don’t it becomes a lot more difficult to start your club down on the inside. Equally without making a 45 degree hip turn you will struggle to start the club head on the correct plane.

Further pointers include checking that your right elbow points down. If you notice it beginning to fly out you may want to check whether the right wrist is under the shaft where should ideally be. Taking up this weak position for the right hand is perfect in terms of preventing it from becoming the dominate hand. If it becomes too dominate the club is easily thrown outside the line, to counter this make sure you have a firm left hand grip.

As you make the necessary corrections to fix your golf slice you need to be aware of maintaining your inside out swing on a fixed axis. This means no head swaying unless you are confident you can return to the the exact same position you were in before you hit the ball. We would recommend you simply learn not to sway.

Next ensure your swing plane is neither too upright or too flat, this will be the case if your hands at the top of your golf swing are even with the top of your head.

In conclusion to make the necessary corrections to your golf slice you need to need aware of your club face, is it open or square and the plane and direction of your swing. You may need to look at both of these issues or just the one in order to cure your golf slice.

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  2. Ted Exley says:

    Hi Andy. I have been with your program since it started and have vastly improved my game, winning several Medals and comps along the way. BUT, over the last 12 months I had lost my way and reverted to my old swing and….the dreaded slice returned…Forgetting what I was supposed to do using Jim Dante’s system. I have floundered but I came across your DVD and after playing it again I am once more in the GROOVE. On Saturday, I hit 3 consecutive greens, from 140 to 180 yards, in a strong wind and the ball is flying like an arrow again. my partner, who had previously seen me playing Army Golf during the last few months, was amazed that I was so accurate but he refused to believe that the Early Break and the Late Hit were responsible for my new style!! Roll on the June Medal

    Many Regards


    P.S. ee all envy your success (and the fact that you have chosen to live at the home of golf)

  3. Tommy J. McCleskey says:

    I need help with my game, I’ve been play for years a broke my arm and can’t get my drive back.

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